1308 Belmont St, Brockton, MA 02301, United States
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The Credit Guy from DEPINA CREDIT SOLUTIONS guided me through recent tough Credit Score Issues. Arthur can interpret the larger Credit picture as it impacts on one’s personal financial situation. Arthur also shows an appropriate interest in one’s challenges and while at the same time keeping focused on identified goals. Honest, reliable, ethical, and highly recommended.

Review №2

One of the best credit repair and financial coach ever! I’ve learned so much about credit and how to budget and fix credit. Arthur and his team are one of the best around here in Brockton Massachusetts! No wonder they call him “The Brockton Credit Guy”. My wife and I are blessed and supper happy for the decision we made 6 months ago to join his company to help us with our Credit! Very honest, professional, and result driven! thank you to all!

Review №3

Wow one of the best credit repair company in the area in Brockton Massachusetts or Boston. I've learned so much about how to repair, rebuild, and budget money. If you're looking elsewhere, look no more, check out the brockton credit guy himself with his wife. Best personal finance guy in the business. Thank you for teaching me about every in relation to credit and so many negative things were removed from my credit in 4-6 months ! Thank yoy

Review №4

I want to express my deep appreciation for the help and support DEPINA CREDIT SOLUTION offered me on building my credit score. I feel very grateful to you for taking time out to help and show me the right way to do it. Without your help and support, I doubt I would have been able to do it myself in such a professional and proficient manner. I’m very fortunate for having I chance to do this with you; I don’t regret. Thank you once again for everything. I really appreciate it.

Review №5

I never thought my credit score would be where it is now this place is the best place that I work with.. I worked with differents companies they took my money and i never see the results... less than 4 months with DEPINA CREDIT SOLUTION I see incredible result so happy with my credit score in 4 month this is just the beginning.....

Review №6

One of the best credit repair and finance advisor in Massachusetts. A++++ company in the area. I love them all

Review №7

Author was great!!! He made sure he explained all options in detail, he listened to all my questions, he called me for follow up's. I will continue to use his services and recommend him to all who need help fixing their credit!!

Review №8

My husband and I had such a wonderful experience with Arthur and his team. From the very beginning, Arthur walked us through the steps that we would have to make to improve our credits. In less than four months, both of our scores increased by more than 100 points! Arthur really cares about his customers. We are so grateful for him and his team!

Review №9

The best credit repair in Brockton Mass! I'm seeing fast results and frequent informative updates, which I love. Whenever I have a question or concern, Arthur and his team are always available! So happy I'm on my way to a healthier credit journey! Thank you team for all that you do!

Review №10

Wow, no wonder everyone around Brockton Massachusetts talk about this company Depina Credit Solutions and its owners @TheBrocktonCreditGuy. One of the best company to deal and repair credit, budget, financial literacy, and education. I love talking to them about my credit and see improvements in my credit in such short period of time. I highly recommend them for any credit needs. Thank you for teaching me about the power of credit. 10 stars ️ services

Review №11

I never knew about credit until I met Arthur Depina from Depina credit solutions , they helped me from the start with no credits and now im at 761 for 8 months, they are the BEST from my respect because they will guide you all the way and definitely worth it I'm so thankful because now I can go shop for my car and later for my home I recommended everyone to try them you won't regret it, all I can say is God bless them because I am blessed thank you very much for everything....

Review №12

I just saved over $$5,000+ on buying a truck because I invested to repair and rebuild with one of the best credit and financial company in Brockton MA 02301 and in Boston area. They helped me structured my credit so i could finance at the lowest interest rate, I learned about credit, budget, finance, and everything else. BEST CREDIT REPAIR IS DEPINA CREDIT SOLUTIONS AND THE TEAM THERE - they deserve 10 stars

Review №13

I am extremely happy with the level of service I received from Depina Credit Solutions. They are always available for my questions. I have learned so much about the importance of credit. They are the best!

Review №14

Best decision of my adult life. Taking charge of my finances thru proper guided education.

Review №15

Positive: Professionalism, QualityArthur is taking care of my credit needs in a timely fashion.I am extremely happy with the services I've received so far. However, I also know there is a process which have been explained to me in detail and I appreciate what D.C.S. has done and are doing,I already have several items removed from my credit report in a very short time. THE BEST CREDIT AGENCY IN THE NORTHEAST REGION........

Review №16

The team is awesome on teaching about finance and credit. Thank you very much everyone

Review №17

Best place in Massachusetts to get your credit on the right track! Going anywhere else will be a disservice to yourself. My credit shot up over 100 points in a week!

