H&R Block
71 Grasso Plaza, Affton, MO 63123, United States
Review №1

Very good professional service.

Review №2

Steve was exceptional. I will return next year.

Review №3

Very quick, considerate in waiting for me to arrive at closing time but stayed and processed my paperwork. Very smart and got itt completed very quickly.

Review №4

Judy Hof is always very professional, nice and knowledgeable about all of our situations. Terrific customer service.

Review №5

I really enjoyed Kim! She had done our taxes for us once before and again this year! She is very knowledgeable and gives us information we didn't even ask for to help us be more financial informed! She was very pleasant to work with and looking forward to working with her again next year!

Review №6

Went in last week to get our taxes done and Judy was extremely rude over different things. 1. My wife had to email one w2 to her and she complained right away that she had to go out of one screen and into another. 2. One w2 was for kansas and she didn't want to do that. She just kept making excuses trying to not do our taxes and then we asked how much it would be and she made us feel like that we couldn't afford $400. I have used block from california, nevada, kansas, since 2010. Its stopped in 2019 because of judy. Jacson hewitt has a new customer now. My advice to judy, would be if your not passionate about your job find a new one and dont be rude to other people because your unhappy.

Review №7

Confidence in Marcella Elder who does our returns every year.

Review №8

Kim was EXCELLENT! We were dreading the process and she made it easy. We were embarrassed at what we thought was a mess and she reassured us. And when I came in to pick up our paperwork, she was OUTSTANDING and patience with our small grandson! She is AMAZING, knowledgeable, and professional!

Review №9

Kim is very knowledgeable, professional as well as considerate. She also, upon the initial review of my taxes, advised me that there was a real possibility that I may owe taxes this year rather then receiving the normal tax refund. I appreciated the warning so as not to be surprised.

Review №10

Judy Hof is very professional in her position as an Enrolled Tax Agent and she has preparing my tax return for over 10 years.

Review №11

Cindy was very nice & tried her best

Review №12

Timely, returned call as promised. Very friendly.

Review №13

Kim is a remarkably smart, friendly, and thorough person. I am grateful to have her assistance each year. It saves me so much time that I can instead devote to work or family. I work in client care and Kim is one in a million. You should give her a raise.

Review №14

She was very honest and straightforward.

Review №15

Kim was excellent in her job.

Review №16

I had a new tax person due to my normal representative retiring. The new representative was very disappointing.

Review №17

Fast service. Explained it all.

Review №18

I 've come to H and R Block just so Catherine Bradford can figure my taxes. I came to her many years ago and go no where else. People that this give H and R Block a great name. Catherine watches out for me with retirement getting closer. Very professional and yet just like family.

Review №19

We are very satisfied with Joanne. She has done our taxes for years and is extremely helpful.

Review №20

Your office is close & i can contact Mr. Charles all year.

Review №21

The company has been around for as long as I can remember, and i know i’m in good hands.

Review №22

I come every year and will continue to do so. Always receive wonderful service

Review №23

Joanne is awesome. Very knowledgeable and understanding and able to explain things

Review №24

Very satisfied with Joanne Huber. She is very helpful and knowedgeable of the new tax laws.

Review №25

Kim Prosser-Noonan is the best! She's been doing our taxes for over 20 years!

Review №26

Joanne is a pleasure to work with, we look forward to seeing her every year!!

Review №27

Easy to get an appointment. Quick, friendly service.

Review №28

Great service. Very awesome.

Review №29

Very poor service. Took entirely to long.

Review №30

Saves me time on trying to do my own taxes

Review №31

Lisa has been our tax preparer for years now. She is a true professional and a great asset to H&R Block.

Review №32

Very competent and explains issues well

Review №33

Such amazing, polite, and helpful service! The whole team was involved.

Review №34

I was financially abused, $303 dollars for something I could have done myself for between 40-60 dollars online at their very website. Won't happen again and I am warning people I run into to stay clear.

Review №35

Great service!

