United States Postal Service
9501 Burke Rd, Burke, VA 22015, United States
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I never have had a problem in this office. Some employees are more friendly than others true, but all of them are professional. 5 Stars for my Burke postal office.

Review №2

Great postal workers who are always friendly and helpful!

Review №3

Staff processed customers quickly and had no issues answering my questions. No complaints about this location.

Review №4

One of front people is so unprofessional and defensive to my question all the time. Kept saying call customer service. Whenever I asked questions about my mail/package that something wrong with, he never answered to my question correctly with "I don't know" attitude. Excuse me? I'm not asking to blame you, I just want to know where my mail/package went! What a shame for other post office workers who working hard.

Review №5

I had an issue with shipping one of my products and the very nice and helpful staff (Dan) helped me get it all figured out. I would recommend this post office.

Review №6

The lady there went out of her way to help me. She was the only one at the counter at that time and was as busy as a bee, but she took time to listen to what I needed to do and accommodate me more than I even expected. Best post office experience yet!

Review №7

I should have known when I walked in overheard someone returning packages that they received, but were actually supposed to be delivered in another state...."Accidents happen," I thought.Yet, here I am looking at my own tracking order where my package was delivered 400 miles away from the address on the receipt and on the box. First and last time using this location

Review №8

Great place! Short lines, friendly staff.

Review №9

I had a package delivered to my house but it never arrived. The status said delivery was attempt and they left a notice. I was home the whole day so I know no attempt was made since it is a signed delivery. I found the notice left inside my mailbox instead of the front door. The notice did not even have any relevant information on it. I called to have my package hold at the post office for pick up and the lady who answered the phone initially does not want to help. After some complaint, she finally looked up the package and gave me a bad attitude at the same time. She finally hung up on me. If I could give a 0 star rating I would......

Review №10

The staff here are very nice, patient and get you in and out. I don't know about the other reviews, but I had a very pleasant experience at this post office especially around this time of the year. Always remember that your attitude also affects your experience!

Review №11

Always easy. Staff is super friendly too. Very clean and organized as well.

Review №12

Very disappointed. Dan, an employee there, is very condescending towards co-workers and customers. Personally think he is racist. Very rude and has a ton of attitude.

Review №13

This is a typical example of the level of service from this post office. My child's birthday present is soaked with rain because the carrier couldn't be bothered to walk 2-3 steps further to put it under cover near the door.

Review №14

This location has the largest, cleanest lobby of any of the NoVa offices I've been to, and it has large drop-off boxes and self service postage machines in the front, allowing you to drop returns or quickly mail your own letters and small parcels, which are my primary reasons for needing to go into a post office. When I do need to interact with a clerk they are friendly and informative. This one is my go-to. Four stars because the parking lot is kind of a zoo.

Review №15

I can vouch for the fact that mail from this facility gets delivered late on a consistent basis. I live literally less than a mile away and frequently receive mail that is delivered 4pm or later, sometimes going weeks with mail delivered past 6pm. I sort of hope USPS goes the way of the dodo and something better comes along in my lifetime. It's a minor inconvenience, sure, but unacceptable nonetheless in this day and age. I do like the older gentleman at the counter though, he always goes the extra mile for me and is super nice.

Review №16

I have had very good and consistent service here. I send packages frequently and was helped greatly in getting my passport info completed properly and expedited. I have been helped by the employees mentioned in other reviews here and have not experienced or witnessed anything negative.

Review №17

This Post Office gets a 5 star review for courtesy and follow up! Postal Worker Calvin is awesome! This was our post office until we moved cross country. We had a problem with held mail being forwarded (hence 4 stars). The central post office 800 number wasn't very satisfying. Calvin however listened to my issue, got my contact information correct, and called me back with a useful update!

Review №18

Their usually really good. Some times they have bad days but to me most times are good. Give them a chance.

Review №19

The staff in the post office are friendly, efficient, and helpful, even during rush periods like Christmas. It's a pleasure to go there -- especially compared to some post offices we've known!

Review №20

Staff is completely incompetent and unhelpful. Only use the self service kiosk, if you need real assistance go somewhere else.

Review №21

I really very angry that I found my mail package opened again for the third time in a year!!! Like do people not know it is a federal offense to open another person's mail??? I brought this up to this USPS location and they literally brushed my complaints off like I was saying something insignificant. First two packages were tampered with and they only gave me the envelope my package came in with nothing in it!?!?! Are you kidding me? This recent one I received only had one out of two items in the envelope and the packaging was shown to be ripped open and clearly showed tampering! Third time is enough! What is wrong with this location! ZERO STARS!!!!!