Review №18

Depina helped me a lot, I am in a way better position thanks to them! Thanks again!

Review №19

Very professional and very knowledgeable! Grateful for you

Review №20

Wow, over the last year or so I have learned so much about finance and financial literacy with the one and only THE BROCKTON CREDIT GUY, Arthur Depina Credit Repair guy. One of the best credit repair guy around in Brockton. They deserve more than 5 stars for the services they provide to our community. THANKS depina team

Review №21

Great place to come and change your life around. I need help on my credit. With my busy lifestyle I just never found time to work on it or even know where to begin. They take the time to review your credit and put together an awesome breakdown on the steps they will take. In just two weeks my score increased 34 points and that was just the tip of the iceberg. I will always refer all my friends and family. Thank you Arthur for everything you are guys doing over there!

Review №22

Depina Credit Solutions is the best place to go if you’re trying to fix your credit or are seeking guidance on credit. They are trustworthy and explain everything so carefully and in detail so you understand the process. In a short amount of time I was able to fix my credit score so that I could afford to get loans for school as well as purchase a new vehicle. Arthur and Ana will take care of you and always have your best interest in mind. Thanks to them I’m more knowledgeable in credit and have been able to take the right steps to build it. I highly recommend them!!

Review №23

One of the best credit repair Company in the Boston, Brockton Massachusetts area. I learned so much from Depina Credit Solutions on how to improve, maintain and repair my credit. Wow they are powerful with credit information. I love talking to them about credit and I’ve learned so much. THANK YOU BEST INVESTMENT- THANK YOU ARTHUR and the team!

Review №24

Best credit repair in Company in Brockton right now...A+++++

Review №25

Best one in town recommend everyone that needs help to go see him.

Review №26

Arthur is one of the smartest man that’s their, I’d like to start of saying wow what great service. Not only is he always their but he goes on and beyond what you need him for. Any question I have about improving my credit score or about purchasing a home he has all the answer. I encourage you to take a moment out your time and just give him a call, trust me you will not be disappointed. If I could give him ten stars I would.

Review №27

Depina credit solutions is the best in the city of Brockton to have work on your credit hands down!!!

Review №28

Best credit guy around definitely deserve 5 stars ️

Review №29

Depina Credit Solutions is an excellent and outstanding company to work with. The team is amazing. The customer service and support is awesome via email and phone. There constantly in communication from the beginning. They improved my score from low 600’s to 800. Because of them now I’m in the process of buying a house. I highly recommend this company. Thank you so much .

Review №30

I’m extremely happy with the service I received so far , very professional and honest I recommend Depina credit solutions they are the best

Review №31

Arthur is the person to go to if you need anything done with credit. He has given me tips on ways to increase my scores. He is honest and trustworthy! His team is very responsive and timely to all questions I had.

Review №32

Arthur is my go to guy for all credit related matter! I can always count on him for support and tips on maintaining excellent credit! I have learned a great deal from him and his team. Arthur is a great teacher and I admire his passion and strong worth ethics! His experience and expertise is always appreciated!

Review №33

One of the best credit repair and financial education company around - so friendly, knowledgeable and professional. And i've learned so much how to managed my credit, finance and better budget skill. It was worth every penny going through the program in the lat 6 months. I love them all!

Review №34

I have only great things to say about Depina Credit Solutions. Arthur and Ana have managed to help my daughter fix her credit so she could afford to attend school. After I saw what they did for her I decided to see what they could do for me. They are very understanding and make you feel comfortable explaining your credit situation as it is not always easy to talk about. I highly recommend them, you will definitely see results. Everyone is very professional and on top of everything. I am so grateful for what they have done for my daughter and I.

Review №35

Your customer service is excellent! I had a personable, professional and informative representative who answered all of my questions! I would most definitely recommend Depina Credit Solution! Thank you for providing your excellent service!

Review №36

My experience with Depina Credit Solutions was phenomenal. My credit score has greatly improved compared to a few months back. Arthur was determined to help me reach my goal and would always have the answers to any concerns that I have.

Review №37

One of the best credit repair and personal finance advisor in Brockton Massachusetts. My credit has risen so much in the last 3 months and ive learned so quick about the power of Credit. #DepinaCreditSolutions is the real deal and Arthur and his team are the best and honest in the business. Highly recommend! A++++

Review №38

Depina credit solutions has helped me reach my credit goal. I couldn’t be more thankful and happier with the results. I will recommend Arthur’s services to anyone who is struggling with their credit. Very professional and knowledgeable! Thank you!!

