Mike Nichols, CPA
315 E Main St, Cabot, AR 72023, United States
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Terrible customer service. Would not recommend to anyone.

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Hi,My name is Meredith and I just moved from Texas to Cabot. Having sort of a complicated (to me) tax return I came to Mike not knowing but trusting I would have a good experience. The entire experience blew me away. I could leave my taxes and he was so sweet in his patience with me being so specific. He answered all my questions through email during the process. And when I came to pick them up he met with me and all the numbers were right and improved! He saved me money I didn't think was possible. I feel he and his work is trustworthy and staff is excellent!

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I am Military and Nichols CPA has taken care of my Tax needs for the last 4 Years!! When I walked into the office you feel rite at home immediately. They are so helpful and explain everything in detail with the returns every time!!!! They are on top of all the changes in tax laws every year so I was able to get the maximum return available to me!! I highly recommend this family business in Cabot Arkansas!!! This Business is not black listed for military families to use!!!!

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I learned this year that for the past two years they have not entered the info THEY requested. Or changed address misentering info... ECT. And when asked for help they refuse, blame you, act like they did not do it, and simply say I don't know and imply you do it. It is not worth the money I can't even verify who I am to the IRS now and they refuse to help. DO NOT USE THIS OFFICE. IF I COULD RATE ZERO I WOULD

Review №5

Mike has been our association's CPA since 2014. He is very efficient, professional and willing to help in any way he can to achieve a good end result. I would strongly recommend Mike as an accountant to anyone.

Review №6

Mike was great and so very helpful. After selling my home, he helped me navigate through the “IRS Maze”. I would highly recommend him and his service!!!

Review №7

I have to say that my experience getting my taxes done here has been AMAZING! I walked in and immediately felt so welcomed and at home! I didnt feel like I was just another person off the street walking in to get my taxes done like you do when you go to these other tax places. Everyone had smiles on there faces and was very helpful! I have had my taxes done here for the last 3 years and I can't see myself going anywhere else. Im very very pleased with the services that i was provided and all the help that i was given. They truly are an amazing company and i would recommend eveyone to have their taxes done here!!

Review №8

Where do I even begin? I walked in to get a quote during tax time, the ladies up front told me they were really busy, but I could drop off my papers (W-2's, SSC, etc) and come back for an apt. I had used them a year before and had no problems so I figured no worries. When I came back the tax lady (Julie) seemed disorganized and disoriented. She couldn't find papers I provided for our vehicle, couldn't find our papers on taxes paid on our mortgage. Then during my appointment she took two 30-35 minute phone calls about buying some software program instead of finishing up speaking with me. This lady didn't even ask for me to wait in the waiting room. She just kept on talking as if my appointment was of very little importance and as if I wasn't sitting in front of her waiting. Once we finally got an idea on how much I would get on returns I realized it was incredibly lower then last year even after buying a house, child care tax credit, paying extra on taxes etc, and to top it off... she wanted almost 650$ to file my returns. When we were finished my jaw just dropped. I told her I had expected more from the return and the price to file my return was way more then I had anticipated. I told her I was very unhappy with the whole experience and wanted to file with someone else. This woman then asked if I would meet with Nicolas their CPA to review it and discuss this with him, I told her no I was not interested in meeting or coming back. I told her they were charging way to much and I believed they did not account for taxes paid appropriately. She then flat out told me she could not give me my personal information my W-2s, my ID's, and my kids Social security cards until I paid the 650$ fee. Never in my life had I experienced such unprofessional behavior where someone simply refused to give me back my information in attempt to get paid! She then called her boss and went back and fourth we waited for almost two hours to "see what her boss said" where she then lied to her boss saying I "came in off the street" and demanded her to file my taxes? When I specifically did not want her to file anything! I eventually called the police because I kept telling her she could not legally keep my information against my will. I came back into the office and sat in the waiting room and while waiting on the police to show up this lady started to hand me back my papers, told me she would file something against my husband through the military and threatened that my husband could lose his job. I told her that was fine because during this whole debate my daughter started recording her refusing to return my information to me and lying to her boss and now threatening me. I told her I had already called the police and she immediately started rummaging though papers trying to give me everything I had provided and was apologetic. I was able to file my taxes on base for around 300$ and found out they did mess up my taxes but 700-800$. I won't even drive by this place makes me sick to my stomach! Unless you feel like being taken advantage of and disrespected and dealing with the utmost unprofessional behavior I suggest you steer clear of this place! Also I do believe since then the LRAFB has now black listed them.

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I’m assuming if you call 15 minutes before they close they don’t want to talk, person hung up in my face.

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3.3 Rating
  • Address:315 E Main St, Cabot, AR 72023, United States
  • Site:https://mikenicholscpa.com/
  • Phone:+1 501-843-6781
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  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Appointments recommended:Yes
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