Rocky Mountain Pawn
875 E Bridge St, Brighton, CO 80601, United States
Review №1

Only folks I buy from on the front range , good people always willing to help! They even looked up a Receipt from over a year and a half ago. They definitely go above and beyond

Review №2

We've been here a bunch of times and it's always been excellent customer service, amazing deals, and just super people. Jack is so nice and helpful, it was a great overall experience. Definitely recommend.

Review №3

Anyone can sell a gun or gun parts but these guys are amazing. I've never found a gun store with more than 1 or 2 knowledgeable people. Everyone here is an expert. I had a very difficult issue and I have to take at least partial blame. Everyone was very respectful and professional and my problem was resolved even better than I could have hoped. I believe that you really find out who you're dealing with when things go wrong and Mike the owner is so completely solid that I won't buy a gun anywhere else.

Review №4

Great employees who are very knowledgeable nice respectful and helpful would visit again! Have a very good selection of everything from tools to video games tvs electronics and many other items with not only a large but great selection of firearms

Review №5

I have found this place to be one of the best places in town! Great selection, Friendly staff, and awesome prices. I will be back again and again!

Review №6

Don't even think about pawning your guns here, they will steal them and if you can't pass the background check they will definitely take them . This is not a law, this is their own store policy to steal your guns. They stole several from my friend James

Review №7

The staff are all knowledgeable and the prices are fair. All around, a great place to purchase firearms and ammunition.

Review №8

Bad experience called in to see if they had a tommy gun before i drove Two hours out there they tell me yes we do i asked For a chrome one. He said yes we have one i told The gentlemen ok I’m coming I’m two hour drive away please hold it he said no problem been here 9 months I’ll hold it drive all the way down there get there and they tell me ok the gun is $2800 so i get There and they laugh about it and say ohh it sold 10 min ago for 2400 online which is kinda bs instead of saying can i help You get another one or something i can Do to get you something else and offer a discount for there mess up they didn’t care i would Never go back to these people. No help waste of time and Liars

Review №9

Horrible customer service and an extremely prejudice staff. My son and I are Mexican and were completely ignored at the gun counter by all 3 employees. 1 white guy walks up after our 10 minutes of browsing and the lady stopped what she was doing and walked from the opposite side of the store to ask this man if he needed help. We walked in to no greeting and absolutely no help. Where is the zero star option?

Review №10

Very knowledgeable, great prices, only place i will be buying from, from now on

Review №11

I've bought a few guns from here, they always have a nice selection and all the employees are very helpful. They have very competitive prices and give the most for trades compared to any other gun shop. I send all my friends here.

Review №12

Very great experience here prices are very great with great customer service found what my wife was looking for at the best price in the two states I looked! highly recommended and we will be returning customers!

Review №13

Very kowledgeable about firearms. Staff and owners are very nice.

Review №14

Great staff and good prices! Service was very personable! They know their stuff!

Review №15

Best place for firearms or ammo. I will not shop anywhere else. Can't wait for the new store to open

Review №16

About a month ago I bought my first firearm. The employee’s at this place helped me through and the requirements to purchase a gun. It was a piece of cake and a week ago I bought a rifle and again, no problems and a piece of cake. I’ll be buying another firearm at this location soon. Friendly employees and I highly recommend this place to anyone wanting to buy a gun. 10/10

Review №17

Better firearm selection than most big shops. Very professional and helpful staff. Can't recommend more. Stop looking at pawn/gun shops... This is it.10/10

Review №18

I stopped in the shop Sunday right at opening. I was greeted by who I think may be the owner, she was very friendly and welcoming. I was looking at a firearm, I found the one I wanted and asked a male staff to look at the gun. He showed my the gun and then went over to the computer and came back and said it is priced wrong with the wrong tag, he took the gun and went to another employee. That employee continued working on computer. The original guy that was helping me went onto the next customer. I waited 10 min and after being ignored I just left the store. I also being a small business owner strive to keep business local. The fact that the gun was priced wrong was not the issue. The issue is, the fact that it was priced wrong I was ignored in hope's I would just leave. The price was marked 189 and I was told it should be 369. Hopefully this can be used as a training opportunity.

Review №19

I went into the store looking for a Christmas gift yeah last minute shopping! Although all the staff was busy with customers they took just a moment to greet me and acknowledge me, as they finished up with customers before me I was greeted with a smile from the jewel counter and a warm "Hi how many we assist you? " I stated what I was looking for and with the calm assuring voice she said this is all we have out but if you give me a moment to see if we have one in the back!Then as I waited the other staff made sure I was still ok until I saw yet another staff member carrying what I was looking for! Then after that the Boss spoke out a price! My face dropped!Quality product, awesome price, but more importantly INCREDIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!I will be back! Come Here they are awesome!

