United States Postal Service
4410 Brookfield Corporate Dr, Chantilly, VA 20151, United States
Review №1

This is by far the worst customer service I have ever received from a business. I work for an elementary school and we've had our mail on hold since our building was closed from COVID-19. I've gone in twice now to get the hold taken off and the first time the lady told me that it was, but when we started not to receive mail a few days after, I knew it wasn't. Today I went in to get the hold off again and the lady gave me my mail, but said the mail carrier has attempted multiple times, but couldn't deliver the mail. We have a person at the school who is there every day from around 8:30am-5pm and she never saw him. The post office lady said that since the building is closed we can't drop it off which makes sense, however I told her the building is actually open just by appointment only and all he needs to do is ring the doorbell and someone will let him in. She said he has 600 deliveries and can't wait for someone to let him in. Then what am I suppose to do, leave the door open for strangers to come into a school!! Before the virus, he would always ring the bell, we'd let him in and get our mail. He is a good mail carrier and I have no problems with him. He is alwaysnalways and we really like him a lot. We just want our mail to not be on hold. He just needs to ring the bell like he always has. Sorry for the rant, but we're a business and shouldn't be treated like this when we have multiple folks getting mail everyday.

Review №2

This was one of the fastest, easiest visits I've ever had at a USPS branch. The line moved quickly and the older gentleman helping me was incredibly informative and quick at the register. I'll always use this branch from now on!

Review №3

I've been going to this post office for at least 20 years. Staff are helpful, courteous, professional. Big selection of stamps and mail merchandise including cards. At one time I rented a P.O. box here for a business. Never had a problem.

Review №4

2 of my packages have been lost in these last 2 weeks. They constantly deliver my mail to wrong addresses or they just simply lose my packages. The tracking always states that the package was delivered in my mailbox, which I check constantly, and nothing is ever there. I just want my mail for once with no issues.

Review №5

My package was scheduled to be delivered yesterday 2018/3/30 by 8 PM. The tracking info is shown below. But I have never made such a request to have my package held at the office!!! It seems to be the fall back for an unsuccessfully attempted delivery. Like so many other bad experiences in the reviews shared by others, I was at home all day, along with my wife, waiting for the package. When the tracking info showed the attemp was made at 4;45 PM, there were no door bell ring nor knock on my door.Then, after notified by the tracking system, I called the Chantilly postal office just about 5 PM, the message said they don't answer call after 5. The next morning I called again at 9:15, there was nobody to answer the call.Chantilly postal office: you need to address your problems to provide satisfying services.

Review №6

My tracking info said that my package was ready for pickup at this post office, but when I got there absolutely no one had any idea where my package was. I was told to leave my contact information, and someone would get back to me. When I got home, I decided to check my mailbox, just to make sure the package hadn't been left there. And, what do you know?! My package was sitting in my mailbox. Ironically, about 5 minutes later, USPS calls to tell me they have no idea where my package could be. Well, if your carriers bothered to keep tracking information up-to-date, maybe you guys would know where people's mail is. That is, after all, your entire job.

Review №7

I use this post office quite a bit. The employees who staff the counter have always been friendly and helpful. They point out the best way to ship whatever you're sending - such as whether to use Priority Mail or Express Mail, or just first class, which is sometimes less expensive & gets there just as fast. If you filled out the wrong form, they give you the right one and let you stand off to the side to fill it out, then take care of you, so you don't have to wait in line again. I have heard the manager talking to a person with a complaint. She was polite and tried hard to solve the issue (I left before they resolved it). I really like the selection of greeting cards, boxes, envelopes, and the self-service stations. The parking lot could use some new paving, but overall it's a great post office. It does have handicap & wheelchair accessiblity. There are also drive-up mail boxes if you don't need to come in to the building. The location also has post office boxes and you can initiate a passport application here.

Review №8

I’ve lost ups. I’ve lost fed ex. I have never lost anything sent usps. Always professional and courteous

Review №9

The Service for the post man is terrible,I lost many products tha I ordered online.This is the fourth time i have made a complaint and there is no solutionI feel disappointed.

Review №10

Applied for passport renewal, done in five minutes. Best service

Review №11

I cannot thank Frank enough. I hope he has the opportunity to see this review. I was having a challenging day to say the least with competing priorities. I was frustrated with a very confusing Ebay return of a large awkward package. I was stressed trying to get thing in the mail by COB, which was apparently the last day I could return the item. I was rushing to make it before the post office before it closed. He could tell I needed help. He came out to my car with me, carried this awkward package into the post office, taped on the label and taped up the box itself.He made a very difficult day bearable.Thank you Frank, from the bottom of my heart.

