7930 Century Blvd, Chanhassen, MN 55317, United States
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My Union Fidelity Life Insurance policy notified me that this company would be taking future payments. Also called INSADM or Insurance administrators. I think it just took over the policies that existed and don't offer insurance themselves.They seem very unprofessional. They take my automatic payments from my credit card every 6 months. They send no bills just take the payments and send no confirmation emails. Recently my card was full and I noticed the payment didn't go through.I received no notification from them that the payment was denied. I looked for the company online and found a website that with my account number brought up my name and address and policy but didn't show due dates or info that my payment was denied. I called them and they told me they do not have a website. Weird, huh? What kind of company today does not have a website that you can look up your info and pay or whatever? And what did I find online? If I didn't contact them would my policy just be defaulted and they would never tell me? Then I try to collect and they tell me nothing is due me because I missed a payment? How do I know this is even a real company and not some fake person taking my money? I think they lay low hoping no one in the family knows you have life insurance so the family doesn't collect when you die.

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I'm about to call consumer affairs on this company. Taking my money for 15 years, yet I never get a declaration page .They said my policy face value is $165K. Been over a month with 2 request for a copy of my policy and I keep getting excuses. Still no policy recived

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  • Address:7930 Century Blvd, Chanhassen, MN 55317, United States
  • Site:http://www.driasi.com/
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