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4270 John Marr Dr, Annandale, VA 22003, United States
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I was an expecting an international delivery that was lost at this location. I opened a case with USPS and spoke to someone at this branch who instructed me to file a claim if the package wasn't received by the end of the day, which it was not.When I proceeded to try and file a claim I spoke with USPS consumer affairs who stated my only recourse was to have the original seller ship a duplicate item.It's completely unreasonable that USPS would not let me file a claim for an item they lost and also completely unreasonable that they expect the shipper to be responsible for the item that was lost at the fault of the post office.These individuals are completely inept at doing their jobs and even worse, they refuse to make customers whole and take ownership of their own errors.

Review №2

I work an eBay page. I ship out an item on their to someone in this town and like many other people, the package was listed as "delivered" even though my buyer states it was never delivered. I've had some bad experience with Monee, IL, Opa Locka, FL and Chicago, IL International Airport, but none, and I repeat, NONE have ever attempted to deliver and mark as delivered and never did. Shut. This. Office. DOWN!EDIT: I tried calling the Annandale office up and thankfully customer service was nice enough to help me out with the issue and the package was delivered the next day.

Review №3

They've lost my package and are now refusing to pick up the phone. Very annoyed. Package was picked up by them over a month ago and STILL hasn't gotten to the recipient and tracking info was never updated. I have cases open with the USPS about this but I'm annoyed that I'm trying to call them to get more information (again) and this time they're not answering the phone.

Review №4

Worst customer service at the post office, the employees don’t have much more knowledge about the service and they are using their personal knowledge to refuse to mail your package

Review №5

The rudest staff! Unprofessional and useless!

Review №6

Packages delivered to WRONG MAILBOX!!! I try to call local USPS and automated message says I will be transferred to representative. The phone rings a couple times and then forces hang-up. VERY FRUSTRATING! I try to call national USPS number and am told the wait IS OVER AN HOUR! Shame on USPS and their DREADFUL customer service.

Review №7

This employee Rose she have attitude if she don’t like to work she need to stay home bad customer

Review №8

Sent from New York to Waynesboro PA. Somehow ended up here. Went out for delivery, and I get the message "insufficient address" and like three weeks later it leaves this post office and finally tries to make its way to my local post office.

Review №9

They will mark your packages as delivered and it won't actually be delivered. Or it's misdelivered and gone to the wind. You can call them and they will be adamant that it's delivered when it's not there. They won't even try to help, so don't bother. If you call, they will make empty promises to look into things and call you back, but it's only a way to make you hang up faster.

Review №10

The folks at the Annandale Post Office are terrific. Not only are they friendly but, always willing to be helpful and accommodating. Even my delivery person had been known to go out of his way to help with personal service to make my life easier. Everyone should be as lucky to have such people in their neighborhood!

Review №11

The post office delivers have constantly missed my packages. The notification is said delivered but when I checked my my package and I have not found it any where around my house, and looked at our house camera have not seen any one have come to delivered anything at all.

Review №12

They rescue my I.D Awesome helping people!

Review №13

VERY RUDE STAFF & don’t speak any English all Vietnamese working there. When I talk to them on the phone you can’t understand what they are talking about with there Thick Accents. Never to this post office branch DONT WASTE YOUR TIME HERE

Review №14

Ordered one day delivery. Attention notice said "driver was unable to access front door." This can't be true since I was home all day and I live in a community that you can just walk right into. Never had an issue with ups or FedEx. I feel like the driver wanted to shave time on his other deliveries and just bumped my package to convenience himself.

Review №15

Rude unhelpful staff. Asian woman who greets customers is especially rude and unhelpful.

Review №16

I have live in my single family home for 15 yrs. I don't understand why the postal carriers is unable to properly deliver my mail. I constantly receive my neighbors mail and vice versa. I also don't understand why they are unable to close the lid or place packages in door frame so the mail does not get wet.

Review №17

Bad Service Special The Spanish Lady (no name )

Review №18

If it rains in Annandale, you can be sure your mail will arrive soaking wet, often ready for the trash. Today's mail arrived not only wet, but contained one item addressed to my next door neighbor (nothing unusual there) and also several outgoing pieces of first-class mail a neighbor thought she was posting for delivery elsewhere. It has happened before in this neighborhood so I always take outgoing mail to the PO in the hope that it will be delivered to the intended addressee.The service is terrible at the best of times. I don't believe that the sorters and carriers can read street addresses; nor do they use a mail bag to keep mail dry when making their rounds in inclement weather.

Review №19

They don't open until 9:30 AM? That's ridiculous for a government office. They should be open by 8 AM.

Review №20

The staff in the front at this post office are so rude. I’ll drive to a different post office next time. If you can’t be friendly don’t work in customer service you can easily get a job behind doors without customer interaction!!

