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Review №1

I placed a call to Rosenblum Law Firm because I was in need of Representation for a Ticket I received in the New York area and not only did they Beat my case in a fast timely Manner they emailed me and called me after they got the case thrown out to tell me the good news. Adrianna & Asia are the greatest reps as I asked them every question In the book lol and they had all the answers. Thanks

Review №2

If your looking for someone to go into court for you, this isn't the place. It seems like most deals are made over the phone with the courts. The lawyers are very firm, but hasty. Overall, result was fine to good. Very expensive though.

Review №3

I only can say thank you to ROSEBLUM LAW. The honesty and high values of his staff. I just got the call back, they are not going to take my case because of the circumstances. I really appreciate didn't take advantage of my situation or my money. This speaks by itself. Thank you for the advice Sir.

Review №4

Excellent service. Kept me updated of my case. Final outcome no points or fine. Calls are answered on weekends by attorneys.Will not hesitate to recommend them to others.Ann Burke

Review №5

Everyone at Rosenblum Law Firm was very kind and professional! My traffic violation was reduced to zero points so I highly recommend giving them a call.

Review №6

I got a speeding ticket in New York state and as a resident of Maryland knew that points could come back to haunt me for years. After contacting The Rosenblum Law firm I was directed to take an easy, educational and sometimes funny traffic course on line. With that certificate in hand Rosenblum Law was able to get my ticket dismissed (no points, no fine). And I never had to"visit" a New York court. Very easy and professional.

Review №7

I could not have been more pleased with the experience I had with Rosenblum Law. From the first time I reached out to them, they explained everything I needed to know clearly and effectively, always following up when they said they would. I was not accustomed to this process as I don't have a record of any points on my license! They were reassuring and managed to turn my moving violation into a simple parking ticket. I am so grateful for their expertise, attention to detail, and fantastic customer service. I never had any questions that went unanswered and never had to wonder about what was taking place with my case. 5 stars!

Review №8

Very easy and stress free to deal with. They had my speeding ticket negotiated so I wouldn't lose any points on my licence (would have been 4 otherwise) and the amount significantly reduced. I received clear and professional communication regarding the information they needed from me and the result of my case. I highly recommend them! The amount they saved me through the reduced fine and no points on my licence, hence no increase in insurance rates, is much greater than their fees

Review №9

Rosenblum Firm managed to dismiss my 5-point cell phone ticket in Manhattan. It was well worth the attorney fee. The staff was very professional and courteous. I highly recommend this firm.

Review №10

Would not recommend especially if you're Canadian. Just fight for your ticket at your own expense. We sought help from this company 2 years ago however, they were not able to reopen our case. Before we accept business with them, I asked what are the chances that the case will be reopened, Mallory was very confident and encouraging that they can do something but nothing was done, and we were charge US$350....

Review №11

Rosenblum Law firm did an excellent job on my traffic court case. I was looking at three tickets, points, and loads of fines and was able to get it reduced to no points and just a few. I also had to reschedule my court date multiple times and they worked with me to smoothly get a date that worked for me.

Review №12

Rosenblum Law Firm helped me resolve my 8 point speeding ticket in the states into a different ticket with no points into my record. I'm a Canadian and the state I got the ticket would transfer toward my Canadian record. I really appreciate all the communication and immediate action as soon as I asked for a quick consultation. It is definitely worth the price you are paying for as you can trust these guys to get the job done and update you as they progress or whenever you need a weekly update for yourself. 5/5 would recommend anyone.

Review №13

The firm is great and follows through on their promises. The team is very responsive and handled the matter without even a court appearance. Highly recommend using their services.

Review №14

Amazing results, I can't thank you enough. After receiving a speeding ticket, for significantly exceeding the speed limit, I came across this firm on Google. I submitted a request on their website, they phoned back that day. After a quick conversation on the phone I asked for them to represent me. To say how pleased I am with the results in an understatement. What would have been a 6 point speeding ticket was reduced to a parking ticket. I don't know how you do it. THANK YOU for saving my driving record from an embarrassing oversight.

