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Review №1

What a great team! Super responsive and extremely reliable. For a situation so uncomfortable to even talk to your close friends, Dominick, Matt and Nick were all so informative and comforting throughout the process. They made sure to update you with every bit of information. They were very thorough and clear. I was very nervous about making this move but they reassured me with a much more positive outlook. I’m very pleased with the outstanding work they have done and I appreciate all the help they offered me.

Review №2

Attorney Nick Yousif and staff have a great deal of knowledge and experience in Credit, Mortgage and Bankruptcy. He makes phone calls to your creditors immediately to establish the best case scenario. He was extremely helpful and personable in solving my financial situation. I highly recommend you contact Nick, you'll be glad you did.

Review №3

I'm very appreciative of all the help and constant availability they provided to me, including their quick responses to answer any questions I've had. They were always professional and constantly went over step by step what is needed and what to prepare for! Fantastic people and amazing service, overall.

Review №4

Thank you for helping me thru this difficult trial, and for ensuring the best possible outcome on my behalf. i am so grateful to you for representing me and for being a powerful advocate for me throughout this difficult times. thank u so much for yr passionate wrk. Attorney Nick Yousif

Review №5

Highly recommend Attorney Nick Yousif he is a true professional. He really helped my husband and I get a Loan Modification that we can afford. We have been trying for years to get a fair payment. Thanks again Nick. .

Review №6

I needed a modification on my mortgage an Nick an his team was beyond helpful he truly helped me through every step in the process I’m grateful to have met Nick an team !

Review №7

I often wondered how i would draft this review, I will Start by saying it was quite a Journey And not Exactly the most comfortable one id like to Reveal,,,the reason being I was perhaps at the most dire and vulnerable time in my life,. without getting to detailed,,I was at the end of everything I had spent 26 years building,, that would be my marriage, and not only was that in the absolute most dire shape it could be in,,I was also very Very deep in Debt ,.. there was family acrimony, there was everything going wrong that possibly could,,now i wasn't on drugs or drinking my life away,,i have 2 kids and All I did was Love them and Provide for them.,,,,that being said, right where i had absolutely no idea where i was heading in all this ,,I mean I was MIRED,,&,,I Called Nick,.immediately was welcomed at the day of my first interview,,(or ill say the very first time i was shown a compass point ) it all started with a breakdown of everything, then came the infrastructure that's associated with Nick,, i was put in touch with credit help and rebuild As Well as a absolutely top flight Divorce Atty,,Nick got me a fresh Mortgauge ( of which i have NO IDEA how He pulled that off), Regaurd less my life actually pulled right together,.if Your Reading this,,I mean things were going so much better,,..until it didn't ,, and that is where Nick's Office Again showed up,..i mean i could believe everything spun out of control,,and right when i thought i was at the end of the rope,,Nick,And everyone associated from my credit repair guy, to the guy who directly handled a short sale closing, were absolutely the Very Best ,, you never where this life takes You,it can get so out of hand,, mine did,, no shame in saying,,and though i was in very stormy turbulent times Nick And His Firm Stood By Me like NO OTHER,I could Not Possibly imagine making another move in my Life (home buying ,Credit Repair,) without Having this office first in the loop. i Left out Some Very Important Names out of Respect and Privacy for Nicks office but Want everyone to KNOW they are a blessing they are the rubber hitting the road when ,you can relax and manage so much Better.Everyone of them means so much to me, to the end where I'm sitting drafting this note would not have possible without EVERYONES Blessing's and Craftsmanship Don Canning loyal since 2015

Review №8

I contacted Attorney Yousif about filing for bankruptcy. He saw me right away to explain the process and answer any and all questions. He was very kind, understanding and honest. He constantly kept me up to date with what was happening and made the whole process stress free.His assistant Matt was also very nice and helpful.I would highly recommend him for any legal needs.

