Capital One Bank
7030 Little River Turnpike, Annandale, VA 22003, United States
Review №1

Denise was very friendly and helpful. She went above and beyond to help me. She even made a follow up phone call to provide an update on my account. Although I noticed there were only two windows Opened and no other associates were there, the service was excellent.

Review №2

This bank needs to consider hiring more staff. The lines are always out the door and the teller drive thru is almost never available. I usually drive an extra 15 mins out the way to go to the next nearest. I hope my review gets this place the help it much needs

Review №3

Had 6 cars in front of me in the drive-through and it took 45 minutes, with no means of getting out of line once in.

Review №4

Better to get a day off from your job, if you want to visit this branch, there are 4 window only one of them is active most of the time.

Review №5

I came into this branch to make sure that I pay my Capital One Auto Fiance. I went into the building spoke with an agent he was unable to activate my online bill pay within the branch then informed me, "It could take 24 to 48 hours" I acknowledged him and went a long my day. A few days later I was completely locked out of my online bank account still. I would not recommend this branch to anyone ever.

Review №6

They need to provide more banking associates to help customers especially this place is the one that provide all kinds of banking service. There is only one and a lot of people waiting, very frustrated.

Review №7

There is old women name Aziza she is very rude towards customers, specially pretty girl because she have nothing to offer. You will see her when you go there. Void this branch they all are filthy brown mouth. They act like police officer Now I understand why they have 2.5 star ️ review. They not even deserve ZERO. Best you can do call capital one head office and file complaint that’s what I did.I am sorry for women “ AZIZA “. Good luck with fraud branch

Review №8

I went into Annandale Va to cash my payrole check. I said I want to cash my check sence I live from paycheck to paycheck . I was broke . I said I want to cash this same bank check and deposit half . They would not cash it . Deposit only knowing the check was good .Never really had this problem before . They want to hold my money for 4 days I don't know .Also they are so rude and act like if I cash a check They are loaning me money . Its my money Capital one . Its really disgusting to them great people the way they do . Top of that I feel I'm in a different country . Bottom line its gonna get a lot of bad reviews from me . Its my mission now . Capital one is dishonest to the core . Corporate Greed too the bone . Oh Safeway a food store cashed the check . Imagine that . FRAUDULENT

Review №9

I have been a customer since 2004, everyone is friendly and helpful in this branch and over the phone. If I have a problem they do their best to resolve it. I am very happy and don't think I will ever change to another bank.

Review №10

We have been open for over 30 years . Lilian gladly gave her name out and did not take our checks so we had to go to a different location. Obliviously DBA doesn’t mean anything . Never had an issue before and obviously a lot of people get an attitude while being their customer for many years!

Review №11

There is old woman I think name is Mena she is working at the customer service she can not solve our problem just wasted our time she is very rude towards customers and unprofessional

Review №12

I would not recommend this bank to trust holding your money because the last time I had this bank, they screw me over with a check that I tried to deposit and the teller aloud it. Then later I get investigated about fraud due to a bad check, which they claim my signature did not match and put me in the whole which I paid it off. The employee that was dealing with my problem told me if I paid it off I can keep my account.. as soon as i paid it off the company told me I can not have checking account anymore.

Review №13

Poor service

Review №14

I spent 1 1/2 hours waiting after signing in. No one checked with me and others coming in after me, were seen before. I have NEVER received good service at this branch and wit Capital One in general. I am looking to more my business account.

Review №15

Extremely friendly staff. Very helpful. Don't let the run down look fool you. They are renovating soon.

Review №16

I don't understand how a Customer Service Rep/ Banker can lose someone's Driver's License in less than 5mins WHEN THERE AREN'T ANY CUSTOMERS AFTER lol! Saturdays are frustrating for any/ every -one but Paul, you chose to work that day so you need to shape up.

Review №17

Very friendly atmosphere, a complete and quickly service, you have to lock it by yourself! Very nice bank!

Review №18

Worst customer service especially Aziza the teller. Very rude agent. Fights with the employees. Last time I am coming to this branch.

Review №19

Super slow; there are 5 windows just one is open; others close.

Review №20

Really bad service they never help you, and I'll they do is look at you bad, I don't even know why I came to this one. Y'all are bad.

Review №21


Review №22

Bad service!

Review №23

Very bad service.

Review №24

They don't even want to answer your questions!

Review №25

Close, no have

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  • Address:7030 Little River Turnpike, Annandale, VA 22003, United States
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  • Phone:+1 703-941-5770
  • ATM
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Working hours
  • Monday:9am–5pm
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  • Saturday:9am–12pm
  • Sunday:Closed
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