LGE Community Credit Union
2760 East-West Connector SW, Austell, GA 30106, United States
Review №1

Extremely rude . My card got scammed and there was a new one on the way to my house that I didn’t know of or I wasn’t notified that it was on the way. Instead of making a new debit card for me there on the spot AS THEY DONE IN OF ME BEFORE, the girl wanted me to wait until it got there and insisted me to use the atm where you don’t need your card.1. If I have to pay my bills online, how can making a withdrawal for cash help me?2. More importantly, she didn’t show how to operate the machine since it was my first time seeing it and the location has updated since I’ve last been in there. The lady kept walking away from me when I had questions or would give me blunt answers.3. Other lady kept watching over me as I was using the machine, I felt very uncomfortable.I’ve been at the bank for 7 years. Maybe it’s a new policy where they don’t give out their personal names now , but it’s about that time to go to a bank with better home trained manners .

Review №2

Had a wonderful customer service experience with a lovely young lady named Nina. Was a very pleasant experience for something like banking that can sometimes be unpleasant. She was so kind and understanding! Highly recommend using lge and they’re customer service is great!

Review №3

This is the WORST absolute bank I have ever been with. They took $20 from my account being inactive. A savings account! A savings!!! $20!!! They are robbing the American People of their money and I am super ticked off. I am looking forward to calling them later on today!!! This shouldn't even be happening!!

Review №4

Just left LGE Community Credit -East West Connector. Tried to open a business account. That was the most painful waste of time. OMG! I spoke with the branch manager. Asked her the criteria to open the account. She told me the credit score requirement, but refused to give other information. She said they don't do business with some types of business. I told her my business and asked if it would qualify. She said she doesn't know I would have to complete an application. I asked what's the criteria to be considered by LGE, she said she can't say, I would have to complete the application. What??? Thing is, I went to United Communty Bank just before going to LGE and I got all the information I needed to make a decision about whether I wanted to open an account with them. I also walked out feeling United Community wants my business. Total opposite experience from LGE. Total waste of my time today. I told the branch manager that I'm concerned with opening an account with LGE since my first experience is so unpleasant. Her response "No problem. I understand." With that I left. I'm in United Community Bank Powder Springs parking lot. I'm about to open my business account where my business is valued.

Review №5

I'm not sure what the previous people that reviewed this place mean, but I've had a great experience. I love the high tech environment. I love that the people are so friendly and helpful. As far as a credit check to open a checking account...... I opened an account with them when I had little to no credit. If they turn you down for having bad credit, that's your fault. They seem to be pretty helpful to students and newcomers. The process to get started isn't difficult at all, and they even provide higher interest to newcomers in their accounts. It's an overall great experience.

Review №6

Customer service is terrible. They make me want to close my account down and put my money else where . Where it will be appreciated

Review №7

I love the customer services. They are so very helpful and knowledgeable of my needs. Thank you for great banking services.T. Stinson - LGE member

Review №8

This bank should make their employees go to the other branches to learn how to treat customers. This is the ONLY branch that I have been to were customer service is HORRIBLE!!! I have tried to go back a couple times to see if this has changed and NOPE!!!! I will NEVER go back!!! This is the closest branch to my house and I go out of my way to another branch because this one is so BAD!!!! One star is being nice!!!

Review №9

Everyone is always so nice and helpful here especially Mary Schaffer.

Review №10

I hate the fact that they charge you $5 if you have the overdraft protection plan...even if you go over .06 that's ridiculous

Review №11

Very helpful, love the fact they take security seriously, never once had a problem.

Review №12

I been with LGE since i was 15 amd never had a problem with them

Review №13

Great customer service, so happy to bank with LGE!

Review №14

Personnel were very hospitable

Review №15

My bank

Review №16

Everyone is so friendly!

Review №17

Love my bank

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  • Address:2760 East-West Connector SW, Austell, GA 30106, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 770-424-0060
  • Financial institution
  • ATM
  • Credit union
  • Mortgage lender
Working hours
  • Monday:9am–5:30pm
  • Tuesday:9am–5:30pm
  • Wednesday:9am–5:30pm
  • Thursday:9am–5:30pm
  • Friday:9am–5:30pm
  • Saturday:Closed
  • Sunday:Closed
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