Review №15

I received very professional service from the Rosenblum Law Firm. The attorneys were able to reduce a 4 point speeding ticket on the Taconic to a parking ticket with 0 points. They handle everything, even representing me in court without having to be there myself. This saved me invaluable time as a out-of-state driver. Do yourself a favor and contact them to discuss your case, You won't be disappointed.

Review №16

I'm an attorney, and I hired Rosenblum Law to fight a speeding ticket in New York City for me. The ticket was dismissed. Rosenblum law did a great job, and they were true professionals throughout the entire process. I strongly recommend them!

Review №17

Hey everybody, i received a ticket in upstate new york which carried with it heavy fines and six points on my license. i got in touch with Rosenblum law firm and they were awesome. They were so easy and simple to deal with, not to mention supportive and understanding. Hiring them to settle my case in retrospect was the best thing i did regarding this ticket. I now have no points and a small fine to pay. i can't thank you enough ROSENBLUM LAW!P.S. if they don't reduce your ticket you get your money back.....NOTHING TO LOSE!

Review №18

In full transparency, I was going significantly over the speed limit and had a 6 point moving violation in New York. I reached out and hired Rosenblum. They went to court and I was told that my ticket would be reduced to a 0 POINT PARKING TICKET. I was beyond excited. Later I get a fine notice and a letter from my insurance that it was actually reduced to a 2 POINT SPEEDING ticket. I lost my insurance. I am fully aware that I was the one speeding and I should be thankful for any reduction (as I was basically told over the phone from Rosenblum to be happy you got that). My frustration comes at the fact the they MISCOMMUNICATED to me my charges and had me accept something that I didn't understand even after emailing to clarify with them. I understand mistakes happened but this mistakes left me blind sided when my insurance gave me up for nonrenewable status and now because of my new record the new quotes are three times as much (I am a young, male, with a previously clean record). I expected more and again (I realize I am fault and this was a clerical mistake) but this clerical mistake is going to cost me thousands and I would have just liked to have full transparency in what I was being charged with.

Review №19

I am from Canada and visiting NY city, got a speeding ticket. They explained me that demerit points collected in USA will reflect my Canadian driving history. They took up my case which is bit complicated, cleared my case with no points and no fine to be paid.I Highly recommend them

Review №20

I wasn’t sure that my 4 point ticket could be reduced but I was willing to try if I had any chance at all. Thankfully I trusted Rosenblum Law because I was able to get ZERO points on my license with their help. Once I called them they handled everything. This experience could not have been easier or more positive.

Review №21

The Rosenblum Law Firm is the real deal. I received a speeding ticket on the New York State Thruway and was facing 6-points on my license and over a $750 fine. After a quick phone consultation with one of the attorneys at Rosenblum, I felt confident that representation was the right choice. In less than a month, I received written notification that my charge was reduced to a 0-point violation and $150 fine. No points, no insurance surcharge, no trip to court, no problem. Thanks, Rosenblum Law Firm!

Review №22

Let’s be upfront about what services you should expect when getting a summons within NYC.There is pleading for violations.You are either found guilty or not.What’s disappointing is that most individuals that hire a firm like this, is that they lose majority of their cases.So what are you paying for?Representation and not having to show up in court.If that’s worth the $500+, that’s debatable.In my case lesson learned.

Review №23

ROSENBLUM LAW FIRM is the best! They successfully reduced my three points stop sing ticket to a no point.They handled everything from one to ten. So I did not need anything.I HIGHLY recommend using them for their great services.

Review №24

Everyone I was in contact with from this firm was very helpful and professional while they were working my case. It was simple to get started with this firm and having them show up for court in my place was a huge help. They did an excellent job at the court appearance and saved me quite a bit of time and money in doing so. I have already recommended this firm to someone I know who is in a similar situation as I was.

Review №25

Professional and Excellent Service! They take you step by step on the process and keep you posted on all updates without skipping a beat. The firm kept me out of landing on dire license consequences. And with that, I know that they are reliable and effective in their line of work. I am very thankful for them!

Review №26

They are very friendly and patient. They were extremely knowledgeable with the case even though it was out of state (out of state that I live in). I couldn't have asked for a better outcome...