Review №20

They said yes they buy scrap silver.I had 36 grams. Scrap price is 95 cents or $22 per ounce. They offered $9. Not even half of scrap value. If it's not worth your time just say no.

Review №21

Great selection and prices. Jack was the bomb dot com. Knowledgeable about the products and great customer service! Highly recommended!

Review №22

If your not white, expect zero customer service and no greeting. But if your a white person, you will probably be treated like an actual customer.

Review №23

Thank you Mike and Jenny on being awesome with my purchase I will tell friends about you

Review №24

I will add to all the great comments.I have had two opportunities to sell to these folks and each time I was treated fairly and with respect. If you are looking for a reputable pawn shop in the Brighton area I would suggest trying this business first.

Review №25

4-5 months ago they offered me a ring for $700 I went in today & offered $600 on the same exact ring, they said no. $800 was the new offer basically told me take it or leave it... How do you raise the price on an item that's been there almost a year or longer now.. They apparently have no idea how the pawn business & negotiations work...4th time in this establishment & lastResponse to owner..Dealer or not it doesn't matter.. I work with upper management from companies like EZ Pawn & Mister Money who sell me stuff at unimaginable discounts on aged or slightly aged inventory. Ousting me because I'm a dealer is throwing profit away & based other review/s it seems you don't even work with regular customers.. I could easily send a friend into your store to buy the ring for me & you would never know. Also I never agreed to your price. I would have easily agreed to our original price today but Unwillingness to work with me is an easy way to make me walk like today.. I would love to change my review as I'm not one to leave negative reviews on businesses. I would also love to do business with you. If you change your view on dealers I'll be happy to talk with the owner and or Manuel whom I met when y'all first opened.Best of luck during Valentine's

Review №26

They really know how to run a pawn shop. They will barter fairly. They offer decent money for things. Used Tool selection is CRAZY. I make it a point to shop for what I need here before I even go to the new tool store. Why would I pay more when there used stuff is top notch and half the cost

Review №27

Bought my first AR-15 and everyone was super helpful, they were honest about what they thought of some of the guns and was very great at making me come to a decision

Review №28

Do not do business with this shop! I sold them a Nintendo gaming council a couple months ago. I asked what the process was for electronics/gaming systems they receive and they told me they do the proper waits and checks to make sure the item is not stolen and then they would do a factory reset on the item so that all previous owners data would be wiped. They did not do this and must have recently sold the Nintendo Switch. The reason I know this is because I received a charge from Nintendo for 300 dollars because someone had easy access to my account and purchased Nintendo games and products through my pay pal. In speaking with Nintendo about getting a refund they said they only way this could have happened is if the machine's data was not reset or wiped. Lucky, Nintendo has respect for it's customers and refunded my money. Rocky Mountain Pawn is a different story. I would pass them by and go to the next pawn shop down the road.

Review №29

Great place to do business with! My mother and I came in and purchased two handguns through them. They were supper friendly, and answered all of our questions! There ammo is also priced very competitively, along with their firearms. I will buy all my firearms and ammo from here now!

Review №30

Great selection, clean and organized store, good people all around.

Review №31

Very helpful. Amazing customer service

Review №32

The owners Mike and Jennifer always treat me well and it's a joy to not only to shop here but also to have a pawn shop owned by someone else then the company owning Mister Money and Fast Cash. After shopping with those other pawn shops and learning I've been mistaken about how they do business, I know I'm going to get a good deal whether purchasing or selling at RMP.They know me very well for I'm a returning customer. Awesome staff. Thanks Mike, Jennifer, Manny, Jade, Jack, Brad and Jared.

Review №33

If you're looking to pawn anything, stay away from this place. If you're just buying, they're not that horrible.

Review №34

I will always buy my firearms and accessories from here but I bought 9 dvds and blue ray movies here and only half of them play properly. They freeze and skip but there is no damage or scratches which is strange. Disappointing as they are some of my favorite movies but the movies were only a dollar and the blue rays were three. Oh well at least they were cheap.

Review №35

Best place to buy guns hands down! They also have a good selection of other items at great prices! The customer service is outstanding, making you feel more like friends than customers. Would recommend to anyone looking for good deals and a great atmosphere!

Review №36

Great staff! will always work with you and just all around friendly!

Review №37

Great place for guns. Used to be competitive with online places. They've raised the prices but still a good place for a local shop.

Review №38

These guys are legends seriously the coolest shop in town I have purchased and sold many fire arms here always an amazing experience the staff is normally very knowledgeable about each product you ask about and if they don’t know they will go above and beyond to find out and the two owners are absolutely awesome and make this store special ........BUT .......... I highly recommend staying away from the female worker with all the tattoos she is extremely rude and disconnected from the situation and it feels like you are bothering her if you ask for assistance.