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Review №22

WORSE POST OFFICE EVER!!!! I had my mail on hold instead of forwarded because I was waiting on my children's birth certificates. Every time I went they said they didn't have a hold request for me. Every time I had to go into my email find the hold confirmation number and show them that the MAIL WAS BEING HELD. The first time I asked for a supervisor, who was not helpful at all. The only answer she had for me was "I don't know what to tell you!!" Of course there was no one else to talk to because she is the supervisor!!! Finally after she went to check one last time, she not only found my hold request but also learned my mail was going to my old address. She then told me if I could make it to a certain street I could meet the carrier and she might open the mailbox for me. I went to look, of course no carrier! I went to the old mail box which I had the key to and guess what??? NO MAIL, way to go trying to clean up your mess mail carrier! This was a weekend so I had to wait until Monday to get my 3 weeks worth of mail that should have been at the post office anyway. I went through this whole ordeal 3 times, I just bit the bullet and had all my mail forwarded to one address which hinders my business because it takes 7-14 business days (3 weeks) before I start to receive mail again.

Review №23

Its comical, on how bad they ALL are at their job.

Review №24

Every time I call I get hung up on. Three times now. I waited home all day yesterday for a package and then got a notification via text since I signed up for alerts stating "Notice Left (No Authorized Recipient Available)". This is not true as A. I did not get any notice on my door and I even looked around on the ground to make sure it didn't fall. No notice to be found. B. I arranged my day to be home for this package and no one came to my front door or my side door. I would know if someone was remotely near as my dogs have no problem letting me know someone is at or approaching the door(s). C. I looked in my mailbox and nothing was there. --- there is one competent mail guy that comes but the other people are unreliable and rude.

Review №25

Annandale Post office is unreliable- they say they deliver packages and no one is home and everyone is home and there was no attempt. Mail in the Washington Metro area takes almost a week to get to my Annandale location- this has been a continual problem for YEARS and nothing is ever done to make the service better.

Review №26

*Edit - I have (since my first review) moved to a different apartment in Annandale. ALMOST EVERY DAY I receive mail for the wrong address. Sometimes it's just the wrong apartment, but a lot of times it's the wrong BUILDING. Last week, the mail carrier rand my doorbell, and left a package for someone else FROM A DIFFERENT BUILDING.I can't tell you how many times I've checked a tracking number and had it say "delievered in/at mailbox" only to check my mailbox to find nothing. I call to ask what's going on, and always, all they say is "we'll look into it and get back to you". No one EVER gets back to me, but the package mysteriously appears in my mailbox a week later. Also, numerous times, received a slip for a package too big for the mailbox, so I go the next day to the post office to pick it up and guess what? It's not there. Next day, package is sitting outside my door. Why leave me a slip saying I have to go pick up the package, and waste my time, if you're just going to leave it at my door the day after? Why not just leave it at my door in the first place. And in my personal experience, all the clerks at this particular office are VERY rude.

Review №27

The guy in passport office is very terrible. His face always ready to fight.The way he talks is so rude . He tries to shrink the work even though I have appointments.

Review №28

After multiple compaints that my mail was constantly delivered to a house on the adjacent street with the same number, service improved a little. I don't trust putting payments in the house mailbox any longer; too many times these payments are lost and I only find out when I get notices of unpaid balances. I observed one carrier in particular walking the whole street while talking on his cell phone, never checking to make sure the pieces of mail he was sticking in boxes matched by name or street number. Our neighborhood would then be out, redelivering to correct addresses. We complained about this negligence to the usps and it seemed to improve, but I still get wrong mail. This all began suddenly, after the retirement of long-time carriers and the arrival of this staff over a decade ago. The work is sloppy and there's really no excuse.

Review №29

Worst office I've work with they keep "missing" ny packages every time I go and complain they don't even know what to say. Also I if I drop off a package they won't even it send it after 2/3 days it's just sitting there....

Review №30

Helen at the counter was kind, efficient, and courteous. Large, clean, and effective post office location.

Review №31

Horrible post office the carriers change every once in a while and when that happens mail doesnt get delivered the carriers are disrespectful and hateful this place always loses mail and alot of the times doesnt deliver all your mail unless you go in and raise hell. my route needs to replace the carrier

Review №32

Worst experience with a post office ever! Packages constantly lost. Can't wait to move!

Review №33

Came in 1:30pm 06-12-19 gentlemen that was working there VERY RUDE AND DISRESPECTFUL obviously if you hate your job just quite looked frustrated when I said I had an appointment.

Review №34

Worst service ever!!

Review №35

Polite helpful courteous

Review №36

Good place!

Review №37

If I could give this post office a negative number of stars, I would. Multiple lost packages, unanswered inquiries, etc, etc.... absolutely awful experiences. This office needs to be closed down. It really does not serve the public well.

Review №38

Pretty bad service.

Review №39

Can get my phone calls picked up!

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