Capital One Bank
14001 Lee Jackson Memorial Hwy, Chantilly, VA 20151, United States
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I called the contact center this morning and inquired about doing an international wire transfer. The contact center rep called the capital one Chantilly branch and confirmed that if I at least came before 5 p.m. they could complete the paperwork and the wire would be processed starting the next business dayI entered the branch at 3:45 p.m. today, the asian male teller who looked hungover with no name tag, very rudely told me to come back tomorrow after I had told him I was there to do an international wire transfer.I told him that I had contacted the contact center and they confirmed with the branch that I could come in at least fill out the paperwork and pay the fee today. He went to his supervisor who was another lady who worked there. She approached and again: no name tag or introduction, she just told me that they stop processing any wires after 3 p.m. I again told her that I confirmed with the contact center that I should be at least able to do the wire form in the branch for processing the next business day. She said they don't do it after 3 pm. And refused to do her job.I called the contact center back and spoke with the rep and even his supervisor who both confirmed that this Branch was incorrect in refusing my request.I asked them if they could call the branch and explain to them that they were wrong, but instead told me that they would just pass my concerns along to Senior Management.I don't go to bank branches to fill out complaint forms. I barely go to them at all. But the fact that capital one closed so many branches, I expected the quality of service to increase in the remaining locations. But unfortunately it seems like they closed half their branches and the quality of the in-Branch experience has to recap:I was greeted by a non professional-looking teller who was rude. Then approached by a woman with no name tag or introduction, who refused to perform her duties.I would love to hear what excuses these people have for not doing their jobs today, but if I had to guess I would say it's because they're just plain old lazy and stupid.

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I went into the branch to do a deposit, I had written my account number down on a slip of paper and gave it to the teller. My transaction was processed and I left.I had to come back a few hours later to make another deposit, but when I had entered the branch I saw that the slip of paper that I had given the teller earlier, was now sitting on the edge of the counter where all customers who approached the window could see. I brought this to the attention of the teller who was an Asian male, and he apologized saying that he didn't see it.I'm not sure how the paper with my account number got back to the customer side of the counter when I had handed him the paper that makes me very concerned to know that at any moment my account number could be in full view of anyone who approaches a teller window.

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Overall I thought the branch was kind of dirty, there was a lot of loose paper around the floor on the entryway, when I came in the employees looked kind of annoyed that they had to work.I'm honestly kind of scared to write this one-star review because I fear retaliation from the poor looking employees who have access to all of my private financial data.

Review №4

Edna and the whole squad are amazing. Always takes care of me and our business.

Review №5

Horrible slow service inside and atms never work.

Review №6

Unprofessional! Stupid! Rude! Staff in this bruch

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I take care of my elderly moms bills through her acct at Capital One. On 8/6 I made a terrible mistake and paid the wrong company 1,430.04 thru her online banking. I realized the mistake a couple of days later and tried to stop the bank check. It didnt work, I then put a stop payment on it. Nothing happened-nothing credited back, but they did take the stop payment fee of course!. I tried to call a couple of weeks later when I got the check returned from the payee i accidentally paid, and I was to simply mail it to a PO Box in NC and they would credit it back to the acct. That never happened so I had my mom with me and walked into the Chantilly office and spoke to Andrew Clark the bank manager know what happened and that we just want the $ credited back to her acct. He assured us he would look into it , find out where i sent it in NC and either way he would make sure it was credited back to my moms acct in a couple of days. That was 9/25. Then I finally got the paper check back from the PO stating that the PO Box didnt exist that i sent it to in NC. I figured I might have written it down wrong. I then call Andrew Clarke to tell him I got the check back in the mail and he said it would be great if i just mailed him the check (Im still baffled as to why all of this was taking so long because most people arent lucky enough to get a check back- they just stop payment on a check and as long as it hasnt been cashed the bank will just credit it back to your acct!) He said he would call me as soon as he got it. I mailed it from Va to Va on 10/15 figured he would get it on the 16th or 17 and surely call me OR better yet just credit it back to my moms acct but no call, no credit. I then called on Oct 25 and he said they JUST got it and he was working on it???? I asked him why this is taking so long? He said that if I hadnt stopped payment on it, he could have credited it back a lot easier and that he is working on it. WHAT??? I stopped payment on it on 8/8/19 and my 85 year old mother STILL to this day does NOT HAVE HER 1,430.04. The bank took it out of her acct the day it was issued and no one has cashed the check BUT she STILL doesnt have her money back almost 90 days later!!! I would take all of her $ and open an account at another bank if I had the energy to go through all of her "auto pays" and transfer them to a different bank! Maybe she will NEVER get it back with no explanation why-then we would have to go to court. Maybe I should just call 7 on your side (just thought of that) there is no monkey business going on, they just havent got around to crediting it back to her account! Such BS!

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Pakistani woman named Sana was very rude.

Review №9

They treat me like family at this branch. Great staff and fast service, what more can I ask for.

Review №10

Very good customer service

Review №11

This location has extremely tight parking so please be careful. The branch itself is extremely clean, and the lines are very long even though they had several tellers working. It’s a bank so I really can’t complain

Review №12

I have had good service with them

Review №13

The branch manager is extremely rude and unprofessional. I did not like the comments he made regarding my business account. He is always in his office and unwilling to assist customers. Not happy about my overall experience with Capital one.

Review №14

One of the most disorganized places I have ever been. Considering it is one of the only branches with physical tellers in the area, you would think the customer service and attentiveness would be better. When I arrived there were at least 10 employees whom were not helping customers, yet it took me 25 minutes to be called.When I was finally called the only response anyone could give me was, " We can't help you". Long story short, my wallet had been stolen from my car that morning, which had my bank card, and valid ID. The only other ID I had expired exactly 2 weeks ago. Disappointing that they couldn't help me at least cancel my check card to avoid any fraudulent charges.

Review №15

One of the few branches in NOVA with actual tellers, so expect a wait time. No restrooms available for customers, which is too bad. Clean, and the staff seem nice enough. Ask for Nancy T.! She's so helpful and kind.

Review №16

I'm not sure if this is a bank standard now but I brought my coins here to deposit in my account and they said they don't accept loose coins anymore, it has to be wrapped in a cardboard that has label on it. I had my coins organized and separated by unit. Most of the transactions now are done online and less people go to the bank than it used to be which means physical banks has less to do now and they still took the only thing you can't do online or through the atm out of thier work. Don't make coins anymore if you will not accept it.

Review №17

Horrible customer service ever. They don't care who came first..i won't come here again.

Review №18

Lack of parking space, not enough staff, too crowded with long wait time now

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  • Address:14001 Lee Jackson Memorial Hwy, Chantilly, VA 20151, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 703-263-1415
  • ATM
  • Bank
  • Loan agency
  • Money transfer service
Working hours
  • Monday:9am–5pm
  • Tuesday:9am–5pm
  • Wednesday:9am–5pm
  • Thursday:9am–5pm
  • Friday:9am–5pm
  • Saturday:9am–12pm
  • Sunday:Closed
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Cash advance:Yes
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