U.S. Bank Branch
500 E Bromley Ln, Brighton, CO 80601, United States
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Visited this branch to cash out some coins. On arrival I was told they don’t have a coin count machine. Which made no sense , the only solution was to drive to a Thornton location. I also had issues with their ATM, it would not allow me to deposit cash , again I had to drive all the way to Thornton. I’ve banked with US bank for over 5 years and it’s become more of an inconvenience to bank with them over the most simple bank transactions.

Review №2

They could not cash out a check for a simple 2k which is amazing because they are a bank which should have the money would not recommend banking with us bank terrible quality and they do not care about customers.

Review №3

I would have let no stars but it will not let me. My wife and I have had the same problem 3 times that we have gone into this location. The same banker each time. Every time we deposit cash, the money comes up missing, gets deposited into some one else account or the amount that is deposited is less then what we gave and approved for. After the last time ( the banker put the money into some one elses account ) I was told I would immediately get our money bank and put into our bank account ASAP and that it would be available the same day . Surprise Surprise. That was a lie. Then said my money would take 4-10 days to get into my account because they had to do it as a transfer. So, because the banker known as ID 0014 decided to suck at her job yet again, I now do not have my rent money in my account and can not pay rent which is now penalizing me $150 dollars for being late on rent. Go bank some where else. They don't care about there customers.

Review №4

We stopped by for a quick stop, and the service and the staff are very friendly and very pleasant.

Review №5

The ATM here takes Deposits.

Review №6

The tellers seem to be working hard and doing a good job. But the branch manager seemed determined to make things as difficult as possible for the customer. I had a cashier's check written to my grandfather OR his deceased wife from another US Bank branch. Branch manager told me I HAD to have her original death certificate even though she was in an OR clause. That isn't right. She also said I had to have my original power-of-attorney paperwork in order to deposit the check into his account. That isn't right either.I used another method to make this deposit and it went right in without any of that hassle.The bottom line is that this branch manager is doing everything she can to not help you.

Review №7

Useless, lazy tellers. Branch manager and teller where just sitting there chatting while I waited in line. A lady came in and stood behind me and then they decided to work. The manager actually completely ignored me and went straight to the lady, who was behind me in line. This isn’t the first time either. I was told on one time occasion that my check was too big and that I needed to take it to the issuers bank to have cashed, that she would have to get approvals. Here’s a crazy idea lady, do your job, get the approvals! When I came back to cash the cashed check into my account, she said she was happy they did it for me. I was happy too that another bank did what MY bank couldn’t do for me. I continually have issues with the bank in Brighton. There is 1 good teller there, I don’t know his name, but the manager and the lady I’m talking about are lazy and incompetent. I’m closing my account as soon as I get back into town. So many much better options out there.

Review №8

Chatty clerks leave long lines. Very long lines. No one seems to mind that there are people waiting. Poor customer service. Clueless.

Review №9

Do sorry for your bad experience. Logan and the whole team are wonderful. My husband and I have been banking there for yearsGreat customer service.

Review №10

I have had very friendly customer service . I walk in and they know me & greet me always love the young blonde girl from Arizona guess I need to pay better attention to her name such a beautiful person

Review №11

Do not deal with chase he will lie to you.Tell you he’s going to do something and then won’t

Review №12

This US Bank use to be great and always had a great experience til recently they hired a net bank tell I think her name is Logan she's the only blonde there. She's very very rude I have been to this location 3 times in the past month and every time I go there she's so rude to both me and my dad she has no customer service skills and is fast to asume things. I would love for US Bank to do something about this I should not feel uncomfortable at a bank and have bad experiences every time I go there. I also will be contacting corporate I really hope if they can do something about this it's really horrible and now we have to go to the US Bank in thornton wich has great customer service and they great their customers equally so should all their locations.

Review №13

I would give it a zero since the mature workers left if I could rate zero I would the two younger girls there always try to pick up on men and flirt I’ve asked them multiple times to Respect that I am married it always takes longer then usually because of the unprofessional girls working there !!!!

Review №14

Great service, friendly people, and easy access.

Review №15

I've primarily banked here at this location for 15+ years, anyone who has a bad review is just salty.

Review №16

This location doesn't take coin.

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  • Address:500 E Bromley Ln, Brighton, CO 80601, United States
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  • Phone:+1 303-655-9295
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  • Monday:10am–4pm
  • Tuesday:10am–4pm
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  • Saturday:10am–4pm
  • Sunday:Closed
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
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