Bank of America (with Drive-thru ATM)
701 Broadway, Bayonne, NJ 07002, United States

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Carol was so helpful, kind, and sweet. Today she's made my banking experience a breeze.

Review №2

I'd like to start out by saying that I have not used BofA in years. I'm more a local bank kind of guy. My Father was out of town, and I had to deposit a check in his account. There was a manager walking around, and she was very pleasant. There was a line of about 8-9 people, and only one teller at the window.... I stood in line for literally 30 minutes while being second in line that entire 30 minutes. It was clear that the person that was being helped needed more assistance than just a teller.When I looked around, I didn't see any other employees other than the one teller and the manager. Maybe someone called out sick, or they were short staffed. I still couldn't comprehend that there were only two visible employees at 11 am trying to help 9 people.I started to get visibly upset and then the manger jumped in and played the roll of the second teller... For the amount of time I spent there, I could have opened up two bank accounts at my regular local bank - all to deposit a check...

Review №3

Seriously wish I could give them no stars. This place is ridiculously. One hour waiting on line, and unfortunately it’s the only branch in Bayonne. There’s no reason you should be waiting on line for an hour to get to a teller. This just shows how much BoFA really cares about their customer. Looking at previous reviews, I’m not the only who’s complained but unfortunately, it’s not like they’re going to make the necessary adjustments. I’m going take my business somewhere else. I don’t want to bank with a company that clearly prefers to cut cost over their customers. Absolutely ridiculous.

Review №4

Manager is lovely. The systems work, so if you are never going to want to do anything unusual, fine. I'm stuck- I have about twenty accounts that I pay out of bank of america and checks from six or seven employers. Once in a while- I deposited a check (from an account where my HELOC is) Sunday night and the ATM said hold until Wednesday. In big letters. No date that I recall, BUT WEDNESDAY IN BIG LETTERS. Come to check on line it's Wednesday ten days later.Now, I had a bill pay set up to go on that first Wednesday, May six. They sent it out by paper check a week early, something I found out after the fact. Hence the Sunday night deposit, from an account on which I have never had a hold!So now I was on hold with the credit union that extended the HELOC to get a wire.And now I'm done! The wire was done right on their web site- and I can't find any reference to "wire" on the bank of america site (except for incoming wires). I sure can't send from the web site. And they went 95% LTV on the HELOC, charging me prime -1%. State Department Federal Credit Union. Branches in DC. HELOCs in Bayonne.As I recall Bank of America was 80% LTV prime +4. And SDFCU only charged me $20 for the wire!Gotta have a branch in town. Sad face.

Review №5

Imagine a bank experience so bad you actually had to go home and write a review about it. Line was out the door, and the bank was due to close in 20 minutes. I imagine the last person in line won't be done until 6pm+. They had ONE person behind the counter with at least 15-20 people in line. There was no employee or manager greeting people and directing them to either wait in line or wait for a meeting in an office, so people were likely waiting in line for things they could've used the ATM for. Never seen such a poorly run bank branch.

Review №6

The Branch Manager Carol Coe was extremely helpful. I needed to get a copy of a bank check that was issued at another branch. She did a lot of searching the computers and the database to get a copy for me. It took a while, but she never gave up until she got it. I’m pleased with the customer service here and would continue doing my banking here without any reservation.

Review №7

Carol Coe and staff are the best .

Review №8

I wish I could give this place no stars at all. They don't deserve the one star. They have the slowest person assistant there customer. If you need to come to this bank. Prepare to waist your time. Even with two to three Customers, they take the longest. The people working there are slow and act as if they hate there job. This bank branch should be call the bank of time waiting. It's simply the worst. The only way to use this bank is through the ATM.

Review №9

Big lie hidden fees long wait ,not trustful at all

Review №10

Best service

Review №11

Slow, take an half hours to wait and access to safe deposit box...

Review №12

They're okay. They need to work on putting more people on the counter when the line is all the way through the door. There's slow days and there's fast days. Every time I come here there's a line and it's only one or two people working. I'm sure there's more staff than that in this branch.

Review №13

Its a Best Brach. Great Customer service. All the Staff members are customer friendly. Definitely recommend this branch.

Review №14

This branch is a joke!!!! The manager has a "I don't care attitude and deal with it." People have been complaining about this branch for years and nothing is done about it. This is the only bank in Bayonne where there can be 15 to 20 people on line to see a teller and they have only one tell taking care of customers, people have literally complain to the manager and she states there's nothing she can do. Rarely do you ever see 3 tellers at the same time. Can't blame the tellers cause it all comes down to the Branch Manager...Replace the Branch Manager and everything else falls in the place...

Review №15

The staff here is super-friendly and they try their best to be helpful, but they are *chronically* understaffed and have poor hours compared to other banks in the area. Be prepared for a long wait when you come in here, whether it's for teller service or to see a personal banker.

Review №16

The wait at this branch is always long. I’ve never seen more than one teller working at any given time. The manager tries to manage traffic but has never once gotten behind the counter to take transactions. I’ve been visiting here for the past 12 months it’s always the same thing. Make sure you feed the meter for a hour this place also doesn’t have parking.

Review №17

Best Bank Of America I've ever been to.Great customer service.

Review №18

Good service, inconvenient working hours.

Review №19

Slow, very slow. Takes you half hour to 45 mins on a good day to deposit or do any deposit or internal transaction . One teller all the time the manager of this location is in the wrong business.

Review №20

Worst bank out there! Horrible customer service and the manager is so stuck up and does not solve anything. AVOID AT ALL COST!

Review №21

Not helpful at all

Review №22

Expect to wait forever

Review №23

Suck you dry with fees.

Review №24

Friendly staff.. always gets done things right

Review №25

1 teller and over 20 customers in line. Always the case. Never enough tellers. Worst location

Review №26

One teller and ten customers terrible location

Review №27

Horrible stood in line for 20 min deposit money , one teller and the teller needed to go talk to someone with each customer , again one teller with 7 people on line

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  • Address:701 Broadway, Bayonne, NJ 07002, United States
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  • Phone:+1 201-437-4905
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  • Monday:9am–4pm
  • Tuesday:9am–4pm
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  • Thursday:9am–4pm
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  • Saturday:9am–12pm
  • Sunday:Closed
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  • Drive-through:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible lift:Yes
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