Review №9

I hired Attorney Nick Yousif to sell my house after i had become long term disabled and could no longer afford the big house i had owned over 30 years. Attorney Yousif worked tirelessly with EXP Realty to find a buyer for my home and arrange for a short sale of the home. He was always kind, professional and always available quickly to answer any of my concerns. Today i was able to sign papers to sell my home and avoid forclosure or bankruptcy. Nick Yousif is a remarkable, knowlegeable, kind, just professional. I recommend him to anyone needing an attorney.

Review №10

Spoke with Dominick and he was such an amazing resource. He was honest, resourceful, and really took the time to listen to me. Will definitely be working with this firm again. Highly recommend.

Review №11

Attorney Yousif attention to detail is without compare, he assisted us with what was an extremely difficult situation with professionalism and patience. We are back on track and possibly would not have been without his help. Call him, his expertise is worth it!

Review №12

I had a complicated home sale (short sale) with multiple lien holders and a foreclosure notice. Nick was able to help me not only sell the home and avoid foreclosure but also clear up the liens and get me a small net profit. I went through 3 other attorneys who considered my case to be too complicated and could not help me. Nick was the only person willing to help me and was ultimately successful in closing the deal. I would recommend Nick to anyone facing foreclosure, short sale or bankruptcy.

Review №13

This firm provided unparalleled professionalism. I prefer to do business where I work and preside and Nick justified my commitment in doing so. I trusted his firm and he brilliantly addressed my concerns and was always professional! I was confident in working with him and that trust paid off. I know, it’s weird saying I trusted my lawyer wholeheartedly, but I did and it paid off. He’s one of the good guys. Thank you!

Review №14

Attorney Yousif and his staff was the best legal experience that I have had. They get back to you inform you and treat you like your time is important. I if I had them in my past things would of been better.

Review №15

Nick Yousif and his staff not only does professional work and they are very thorough and stay close with you throughout the process.The biggest impact he and his staff had on me was their compassion and the way they treated us with respect not judging our financial situation.Nick also was with my family during a family crisis when my brother was terminally ill. Nick helped his family and guided us in helping our beloved brothers family.Thank you Nick and your staffRick Ikasalo

Review №16

I Definitely recommend Nick ! I was a basket case going into his office. Nick is so professional and calming. He walked me thru the process assured me all will be fine many times and sure enough all did turn out in my favor. He plays no games straight to the point. Him and his team are very efficient !

Review №17

I would highly recommend Nick. He helped me with a legal matter and Matt his asst.was great too .Thanks for everything! I really appreciate it!

Review №18

I am very proud and happy to have worked with Nike Yousif on handling my legal situation he kept me informed every step of the way and made me feel comfortable with the process and got me the results I needed thanks Nick I recommend anyone looking for a professional to represent them definitely got to Nike Yousif

Review №19

I was referred to Attorney Yousif by a bankruptcy lawyer. After filing for bankruptcy I wanted to keep my house but owed thousands of dollars in months of unpaid mortgage and fees. With the assistance of Atty Yousif I was able to get a modification with monthly payments slightly lower than my previous mortgage amount. The reason I didn't give a five star is because his attorney fees were a bit pricey.

Review №20

I had a seller in need of advice regarding a complicated short sale for her home. Nick was able to provided the expertise necessary where several other attorneys couldn't. My client was deeply relieved with the guidance and positive results from working with Attorney Yousif. I will be recommending him to others in similar situations.Kathy McStayeXp Realty

Review №21

I was referred to Nick Yousef from a friend and attorney Yousef did not disappoint. His attention to every detail was second to none and he handled our situation like it might be for himself. I highly recommend attorney Nick Yousef to anyone in need if a bankruptcy lawyer. He knows his stuff

Review №22

Only the second time I’ve needed the services of a lawyer, and Nick was great. Knowledgeable and responsive, he made me feel comfortable from the start. All went as Nick explained it would and I highly recommend his services.

Review №23

Attorney Yousif went above and beyond to help my family, he was professional and so dedicated, words can not even express my gratitude!