Review №39

Took my money, did not do anything. In response: I am not confused Arthur Depina

Review №40

The best credit solutions Company. Always on time and work well done. Thank you very much. I am so happy now with my credit score.

Review №41

Trust and Integrity is not something easy to come by these days.I can Genuinely say Arthur is one of the most honest and down to earth individuals I’ve met.If you’re looking for help improving your credit score? DePina Credit Solution is the place you want to turn to.Arthur and his team are trustworthy individuals who actually care about their customers.If you turn to Depina Credit Solutions it’ll be one of the best decisions you can make.Keep up the great work Arthur!

Review №42

Connecting with Arthur at Depina Credit Solutions was easily the best decision I've made in 2020. In just one meeting he debunked everything I thought I knew about credit and educated me on things I would've never known can build/destroy my credit. I appreciate the education that they provide to their clients, because this information is so hard to come by. After just one meeting, my credit shot up 112 points in less than one month just by making minor adjustments that I had no idea were affecting my credit.

Review №43

Arthur Depina took the time to explain everything to me! He was very helpful and patient. Amazing service!! I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my personal information or my credit repair. I’ve had amazing results with Depina Credit Solutions. Depina Credit Solution is the best agency in New England....

Review №44

Arthur at Depina Credit solutions has been the best decision I’ve made towards my future. After meeting with him just one time he’s got some late payments off of my credit report and educated me on how to open accounts that will build my credit. In less and 1 month my score has gone up over 100 points!

Review №45

One of the best credit repair company and credit coaching in the area of Brockton and Massachusetts. I’ve learned so much about credit, finance and budgeting.....One of the best in the industry! I learned soooooooo much...Can I give them 10+ stars ️

Review №46

One of the best credit repair company in Brockton Massachusetts and around. I learned so much in such short period of time. Best financial education ever.

Review №47

A+!! Depina credit solutions changed my life! They taught me how be financially responsible, improve my credit score, and fought hard to clear all negatives off my credit reports! I can’t thank them enough!! Highly recommended! You will NOT be disappointed!!

Review №48

It was a pleasure working with Depina Credid Solutions. Great customer service and very helpful.Arthur is amazing always attentive.Thank you

Review №49

One of the best decisions I made is joining the DEPINA CREDIT SOLUTIONS and now I can say I’m closer to my financial goals. 2020 is going to be an awesome year. Don’t hesitate to call the team at DEPINA CREDIT for any of your credit repair and financial goals. They are the best overall!!!! Satisfied customer...

Review №50

Over the last 6 month period i ve learned so much about credit and finance. I consider this comaony the best one around yo repair credit in brockton and surround area. Tha nk you to both Ana and Arthur and the entire team

Review №51

Highly recommend them! Quick to respond and happy to help you with all your credit need or simply just a doubt you have about credit!

Review №52

Very professional and always available to answer your questions. Very happy that I choice Depina Credit Solutions to help me with my credit problems

Review №53

Very professional. Very happy with the work they have done. would highly recomment Depina Credit Solution

Review №54

One of the best decisions I have ever made was to trust DePina’s Credit Solutions with my credit issues. They were very professional and really cared about helping me fix my credit. I recommend anyone that has any credit issues to go to them you will not be disappointed.

Review №55

The man provides excellent customer services and results.

Review №56

This is the best credit repair agency around the region..

Review №57

Knowledgeable on all things Credit

Review №58

For about a year-and-a-half, I've been working on perfecting my credit score with Arthur Gomes Depina, who is now running his own business out here in Brockton called Depina Credit Solutions. For a small monthly fee, he writes all your letters, fighting things that are incorrect on your credit score and showing you tricks of how you can build that credit score even higher!!!! #HESTHEREALDEAL*** this is one of the best investments I've done for myself because working two jobs, I don't have time to write dispution letters and fight these creditors...If you're looking to purchase property, buy a home, buy a car; get a lower interest rate on those credit cards.... contact him; I promise you will not regret it!!!

Review №59

Many thanks to Arthur and Depinas Credit Solutions team for all their assistance in getting me back on track to start rebuidling my credit. The credit bureaus always seemed like big hairy beasts to me, but not anymore. Depinas Credit Solutions helped me to gain more confidence through their guidance, and hands on assists with my many questions. They wiped the slate clean for me, and I have gained a whole new credit standing. I’ve never met a company who takes the time to explain and make sure that they dotted their I’s and crossed their T’s. I’m very lucky and grateful to have found a credit repair company that their mission is to actually REPAIR your credit. Again A big Thank you to Depinas Credit Solution. Thank you For envisioning my dreams. 5 Stars

Review №60

The credit repair services in the city of Brockton, the agency provides grate services to people of all walks of life and background.

