Sharlene Downs - State Farm Insurance
480 W 78th St Suite 103, Chanhassen, MN 55317, United States
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Sharlene is knowledgeable expert in insurance. She is responsive to the needs of her clients and is well informed in the areas of insurance she handles. She is also active and respected in our community in Chanhassen. It is challenging now for seniors to get the right type of insurance supplement with Medicare. Sharlene can walk you through the process in a professional and caring manner! I highly recommend her!

Review №2

I analyzed the cost savings between State Farm and all the other players, on an apples to apples comparison we saved so much we could buy life insurance and still have money left over. We like the ability to call and talk to someone right away and make changes easily. Wherever you live I would pick this agency.

Review №3

I have had a great experience with State Farm. Sharlene and her team are very responsive and attentive. Everyone that I have spoken to in the Chanhassen office has been friendly, professional, and accommodating. Mary has always been helpful when I have called in with billing questions.

Review №4

Best service I have ever received from an insurance agent!! I am very pleased with their service and the personal relationship they have developed with me as a customer. I strongly recommend giving Sharlene a call she will not stop working with you until you are satisfied.

Review №5

I have been very happy by the service provided by Sharlene and Tiffany!Very helpful, helping me getting the quotes that meet my needs, providing advice and clarifications when needed.If I needed some papers or some updates, they were very fast to help and also provided an excellent service when I had short notices changes from one ask to another.Highly recommend and a big thanks to Tiffany for her precious help and great service :) It was greatly appreciated!

Review №6

We've used Sharlene and her agency for the last ten years and have experienced nothing but outstanding, friendly and timely service.

Review №7

Sharlene and her office team work tireless to deliver the products I need to insure my life. I have been with Sharlene for 20 years and their customer service and knowledge Is always top notch.

Review №8

This agency goes above and beyond in every interaction. I have been a customer for many years and the service has been excellent every time in reference to every policy. You will not be disappointed doing business with Sharlene and her team.

Review №9

Sharlene & her group are awesome! They ALWAYS get back to us right away - we were at my daughter's driver's test and discovered we had an expired card - they not only answered the phone right away but emailed me a replacement for the lady as we were in line! There was no waiting and we went on with the appt as if nothing happened!

Review №10

Sharlene and her staff were our State Farm Agency from 2004 to 2018Each engagement was met with professional compassion!Despite leaving Minnesota (but stayed with State Farm) I recently needed to get with Sharlene on a past claim. Even though we are no longer her client she still treated us with a sense of urgency. I urge anyone in the Western Suburbs (any beyond) to trust in Sharlene and her team.

Review №11

For over 12 years, Sharlene and her team have provided complete insurance coverage for both my family and business. The entire team provides fast and friendly service when I need something, and proactively reach out to me when I need to be aware of a change or new offering. China is a great addition to the team with a focus on my Commercial Business policy. I can honestly say, it is the one area of my business that I never worry about – they have me covered! Thank you to Sharlene and the entire team.

Review №12

We have been a client of Sharlene’s for over 25 years ~ they meet all of our insurance needs. State Farm and Sharlene’s agency are simply the best. We receive extraordinary service from Sharlene and her team. They are incredibly knowledgeable, responsive and professional. They are also very personable. Highly, highly recommend!

Review №13

We've been with Sharlene Downs State Farm for 28+ years now: cars, home owners, and personal articles. Everyone there is very quick to respond. Lately we've been working with Mary. She met with us just this week to make sure all of our coverage is still current and that we're fully covered. She was straightforward and made changes to update our policies easy and painless. So refreshing!!! Thank you!!

Review №14

I've had State Farm insurance for over 60 years in Arizona, California and now in Minnesota, and would not even consider changing. Sharlene and her team here in Chanhassen are great! When pipes burst this past winter, State Farm responded quickly, and thoroughly. I have also financed my car with them--lower rates than I had and the whole process was quick and painless. I highly recommend State Farm and more specifically Sharlene Downs and her team!