Review №12

This is absolutely the worst post office for package delivery. The are CONSISTENTLY failing. My overnight package had to be picked up hours after it was supposed to be delivered because they “did not have anyone to deliver it.” I have to call EVERY time I am supposed to receive a package because they said it is delivered and it is NOT. If there was another service provider, I would absolutely NEVER use USPS for anything.

Review №13

Went to pick up held mail at the window listed “Held Mail” and now one behind the counter would help not even the free people. It was closing time so someone final helped because I was the last customer left. Closing time 2pm I arrived at 1:35pm.When it was quitting time they got motivated, thank God it wasn’t raining.I guess they get one star for showing up.

Review №14

I don't like going into this post office at all!! They lost my package and had no trace of it. I was never delivered a slip or notified of my package being there. The lines were long and there was a verbal fight in my line on a Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. Not even during after work hours. The only reason I give this 2 stars is because the man that helped me was at least nice and tried to help.

Review №15

No one answer the phone for more than 30 minutes

Review №16

Very rude customer service, There is no professionalism in this place.

Review №17

Consistently rude and unhelpful. Waited in line to but stamps and pick up package for 20 min. When called to the desk, was told I had to wait in the package puck up line (for another 30 min).

Review №18

Best USPS ever i went to.. Easy and fast..

Review №19

Worse place ever. I got a notice to pick up my package, when I come for my package, they said they cant find it and ask me to come back. Now I am back again 2nd time and they said it is lost.

Review №20

I wish I know the name of the staff who acted so rudely and unprofessionally. Trash

Review №21

I’d give it a 1/4 of a star if I could for the few occasions they deliver mail correctly. Lost packages, lost mail, getting mail from addresses not even close to us. Never had a worst experience at a post office. Current package I’m waiting on says it was delivered 9 days ago, I never got it. If they try to deliver a package to my door and I’m not home and it requires a signature, they don’t leave a note, no email, nothing. Went on vacation for 3 weeks and had my mail put on hold. When I got back, went to the post office and said they couldn’t find it, but they’ll keep an eye out for it. Never got it, completely lost 3 weeks of mail. Seems like the trashy woman delivering our meal just can’t read. And everyone working at the office just doesn’t care.

Review №22

After i drop off my package got tracking # and receipt, usps 2 weeks later send me a letter saying they can not proceed shipment because bad prepaid label what I had. My wife came there and tried to figure everything out, end up saying we need to get new label,but usps force to take my shipment back (shipment was 4 big auto tires). she said there is no way she can take them, she will be back with new label. Eventually i got there is morning they are telling me they do not have tires,they put them upfront and they gone, claiming i pick them up and there is nothing they can do. Manager name Sybil Koroma while was talking to me just turn around and left. I end up filing claim against manager and theft claim

Review №23

Great service, I went in and out for sending my packages out for my personal errands. At first, I had trouble but thanks to their website on the directions and options they had at this specific branch or area. The people are okay and know what you needed even if you do not know. good work!

Review №24

Terrible customer service given over the phone, they will just hang up on you because they have attitudes. My normal mail carrier is great, literally the only good things about this location. This place needs a real management overhaul. Disgraceful

Review №25

Even though it was annoying to have to go through the all the steps with the automated calling system to finally speak with someone, Anita or Akita, I can't remember which but she was very helpful and resolved my issue very quickly.

Review №26

Currently on hold with the “customer care center” (ha!) to report our carrier (again) for failing to deliver packages and marking them as delivered (again).Can’t wait until their absorbed into the private sector. Use UPS and FedEx whenever possible and end the post office!

Review №27

After being blatantly lied to by the manager I feel compelled to write this review. I'm a local business and rely on shipping my goods. There are other USPS locations with nicer people working, GO THERE. Your success in life is based largely around how you treat people, if this USPS keeps it up, it will be closed in no time.

Review №28

Carrier barely has a pulse. Dropped off a package at my house which was intended for an address 2 miles away. The address on the label was NO WHERE close to the address of delivery. The USPS customer service line is no help! Automated system with no ability to speak to a human being. I constantly receive mail intended for another address. Attention to detail is a concept not understood at this location.

Review №29

Lmao,I now understand why they have a 1.9 over all rating. Not even gunna take my time out to say anymore.

