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104 Douglas Dr, Candia, NH 03034, United States

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I am just beginning my journey with National Legal, but I can tell you they have been so supportive and have never left me waiting or worrying. Their knowledge of my particular situation has been my lifeboat. The attorney handling my case and my case specialist have been a God send to me. Their knowledge and compassion are superior to any other I have worked with previously in other firms. If you need knowledge, patience and support on your side, National Legal Center is the best option I've found and would recommend highly. Be careful out there. Not every organization has your best interests in mind.

Review №2

Was apprehensive about this process but not once since I started have I dealt with negativity. Any person at the other end of ANY of my questions has always been thorough and helpful. They seem to understand from this side that we will need a little hand holding. I have been amazed at the results when you let the system work. I would recommend over and over again at least making the call to speak with someone if you are struggling to keep your head above water. I did and I couldnt be happier that I did.

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We started using National Legal in 2012 when we were in credit card debt (after starting a company) and needed a solution to the high monthly minimum payments. I was very skeptical at first but didn't want to go into bankruptcy. I was even skeptical during the process but stuck with it. It's 2019 and our credit has recently been restored. They did a great job and I highly recommend them.

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NLC has been helped me for approx 4 years. Debt-wise they settled over $12,000 I owed to 8 accounts at about 50% of what I OWED! tHEY CREATED A PAYOFF plan in writing to start with and stuck to it.I was hesitant at first, but am now a believer and proof that this technique and Company is amazing!Now, the people. Every person I have spoken with, from office manager to Attorney Hirsh, has treated me with respect, empathy and encouragement.I must mention Josh in Legal as the one who has always treated me like family and made me feel like his job truly was tied up with the improvement of my financial situation , Thanks Josh!This is an amazing company, and a trustworthy way to get out of debt!Friends, Leo Pierson, Kentucky

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National legal saved me. They took the burden off me of dealing with all my creditors bothering me that didn't understand my situation. Everyone I talked to at national legal were so helpful, understanding of my situation and caring. Everyone was so nice. They helped me satisfy my debts I what I thought was record time. I highly recommend them. If you need help this is the place to go. I loved everyone that helped my. Thank you so much National Legal Center.

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National Legal Center helped me a great deal with their Credit Correction service. In a little under a year, they were able to clear up several items on my credit report, and my credit score improved to the point I was finally in a position to purchase my first home. Thank you, NLC & Attorney Farrell!

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Helped me tremendiusly there customer wonderful.felt intimadated talking ti lawyers and they put you right at ease.almost done they were just as excited ti tell me of settlement like it was there own

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They have helped me so much ..I definitely recommend National Legal .. Thank you so much

Review №9

National Legal Center (NLC) did a good job negotiating a settlement for me; they saved me money based on what I owed on an original debt. But, they weren't as attentive as they should've been. Overall, I experienced poor customer service, sometimes I felt ignored. And their service is a "money grab". They put you on a long term payment plan just so they can charge you an excess in monthly administrative fees. Save your money and work with creditors on your own - I was charged more in extra fees than what NLC settled the debt for.

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