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Probably the worst customer experience I have ever had. I don't normally write reviews but this time I felt a major need to do so and make others aware. Staff I dealt with seemed to either have little knowledge of the whole tax preparation process as well as tax questions in general, or lack the ability to speak English properly, which in this field I think is totally inappropriate. It was hard to understand anything I was being told or "explained". Now, I get it, it should be a simple process, you come in, bring in your W2's and fill out an info form and DONE. Well, in my case, I had W2's and multiple 1099's. It was also the first time I was filing 1099's as I have worked the last year as an independent contractor, so I would have appreciated someone with more experience as well as more articulate when it came to the English language (I was born in another country myself, and English is my second language) so although I can understand some of the struggle, it makes it more difficult to work in some fields where specific terms and vocabulary come into play.In addition, the owner, while not having been rude to me, was very disrespectful to his staff. As I walked in, I began to notice he was calling out one of his employees, who made a mistake on someone's paperwork. While this is understandable, he proceeded to get louder and louder, and decided to call a staff meeting right then and there, while I and another client sat there. It was the most awkward experience I've ever encountered. He raised his voice, and basically threatened to fire this girl while we sat there. Later, I could hear him taking a call in the back and again screaming at the top of his lungs at whoever was on the other side of the call. He then walked out, was asked a question by another employee, answered her rudely and said "You should know this by now "so and so"..."My guy also had a question, so he walked over, answered, and when I asked a follow up question, he respectfully answered, which was fine. But the bottom line is, I was completely shaken by what I had experienced in general.I had to pay a larger fee for their services (since I had so many forms to file), and to my disappointment AGAIN, they don't take Debit or Credit, only cash, which to me sounds so sketchy. But anyway, I went back the next day with hundreds of dollars in cash to pay them for their services. Only then they forwarded my paperwork to the IRS and State. When it came to assisting me as far as payment plans, and any additional information to my specific case, my guy was pretty much useless.Bottom line is, I won't be returning next year. I wish I had had a better experience, but that's simply not the case.

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