Review №27

Was put in contact with the firm through a friend and couldn't be more pleased. They were very informative and created realistic expectations. Very responsive to my calls and emails. And delivered on the final result. Highly recommend.

Review №28

I've used this law firm TWICE. Amazing results, professional service and timely results. I got passing a red light ticket and expired inspection ticket and they were able to bring it down to a parking violation with no points.

Review №29

I am a student who has no time to deal with court appearances, but Rosenblum Law firm was there to help! They represented my case and won, and I did not have to worry too much; I was able to concentrate on school while they handled my case for me! If I needed updates, I called them and they were happy to provide me additional new information about my case. Great team of people and would call them to help me out again if need be.

Review №30

Case dismissed!The ticket stated I was 21 miles over the speed limit in NY which is supposed to be 6 points with extra $500ish fine. Gave my case to them and they took care of the business. No points, no fine, nothing. I’m very happy with the result!Thank you very much!

Review №31

Due to a error in judgment I had to look for some traffic court help when I was traveling to NY. I did not know what to do, who to contact or where to go being from out of state and country. I ran across their website and read some reviews and thought I would send them a inquiry. I was surprised they got back to me so quickly and they set up a call to discuss what they could do for me. Feeling satisfied with the service offerings I hired them right away and I am so happy I did. They took down the info and ran with it, no further action on my part. A few weeks later they did a follow up to let me know it was resolved. This was amazing and I must say if you need to hire someone I highly recommend them. They are very professional, personal, stand by their word and work to get you the results they promise. This is becoming more rare nowadays.Thank you so much so everything.WJ.

Review №32

These guys are good! I got a speeding ticket and faced six points on my license and with another ticket pending on my record, I was facing 12 points and a license suspension. Going into the process, the attorney that I spoke with admitted that the specific court that my ticket appeal would go through was known for being difficult to deal with. Rosenblum Law Firm was able to reduce it to zero points and turned the ticket into just a parking ticket with a fine. Lois helped me through the process and absolutely directed me in the right way. Thank you to all involved in this law firm that worked on my case and saved me money!

Review №33

Handled everything from start to finish; minimal stress on my end. Appreciate their work.

Review №34

I got a ticket going 20 over I-95 Rosenblum Lawfirm was able to reduce that 4 point ticket to a 0 point ticket. Got a second ticket same highway they are also handling that one as well I’m very optimistic that they’ll get me the best plea deal. Price is worth it to keep your record and license clean. All lawyers and representatives are very friendly and informative. Highly recommended.

Review №35

I'm from California and I got my first speeding ticket while driving through New York. I currently live in Philadelphia, and my insurance agent is in California and he wasn't familiar with New York traffic laws He advised that I get legal advice. My initial phone call was with Jobin and he explained everything in very simple terms, and the process was very easy. I just paid a flat fee, and didn't have to do anything from there. I took an online class, and was able to clear the entire 6 points that were going to go on my record. I'm a college student, and I never thought I would need to hire an attorney, but the Rosenblum Law Firm made everything very easy.

Review №36

I have contacted few other firms in regard to handle my husband traffic ticket but somehow I feel comfortable with them, they handle case on their own we don't have to show up for hearing and no point reduction on license. I definitely recommend them.

Review №37

I used the service of The Rosenblum Law Firm to deal with my traffic violation tickets. One from upstate NY, another from New York City. NYC violations are super difficult to negotiate... However, both of my cases were negotiated successfully. No points were added to my record!!! I learned my lesson and try to be a safer driver. But if I get in trouble again, I know for sure who will help me -- The Rosenblum Law Firm! Thank you, guys! You are an amazing team!!! Efficient, professional , quick! Your help is VERY appreciated!!!

Review №38

The best!I was facing 4pts on my license and in 30 days from date of incident Rosenblum team got it reduced to ZERO pts. I am super grateful for all they do.This is my second time in 6 yrs needing to retain them. Completely worth it.Add them to your email as well, their emails are very helpful.I can’t say enough good things

Review №39

I am blown away with the outcome of my experience with Rosenblum Law Firm. Unfortunately passing through NY on my way home to CT I got pulled over going 91, I thought my goose was cooked. I contacted Rosenblum and within a couple of months my ticket had been reduced to a parking ticket. I can not express my gratitude for keeping my record clean. Thank you Rosenblum for outstanding service.

