United States Postal Service
245 Centereach Mall, Centereach, NY 11720, United States

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All of the staffs including the supervisor would not help me look for my package and claimed that I have a wrong tracking number (because it didn’t start with a 4 or 5 or 7). I showed them on my phone the usps website with the tracking number but they refused to look up it in their system. Unbelievable experience I had to go through to get my time sensitive mail. I called online customer service and they had no problem locating my mail and told me it was indeed this office that has my mail. Extremely rude customer service. My mail would have been returned if I didn’t pick it up but they rather not give it to me and made me go the extra miles to get it. USPS please train your workers and provide a good service for us.

Review №2

Grew up in the area and I always have been treated kindly here, no matter what time I got there. They always gave the options and information of how to send my package to help me chose the best way for me. They make sure I got everything I need before the end of the transaction. I have been out east for over 3 years and still prefer to drive to them. My own mail carrier refuses to take my out going mail.

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Best post office around. I ship multiple packages everyday and the staff here is amazing, always courteous and willing to help. Thank you!

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Fast service friendly people

Review №5

There's a guy who works here who enjoys giving people a hard time when they try to drop off a package. If there's any small detail that he can point out and use it as an excuse to avoid accepting your package, he will. I ship USPS packages every day at other post offices, and never have a problem. Almost every post office employee that I have dealt with is courteous and friendly and helpful.You won't get that here, at Centereach. You'll get turned away if it is at all possible.

Review №6

Driver marked in the online tracker that my package was delivered. It wasn't. I had to call in to find out there was a delivery issue, driver hadn't bothered to leave the customary notice that there was a delivery issue.

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The customer service lady (clerk 3 on my receipt) was so incredibly rude I felt like crying, and I am a man! I checked the balance on my credit card a few hours prior to my visit and there was enough for my purchase. It would not go through. I called up and my credit card was blocked for fraud. After a few minutes on the phone the problem was fixed and the purchase went through. The counter lady (clerk 3) and the lady manager was so rude. She said "this was the latest she's ever had to stay". It was 5:50pm when I left and it closed at 530pm. Really? Yes I was the last customer and it was the end of the day. I get it. She wanted to go home. During the whole ordeal she kept huffing and puffing and giving me dirty looks. I was so embarrassed already. I explained I checked before I went in and confirmed there was money on the card. It wasn't my fault the card company put a hold on my card, which I quickly resolved. The manager wasn't understanding either. The counter lady was horrible. Never ever will I go back there. This lady and her manager need to be re-trained. With a federal govt employee I doubt that will happen.

Review №8

Worst post office ever. The lady is so rude. Has no respect. She should be fired.

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This is a great Post Office. I've read all the reviews and all the bad reviews are from people that don't know what the hell they are talking about. From the lady that says her mail wouldn't be delivered for five months...please tell us why? Is it maybe because your delivery posted a safety hazard that you fail to mention? Yup. To the man that says the supervisor is terrible because she told him to wait a bit more for the package to show up or file a claim. Tell me sir, what was she supposed to do? Pull your package out of thin air? The people that leave bad reviews are irrational, miserable people. Period.

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My package was lost (stolen) during transit and never made to the next hub about 20 miles away in Melville! The supervisor made no effort of tracking down the package at this office and told me either wait around or submit a claim! LOL. Sometimes the package just mysteriously appear out of blue??? Avoid this place unless if you wish to lose the package and go through a hassle to submit a claim. The actual insurance payment is not even half of what they state in the receipt.

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Workers are always rude here and it is very rare you catch any of them with a smile on their face. They don't like to help you if you've made a mistake, they want you to figure it out on your own. Its also rare that there isn't a long line at this one. If you have the time drive yourself to any of the other post offices in the area they are much nicer and never give a problem.

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The supervisor of this location is the most Rude and Unprofessional woman i have ever dealt with. I am a small business located in the same parking lot and they have refused delivery of my mail for 5 months making me late on numerous bills

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My go to Post Office for my eBay needs. Some days it's slow, yes, but what do you expect? Quick and easy experience every time I go there.

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Just opened a PO Box there today because the previous post office will make you wanna merc yourself. Centereach so far I have seen where actually polite fast service and professional which is saying alot because Im use to the port jefferson station one who are completely lazy nasty and just over all disturbed. Centereach actually was a delight to deal with so far

Review №15

I will never come back to this office

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I just would like to share how horrible service is on the 245 Centereach Maill, Centereach NY location. I found out that post lady or man was giving my mail to neighbor across the street on Tudor street. I have had lost checks, tax documents, and been droped from health insurance as a result I lost my tax credit. My kind neighbor was trowing away my paper work but in case of health insurance papers he done even more: he returned is as undelivered, as a result as lost my coverage and tax credit. I believe whoever is responsible for delivering mail in Holbrook road should be held responsible for all this trouble and misery for me by delivering my mail to wrong address. The were extremely important documents. Its been ongoing issue for months we been finding my neighbor mail in our mail box as well but always returning to him, he wasn't that kind for us. I can't believe this could ever happen! that the post man even though was told to stop trowing our mail across the street to different address is getting paid to put mail to wrong mail box. He fail big time his main responsibility at job and believe in this case should be disciplinary fired from a job! I extremely upset still losing countless hours trying straighten up the mess which I have by missing mail. I'm going to fail official complain for your location as well just terrible horrible experience.

Review №17

Consistently quick, no issues aside from the folks on line who are not prepared AT ALLHave your packages prepared and ready when you get on the line! Its not the obligation of the counter agent to pack and tape up YOUR package!

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Spent 3 years here and loved it.Went to another PO for 6 months and now Im coming back.They're great.

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The staff here is great. Always smiling and helpful.

Review №20

Terrible, told me that they won't take packages that are bit for their post office. All was prepaid and just needed them scanned in. Staff here is for the most part rude and slow. Will never use this post office agian.

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Unprofessional service. They don't know rules for sending international.

Review №22

Quick service, staff ready and willing to help

Review №23

Always courteous and helpful.

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The clerk Maryann was extremely rude! Wow I can't believe they allow her to talk to customers the way she does!

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Good experience. Staffs are friendly

Review №27

Wrong address location!!!

Review №28

Good staff

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