Review №15

Sharlene has been taking care of all my Insurance’s for personal and my businessesFor over 18 years. She and her staff always take care of things that come up, They always keep me informed of changes make all my insurance needs very easy

Review №16

Sharlene and her team are awesome! I would recommended her for your insurance needs. Thank you Sharlene and TEAM for all that you do.

Review №17

Sharlene and her staff are the best! They are always available to answer any insurance questions I have for myself and my family. I highly recommend Sharlene Downs of State Farm Insurance!

Review №18

I've been a happy client of this agency for many years. They always provide fast friendly service and actively reach out to me to keep me up to date on services and features they provide.

Review №19

We have been working with Sharlene and her team for over 20 years and the service is always timely, efficient and thorough. Both Sharlene and her entire team are always there when needed. On Friday night of July 4th weekend we needed some paper work from State farm. Sharlene saw the email responded and delivered with the hour! Exceptional Customer service with the right programs and policies are the reasons we stay with Sharlene and State farm. A great combination. If you are looking for people who care rather than just an on-line partner- Sharlene Downs Agency is the only choice!

Review №20

Sharlene is the best! She has been my agent for years! I moved an hour or so North of her office and I kept her as my agent. She is very hands on helping out her clients. She has the best staff too! They are very helpful and friendly. I’ve had to call multiple times in one day and I never am treated like I’m a bother. I would highly recommend Sharlene Downs!!

Review №21

Julie provided fantastic service ! I especially liked the quick response time.

Review №22

There are insurance agents, and then there is the Sharlene Downs insurance agency. Sharlene and her team have gone above and beyond my expectations in the 20+ years I've been with them. Friendly, personable, and responsive are just a few of the words I would use to describe the soul of their agency.

Review №23

Sharlene and her team are fantastic and their customer service is second to none!

Review №24

Two generations of our family are Sharlene's clients. The total deal: home, life, autos, personal liability, business, business equipment, other types of extended coverage. We're currently working with her on some products related to our future planning. Highly recommended!

Review №25

Sharlene and her team have been our insurance partners for almost 40 years. They consistently listen to our needs and help us to connect with the best solutions. We've had no need to look at others.

Review №26

I've been with Sharlene Downs agency for 19 years and always had excellent service. No other insurance company have beaten the insurance rates State Farm charges me. I'd suggest State Farm and Sharlene Downs to everyone.

Review №27

I am not a customer of Sharlene Downs' State Farm Agency, but when I called with a request for information about a customer's policy, I was treated as if I were a VIP. My request could not have been handled in a more prompt and friendly manner. If this is how they treat strangers, just think how they must treat their customers!

Review №28

Sharlene and her team have provided our business and personal insurance for years. I highly recommend her for her exceptional customer service!

Review №29

Thank you Sharlene and team for supporting me for all insurance needs during my stay in Minnesota for about 3 years. The service was prompt and all agents were sensitive to different situations, specially while I was new in the state. Keep it up the good work!!!

Review №30

Sharlene Downs is extremely professional, competent, and friendly. She matched and then beat our previous policies and was so helpful in explaining the options and laying out a plan. We just love the fast, customized customer service she provides!

Review №31

Very friendly, responsive and try to find the best for you.

Review №32

Sharlene Downs St. Farm Agency located in Chanhassen has been my insurance agent for over 25 years. She has helped me insure my first car, my first house and my life. Now that I am a mother she helped me put a plan together in the event that the unexpected happens. It gives me piece of mind to know and trust that I am covered with the right amount of insurance coverage in almost any situation. Sharlene and her team believe in relationship first, they want to take care of you as their client and I can say that has always been my experience. If you are looking for trust, relationship, and quality insurance then I recommend Sharlene Downs St. Farm Agency.

Review №33

Professional, Knowledgeable and Very Helpful!Sharlene and her team take the time to educate you on the various types of policies and plans to ensure you have all the options presented to cover everything you need.We were able to review our existing coverage and point out areas with gaps and areas of coverage that might not be needed. I never felt like I was being presented policies or coverage that was unnecessary, simply plans that fit my wife and I best.Highly recommended!!