Review №40

Very easy to work with. Resolved my issue quickly

Review №41

I got a speeding ticket and four points on my license. Rosenblum Law Firm was able to reduce it to zero points (and pay a small fee instead)! My lawyer helped me throughout the process. I would not have had such a good outcome without their help. Thank you!

Review №42

I had an amazing experience with Rosenblum law firm i had a potential 4 point ticket turned to 0 with only had a fine to pay. Michael Cooke my assigned attorney was on point and had me out of there in less than 40 mins. Also Adrianna Vacca my Case Manager extremely helpful and prompt with her emails and responses. I would defiantly use them again if i get another speeding ticket.

Review №43

After receiving a red light ticket with a possible three points, I contacted the lawyers and they handled everything! A few weeks later it was reduced to zero points and a small fine. Thanks!

Review №44

I got a speeding ticket within 30 miles away from my home; I don't want to have any points on my License because of insurance hike. I reached out to Rosenblum based on reviews, and they are effective in reducing points from 6 to 0 and a parking ticket. I would recommend if you want to fight for your traffic ticket.

Review №45

The Rosenblum team kept me informed throughout the process, assured me that they would do all they could, and made it as convenient as possible for me to submit my documents for the traffic ticket. Would definitely recommend!

Review №46

I was saved form a very bad situation. being Canadian I was unable to go to court to fight a charge I received in New York. due to my work I needed this case resolved and from the moment I spoke to Rosenblum law on the phone I felt at ease that I was in good hands. As soon as my case was resolved I received an email and my charge was reduced to J walking no points! couldn't be happier. Highly recommended!

Review №47

I am taking a special time out to thank Rosenblum law firm for a job well done in helping me to clear my traffic tickets.At Rosenblum law firm there are an exceptional customer service and the representatives are on top of business,I recommend Rosenblum law firm to anyone who is seeking an a1 law time to represent them.

Review №48

I had two tickets and was staring at 8 points on my license. By the time they were done it was 0 points. Worth every penny. Also they are very responsive and polite.

Review №49

When I got my speeding ticket driving back to Canada from New York I was so scared because I didn’t know what the process was dealing with fines and tickets in the USA. However I called Rosenblum Law firm and the took car of my ticket for me removed me demerit points and also lowered my fine. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to fight a ticket in the state of New York.

Review №50

Thank you Adam for taking the time to talk to me on the phone so promptly and honestly. I received a traffic violation in Canandaigua, NY and have traffic court tomorrow. I emailed this firm with a question of whether or not to get a lawyer. I received a very prompt telephone call from Alan Rosenblum. He was caring, concerned and genuinely interested in what I had to say. Thank you for the complimentary advice. I highly recommend them and will call on them again if needed.

Review №51

I used these guys when I got a speeding ticket. They were quick and took me through all the steps. They were able to get my ticket erased if I took a defensive driving course. Would highly recommend.

Review №52

Great service! Very reliable!

Review №53

Great and very professional... Will recommend them if you have speeding ticket in NY state. They got my speeding ticket point from 4 to 0.Thanks alot guys :)

Review №54

Adam was extremely forthright when assisting me with my case. He clearly explained the process and what I could expect. I am very pleased with the outcome.

Review №55

We had such a good experience. They did not overpromise and were realistic at the beginning, but were able to achieve everything we hoped for. Definitely worth it!

Review №56

Very happy with the service. I just sent them my ticket and paid the retaining fee, and they managed to get a not guilty verdict.As the date of my hearing was approaching, and I was getting anxious, they always answered my e-mails and calmed me downThanks you very much!!!

Review №57

Great representation from Rosenblum. Saved my record, saved my time, and saved my money. Appreciate their professional work and definitely recommend to anyone considering.

Review №58

Rosenblum Law Firm was super easy to work with. They handled my speeding ticket with little efford on my part and kept me up to date as to what was occuring. In the end, I received 0 points and small fine. Totally worth the money.

