Bay State Credit
1104 Main St #3052, Brockton, MA 02304, United States
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Let me start by saying Wow! My first round results were 16 deletions. At Bay State Credit my entire customer experience from beginning to my current phase has been above and beyond. The customer service representatives sends me updates to keep me updated as well as his automated system that calls and tells me when letters are being mailed..Wow!!. I am noticing changes and I'm being notified as they occur, I want to publicly say Bay State Credit Thank-You!!

Review №2

Bay State Credit is amazing! I was very hesitant at first as you always get companies promising things that many times once you sign up they can't deliver on. I'm so glad I decided to give them a try!!! My score went up 50 plus points in a matter one month! Brandon is great and very patient as I had a lot of questions and was a little standoffish at first but he really made things happen and addressed all of my concerns and put me at ease. If you are thinking about using this service but not sure I'm here to tell you it works and don't wait another day to get started.

Review №3

Brandon has been the most helpful person! He has gotten me completely back on track. He always answers all of my questions and promptly! He’s the best you will not be disappointed!! My credit score is up and keeps going up because of him!

Review №4

Bay State Credit has helped me so much in the process of repairing my credit! All questions are answered throughly and the communication is impeccable! Definitely recommend if you want real results!

Review №5

WOW Fast and easy! The team was very helpful and informative, even helped me understand the reports that I find a little difficult to read. Went step by step with me! I already recommended BayState Credit to my family, will definitely recommend Brandon and his team to others!

Review №6

I would absolutely recommend this credit service. My boyfriend and I have been working with Brandon and he has given us Great results very fast. Very patient and thorough guidance. Can’t thank him enough!

Review №7

Bay State Credit is amazing! They take care of their customers as if they were all family. They go above/beyond making sure that you understand the process and make it as simple as possible! I will definitely recommend to my family and friends.

Review №8

Have been working with Bay State Credit for just about a month. They have been super helpful and have already been able to increase my credit score. I feel very confident having them help me. Excellent customer service, follow ups and frequent updates about my account with them. I highly recommend them!

Review №9

First and foremost, Brandon is the man!!!! I cannot express in words what he and his company did for me. Let’s just say my credit was horrendous like flat out terrible. Not only did he raise my score but he removed things from my score that would of held it down for years. He is super informative and judgement free if you have bad credit I don’t know what your waiting for call him now!!! You won’t be disappointed. I went from having horrible credit to owning my very first house within 3 months! Thank you bay state credit

Review №10

Brandon is the best! He walked through everything with me and told me step by step what he had to do. He had already improved my one of my credit scores by 80 points. He is the best and is great at what he does! I recommend working with him!

Review №11

Many people believe that the road to credit repair happens overnight. I have news for you, it takes patience. After reviewing the disputes created by Brandon at Bay State, I was left in awe. It was detailed, organized and well done. The quality of his work is second to none by far! I don’t really write reviews at a personal level, but the financial mistakes I made at 18-21 years old are no longer haunting me and my credit score!

Review №12

Working with Bay State Credit has been a great experience. They are great with communicating what will be done to repair your Credit step by step. So far working with them has been a breeze. Thank you Bay State Credit!

Review №13

I’ve been a customer for a short period of time and the progression is amazing. My credit score has increased drastically. Not only do they do an amazing job; they educate you about the importance of your credit score with daily emails! I would highly recommend this service to anyone looking to change their future for the better!

Review №14

Awesome customer service and extremely knowledgeable! I have gained my confidence back and I am looking forward to financial freedom because of Bay State Credit! Thank you so much!!!

Review №15

Great team, great service, excellent results. They are legit! I have recommended them to a number of people and everyone has been more then happy to had worked with them. It doesn’t matter how big or small the task is, they are up to it.Keep up the good work Bay State Credit!

Review №16

Lamon is very attentive and great with responding back in a timely manner. He’s very honest and will not nickel and dime you like most Credit Rehab companies. Overall my experience has been rewarding-as of date, my credit has jumped 45 points and I’m still not done yet!

Review №17

I highly recommend this company they take the time to help you and it’s not in a way that makes you feel like a number but as a person in one month I saw significant changes to my credit and though I still have more to go but hopefully with their help I have confidence that I will hit 700s soon

Review №18

Worth it! Came to them with accounts in collections and saw them removed in less than 30 days. I’ve watched my credit climb, and I am sticking with this company. I receive step by step updates through texts and email with my progress, and have an agent I can contact who helped me through the process and answers any questions I have. While I continue to watch my credit climb higher, I am fully recommending this company to anyone who wants to improve their credit score.

