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Highly praised, highly recommended. It is not easy to admit when you need help, but when you have a team of experts that are professional, helpful, patient, and understanding, you can't go wrong. Mr. Weed, Laura, and Vanessa are truly the lawyer team you can trust and rely on.

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Attorney Robert Weed and his team are extremely competent, responsive, and understanding throughout the entire bankruptcy process; and thereafter. This is certainly no rubber-stamp or pass-through, practice. They take the time to consider everything as a whole and provide the appropriate counsel and services. I recommend them to answer your bankruptcy needs. I am a Federal employee and I came across Attorney Weed’s information in this capacity. When I needed an attorney, I reached out to him and two other attorney’s and I found Mr. Weed to be the better attorney based on his extensive experience and his commitment to his clients during and after the bankruptcy process.One is for sure and two is for certain, when hiring an attorney, you get what you pay for. Attorney Weed and his firm are well worth the money you will pay. They will not leave you hanging out there on you own.With respect to their help after plan confirmation, here recently, I received a notice that I owed several hundred dollars to a firm used by my mortgage company. I do not have that kind of money to spare as I am on a Chapter 13 repayment plan and money is extremely tight. I reached out to Attorney Weed and his staff on Friday night and he responded Saturday with a plan of action. The next business day, Attorney Weed and his staff began working on this; by 10:00 a.m. that same day, I was informed the situation was resolved and I would receive appropriate formal notice.You simply cannot get this kind of service and dedication anywhere else. If you need a bankruptcy attorney, you would be best served by using Attorney Weed and his staff.

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All I can say is AMAZING!! I came looking for information and I got that and more. Mr. Weed and Laura were amazing. They guided me through step by step. I will always recommend great service and amazing work! Thank you!

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Attorney Robert Weed is the best in defending innocent people and reaching to the best results for his clients. Wishing you luck in all your commitment in helping your clients. God Bless.

Review №5

Best law firm ever!! Affordable fees but, even better than that, they provide with you accurate, effective, real-world guidance on how to rebuild your credit after bankruptcy (Yes, Virginia, there is life after bankruptcy)--for free! And Mr. Weed's blog is a treasure trove of well-written, easy-to-understand information. Mr. Weed and his staff including Denise Pitts are more than just bankruptcy attorneys, they are consumer advocates who genuinely care. Their representation is top-notch, professional and effective, and you will not find a smarter attorney in the courtroom. I've been recommending them to friends and family for more than a decade, so that should say something. You will not be disappointed!

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Mr. Weed is a great man. He is very professional with his clients and he is kind. I am so grateful for him and Laura Jones his paralegal to have handled my case.I would recommend Mr. Weed and his wonderful staff to anyone who needs a Bankruptcy Attorney. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

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Everything was so easy, they are very nice people and very helpfully, thanks to them I didn't feel to much pressure and what I did. They've been with every step and they bring me all the information that I needed. They were very friendly and I felt very secure doing this with them.I really recommend Robert Weed and there staff. You won't miss anything with them.

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Working with Robert & his team was simple. Robert walked us through step by step the Bankruptcy process and what is to be expected. Robert's attentiveness and diligence was truly appreciated. Robert is always available to answer any questions even after our Bankruptcy. I highly recommend Robert & his team to help you!Thank You!Sunny Borras

Review №9

I don't remember a time when I had so much anxiety and stress as before I stepped into Mr. Weed's office. I immediately was ushered into offices that seemed as if they held my hand thru every new experience in the bankruptcy. They were ALL professional, down-to-earth, experienced, kind, caring, and helpful with all my needs. They explained every situation to me so I knew everything I was going to face and helped calm me. Mr. Weed was SO kind and has helped me in a couple of instances after the bankruptcy. They continue being there to make sure you are not harmed by the creditors and they just care about you. If you have to go through bankruptcy, I HIGHLY recommend Mr. Weed's office, his associates, from Secretaries, Paralegals, lawyers working with him. They would get a 12 out of a 1-10, with 10 being the highest.

Review №10

J and LRobert Weed carefully listened to our needs and developed a thoughtful schedule and series of actions that have now placed our family into a positive future. His wealth of experience and caring mannerism make what could be a difficult path to be a road well taken. His webpages and blog can help you understand the path, evaluate his years of experience, and see what good he has done for people. Engage him and his thoughtful staff so that your future can be bright again.