Review №59

I got a speeding ticket and four points on my license. Rosenblum Law Firm was able to reduce it to zero points (and pay a small fee instead)! my insurance was at risk of increasing to almost 12% but everything was dismissed and i just have a little fee to pay. I would definitely recommend this firm to anyone who is dealing with any type of traffic violations. I am glad I went with them.

Review №60

Excellent traffic law firm. Rosenblum law firm handled everything professionally and went to court and had my traffic ticket dismissed. I was extremely happy and I would recommend them to all family and friends.

Review №61

I got a ticket back in December 2018 with 3 points for leaving the scene of accident and within another 3 days I got another ticket for taking right from shoulder. I contacted Rose N Blum for help. Attorney Jobin Joseph contacted me and explained me the whole process. I was not even sure how my ticket for violation will get resolved, However the whole process was very smooth. Rosenblum Took care of everything and reduced my points from 5 to 0. Thank you Mr. Jobin Joseph for taking care of everything. Thanks to all staff and Rosenblum. I would certainly recommend.

Review №62

I believe Rosenblum is the best law firm in NY state for any traffic tickets. I had a sppeding violation and was dealing with 4 merit points but Rosenblum took the case with utmost professionalism and my tickets and points got dismissed. I would definitely recommend this firm to anyone who is dealing with any type of traffic violations. I am glad I went with them.

Review №63

I received 6 tickets at once and was completely overwhelmed! I was referred to the Rosenblum law firm by 2 different friends. Once I contacted them I was put completely at ease. They were very professional and accommodating. And best of all they got my tickets reduced to zero point! And they were very reasonably priced! All in all a great experience

Review №64

I got a ticket while on the Taconic, which was pretty out-of-the-way for me to get to court, so I found Rosenblum Law and asked them to deal with it. They're not the cheapest, but not unreasonable, and they got me a zero-point plea for a combination of speeding and expired inspection.They were professional, and communicated what they needed from me quite clearly, including specific instructions when some paperwork needed to be notarized.

Review №65

After i got my speeding ticket thought of just paying it but was told of the repurcussions. I immediately searched on line for a law firm to handle my situation cus i lived out of state. I was happy with their record and the fact that if they lose you will get a refund. I got a reduction in my fine and points went from 6 to 0. Thanks guys you' re worth it

Review №66

I honestly would recommend the Rosenblum Law Firm!My experience was great: After a red light and accident ticket, I choose the Rosenblum Law Firm to represent me in defense, and I'm very pleased with the outcome, the ticket was completely dismissed. I found a polite and professional staff that were great at listening and keeping me informed as to the status. They saved me time, money, points.Thank you Mr. Adam and all your staff members that contacted me!

Review №67

Honestly I have no Idea how these guys do it. I went from 4 point ticket speeding in a school zone, which I assume would be a double point double fine type of situation, to a NO POINT NO FINE parking ticket... I am in complete shock, and I am extremely happy that I chose Rosenblum Law Firm to represent me.

Review №68

Incredible customer service. Went above and beyond to give me the information I needed to make the best choice, and guided me with care and professionalism. Would say I'd use them again but hopefully I don't need to fight a ticket ever again :P (knock on wood!)

Review №69

Rosenblum Law Firm Truly came thru for me. I was skeptical but wow.. they came thru as they said they would. Fromma serious ticket to almost nothing!Thank you!!

Review №70

Excellent service. They are very prompt and professional. My case was dismissed with no fine and no points. Highly recommended.

Review №71

Their services in my experience were quick and dirty. I am in NYC where the TVB is super strict. I gave them $549 and they went to court for me for a speeding ticket. I did not get dismissed but, they were able to get a reduction from 6 points to 4 points and "saved" me the $300 driving assessment fee. I will have to see in the long term if the the math makes sense in terms of insurance savings. Overall they were good and to the point.

Review №72

I was facing three equipment violations (tinted windows) and a 4 point speeding ticket. Needless to say i was stressed out about it after i received the ticket. I inquired with Rosenblum Law Firm and did not delay in retaining them. I did not feel comfortable going to court without representation, i hear these officers go to court and they just read what they did to the judge while he nods in agreement, and then the judge says you're guilty. Well at this point, why NOT retain a traffic lawyer, and that was a good decision because my charges were all dismissed, No Points, No Fine! Thank you Rosenblum Law Firm for representing me;!