Review №24

Attorney Yousif has been a blessing for me. On my first visit he contacted the bank and put on the right track , it was like dealing with my family and not just a attorney. I highly recommend him and will be recommending him to any and everyone I know...he's great....Richard.Davis.

Review №25

Nick Yousif and his staff was a great when it came to closing on my short sell of my former home in Brockton,ma. 10/21/2019 Nick was also able to get me decent relocation cash when I thought I wasn't going get anything. Thanks Nick!

Review №26

Attorney Yousif was very professional and dedicated to my case. Attorney Yousif is a wonderful person as well, he truly cares about the matters he is handling. He strives for the best result legally as well as he cares about the person is working with well-being. He is honest, professional and most of all a genuine human being who cares

Review №27

This is my first time using attorney Nick Yousif's services. I was in bankruptcy and about to be foreclosed on. I was in a very technical situation having a first and second mortgage. He got me out of bankruptcy saved me from foreclosure and got me money. I'm extremely thankful.

Review №28

Nick is just a good listener,Will always try to work with the client even in very difficult times.

Review №29

Amazing! He was very professional and focused on all of my concerns. Assertive and great with timely follow up. He even saved us more money than we had expected. I would highly recommend his services. if i ever need legal help in the future, I will without hesitation hire him!

Review №30

My wife and I net with attorney Nick yousif and he was very professional and affable and we would recommend him to anyone

Review №31

OK ..bottom line I was referred to this attorney by someone who was from another law office who said he does MODIFICATIONS ...paid... said he can get me a modification time went by they said no but kept saying he can get one time went by and of course paid again unbeknownst to him was getting mail from mortgage company saying they need this they need that and i was the one sending the info then weeks later is when his assistants would call me asking for the same things I sent weeks ago I ask you who you think should have gotten paid...and never got modification instead was told had to leave in X amount of time and had to pay rent....

Review №32

Pragmatic. Passionate. Professional. And Knowledgeable. Nick contacted me quickly after I submitted the online request for a consult. He asked on target questions and listened closely to my responses; what my situation is, my history, and my immediate objectives. From that, we came up with a general plan for me moving forward for the next several months if not year as well as how to deal with the current situation. All without even discussing his fees. Having said that, I sincerely feel he gave me practical advice that is both mindful of Mass law as well as what is in my best interest. For now, I'm going to take his advice and hold off on seeking a legal solution. However, Nick will be the first person I will call when I'm ready to move forward.

Review №33

I had the pleasure of speaking to Mr. Yousif about my case and received some very sound advice. I would highly recommend attorney Yousif to anyone seeking legal representation that is fair, honest and will keep your best interest and unique needs at the forefront.

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Review №35

I needed help purchasing a business and Nick was helpful and took care of me from start to finish.

Review №36

He was amazing!! I was very nervous I had a lot of questions he would calm me down and talk with me explaining everything in detail. He also worked with me on payments and went up and beyond to make sure everything was handled in a timely matter. Thanks again!!

Review №37

I would recommend Atty Nick Yousif. He deserves 5 stars. He helped us in a very tough house situation. He made it go smoother than I thought it would. Extremely professional and caring for his clients. He gets great results. Thankyou again, Atty Nick Yousif.

Review №38

Nick was great. He was very helpful and attentive. He made the whole process very easy. I definitely recommend him!!!!

Review №39

My lifelong insurance company lied to me and said my home plan covered all the possible natural disasters and water damage to my home.Unfortunately, a terrible pipe burst occurred in my home on the first floor, and the entire house/basement became flooded. It was vacant for 3 days, and when we came back, we saw that our home was destroyed and there was nothing we could of done to stop it. After showing the inspector for the insurance, they said that since the house was “vacant”, they cannot cover any damages...Long story short,Without Nick Yousif’s help, I would of lost $115,000!!

Review №40

Attorney Yousif was extremely helpful in guiding us through the court process. He was on time for appointments and always returned my calls and emails.

Review №41

Very helpful, patient hands on and informative, thank you.

Review №42

Saved me over $90,000 in my battle against my insurance who would deny to cover my damage in my home.

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