Review №34

In my job as a Mortgage Loan Originator I work with many insurance agents. Sharlene Downs is the most professional and attentive I have ever met. Every mutual client we have worked with has had a great experiences. It is always a pleasure when I have the opportunity to work with Sharlene.

Review №35

Amazing customer service! Very professional and courteous!

Review №36

Customer Service thats goes the extra mile: I have been customer of Sharlene's agency for several years. I had my parents move their insurance to her as well. The customer service is outstanding. Proactive, every year one of her staff reviews our policies and offers suggestions for saving money. Helpful. My daughter had a flat tire in frigid weather, didn't have the number for roadside assistance, she called Sharlenes agency-- rather than just giving her the number, they made the call for her, and got somebody there immediately. Anytime there is a question, a claim or an issue Sharlene and her people do everything it takes and often a little bit extra. It's concierge service!

Review №37

I have been extremely happy and impressed with Sharlene's agency! I transferred to her agency on a recommendation from a friend and the personal service and willingness to answer any questions, no matter how small, and meet with me (several times) makes working with her a very good experience. I 100% recommend Sharlene to anyone looking for good and trustworthy insurance.

Review №38

Friendly, Responsive, Knowledgeable and Helpful. If these are the qualities you are searching for in an insurance agent...then look no further than the great people at the Sharlene Downs Agency.

Review №39

When I think of Sharlene, two qualities jump to mind: 1) readily accessible 2) speed. Even though Sharlene is the lead agent/owner, she's as personally available as you'd like her to be. She manages my family and business insurance needs. When I put a request into any business, I naturally expect a reply within 24 hours. With Sharlene, she replies within moments and often has a customized and affordable solution before end of the day. I've been with State Farm for more than 20 years across three different states and with four agents. All experiences have ranged from good to excellent. Without hesitation, I'd mark Sharlene excellent.

Review №40

I've been working with Mary and Sharlene for all of my insurance needs (Home, Vehicles, and Umbrella) over the past few years. They have always been great to work with! Mary is always quick to respond and process changes or provide details regarding my account any time I ask. I've been very satisfied with the service, with my only complaints being State Farm pricing for my homeowner's policy and the amount of time and effort I took to get my only homeowner's claim processed, which was an issue with Corporate, not the agency!

Review №41

Great agency, with the best team, ever, Sharlene and China!

Review №42

Just wanted to share this e-mail I sent to Mary Glynn in Sharlene's office today....Yes, definitely quite the day!!!! It just means that things are going to get better today. : )Again, thanks for making things easier for me. I may not tell you guys enough, but I love how amazing everyone is over in Sharlene’s office. EVERY single interaction I have had over the last 15 years has been nothing short of caring, thoughtful, helpful, and friendly. I love knowing that when I things aren’t going well when it comes to our house, our car, special events, you’ve got me covered. And you make things easy for me…. no jumping through hoops, no endless waiting, and overall care and concern for the well-being of me and my family… something I very much appreciate.Thank you for all that you do and I hope you get to enjoy this beautiful weather too.Sincerely,Nikki Broderick

Review №43

Sharlene's team is great. Always wonderful service. Thank you.

Review №44

I don’t quite know where to start with this group here. I was with a different insurance company until about 2 or 3 years ago when Sharlene asked if she could do a quote on my insurance. Her quote came back and she was saving me a significant amount of money while providing me with a better policy. At this point, I wouldn’t change my insurance even if someone told me that they could save me money. The amount of passion that Sharlene has for helping and taking care of her customers shines not only through her actions but also throughout her entire office. She has so much knowledge and has done a great job of sharing that with her office, who is also great at answering any questions or concerns that you may have. The whole staff over there is knowledgeable and caring and I can’t imagine having anyone else by my side when I have a home/auto incident. Like a good neighbor, they truly are always there.