Review №73

Phenomenal outcome. Phenomenal Service. I live in Montreal, Quebec, and while crossing the border into Canada from NY, a state trooper handed me 3 tickets for operating without a license, operating without valid registration, and operating without insurance (a misdemeanour). Needless to say I was extremely frustrated and worried about this situation, and felt I had a case to fight for in court. I came across Rosenblum Law Firm, and seriously, I am extraordinarily fortunate to have hired them to handle this case. They managed to get the court to dismiss all but one charge (for operating out of class), which carries no points and a max fine of $300. While the entire team did an amazing job, Adriana specifically needs a shoutout from my end, and while I'm not the kind of person to take to the internet to write reviews, the work absolutely requires some validation on my part. Do not hesitate. Do not worry. Call them, ask questions, they will get you answers. I honestly believe they will solve your problem. Thank you to everyone at Rosenblum Law.

Review №74

I can’t express how thankful I am that I came across you guys by accident on Google. After reading a couple of reviews, I had some hopes that you guys would exceed my expectations.I’ve never had a speeding ticket until I moved away from NY and I started to visit my family once a month. I decided to take a chance on a local lawyer new to the field and I was so disappointed. I wish I had came across you guys way earlier then I probably wouldn’t have had any speeding tickets to begin with.After getting my second speeding ticket, I knew I needed a better lawyer this time because I wasn’t willing to take any chances again. I was being tailgated by a driver from NJ so I decided to speed up and get into the right lane thinking the driver will no longer tail gate me but I was wrong. After getting into the right lane and still tailgating me, I decided to speed up and so did the driver from NJ.Needless to say, he took the next exit and before I even got to tap on my brakes I saw the cop around the corner. He didn’t even give me a chance to explain but instead gave me the nice fat ticket. I’m glad I found the Rosenblum Law Firm and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of my case.I will definetly use you guys again (god forbid I don’t need to again) in the future. I’ve already recommended you guys to a friend and I will probably continue to do so to. I can’t thank you guys enough cause now I can have peace of mind and that ticket was a big headache. You guys are definetly worth the money and I think the price is more than reasonable!

Review №75

I would highly recommend this law firm. They were VERY helpful.

Review №76

Easy and effective service. Very responsive and clear. They have helped me many times with violations and have been successful each time.

Review №77

Great service it save me 6 points in my licenseHighly recommendedVery happy

Review №78

License was about to suspended due to speeding but Rosenblum & team of attorneys reduced to nothing. No suspension or points just pay a ticket. 1st experience with lawyer & im happy with my choice. Definitely recommend.

Review №79

I loved the service and the out come of my case. I was facing a 5 point cellphone violation. This law firm negated with the DA. from a cellphone violation 5 point violation to parking ticket violation, that carries 0 points.once again thank all of y, all very much.

Review №80

Adam Rosenblum and his associates really know how to get the job done. They were able to reduce my speeding violation from a possible 6 points to 0 point, not to mention avoiding the future financial burden of having 6 points on your driving record to your insurance premium. It was money well spent. I will definitely recommend Adam Rosenblum to my friends and relatives. Great job Adam! Thanks a lot!

Review №81

Thank you for your great service.I am a Canadian residence and got pulled over by a cop on the way to visit my family in the states. The Rosenblum Law Firm was there to help me with utmost professionalism. They just asked me for a few documents and took care of the rest very quickly. Within a few weeks, they won the case for me, leaving my license clean. I just had to take a 6 hour driving course online (wasn't so bad!).Thanks again for your Excellent Service!!

Review №82

Great law firm that got my case completely dismissed in just one appearance. Very informative and helpful. Highly recommend.

Review №83

Rosenblum Law Firm, was very professional, efficiently resolved my ticket and I would highly recommend this company to represent all your traffic tickets needs.Thank You Rosenblum!

Review №84

Very efficient handling of my case. Quick turnaround and smooth communication. Would recommend.

