Mister Money
333 E Bridge St, Brighton, CO 80601, United States
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Staff is very nice but not sure what they are doing with background checks for firearms. After 5 days they still did not have it when the expected wait time was 12 hours.

Review №2

I have been to this particular store alotbover the last 12 years, and I have to say it has turned into the biggest pile of sh!+ I have stepped foot into. Tried to go in to look at tools and I was told I need to wear a face mask, of it states on your door UNLESS EXEMPT BY LAW which I happen to be. Not that it's any body's buisness so let's violate HIPPA laws for your satisfaction. I have a severe breathing disease. Was promptly told to provide proof or leave. After a small argument I told them I would just take my business elsewhere. Not to mention the two females working were not even wearing their masks properly anyhow. I will not step foot into this buisness again and will be filing a formal complaint.

Review №3

This place is the bottom of the barrel for pawn shops. I tried to buy $860 worth of silver cash on the table and when I asked for the manager to count it out so I could check he got upset and said I didnt trust them. Then when I told him if he was at a store or a flea market he would want to count it to, then got made saying I called him a flea market, being a store full of used goods, Remember when you were 3 years old and dad told you to always count your money? This guy must not have heard that story

Review №4

Good staff

Review №5

Always a good shopping experience and I never leave empty handed

Review №6

Never had a problem with them.Good prices too !

Review №7

I’ve been shopping here for years and they have the best prices around! The crew is always friendly and quick to help out. Willie and his crew are always honest with their loans and you can’t get any better than that. I’d recommend them hands down for anyone needing quick cash!

Review №8

I went in to buy a gun for my wife as a present, put it on layaway with one store clerk who never state that she needed to be there when I made the final purchase of the gun. So when I went in to buy it and take it home to her I was told I couldn’t do it without her being there, so I advised the manager who I was dealing with who was extremely rude and felt the need to talk down to me as if he was actually more intelligent than I was. Also for reference for future customers his name is Willie. That my wife was going in for surgery and with recovery time could not come in so can I extend it for another month. He stated I could pay $25 and it would extend it out but would not go towards my balance in any way. So pretty much just needed to give them free money. He was not willing to help the customer at all, he did however break the rules and let her do FaceTime to sell me the other item we had on layaway. Then just continued to fight with me about how my wife would have to figure out how to come in and get the gun or give them the $25. So my wife ended taking time off of work just to finealize the purchase. Needless to say, horrible experience, horrible customer service, willing to bend the rules when it suites them. I will never do business here again!!

Review №9

Answered in my post. We've always been treated great by everyone that works there. Willys a great man!

Review №10

False advertisement. They say they offer payroll check cashing but they do not! I do not recommend this business!

Review №11

That have treated good..thay have always been there for me... Willy..the a good man.

Review №12

Always like going to pawn but I buy something everytime I go lol

Review №13

Great place, I was treated very good when purchasing some used guns.I have pawned stuff here and they have given me great offers on electronics and firearms.

Review №14

The people that work there are super nice but they definitely could have better pricing for both pawns and purchases.

Review №15

I have gone into this place looking to buy stuff several times mostly tools I have noticed that from Firearms to tools to stereos to pretty much everything in there it is price just barely Below Retail

Review №16

So i used to be a good customer here ill be never coming back. very poor customer service . i went to get a loan on a compressor and their offer was 40$ lol i asked if they could atleast do 50$ on a couple hundred dollar compressor and they were rude the entire time treating me as if its stolen . that same day i was going to buy a disney movie until i paid and opend the movie case for it to be some adult film inside, was asked to find a diffent movie i immediately said no and asked for my money back. Im a plumber and have tons of tools and sometime just need a lil loaner till payday, i can honestly say the pawn shops near their area are much better and worth checking out before ever setting foot into this pawn shop. All the new employes he has that are young really suck and look like they are just there for a check, they are depriving the company more then any customer they treat as if thats our intention. Needless to say i was offerd 65$ no hagling greeted with a smile and went on with my weekend driving less then a few blocks away. They really need to make some dramatic changes or people wont be returning there. I know i wont be for a long time

Review №17

Used to a good plAce. Now? Not so much. Pretty racist staff.

Review №18

WARNING!!!! DO NOT SHOP HERE!!!!!!!!On 8/25/15 I went in to this pawn shop and spent $532.00 in two large items and one of the items was an Astro A50 gaming head set for $170.00 we asked to listen to the head set before purchasing it and they refused the manager William said they had no gaming system or t.v. set up at the moment to do that so I could purchase a 30 day warranty for $8.00 and take them home try them out if there is any problem with the headset just bring them back..... So needless to say I bought the headset and the warranty and the damn things don't charge (they are broke). On 8/26/16 about 3:00 p.m. I took the headset back. They said we are really sorry they don't work but we can only give you in store credit. WHAT THE HELL!!!! I don't think so that is not what I was told. Also it does not say that anywhere on the receipt. The assistant manager Travis tells me they don't have time to explain the entire warranty policy to every customer that would take all day. I will contact the news and Tom Martino if this isn't resolved.

Review №19

They make pawning fun i will recommend mister money

Review №20

My experience here was awful. I brought a pair of brand new beats headphones I had purchased earlier that day with a target gift card and hoped to get cash by selling them un-opened still in box and they told me they don't take ear buds because they're gross after I brought in a recept showing I bought them earlier that day. I let it go and I decided to bring in my blood red beats pro headphones in immaculate condition and a tall employee with tattoos that works there told me they were fake beats. I then went home and found the box and recept they came in and they admitted to them being real after putting them on and playing my headphones at max compacity and threw me an attitude and said: "Well we can only give you like 40 bucks anyways.." (Without looking up anything on the computer.) I would not recommend this business to anybody. These people are a poison to society.

Review №21

Not the best customer service

Review №22

This place is constantly loosing breaking things and then over charging to get your stuff back. The staff are rude racist and they are owned by the same company as fast cash in town if you need to pawn or want to bye something go to a different place other than those places in Brighton.

Review №23

They have always treated me well. Willie is great.

Review №24

I love mister money. Chase really helped me out.

Review №25

What a joke

Review №26

This place advertises on their huge outside signs that they cash checks. Don't believe it. They don't. False advertisement.

Review №27

They are selling items for just as much as a brand new one from Walmart!! Fix your prices!!

Review №28

Sold a ring got 50$ they are selling it for $700 talk about profit

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  • Address:333 E Bridge St, Brighton, CO 80601, United States
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  • Phone:+1 303-654-9959
  • Loan agency
  • Check cashing service
  • Pawn shop
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  • Monday:10am–6pm
  • Tuesday:Closed
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  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
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