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110 Cooper St, Babylon, NY 11702, United States

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I mailed a small package to Germany 6 weeks ago and still hasn’t been received! Really!? No tracking options so how do I know it wasn’t stolen or lost!?

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Pretty upset at the fact that I paid for a package to be shipped to Australia (already a whopping $35) and added tracking for an extra $16, only to find out that when I put the tracking number in online I get the message “Tracking is unavailable for this package”. I went back into the store twice a few days after shipping, and the first lady I saw told me that it’s the slowest shipping so the tracking just isn’t updated yet. The second time around, 8 days after shipping, a different lady told me that “Some information isn’t available.” What? That’s the information I PAID for. I literally bought $16 tracking, and the tracking number won’t work, and they won’t even refund me or give me any sort of logical explanation. Some information isn’t available? What kind of answer is that? I’m honestly considering going back in and asking for a refund, because it’s as though I have been scammed. It makes 0 sense.

Review №3

Absolutely the worst experience I have ever had. It takes two people to work one register who aren't even capable of mailing and running a credit card for someone's package so me and 5 other people wait online for 10 min meanwhile mine Is already prepaid. Horrible nasty attitudes and incompetence when it comes to performing at their job which all you have to do is scan and charge credit cards or receive cash for packages.

Review №4

I paid for an overnight package that was guaranteed or your money back. The package was not delivered overnight. I spoke with the USPS on the phone, they opened up an investigation and said they I should go back to the Babylon office to get my refund since the package was not delivered as promised. So I printed out the USPS page from my laptop that showed the package was not delivered, and I brought my original receipt to the Babylon office. I handed all my paperwork to the person at the desk. He went into the backroom, came out several minutes later. He went online and he told me their internet connection was down and I couldn't receive my refund and that I should come back shortly. So I did, after waiting on line again, he said the internet was still down and that was that. Please understand that ALL of his communication was done in a very disrespectful manner and I was clearly just bothering him. I asked if there was anything he could do and he said, no. I asked to see the manager. She very slowly came out and said, 'yeah?' I explained the situation and she said, well we don't have proof this happened. I said I gave him 2 pages from my computer of the proof. I asked him where the pages were, he went into the back office and came out empty handed, then looked in his trash can and said nothing. I asked where the pages were and he said, 'I don't have them." I looked at the manager and she said, nothing. I asked what we can do. She said, 'you can try another day." I said I brought in all the proof and your telling me I have to come back a 3rd time. So I went home , pulled up the USPS website with the full tracking history to show her proof. I went back to that post office WITH MY LAPTOP and I showed her the page. She stated that I could not get a refund because there was no notice of the package being delivered. She refused to give me a refund. I still have no refund after all that documentation and visits. So unacceptable...please know that I have never encountered a more belligerent manager in my life - at one point she asked me to move I moved down to the next empty register, she said, "move more.' This was a terrible experience. Hard to believe? I'm certain there are cameras there in that post office that have all of this documented.

Review №5

This place needs to be taken out of business. 40 minute delay opening, rude workers with zero customer service skills. Awful experience.

Review №6

We had a package that was reported delivered but not in our mailbox. We called. Frank answered.He confirmed it was delivered and said he would be right over. By the time we called and Frank hand delivered the misplaced envelope was less than 20 minutes. That's service. Thank you USPS

Review №7

Staff are knowledgeable, but seem quickly bothered if someone doesn't know what to do.

Review №8

This used to be a great post office. Now, it is not even competent. In just the last 2 months, 2 packages to my po box scanned as delivered, not there - the excuse was someone put them in the wrong box 2 days (8/4/17 and 8/5/17) in a row! Ok, that was hard to accept, but I did. The following week there was a red plastic block across my po box on the inside, I asked about it and was told the box was probably closed for nonpayment. When I informed the person that I had already paid for the full year and it's only a few months and she looked it up and said yes I was right they close the wrong box by accident this was approximately August 10, 2017 .I opened a case for the missing packages and was later called by Lucinda from the main Babylon post office on 109 and informed that they don't have PO boxes only a shelf in the back at this location. She also informed me that I had a box and that I shouldn't be looking for that home (I wasn't). She was condescending and insulting. She also called a second time and informed me she close the case because information had shown I got another (unrelated) package a few weeks later so that means my mail is being delivered again and the case was closed there's no point in looking for the two missing packages.Next I deliver packages there that have prepaid labels and leave them on the counter they are usually stand without any issue and go on to their destination. Several packages have just gone missing with no scan. I believe there's internal theft in this post office the excuse I get all the time is that there's no cameras here. I guess the staff is full well aware of that and help themselves to whatever they want. I've been a customer of the post office at this location for 10 years and the prior location for my business for another 8. The people seem friendly enough most of the time, there is no way I can go into this post office with any more packages it's just way too risky and the problems are never addressed properly.I will probably have to take some of these complaints right up through the chain of command to see if there's anything that can be done. It is such a shame because prior to these incidents the old staff at this post office was simply wonderful. Whether it's mismanagement overworked and understaffed or just plain theft this post office is a living mess.

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Most efficient and friendly post office I've been in New York!

Review №10

Helpful staff, but often understaffed. very slow

Review №11

"They seem to have a real problem forwarding mail"

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