Review №85

What better firm to trust your sort comings for traffic tickets with that Rosenblum Law Firm. The process was easy and from the very first day after speaking with a team member you already get the feelings you won the case and you have absolutely nothing to worry about. HIGHLY Recommended!

Review №86

Very organized firm with experienced staff, quick response, with informative feedback, I strongly recommend them in case of need

Review №87

I had a very positive experience with the Rosenblum Law Firm. They represented me for a moving violation that was ultimately dismissed. They were very professional. I highly recommend them.

Review №88

Definitey recommend RosenBlum! I was out of state and would have been suspended had i gotten any points from a speeding ticket. They managed to get me 0 points along withh a nice fine which is expected and understandable.I didnt have to show up to court and I kept my license, so definitely 5 Stars for these guys

Review №89

Great people! The staff is very courteous and professional. I spoke with one of their lawyers shortly after I got a ticket for using my mobile in NYC. The lady with whom I spoke was a good listener; she let me explain to her what led to my getting the ticket, and my concerns about my driving record. She advised me about the seriousness of the violation and all possible outcomes. Finally, my ticket was dismissed, and I didn't need to appear in court. Except for that one phone call, I handled all of the attorney's requirements online- required documents and office fee. My advice to anyone who seeks their services is do everything exactly as they say and BE PATIENT! Thank you so much! You brightened my day.

Review №90

Great experience! I didn't even know I had an option other than paying for a ticket until a friend suggested I reach out to Rosenblum. They were able to reduce my ticket and points substantially. In fact, their fee plus the reduced fine in total were less than the original fine! Plus, I saved on insurance costs and had the benefit of reduced points. Thank you!

Review №91

I recieved a speeding ticket with expected 4 points on my license and a huge fee. I wasn't able to show up to my appt in NY as I had to deal with family situation in AZ. Rosenblum was able to bring the ticket down to a parking violation with no points and half the fee. Well worth the price. Thanks a bundle folks.

Review №92

Quick turnaround and quality service. Would highly recommend.

Review №93

Dealing with the Rosenblum Law Firm has been a very pleasant experience. I was facing a 6 point speeding ticket, and they were able to get it dropped to a 0 point violation! Highly recommended!!

Review №94

The Rosenblum Law Firm was recommended to me by a close friend after I received a traffic summons. I could not be more thrilled with the outcome they were able to secure for me. Consummate professionals with great communication, reaching out immediately after case updates. I hope I never have to, but I would easily hire them again. Cheers, guys! Thanks for going to bat for me.

Review №95

Firm provided great representation for my traffic ticket and got it dismissed.

Review №96

I can’t be happier with my outcome. Jobin and Ronen took care of different situations, keeping me updated along the way. With their help, I avoided multiple points and things are back to normal. Great lawyers, great results.

Review №97

Rosenblum Law Firm is the best! Got a bogus speeding ticket in some forgotten town in upstate NY, they got it settled and turned it into a mere parking ticket. Thank you!

Review №98

The Rosenblum Law Firm is fantastic they handled everything. Lois Varughese, Esq. explained the process, I scanned my documents to her and she took over. I was kept in the loop as to court dates and relieved that I didn't have to go to court. My issue with NYC was dismissed. They know the law and made sure my rights were protected.

Review №99

Very professional service. THey have the knowledge and experience required in this field and handled the matter quickly and efficiently. THey were also very responsive and walked us through the whole process.

Review №100

They handled business thats for damn sure.

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  • Address:200 Broadacres Dr Suite #325, Bloomfield, NJ 07003, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 973-298-0250
  • Bankruptcy attorney
  • Criminal justice attorney
  • General practice attorney
Working hours
  • Monday:8:30am–6:30pm
  • Tuesday:8:30am–6:30pm
  • Wednesday:8:30am–6:30pm
  • Thursday:8:30am–6:30pm
  • Friday:Closed
  • Saturday:8:30am–6pm
  • Sunday:8:30am–6:30pm
Service options
  • Online appointments:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible lift:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Appointments recommended:Yes
  • LGBTQ-friendly:Yes
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