Canvas Credit Union Brighton Branch
195 S Kuner Rd, Brighton, CO 80601, United States
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What kind of company is unwilling to work with you, coming fresh out of a nationwide pandemic? This one will not. I’ve asked for less than 48hrs to make the payment amount they are demanding, by the end of business today, or it will be repossessed. Is there even a scenario that shows less willingness to show any compassion for they’re customers? I even tried the sympathy card, about being a single father, fighting just to see my little girl, and been on unemployment for months. I’ve been back work just long enough to miss their deadline by midnight tomorrow night. We’re taking not two full days until I can have their money. Overlook their commercials stating they’re here for you during the pandemic. Disregard the emails and texts explaining forgiveness. Customer service has seen it last days.Good luck with making other customers happy. That used to be what businesses were about. Especially the ones who, during a hold, play a recording that claims to be a family business.Seems like it. Thanks

Review №2

Waiting since 8:25 for the drive through to open at 8:30 had to wait another 35 min for someone to tell us the drawer was broken. I asked the employee who walked by the line of cars at 8:45 why she didn’t say anything and the employee said we should have known because of the cone!!!! No sign no notice and she stood at the door letting people in without masks. And no one inside said anything to the customers without masks either.

Review №3

This was the first Bank that I've dealt with in Colorado. They constantly go above and beyond anything I need. Teller's are polite and quick. My wife and myself highly recommend this place. When a person leaves a negative review you never get the entire story. Try them and form your own opinion.

Review №4

Over the past couple of months I have been visiting this location more than another location. I love the way I am treated when I walk into the Brighton branch. They have all been extremely nice to me and they make conversation with their members. Thank you Canvas!!!

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Review №6

This review is only for Jordan at the Brighton branch. She spent time with me while there was a mounting line behind us to call corporate and get my accounts settled after being closed on accident. Even knowing my accounts were being closed and i wouldnt be a customer anymore, she gave me 100% of her effort to help me and worked to make sure I recieved the funds. THAT is the sort of integrity I desperately miss these days.Thank you for turning my terrible review into a better one!

Review №7

I don’t like this bank I wish I could switch but I can I would gave them 0 stars but i can’t the bank in Brighton they are very disrespectful and rude

Review №8

I was a member of guaranteed bank for 17 yrs until they did the switch. I never received any information about it. I went to see why my debit card didn't work and was treated very rudely. I was told I received information which I didn't and the lady treated me as if I was a liar. While I was there several people came in and had to say complaint so apparently they were liars to. I close both my accounts move to a better Bank.

Review №9

Cristian was super nice and helpful.

Review №10

Horrible. I highly suggest NO ONE on this earth try to get help for a Equity loan! Very disappointed.

Review №11

Can I give zero stars? I had really horrible customer service with PSCU, I asked for a manager and one never called me. (They were 'busy in meetings'.) I posted on here and nobody responded. I've since opened a new account with another bank and will be closing all of my accounts. So easily avoidable.If it were me, I would avoid them, they have horrible customer service in my opinion. Any other bank I've banked with would put you in touch with a manager immediately when you had an issue.

Review №12

I would give negative stars if I could. I have a auto loan through PSCU and every month they send me a late notice when the payment is withdrawn from my account automatically! My bank statements clearly show the money being pulled EVERY month on the same day. I am beyond irritated with this place!!

Review №13

This is a great resource for me! I can access my credit union (elevations) here. They are great and friendly plus being open till 6 is awesome especially when i need a notary, and everyone else closes at 5.

Review №14

I wish I could give this place negative stars. Over and over again the employees prove incompetent to handle the smallest issue. Their customer service is severely lacking. Almost every time I go here I have to wait 20+ minutes in the line at the drive through and 15+ inside. Numerous times in the drive through they'll look at me waiting and go back to what they were doing. Policies are never the same between tellers. Sometimes I can deposit things and sometimes I can't. Get it together people. It's a terrible experience every visit.

Review №15

Employees are rude. Plus it's a credit union without a way to deposit change. Everything has to be rolled for them so they don't have to worry about being accurate!

Review №16

It is really hard to get to and the building feels very enclosed, but the service is satisfactory. All around pretty good. The lines get to be pretty long at times, but the staff handle them pretty well. Nothing especially good or especially bad about this branch.

Review №17

Wow! Customer services is not this branch specialty. Came to deposit a check for my son, has a hold since on my account, okay no issue. Apparently saying, “That’s fine we need to do something with the check” warrants the staff telling you with attitude “Keep acting like that and I won’t help you”.... sorry Michelle but it’s your job to help me and your job to leave your attitude away from my MONEY. My son learned a lesson today on how to not act at work, even a 17 year old thought your branch staff was childish.

Review №18

I'm usually on hold for more then 15 min. Before I can get a hold of anyoneAnd when my call gets in the "representatives" aren't of any help I guess I'm probably going to take my auto loans and somewhere else.

Review №19

I am a current customer at this bank, slow service everytime-calling them is like pulling nose hair out... Just painful.My first experience here I was treated rudely by the woman who signed me up as a business partner, I continued my application for an account anyhow but have thought over time things haven't improved. They have a lot to do to gain my customer satisfaction again.

Review №20

I love everyone who works here they are so friendly and very fast I love it

Review №21

It goes fast with how many people go there to workers it's a smaller branch so it dies good for it size sometimes it takes a minute but other than that live it they all know me by first name and live my son

Review №22

This bank is by far the worst bank in Brighton. They are so slow and the staff is so rude. They are not personable at all. Wish they were still coop credit union where they cared about people. Don't recommend this bank at all!!!!

Review №23

Slow service. not enough tellers.

Review №24

When called to dispute a charge that shouldn't have been charged and hadn't in months, they informed me maybe I should cancel the service. BTW the service has been canceled for two years. I ask for new card be sent to me I'm told I should go into the branch for them to figure it out. The lady I talked to about the card was nice, the the gentle man was indifferent and didn't seem like he cared to even try.

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2.3 Rating
  • Address:195 S Kuner Rd, Brighton, CO 80601, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 303-691-2345
  • Credit union
  • ATM
  • Loan agency
  • Mortgage lender
Working hours
  • Monday:9am–6pm
  • Tuesday:9am–6pm
  • Wednesday:9am–6pm
  • Thursday:9am–6pm
  • Friday:9am–6pm
  • Saturday:9am–1pm
  • Sunday:Closed
Service options
  • Drive-through:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Cash advance:Yes
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