Review №61

I don’t have enough words, to thank you for what you have done for me, my family, and my friends. Depina Credit Solution they are the best ones around, believe me they work the magic Arthur and Ana make sure all your paper works, go through all your disputes letters goes out on time. You guys have the greatest personality and are very professional people to work with. Arthur has an answer for you all the time. God keep blessing the businesses to only Grow you guys deserve it A+++++ .

Review №62

Very flexible and extremely dedicated to his customer.

Review №63

Amazing team to work withDepina credit solutions has made it possible for us to start fresh, with all the knowledge we have gained from them.Getting a second mortgage soonAnd totally feel ready to not make the same mistakes we've made in the pastThank you so muchYou are the BEST

Review №64

Thank you Arthur for taking your time to advise and guide me in the right direction!! I truly appreciate it and feel much more confident on my journey ahead to achieving my credit goals!! Big #ThankYou!!!

Review №65

They are very good I love it Thank you for your help appreciate

Review №66

If you need to fix your credit or need any financial advices , Depina Credit solutions is the place to go, very helpful and professional. Arthur, the Brockton credit guy will guide you as he has done to me and today, I can say I have achieved one of my goal- be homeowner

Review №67

Reaching out to Arthur Depina was one of the best decision I made in 2019 I was skeptical at first, but he was amazing, very encouraging, he was very kind and patient, and in his voice you can feel the passion to help people do better. He told me what to expect and how long it could take. He answered all my questions and was very considerate. He got right to work on helping me repair my credit and have kept me informed the whole way through. I look forward to continuing work with them and I’m hopeful for the future with my better credit score! So thank you Depina credit solution for not letting me down....

Review №68

Depina Credit Solutions CHANGED MY LIFE! Growing up poor in an urban community it’s not often we are taught about finances. Most of the time we are focused on surviving the day to day struggles we are presented. Not only is credit not spoken about amongst my community, many people are afraid of it because we don’t understand how it works and/ or the value in it. Arthur and his wife Anna took their time to educate me on how to REVIEW, REPAIR, and BUILD my credit! Their passion and commitment to teach those like myself who do not understand credit and how it works is indescribable! I want to thank them for all that they do not only for me but for others like myself trying to navigate the credit system. Most importantly, thank you for not getting annoyed with my unscheduled pop-ups at the office, late night text messages and phone calls. Lol I highly recommend Depina Credit Solutions to any person looking to build healthy credit!

Review №69

Thank you so much Arthur for repairing my credit and for always being there to help and guide me through my credit journey, now I have great understanding about credit, it wouldn’t be possible without ur instructions and tips.I highly recommend Depina Credit Solutions and go follow his page on facebook he always post good stuff about credit. If you need help with your Credit look no further Depina Credit Solutions is the answer.

Review №70

Depina credit solutions is the best in town! I started with them few months ago (after seeing so many happy customers shouting them out on social media). Arthur and Ana are a professional team that are open minded and happy and welcoming. The initial visit with Arthur was free, he looked into my credit score, history etc, and then gave me real feedback step by step on what i needed to do. Soon after, there were 9 stuff removed from my credit history. Few accounts were removed and my credit score went up. Reaching out to "the credit guy" was the best move i made. I am 1 step closer to reach my credit goal. Thanks to them.If you need help with your credit, Depina credit solution is the place to go.

Review №71

Amazing work very much appreciated!

Review №72

The best around help with with everything u need

Review №73

Awesome work!!Thx to Mr. depina my credit score is going up still, because of his good work and good advice.

Review №74

BEST credit repair company out there , professional, knowledgeable and helpfulHighly recommend it

Review №75

Absolutely amazing!!! The best company to work with on your credit !! I will recommended this company to everybody!!!

Review №76

One of the best financial decision I took this year is working with the team at Depina Credit Solutions, especially its owner Arthur Depina and Ana...Amazing, and extremely supportive - THANK YOU and I’m closer to my financial goal to buy a house. THANK YOU A MILLION DEPINA!

Review №77

Mr. De Pina is the whole package: a professional who gets the job done right the 1st time, and a true pleasure to do business with. Simply put, a nice fellow and a sharp professional. Thanks a million!

