Bank of the West
1795 E Bridge St, Brighton, CO 80601, United States
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I love this bank. They have always been great and welcoming to me. I can't believe all the bad reviews. I've been going to this bak for over 20 years. Carol is awesome to me and Diane when she was there. Thanks for the great work you all have done for me. You are the best! Lynn

Review №2

Absolutely terrible. I’m bummed I wasted so many years with such a terrible, terrible bank. The “supervisor” of the worst banking experiences I have ever had. Really sad. I like to give good reviews, but this bank... Would never go back or recommend ANYONE go here. If you want faulty “policies” and biased decisions, then this is the bank for you. If you want a bank that stands by their word and actually strives to do the bankee right, go else where. At least 10 people I personally know are taking or already took their business elsewhere and are telling others of better options because this branch in particular, and bank of the wests’ “policies” are removed for people they know and want to remove them for, but not for others.

Review №3

This branch in Brighton is awful. I have tried time and again to access services and it is so disappointing to speak to people who are NOT helpful or knowledgeable. Other branches are completely different. It's a waste of time to try and do business here!!! When are you going to do something about this very poor representation of your otherwise great bank?

Review №4

No one at this branch was helpful. I deposited 2 checks from a company that I get direct deposit from weekly and they put a hold on them and then charged me overdraft fees when those checks that I deposited were supposed to cover the charges

Review №5

They have the absolute worst customer service here I opened up an account with them and everything got messed up on it and when speaking to Barbara at the branch all she could tell me was that they had the wrong address on there and then I was told that they called me every week and then they verified my phone number never got a call from them I was told that was it I was a liar best pet don’t bank here

Review №6

I finaced a camper through this place. I sold the camper to someone and then paid it off. I waited and waited for the title. Bank of the West lost the title. You can imagine how the person who bought it felt. Do not work with this place!

Review №7

The teller are rude and don't like their job. Please can you guys more professional people ,customer service are very poor.

Review №8

If you want a helpful banking relationship, avoid this bank.While the employees are courteous, the manager would sooner flush us down the toilet than do a simple courtesy. We are firing them.

Review №9

I have always had good experience with bank of the west and have been their costumer for long time but this branch is the one that you all might want to avoid if you dont want to be treated bad or ruin your experience with bank of the west... very rude and not happy to help tellers working in the branch..

Review №10

Typical big box bank. $7.50 to Cash a check if you're a non customer. Stick to a credit union!

Review №11

This bank is very hard to work with. I brought in a check for a good amount. So I asked a question. The check was from a local law firm from a local bank. I asked if I had any charges would they cover them they said no you will still be charged. So I have a good amount of money in my account and because of you are holding the check, I'm going to get charged. Wow so your not taking care of your customers. So the branch manager walks out and say you need to lower your voice. Not sir how can I help I know your upset. She never even asked too call and verifie the check. She said I'd be happy to do that. But it still won't change the charges if you have anything come in. This In raged me even more. I said never mind and walked out. Sounds like this branch manager needs some customer service training. So Monday I will be closing my account. I also called two other banks and they dont do that ever unless the check is out of state or they cant verify the funds. One even said that they would have give me 500 in my account and the next morning I would have my funds. So guess who I'm going too do business with?YOU LOST A GOOD CUSTOMER. I hope this helps someone else. I have been banking with them along time you would think they wanna keep good customers.

Review №12

I recently moved to Brighton. I went to Bank of the West last week to have them put some personal papers in their recycle bin but they said they don't do that for customers. Stopped by again today to run some change through the change counter and they said the change counter broke about a year ago. It may be time to see if other banks in my new area give better customer service. I have been a customer for years.

Review №13

Bank of the Worst. So, why the 4 stars? Here's some positives. One, no lines except on government check cashing days. Two, some banks now practically accost you when you walk in, like a valet. This branch is very Hands Off, as in, it will be so quiet when you go in, you'll be able to hear the drive thru teller muttering to herself. The decorations: stranded in 1970, very nostalgic. No costumer-use restroom, but also, no smell...Parking...if you liked the ET Adventure Ride at Universal Studios, then you're in for the ride of your life!

Review №14

Worst bank branch ever!

Review №15

The number listed here will never connect you to a person

Review №16

Great service

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