Review №11

Yes, he is that good. Don't go bankrupt without a lawyer. Bob Weed is your lawyer, not that of the creditors. Make sure you fill out the forms as precisely as possible. Mr. Weed and his paralegals have your back. Other lawyers would have used a sledgehammer approach to my peculiar problem. Mr.Weed figured out a strategy that caused a minimal amount of disruption in my life and solved the issue. Follow his instructions and you can't go wrong. Other lawyers have gone through this process thousands of times but fail to realize you only go through it once and,in my case, very reluctantly after avoiding it. Yes,it was relatively painless and maybe I should have done it sooner. Mr.Weed is like an idiot savant on bankruptcy law and has alot to offer our own legal system. And yes, his paralegals are working hard on your case when you think nothing is moving. You are in good hands with Robert Weed,

Review №12

I am so pleased to recommend Mr. Weed. I came to him for the initial consultation not knowing if I needed to file bankruptcy or not. After listening to my problem and what my future goals were, he actually told me that bankruptcy was not what I needed. He was so non-judgmental and kind. I appreciate his help and positive attitude very much. Many thanks.

Review №13

Mr. Weed and his staff is the greatest, especially his paralegal Veronica Rodriguez. She took the time explaining the process of bankruptcy and I would highly recommend their office to anyone who is going through this. My goal is to "Be happy and Debt Free"

Review №14

Mr.Weed and Veronica were a blessing I didn't know was out there at that point in my life when I went to them. Thank you for teaching me, guiding me,and for you keep me well informed . Most of all they got it done. Go to them if you need them.Great experience.

Review №15

Our experience with the law offices of Robert Weed and specifically Laura Jones was nothing short of exceptional. Like many Americans, we never thought we would need bankruptcy services. The professionalism, customer service and empathy during such an emotional time in our lives was phenomenal. I highly recommend this firm.

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Robert Weed and his team of experienced and professional bankruptcy specialists have made one of the most stressful and nerve-racking times of my life manageable. They spent time analyzing my specific situation and formulated a game plan that made sense for me and my family. They provided me a new outlook for the future. Robert's team especially Laura Jones made me feel comfortable about deciding to declare bankruptcy. Laura held my hand through the entire process easing my nerves.I want to express my thanks to Robert Weed's entire team. I highly recommend the Robert Weed team to anyone deciding to declare bankruptcy.

Review №17

Excellent service from Mr. Weed and Laura. My case was more complicated than your average case and they were there for me. Even when the mediator came back wanting more, Mr. Weed fought back and was able to get a fair solution. Thank Mr. Weed and Laura.

Review №18

Ok, so when you decide that you're going to file for bankruptcy, you're already stressed out to the maximum. I know that I was. As soon as I had my first consult with Attorney Weed, I immediately began to relax. I could honestly see a brighter future ahead. Attorney Weed is knowledgeable, professional, and honest. I really appreciated that. Val Settles is AWESOME too. I swear, I must have had a million questions that she was able to answer. If you're reading this post, hear this; "Attorney Weed and Val Settles are the Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippin of Bankruptcy Law!" Trust me, this is the team that you want to work with. I am so blessed and thankful for everything.

Review №19

Mr. Weed and Laura Jones are two of the kindest people I ever had the fortune to meet. They were patient, kind and understanding and I truly appreciated everything they did for me.

Review №20

Robert Weed gave expert advice pertaining to my legal and financial situation. He has an impressive wealth of knowledge and experience. I will continue to use him for legal presentation in the future, and strongly recommend him for anyone looking to know more about the difficult bankruptcy process in Virginia courts.

Review №21

Mr. Weed was absolutely wonderful! He was knowledgeable, understanding and explained everything thoroughly. I would highly recommend him!

Review №22

The team at the Law office of Robert Weed is phenomenal. I enjoyed working with them!

Review №23

I can't say enough Great Things about Mr Weed - His has been there every step of the way for me - He has even been there to help we 3 years after my Chapter 13 when i had a problem getting my Home loan approved and helped with the necessary paperwork they needed... All i can say is " Thank you again " . With your help you made my Dream come True by becoming a Home Owner !!!!!

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My wife and I are grateful we were referred to Mr. Weed. Bob, you have made our lives a lot less stressful.

Review №25

Kudos to the entire staff at the Law Office of Robert Weed.I was deep in debt and stressed for a year before I decided to file BK and now I feel like a heavy burden has been lifted off me. I have my life back! Thanks everyone--to include Mr. Weed and his amazing staff for helping me through this process which was painless. Paralegal Laura Jones was especilaly helpful and always there to answer my many quesitons.

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Mr. Weed is very professional and knowledgeable. Laura Jones was also excellent to work with.

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Extremely knowledgeable and professional. I am very grateful for the help.

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Mr.Weed is the best,and most experienced lawyer in this area.Very highly respected in the court and outside.

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Very helpful team, and very prompt and responsive to all questions.

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