Review №78

Excellent credit repair

Review №79

I had some questions about my credit for a while now I watched a video of Arthur Depina talking about credit he really got my attention so I decided to message him and explained my situation he was Very professional and courteous. He gave me great advices that really helped me with my credit. I’m glad he made the video I highly recommend his service

Review №80

All I can say is Depina is one of the best around hands down. Thank you for everything!

Review №81

Great Personality... very professional people ... Information they provide their customers is A+ spent @45 minutes there and I learn so much and heard important things about credit that i was never told... I highly recommend them if anyone is looking for a help with their credit... I would go back 1000 times if I could ... Thank You

Review №82

I highly recommend. Most people get the “slow start” I got a great start and haven’t even finished yet. I’m in the market for a house and am already able to look for the near future. I greatly appreciate all they do, their hard work and efforts. Kudos to their late nights! #diamondsquad

Review №83

Y’all are awesome& change my life,my perspective,& help me with my pleasure working with you guys!One of the best in Brockton

Review №84

The best of all I can’t thank you enough i really appreciate you thank you very much

Review №85

Great people to work with, always there to help you in anyway possible.

Review №86

Very happy with your survice you change are life I recommend everyone that need a credit repair please see depina credit solutions

Review №87

Depina credit solutions are the best in the business. In just 1 month they’ve removed so many negative items from my report and my score went up 80 points. Arthur and his crew are excellent at their jobs. I would definitely recommend!!!

Review №88

Arthur is always there when you need him. He is very knowledgable and friendly. He has helped me many of times! A++++

Review №89

When I looked for credit service in order to repair my credit that was poor in score, i seek the help of Depina Credit Solutions, he was very professional and patient!Today i’m in a good shape!Thanks to Depina credit solutions.

Review №90

I’ve been a customer of Depina Credit Solutions for about a month an half, my credit score went from 478 to 643 in this short period, along with several collection deletions. I now have piece of mind and greater understanding on does and don’ts that’s given me tremendous confidence going forward. Aurthur and Anna are super hands on and professional, I would Highly urge and recommend anyone with credit problems to allow Depina credit solutions to help.

Review №91

One of the best credit repair and finance help company in the area right now. Met with the owners and Im thrilled about my progress with them... World class customer services...

Review №92

A++++ Thanks to my friends, I heard about the business i went up the next day the team helped me amazingly

Review №93

I'm thrilled to know this credit repair company within our own community - honest, loyal, and very knowledgeable about the process! I feel at home and feel like family

Review №94

It's no doubt why the "The Brockton Credit Guy" moniker is perfectly suitable for Mr. Depina. After following him on social platforms and watching success stories after success stories of lives he had changed, I recommended my girlfriend to Mr. Depina for a credit repair consultation. Mr. Depina was very flexible in arranging a convenient time where we met and went through very clearly and honestly what needed to take place. Incredibly, within a short period of time positive changes began taking place which otherwise would not have happened. We are extremely happy to have had worked with Mr. Depina and his team and would absolutely recommend his services to anyone in need of credit repair.

Review №95

Drip a Credit solutionThis is one of the best credit solutions I have experienced in my lifetime. I cannot thank those guys enough for what they’ve done for me, and how they helped me benefit my credit.

Review №96

I'm always learning new things about credit and finance when i talk to them at Depina Credit Solutions - They are the best of the best when it comes to Credit Repair. Always willing to help even if your not a customer - Thank you for helping the community with your knowledge. You guys ROCK!!!

Review №97

Depina Credit Solutions was extremely helpful in assisting me with my credit in terms of understanding it and knowing what to do to fix it and keep it that way! I still refer back to the different things they opened my eyes to. No regrets at all about deciding to work with them and would recommend them to anyone hands down!! They care about the customer and actually seeing them succeed and fulfill their goals! They provide the necessary resources, do all the footwork, but also teach you don’t make the same mistakes again! Thanks guys!!!!

Review №98

After spending money and wasted my time with LEXINGTON LAW for almost 2 years, someone refereed me to this genius ARTHUR DEPINA this guy ROCKS, he knows what he's doing, and in just short period of time I notice a HUGE improvement on my credit. i highly recommend him.

Review №99

Depina Credit Solutions are the best in the business. Extremely honest, reliable and trustworthy. They’re professional and always there for me. They helped restore my credit without any hesitation and without any setbacks. I highly recommend Depina Credit Solutions!

Review №100

Depina credit solutions are the best in the business. They remove a ton from my mom's credit. They are also bilingual which is awesome.

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