Review №19

Just like many of us I don’t check my credit reports often, but I decided to do so and found out I had 2 accounts in collections. I reached out to Bay State Credit and within a short period of time the rep was able to dispute and removed both collections and my credit score went up by 20 points. They are easy to work with and they get the job done. I will definitely recommend Bay State Credit to my friends and family. If you have anything on your account that’s in need of removal, reach out to them, you won’t regret it.Happy Customer

Review №20

I normally don’t write reviews but Bay State Credit is an amazing company! I have dealt with many companies that perform credit repairs, and none of them have come close to the customer service, professionalism, and level of expertise that we were provided with. We purchased our first home with his help and are truly grateful. I would highly recommend Bay State Credit to anyone in need of credit repair or credit advising.

Review №21

I have been working with Baystate credit for about 3 months. My score is up over 100 points. Special thanks to Brandon for being professional and providing a great service to better my future!!!

Review №22

Bay State Credit has helped me better my life in so many ways! I was able to reverse my credit and my credit score increased rapidly. Thank you I would recommend this business to my friends, co workers and family.

Review №23

Would gladly recommend your company to anyone. Very professional, works very efficient and in a timely manner. Answered all my questions with such professionalism. It was my pleasure working with you! Proud to say thanks to you I will soon be a home owner!! Thanks again :)

Review №24

Bay State Credit was referred to me from a most satisfied client.It has been six months of a thorough credit investigation.....the outcome is most favorable !I would recommend Bay State Credit to anyone who is thinking of a "Fresh Start" !Totally worthwhile !Mrs. Miller

Review №25

Bay state agency takes pride in their work. They caring and will explain in full detail the process of credit repair, being knowledgeable about my credit. Since working with Bay state agency I have become better with savings, purchases, and planning for the future.

Review №26

I had an awesome experience with Bay State Credit. All of the negative remarks on my credit report were removed within a month. I am able to track the progress of my credit day to day and receive feedback about what I can do on my end to maintain a positive credit score trajectory. I would recommend this company to anyone that is looking to to clean up their credit.

Review №27

Great customer service , always reached out to me kept me updated. Great advice and made my experience very comfortable. My credit went up big improvements recommend this company to anyone.

Review №28

Bay State Credit is awesome. I had an excellent experience with them. The person that helped me with my credit score went up and beyond his job. He talked me through the process and made everything so simple. I’m glad that I took the first step with Bay State Credit to fix my credit.

Review №29

Professional and prompt service. Would definitely recommend to anyone who’s looking for a credit repair service that actually works and gets results!They were able to bring my credit back to where it needed to be even when I thought it was impossible. Thanks to Bay State Credit I’m now a first time homeowner!

Review №30

Bay State Credit was able to fix my credit on issues I thought where dead ends for me. It didn’t take long for all the repairs to reflect positively on my credit score. Very streamlined and simple to work with. Have recommended friends and will continue to do so.

Review №31

Bay State Credit helped me get my credit score up. They also kept me informed of everything that they were doing and I felt like I was part of every step. I would recommend Bay State Credit to anyone if you have questions about your credit I suggest you give them a call.

Review №32

Bay State Credit has been great to work with. They worked with me and my family, putting us in the know about our debt and how to over come it. Helping us with the knowledge about credit and finances.Thank you to the staff at Bay State Credit for keeping us in the know and in the green.

Review №33

At first i was ver skeptical about another credit repair company after i have gotten burned before. But a family member told me to give this company a shot, and less than two month after i signed up, my credit has increased almost 80 points! i am extremely pleased with the service I received from Bay State Credit. i highly recommend!!

Review №34

Bay State Credit has been amazing. The customer service is awesome, very professional. They have done a wonderful job cleaning up my credit reports for all three major burials which in turn has increased my credit scores. I was very impressed with how fast they were able to remove negative items from my credit report that shouldn’t have been there. I am on my way to financial freedom. I would Highly Recommend Bay State Credit to anyone in need of credit repair. I can’t say enough good things about this company.Thank you,Bay State Credit !!!!!

Review №35

Bay State Credit was very helpful and professional during this process. Answered any and all questions I had in a timely manner. My credit has improved a significant amount. I would completely recommend these services from Bay State Credit.

Review №36

Very professional business, rapid response with any questions I may have had. Very pleased with the result thus far. Can’t wait for what’s to come. Anyone looking to repair their credit, I highly recommend Bay State credit.

Review №37

Working with the team at Bay State Credit has been a wonderful experience. Since day one they have been patient, informative, and always available to answer all of my questions and concerns. Their team also takes the time to provide me with additional tips and strategies I could use to help accelerate my progress. Up to this point my results have been amazing and I am preparing to buy my first house. I am currently referring all of my family and friends to Bay State Credit.