Review №22

I've lived in this area now for over 26 years, but more specifically right near the post office for the past 5. They never get anything right. I constantly get mail for the people who used to live in the location before me. It got to the point where I actually posted the last name on a card INSIDE the mailbox to make it easy for them, but they still can't figure it out (or know how to of the two) and I get other mail anyway. So I place back in the outgoing and somehow get it back again.Not only that but they deliver the mail incredibly late at night. On average it's near 7 pm. Last night we didn't get it until 915 pm. 915 pm for mail! Ridiculous! The person in charge of that location isn't on top of their game...

Review №23

This post office is the best! There is one closer to my new home, but I come here because the staff is friendly and helpful!

Review №24

Most of the staff is nice and knowledgeable, but there are 2 snooty ladies that on top of having a horrible attitude have no clue on what they are doing. Other than that it is always pleasant to do business here.

Review №25

We are a commercial business whom this post office delivers to, and the post office deliveries are HORRIBLE!!! We literally have checks and other time sensitive material coming in, yet they'll bring our mail to our neighbors or leave outside our door??!! Who does that??? Also, when they bring OUR mail, half of it belongs to our neighbors!! And we do receive A LOT of mail per day, so imagine how much of it isn't ours....On top of that most of them (because they're never the same person) have the worst customer service. They don't seem happy to at least have a job and they show it. *big sigh* I hope they hire better post delivery people ASAP.

Review №26

Perfectly fine. I'm just visiting some relatives so I can't speak to their mail delivery services, but I needed to ship a package on Christmas Eve and they were friendly, helpful and expedient.

Review №27

I read several reviews. . .On the positive side, I find the counter staff friendly and helpful.

Review №28

I have been living in this area for 5 years and they still do not deliver the mail correctly (I get Tom, Dick, Harry & Jane’s mail). Also have noticed (several different times) when red flag is up they still don't pick up the mail. Have also waited to see when the mail person will pick it up: sometimes the next day and sometimes 4 days will pass (yes red flag up the whole time) before the mail went out of the mail box. Previously I have lived in other areas and the mail persons are not like this and do a great job. What going on with this post office. On a scale from 1 to 10 (10 being the greatest) I would have to give a 1….. THIS POST OFFICE NEEDS HELP!!!

Review №29

They left my daughter's fifth birthday presents out right next to our mailbox. Anyone could have grabbed them!

Review №30

One star is too much.

Review №31

The worse delivery in US .I didn t got my package. I went to the office the agent was old lady (it looks chinnes)was rude.she says is delivered but is not right.they delivered to the wrong adress. 3 weeks and I still waiting my package..

Review №32

Although I really like the folks who work there and they are universally helpful and pleasant, the back room operations need work. Routinely my packages are marked as delivered back to ME on the day that I drop them at the Burke USPS. This is disrupting and time consuming and unnecessary. Training and a bit of additional time to assure that the correct scanner button is pushed would do a lot to stopping this problem.I run a small business and when 17 or 20 of my packages are marked as delivered BACK TO ME on the day that I ship them to my customers makes for angry customers that I need to deal with.I have complained and put in cases and written letters to the USPS CEO. Nothing changes. When I ask for a follow up phone call from Burke USPS, they let the phone ring ONE TIME and hang up so that they can verify they made the call, but they never have to address any problems.BAD BAD BAD. Disruptive and poor work habits.

Review №33

I tracked my package knowing it would be 5-9 business days for it to deliver. It's been more than 9 days. An it took a total of 4 days for my package to get from Indiana to Burke but 9 or more days to get to me. I don't even live far away from the post office.

Review №34

Dont expect a good service, its 2.4 stars. I didnt believe it, till I experienced it.The old guy with glasses, white hair, is rude and showed a disgusting behaviour towards another customer.

Review №35

Continues to set the bar for "how poor can poor customer service be." Why should we expect mail the day our carrier is on vacation? Silly us.

Review №36

Called for post office box prices, 10 minutes on hold with no response, ugh.

Review №37

Staff is rude, mail is delivered late and sometimes not at all. Also they are never prepared for opening, so don't ever bother getting there on time.

Review №38

Lots of my mails got lost since last 2 months , I do not know what's going on ? I will come over Post office today to complain . It did happen since last 2 years and it's getting worse now.

Review №39

These people never answer their phone. It's either always busy or when you finally get a hold of someone they are rude and don't want to help at all.

Review №40

Mail and packages are constantly delivered to the incorrect addresses. Postal workers are incompetent idiots, should be fired.

Review №41

Helpful and efficient staff

Review №42

Did not deliver my " hold Mail" on requested date which was confirmed. Now not even on the next workday. Still no mail at all. Really lousy service.

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