Review №45

Awesome agency! Working with Sharlene and her team is so easy. They make everything simple and easy to understand. Whenever I call with a question or just stop in the office I’m always greeted with a friendly “hello” and “what can I do to help you today”. Very refreshing. You can tell everyone in the agency really enjoys being there and helping the clients. Highly recommend this agency

Review №46

Sharlene Downs is the type of agent who you want on your side. My wife and I started working with her around a year ago and have since been so impressed with her follow up, speed and knowledge, we've moved all of our auto and real estate policies to her and her team. It’s a breath of fresh air to have someone these days do what they say they’re going to do, on time, and with a smile! She is very hard working, smart and caring and it’s all 100% genuine. I recommend Sharlene and her wonderful team to everyone I meet when the subject is brought up. She’s earned our business and we are thankful to have her as an agent.

Review №47

It was years ago that I picked Sharlene Downs name from the yellow pages. Little did I know that I would be getting not only an incredible insurance agent, but also her fabulous team. Sharlene surrounds herself with excellence, and leads in an authentic and hospitable style From day one, our family has been given personal and professional attention to detail. Whether it is a teen getting their drivers license or adult child getting married and starting their own policy, we have been listened to and cared for, by this incredible team. I not only recommend Sharlene Downs Agency, but also invite you to take them up on their generous offer to evaluate your insurance needs.

Review №48

Sharlene and her team are great to work with! Not only is she prompt and professional, she's also friendly and puts your insurance worries at ease. She thoroughly explains everything with your policy and makes sure you get the coverage that you need. She is also willing to take a look at your current coverage, regardless of who it's with, and explain the things you may not be aware of that could pose future headaches. I absolutely recommend Sharlene for all of your insurance needs!

Review №49

Worst service ever no bill in the mail and found out I wasn't covered then they tried to double my monthly bill

Review №50

I have been enjoying exceptional service from Sharlene Downs and her staff since 1996. Over the years I had no trouble or complaints and they are always wonderful to work with.

Review №51

I have worked with Sharlene Downs and her entire team for my business for nearly 10 years, and they have always gone a step above in customer service, quality of service and care for detail. Throughout all of our many business insurance claims and needs, they have never disappointed...lightning, water damage, building damage, computer and equipment replacement - all of it. I also work with them for my home and auto, and I appreciate the consistent care, sound advice, and personal service the entire team provides for both my business and my personal insurance. Sharlene makes choosing the right policies so easy...and she is always just a phone call away.

Review №52

As a teen driver, I wouldn't want to go anywhere else for my car insurance! Sharlene and her team have gone above and beyond to explain everything and make it affordable for me! They provide exceptional customer service and are always there to help! I highly recommend this agency to everyone!

Review №53

Love Sharlene and her team! Common sense approach, looks at the big picture, has years of experience so nothing is ever a challenge. Very responsive, level-headed and compassionate when there is a crisis in your life...the perfect mix you want in an Insurance Agency.I've been with her for over 10+ years and have made dozens of word of mouth recommendations for her. Every person who went on to sign up, has come back to tell me of either a cost savings she found or a new approach to their insurance needs that they were excited about.

Review №54

After having some unfavorable outcomes from our previous insurance agent/agency my wife and I decided to make a change. We did our research and checked out the other top insurance companies and landed with Sharlene at State Farm. They not only provided us the best coverage, they also provided the best monthly premiums.Being first-time home owners, Charlene was very patient and explained everything we needed to know regarding how to protect our assets. My wife and I had endless questions and Sharlene was able to provide detailed answers to all of them and then provided answers to questions we did not know to ask. We have not currently had any claims filed, so I am not able to speak towards how well that aspect is handled. However, I anticipate it will be as smooth and easy as all of our interactions have been thus far.We have spoken with several of her office staff and they have also been very helpful and polite. Bottom line, we would and have recommended Sharlene and State Farm to our family and friends.