Review №38

Baystate Credit is the Best credit repair company. I saw results right away as soon as I signed up. I also live the updates and any questions you have are answered. I highly recommend them. D. Chase

Review №39

Bay State Credit is safe, efficient and helpful. I recommended to every friend and family members and they go the same result as me "Perfect Score" LOL... Sign up now and repair your credit now because you are in good hands.

Review №40

I'm so grateful to Bay state Credit. If it weren't for their amazing service I would not have been able to improve my credit score, gotten the apt I now live in & obtain an actual credit card again. Having your credit score be 500 or below is embarrassing & stressful. To find a credit repair company that treated me with respect and dignity was truly life changing. If you're in need of help don't hesitate to contact them, I cannot thank them enough and wish them continued success.

Review №41

Very professional business, Brandon help and response with any questions I may have had. Very pleased with the result . I definitely give 5 stars for the service

Review №42

Bay State Credit does exactly what they say they would. I was able to get a paid collections account removed off my credit report and within 48 hrs and my score jumped 40+ pts. Brandon was realistic with my expectations and couldn't ask for more. The service is worth every penny and he assured me that I could cancel at any moment I felt satisfied with the work that was completed. Thanks for all your hard work Bay State Credit

Review №43

I’m so grateful for Bay State Credit! Many thanks to Brandon and Corina for helping to get me on track to finally reap the benefits of good credit. They keep me informed and are very supportive, every step of the way. I definitely recommend this company to anyone looking to repair their credit!

Review №44

I give Brandon at Bay State Credit five stars! I had an awesome experience and would refer anyone in need for any credit advice to go see him.

Review №45

The team is amazing (especially Brandon). They really hooked me up and helped me to improve my credit. They were also able to point me in the right direction for additional resources. I’m definitely going to refer many people I know to them.

Review №46

My experience has been great with bay state credit I’ve been able to enroll in school full time getting approved for loans and I am now pursuing my bachelors degree it’s amazing and if you need help this is the way to go #5Stars

Review №47

I came to Bay State credit back in February in the worst time my credit was a low 400s and I wasn’t able to do nothing my credit was completely destroyed within the matter of three months my credit turned around into the high 800s with a flawless score these guys have change my life I was able to fix everything in my life financially and was able to do things I never thought I was able to do I owe everything to these guys and I highly recommend them for anybody in any credit situation

Review №48

I've been extremely pleased with the service I received from Bay State Credit!! I've seen changes to my credit almost immediately after joining. I would recommend Bat State Credit to anyone I know looking to work on their credit!!!

Review №49

It wasn't a long process for me. Baystate has been blessing with patience. They have guided me back to the place I needed to be. I have purchased my home, and have maintained my credit score. Great financial tools.

Review №50

Brandon is a great adviser! If you’re looking for someone that is quick/efficient please ask for Brandon.THANK YOU!!

Review №51

Bay state has been very professional and effective. I’m surprised by how fast they are removing negative items from my credit and how well they communicate with me.

Review №52

Very professional and knowledgeable! I’m very pleased with my overall results.

Review №53

Bay State Credit got me the results I needed. Great company to work with. I highly recommend.

Review №54

Had a awesome experience with these guys to fix my credit, they were super responsive and pleasant to deal with. Thank you!!

Review №55

Hard working, always on to help with any questions. Bay State Credit make solutions possible.

Review №56

I recommend baystatecredit and im so grateful for all Brandon's work helping build and repair my credit score.

Review №57

I can’t believe what Bay state credit did in such a short amount of time brought us from 544 to 613 in 3 weeks!! He sacrificed his personal time and work to get us done he is the best thank you Bay state credit from Alves family!!! Hopefully progress continues...

Review №58

Best in the business got my credit score from 456 to 791..very professional and punctual...

Review №59

Very helpful and knowledgeable took my credit from in the 400’s to 700’s still use him to this day

Review №60

Love the work they did with my credit

Review №61

Went from a 470 to 790 . I was able to buy my house during the process

Review №62

What I was not able to accomplish on my own after trying for a year, BSC accomplished in a matter of weeks. Brandon's diligence and persistance in getting my credit where it needed to be was unparalleled. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending or using their services again.

Review №63

Really great company helped me and changed my life credit wise, super recommend them

Review №64

I can’t possibly state how much The team at Bay State Credit has helped in the recovery of my credit. My credit has received the boost that it needed and I have received the steps and skills to help keep it where it needs to be. Credit is everything these days. Trust me I found out the hard way. Trust in the team. I took the leap and it has more than paid off.

Review №65

Bay State Credit changed my life , my credit score was a 430 a year ago , 550 when I signed up and a 664 a couple weeks later, thanks Bay State Credit!

Review №66

Amazing service!

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