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We have had excellent Insurance coverage for our home, autos & business for over 35 years! Thank you!

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I have been a customer for over 40 years with Peters Insurance. I have always been treated fairly and with respect by everyone that I have had the pleasure of working with on my home and auto insurance. They have always been prompt and informed on answering any questions about claims or changes in coverage that I had. I would have no problem recommending this agency to anyone who is interested in obtaining insurance of any sort.

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Great customer service, very responsive, carry multiple lines of insurance

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I've been a client for 35* years, starting when it was Schmeider Insurance, and have always been able to speak with Mr. Schmeider, his daughter Janelle, or any of their very capable staff. The Erie rates are the best I've ever found and plan to stay with Peters Insurance for the long haul.

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We have insured through the Peters Insurance Agency since 1994. Its staff is always polite and responsive and fully represents our interests if we have an issue with the insurance company holding our policy. Years ago, I totaled two cars in one year. We had the policy through Peters Agency. When the company holding the policy canceled it without prior notice, the Peters Agency said, "Don't worry. We'll find another company for you." And they did, with no lapse in insurance and at the same rates as the previous company. Janelle Peters, the owner, has always been available if I wanted to talk to her face-to-face. I remember one time while I was in her office reviewing my coverage. She said, "You know, you don't need replacement coverage on the 1993 Honda. It's replacement value is zero." I should have followed her advice.

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Peters Insurance Agency is fast and efficient! I am confident that I have the best coverage. I have been with them for at least 10 years and I highly recommend Peters Insurance Agency for all your insurance needs!

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Your team is very responsive and help me find the products I need at good prices. I also like the fact that you are always looking out for my best interests. This year, were able to find additional discounts that lowered my premiums. Thank you for the great service!

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Polite, courteous, knowledgeable and quick to resolve any issues.

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Very shadyI called them thru google review since it is very good.I gave them all my info they needed and got a good price at the beginning But My premium is getting increased about 2times more expensive when they process my payment. This company or agent made my time waste a lot. also after I gave them my info I have gotten so many insurance related unknown calls from every hour. I don't know what they did with my info. they suppose to submit and do everything right to get accurate quote. Wanted to share this because I just don't want to have any same victim like me in the further.

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We have been with Peters Insurance Agency for 35 years. They provide all our insurance needs from our home, to autos and personal catastrophe; all in one place and at a fair price. We get a discount because everything is with them but we've shopped around and feel they have very competitive if not one of the lowest price structures. They are responsive to all calls and questions, very friendly and willing to review our policies with us to make sure we are properly insured. Life circumstances change so this is important. Lastly but also most importantly they address claims and reimburse quickly. We would recommend them to family and friends!

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Peters Insurance (Erie Insurance) is saving us over $1,000 per year in premiums. They are helpful, responsive and knowledgeable. I can recommend them without hesitation.

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We have been with the Peters (Schmeider) Insurance Agency for over 40 years. During that time we always knew that they were there to assist us in finding the best coverage to fit all our needs. You can't discount the personal assistance you receive from forming a long-term relation with your agent. Even with all the advertisements by other insurance companies, we are never tempted to leave our agents or Erie insurance coverage. They are top notch.

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All the Folks at Peters Insurance are great to work with. Questions are answered quickly and clearly. I'm always confident they are working in my best interest.

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Buying a new car was a quick change to existing insurance. Explanations were helpful too. I've been with them for many years and was pleasantly surprised by this recent experience!

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10 years with Peters Insurance, so helpful, friendly, always gotten quick responses to all my questions/ needs, Nicole and Janelle and crew rock, blessings and a happy safe new year, I know you got my back covered, and with that I can rest easy, keep up the awesome work you all do for us.

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You have always taken care of any claims promptly and efficiently. Whenever we had any questions, you answered them honestly.

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We have been with them for more than 14 years and have been super happy. The service is second to none, always eager to serve, customer-centric, and excellent prices.

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I have been using Peters agency for close to 15 years and have always been happy with their service. They have been responsive to my inquires and claims. Erie has always been prompt and fair in their in their settlements for the occasions where I have had to make a claim.

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Your phone support is very good. We get friendly knowledgeable people every time we call.

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Janelle and her team are fantastic. The service is personal and efficient.

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It is sad when a company takes your money with a promise to provide a service like insurance and then when a claim is filed they go AWOL!This is my agent and has been my agent for many years of claim free service!Then I have a claim with ErieA company I always thought was one of the bestNow I realize they are one of the worst!These are nice people but don't expect anything beyond quotes and collect your money.When you actually have a claim your rates will be jacked up and they will either not pay it or fight you over every penny!I do not recommend these folksMy next stop after this is the bureau of insurance and court!

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The service at this agency is very fast and professional with also reasonable pricing. I will recommend this service to my friends and family.

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This review was originally posted on Yelp. Again, Janelle and "Peters Insurance Agency" certainly deserve all the good words.Since summer 2012, Janelle and her team have been assisting my family with all of our insurance-related needs. Back then, we just moved to NOVA and purchased our 1st house. We suddenly found that my previous (big) insurance company had very high premium for home & auto policies. Fortunately, a friend of ours (in Maryland) recommended ERIE to us and that's how we found Janelle and her agency (was named "Schmeider Insurance Agency").While completing the home insurance quote, Janelle was very patient. She explained all the coverage terms to us and educated us what were the unnecessary coverage based on the history of the neighborhood. She was also very professional and was able to tailor a very comprehensive plan for our house at a very reasonable rate. In addition, she really tried to get all the eligible discounts for us and had won our business since then.Janelle and her team are always willing to go out of their way to help us. I still remember in Sep 2012, when Sandy came, we had a fallen tree and Janelle was the first person who provided helpful tips of handling it. And whenever I had an issue (a question about the renewing rate, a new car etc.), I can always email her, even during after-hours (e.g. Friday evening...), and she always provides very timely and informative response to my inquiries.Our experiences with Janelle and "Peters Insurance Agency" have been wonderful. As a small business, their integrity deserves all of my respect and I'd fully recommend them to anyone with insurance needs.

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My all around inserance.;)

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Your team has always been very responsive and friendly whenever I interact with them.

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