Review №55

I have been working with Sharlene as my insurance agent for nearly 20 years. I wish I could report that I have been free of all needs from an insurance company, but I am not a perfect driver nor am I particularly lucky. I can report however that either one of her extremely helpful staff or Sharlene herself have always provided me with the highest quality of service. They are quick to return my calls and provide me with everything I need for both my home and my car. I could not imagine trusting anyone else!

Review №56

Sharlene is amazing! If you haven't been to her office, you need to check it out. It is the coziest and warmest insurance office you will probably every be in. She is truly remarkable in how passionate she is in educating people, particularly when it comes to teens driving, renter's insurance and all the little details people don't think to ask about. Amazing service!

Review №57

When I started my business over 3 years ago, I needed a trusted source for all of my insurance needs. My family was using a different insurance agent for our personal insurance, but after working with Sharlene and her team at State Farm in Chanhassen it was clear we were working with some of the best people in the business and we immediately moved our personal insurance to her along with all of our business lines of insurance. I cannot say enough good things about Sharlene and her team, they have been extremely helpful and responsive whenever we have questions or need to make a change in our insurance. Her team has become a critical part of the success of our business and provided complete piece of mind for our personal insurance needs.

Review №58

Out of this world service!! It's easy to trust Sharlene, as she is so knowledgeable about insurance and helps you understand what you need! Great experience!

Review №59

I used the same insurance company my entire adult life until two years ago when I switched to State Farm. Sharlene has saved me money and provided exceptional service while making the somewhat dry process of discussing insurance enjoyable due to her lovely personality. She is an extremely responsive individual and her entire staff embodies her values. I highly recommend Sharlene Downs!

Review №60

Sharlene and her staff are the best in the business! As a mortgage professional I recommend all of my clients speak to Sharlene. She sits with all of the clients and educates them on every aspect of their insurance. She and her staff are very customer focused and are there when you need them most!

Review №61

I am local Realtor in Sharlene's neighborhood who has introduced many new neighbors to Sharlene and the team!Their support in assisting my clients (myself included) has made me look like a Rock star! They have saved my clients time, money and most importantly stress when looking for the right coverage.I highly encourage you to reach out to them if are making any life changes and looking for quality service along the way.

Review №62

As an IT professional I assumed I could decipher the world of insurance on my own using the internet to price out my options. Sharlene immediately found me significant savings and expanded my coverage in minutes, she also took the time to over the phone and in person to explain the things I had missed. There is still something to say about an experienced insurance agent tailoring a solution for you and Sharlene does this in spades. Thank you!

Review №63

Sharlene and her team are great! They do an excellent job of explaining things in a way that is easy to understand. They also recommended and helped me get the best coverage to protect my assets, giving me a piece of mind!

Review №64

Excellent customer service! I have been with Sharlene since aprox 1990! She and her staff are always courteous, knowledgeable and follow through with answering any questions promptly. We have many different types of policies with Sharlene and have had no issues at all in all of these years with Sharlene, her staff or State Farm. Thanks Sharlene and Staff for all you do!

Review №65

Sharlene is second to none. She is a world-class insurance provider with impeccable communication, integrity, and customer service. So glad I was introduced to her!

Review №66

Sharlene and her staff are outstanding. We previously had insurance through a brokerage and I did not have a clue what was insured through who.When I finally took the time to switch over, I realized I had been putting it off because I thought it was going to be a lot more work than it was. I took all of our insurance documents into her and she and her staff sorted through them. All I had to do was sign the papers and pay for the premiums. Not only that, but we saved several hundred dollars than what we were paying to all of the other companies...and now all of our insurance is in one place.I could not say enough good things about Sharlene Downs and her office. If you have the opportunity, sit down with her. It is worth your time.

Review №67

Sharlene and her team, wow!!! We are glad to work with a group that is attentive, friendly, helpful and ensures that we feel valued as a customer. I recommend Sharlene and her team for your insurance needs. Give her a call!!