Review №36

Will not come back to this location. I was suppose to file with Catharine. And let me just say she is a piece of work. Rude and arrogant. Everything that came out of her mouth was rude and insulting going from why I need to change my email address to insulting the man that filed my taxes the last couple years and even had the audacity to complain in front of me about my taxes wouldn’t be easy to file. She was even over 30 minutes late for my appointment. I never got an apology and was insulted the entire time. She even rescheduled and canceled my appointment TWICE with out consulting me. I never met anyone so unprofessional in my life

Review №37

Judy Hoff does,an excellent job.

Review №38

I have been coming to the Gravois location for 39 years and have had Marcella all this time.

Review №39

Very happy with Mrs. Huber.

Review №40

Judy is really great to work with!

Review №41

They do great work.

Review №42

Great work every time.

Review №43

DO TURBO TAX AND RELAXH&R Block is a magic show hiered random people of the street transformed in to tax pros with super powers in name tag. My index finger typing tax pro is a joke and tells me one 3rd of the way in to my taxes that she gets of at 5 and I have to come back. I started to laugh so hard cuz I thought it was a joke but she was 4 reall. I said not today !!! Needles to say I get to do my taxs 2x this year hurray !!a1st for me and 1st and last time for hR block.

Review №44

Price was higher than I'm use to paying and reason I tried Block was because I needed to get an advance on taxes for emergent car repairs and didn't get the advance

Review №45

For first time it was great

Review №46

Literally just talked to the rudest, most unhelpful people in my life. I believe the receptionist's name was Cheryl and the tax advisors name was Katherine. I simply called to get an estimate of how much it would be to get my W2's done. I call every year and am always provided with a helpful and easy answer to this simple question. Cheryl was new so I'll cut her some slack but basically told me she had no idea and it depends on what form I have. I asked her if I gave her my information if she would be able to give me a better idea on the cost. She said, "Oh you're a returning customer?" And I told her I was. So she took about 6 minutes to look up my information and then told me I filed my taxes with the office located off Lemay Ferry and to call them. So I asked do prices vary from office to office? She said no. So I asked okay, you have my information can you give me an estimate now? She said all she could see was my name and phone number. So what was the point in wasting 6 minutes looking up my information, which I had given in order to obtain a price, if you cannot give me one? Then the line went silent and Katherine got on the phone. "Is there anything I can help you with?" In the most rude, annoyed voice ever. I asked her the same question. She begins to explain the same thing as Cheryl that it depends and blah blah blah. I asked for an estimate. She replies $128 and up. So what does up mean? $200? $300? Katherine was just so rude and disrespectful to me. I have been a customer for 4 years and due to the way I was treated on the phone by this lady, I have decided I WILL NOT be returning to H & R Block and have decided, instead, to do my taxes online with Turbo Tax. Where you don't have to deal with snappy, aggravated people like Katherine. You lost my business for good! Teach your employees better communication and listening skills and, above all, how to give someone a damn estimate over the phone!!

Review №47

I called just to get some basic information on my first time having a home purchase on last years taxes and I had one of the rudes women take my call. She was very condescending, she kept cutting me off. After much wasted time and her finally yelling "have a good day!" being so impatient with any questions i even barely got to explain, then hanging up I am left frustrated and displeased. Customer service isn't one of the easiest jobs (i should know!) but why would you work in an industry that you clearly don't enjoy and are old enough that you know so much wonderful information but refuse to share it. I will not be taking my business here, EVER. Every person there needs a attitude makeover and I don't throw money at people who waste my time.

Review №48

I can in last year and h&r block helped a lot.

Review №49

Kim P. Noonan is the bomb!!

Review №50

I don't know a thing about taxes.

Review №51

Because I just don’t have time to do taxes myself

Review №52

Be going here for years having my taxes done by Marcella., She know her stuff and will get back everythng that is coming to you.

Review №53

I have been coming here for years.

Review №54

Cost to much to file my taxes.

Review №55

I have them do it every year.

Review №56

Very profesional

Review №57

Excellent experience!

Review №58

Catherine is the only reason I go to HR Block

Review №59

Your tax preparer Kim

Review №60

I've always gone to H&R block.

Review №61

Good service

Review №62

I have been going to H&R Block for yrs.

Review №63

Great service

Review №64

Joan is a superstar!

Review №65

I like it

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