Review №39

Very disappointed in my visit! I love to support local businesses, however rocky mountain has made that very hard for me to do. I went in on a Wednesday they weren't busy maybe 2 or 3 other customers were shopping. I had a few questions about an item, I approached the gal who has tattoos she was very rude to say the least. the other workers were nice just that one girl she seems like she doesn't like her job, I thought it was an off day but a few other people that I've talked to said that she treated them the same way.

Review №40

Great gun prices and selection, probably best in town (Haven't been everywhere yet, but safe assumption for Brighton). I generally never buy guns in store as there is a serious markup and I am very comfortable buying off gunbroker or buds... This shop will beat the prices of those websites most of the time. Super friendly and knowledgeable staff as well. I will be calling these guys beforehand on every purchase for now on, if it's within

Review №41

Great prices on guns and ammunition, very knowledgeable about the firearms and how they preform. Other great deals as well.Also very community oriented and always willing to help out when needed.

Review №42

Great friendly place with great prices.

Review №43

By far the best gun store an most honest people in Colorado. I will not do business with anyone else, besides these guys. Always welcoming and always amazing attitudes. Oh and they also do pawn stuff haha but seriously recommend them hands down.

Review №44

Great people. THE best prices on firearms and accessories. If they don't have it, they'll order it AND show you how much they paid for it. Doesn't get more honest than that. I like they way they do business and I'll definitely keep going here.

Review №45

Best gun store around! The guys are very knowledgeable on firearms and go out of the way to help with orders, even difficult to find guns. Cheaper than Cabelas and better customer service.

Review №46

Worst place in the world to shop customer service is really bad was disrespected by employee will never return there or have anybody go there was treated like a criminal and have never been in trouble in my life all the employees have attitude they judge you before they help you I felt like I was being judged they are very racist on the people they help

Review №47

I purchased a three piece drill set with three batteries and a charger. Upon arriving home and charging the batteries I found that one of the batteries didn't work. I return to the store with all of the items and and they were very helpful they searched high and low until they found another battery to replace the bad battery with. These guy's Rock and they will definitely get my business from now on

Review №48

Varry good guys and awesome gun selection and thay go out of thar way to help you get what you want good guys quality stuff and quality employees

Review №49

The most knowledgeable staff in Pawn in Colorado. Very clean very professional store. The go to shop for firearms as well!... there is a reason this pawn shop has over a 4 star review. Pawn shops can piss off a lot of people. These guys know their stuff. If youre unhappy you were probably being unreasonable.

Review №50

Recently purchase a rifle from here and it was nothing but a great experience. Friendly staff and helped answer any questions I had. Will be coming back here to purchase future firearms. Great place!

Review №51

Staff was knowledgeable and friendly, clean store with great inventory! Super excited about my purchase of a firearm! Awesome firearm collection! Great experience! I will be back!

Review №52

Best pawn shop I’ve been to hands down I refer all my family Nd friends funny how a couple people try to give a bad review probably just because they didn’t get their way smh pitiful u negative Nancy’s I love Rocky Mountain pawn y’all keep thriving.

Review №53

Great staff. Friendly clean and excellent selection of merchandise and weapons.

Review №54

These guys are great! I would recommend them to anyone and am a returning customer. They can get busy but are always happy to help! Thank you RMP!

Review №55

Love this place! Great deals and Amazing Employees

Review №56

It's a shame, they get nice jewelry in. But they don't budge on prices. Usually when people are tight like that its because they are broke.

Review №57

I bought the table saw in their main picture. Works great, good price and cool staff! Thanks!!

Review №58

Went in there with some pre war coins. they were worth about $20-25 each. Not being a idiot i assumed being a pawn shop they would give me 12-15 maybe a tad less. The guy took me to the jewelry desk and said he never seen what i brought before. then starts to tell me how they were not worth much lol, he didn’t look in a book or a computer or anything. he weighed them and told me 5 of them for 15 bucks!!! It’s a joke there. do your self a favor and if your gonna low ball some one THAT BAD don’t admit 7 seconds before that you’ve never seen anything like it. Btw 45 minutes after i left a guy from craigslist called me back that has a coin store in aurora and paid me 18 EACH and bought all 35 of them. $630 bucks! the other place paid me over 500 more !

Review №59

Stopped by to check this new shop out and everything is way overpriced. Definitely gonna stay shopping at mister money or first cash instead. Very disappointed.

Review №60

Still the best in town. Period.

Review №61

Great prices an cool ppl must stop by!

Review №62

Very friendly staff that make sure you are taken care of as soon as you walk in the door.

Review №63

The girl with the tattoos is really rude...tried to make conversation with her and she was rude

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