Review №68

Made a very important, and life-changing purchase of auto, rental, and life insurance products to be as easy and comfortable as possible. Alex is your go to gal for quick, yet caring service. She'll take care of all your questions.

Review №69

Sharlene, is an exceptional insurance agency, I have never had such a good experience before. She laid out so many options that would make my policy affordable, and did such a great job at explaining everything!! I'll never go anywhere else!

Review №70

Sharlene Downs is the best insurance agent in the business! I have been with Sharlene since she first opened her agency in 1989. That is when we moved to Eden Prairie. My former insurance agent had become hard to get in touch with at times so I decided to switch to someone local and Sharlene’s office was just down the road. At the time she was new in the business and very gung ho, just what I was looking for in an insurance agent. The great thing is she has built her agency into an extremely well ran business and she is still as gung ho as ever. Her staff is very friendly, knowledgeable and easy to get in touch with. If there is any reason you may think that your current agent is not doing as much for you as you hoped, you owe it to yourself to give Sharlene a chance. I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

Review №71

For years I have known that the Downs Agency's motto was to make make sure they made your day when you call. They are so awesome at assisting all of my insurance needs, sometimes, I want to call for other matters.

Review №72

Sharlene Down’s State Farm Insurance Agency out of Chanhassen is excellent. My family transitioned our insurance to Sharlene’s office almost 2 years ago after she was recommended to us. Since that time we have met to review our insurance coverages annually (something that wasn’t happening before Sharlene). We have been extremely happy with the service she and her staff provide. I have great confidence when I recommend Sharlene and her office to my family and friends.

Review №73

Sharlene Downs has been my agent for years. I am not sure exactly how many but I would say 15+. I have been w/ State Farm for over 30 years and she became my agent when I lived in the SW metro. She and her staff are amazing. They are well informed, extremely helpful and so friendly.Recently I had 2 claims w/in a month on my auto insurance. The first claim I needed to make a dr. visit, rent a car and have my vehicle fixed. Allie was so helpful as was Mary. Then about a week or two after getting my vehicle back from the collision place I hit a deer and did a lot of damage to my vehicle.I needed a rental and major repairs on my vehicle. In both cases the process was flawless. I love dealing with them all at Sharlene's office. You know whoever helps you is going to have the answers to your questions. What is great is Sharlene has answered the phone when I have called. She never acts too busy to help or assist. 4 years ago I moved an hour or so away from the area and prefer to keep Sharlene and her staff as my agency.Allie is amazing at going over my policies with me via the phone to make sure I have adequate coverage and also that I am not paying for coverage I do not need.As large a company as State Farm is, the service by Sharlene and her staff is so personal and I do not feel like I am just a number. They care about their clients and I know they will make sure if I have a valid claim it will get paid. Love knowing they have my best interest in their minds too. Thank you to all of you at Sharlene Downs office. You are great!!!

Review №74

I recently moved to the Chanhassen area and was referred to the Sharlene Downs State Farm Insurance Agency by one of her current customers. Sharlene and her team are very professional and helpful. I insured my home, auto, motorcycle and boat with her I saved money and the process was very easy. I feel fortunate to have found them and I would recommend their services to anyone.

Review №75

Sharlene and her team know insurance inside and out! Ask for a second opinion, and you'll probably get a better product for a better rate than you are paying now.

Review №76

Christians, Inc. appreciates Sharlene Downs and her hard working group at State Farm in Chanhassen. Like a "good neighbor," Sharlene is always there to help.

Review №77

Sharlene makes sure you understand what coverage you and - and DON'T have. Now I feel like I really AM insured for all those things we hope don't happen!

Review №78

This agency is top notch. The customer service is excellent along with friendly staff!!!

Review №79

Switched from Farmers couple years ago because I was never informed of better rates or options. Her and the staff take great care of all the needs and are very quick to update policies.

Review №80

Always great and fast service! All the staff is excellent!

Review №81

Great to work with! So down to earth and helpful!

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