Review №30

Worst employees, they dont turn their phone lines as if they are always on holiday. No matter what time I call I just get the auto message please try to call during our administrative hours 9 to 5 and even at 12 PM it's like the office is closed forever been calling them since 20 days the first time they did pick the phone said it takes 10 days to receive mail when changing address and now after 10 days I am just calling and calling and nothing except the auto message. Worst worst worst customer service.

Review №31

This office is responsible for the mail delivery in my area, and they are absolutely atrocious. This is now the third time that a package I was expecting that day was not delivered, but they claim that delivery was attempted and I was not available/didn't answer the door. According to their tracking, delivery was attempted at 4:22pm, shortly after I returned home from work. At that time, I was waiting for my wife to return home, within 20ft of our front door. There is no way that they knocked on our door or rang the bell without my hearing it. They also claim to have left a note with instructions, but no such note was left on my door. I can say that with confidence, because I was outside at approximately 4:30pm, only 8 minutes after the note was supposedly left on my door. So either it was put on my door so poorly that it flew away within that 8 minutes, or it was never put there. This is a pattern with this post office, and it's bulls*** because there is literally nothing you can do about it. When I pay for UPS shipping, I don't want them to transfer it to this ridiculously incompetent government agency so my packages can get lost within 10 miles of my home. If UPS is going to make this a permanent practice, I'll start using Fedex from here on out. Absolutely TERRIBLE postal service.

Review №32

Although this branch is often very busy, the staff at this Post Office is always helpful and cheerful. The wall of supplies is always well stocked and the staff will help out with missing neccesities (tape, marker for example) if needed. Their greeting card wall has a GREAT selection of clever cards. I enjoy waiting in line next to that wall.......

Review №33

Our mailman is fantastic, but service at the post office is generally terrible. Here we are 4 days after a major snowstorm and the ONLY thing NOT open in Chantilly is the post office. They didn't even bother to update their recorded message to announce they were closed. So I drove over only to find one guy with a snow shovel clearing one sidewalk. No plowing had been done at all. There was plenty of advance notice of this storm and it is obvious the post office did literally nothing to prepare. The fact that they couldn't change their recorded message to say they were closed is ridiculous. Seriously, if this post office were a normal business everyone would be fired and it would be out of business. But I guess that's the attitude that comes with being a consumer of endless taxpayer dollars. No accountability at all. I doubt anyone from the post office pays attention to these reviews, but perhaps there is one diligent employee who actually cares about performance.

Review №34

I visited yesterday and was really surprised. The staff was very nice. They was a big line but the staff started coming helping people in the line. USPS improved so much all the Bank of America branches should learn from them. I'm not going to Fedex or Ups any more.

Review №35

No one answer the phone and continue to get auto messages during normal business hours. I tried multiple times in several months but never get success.

Review №36

What can you say. It’s the USPS. They must be hiring their employees from the DMV.

Review №37

Zinger z is a moron thank goodness the post office doesn't run by his rules...I kinda like that I need to show I.D, in person to pick something up I don't want people stealing my stuff...And seriously man why are you holding up the lines bumming tape from the clerks pack your stuff up at home !...But seriously this post office is great everyone there are the most helpful and nicest people you could ask for,I go out of my way to use this office

Review №38

I would rate with lower if possible. My package was marked as undeliverable to my apartment. I attempted to call this office no less than 30 times over the course of 4 days for them to hold my package until I could take off of work to come pick it up. To no avail, they did not answer the phone, not once.Upon arriving at the office (at 4:50pm) there was a relatively long line with one lady working the counter while two others counted their money drawers. I finally made it to the front of the line (at 5:10pm) only to be guided to step aside and wait for someone from the back to assist me. I waited for another 5 minutes for someone to assist. I explained to the gentleman my situation and he then told me he would have to go search the facility. After waiting another 15 minutes, the gentleman could not find the package. He then took down my information to see if he could locate it online. The tracking shows this facility still has the package but no one can seem to locate it. They took down my information once again and stated they would notify me the next day after speaking to the carrier as to the whereabouts of the package.Not only is the post office location service poor, the carrier is absolutely awful. Everyday, I get my neighbors' mail. In the 2 months, live lived at my address, I've only received my mail 1 time. I'm not sure where my mail has been going. I would assume to other addresses who simply toss it out.I may revise my review if this matter gets resolved but I think this office needs to be reviewed but upper levels.

Review №39

I have been using this branch for 10 years and the customers are more of a problem than anything else. The staff has always been friendly and helpful. Yes you may have to wait in line for service but that is everywhere. At least they have made great progress in revamping be the different ways to ship.

Review №40

Constantly loses packages and misplaces mail in mail boxes in our neighborhood. Can't wait for the drones!

Review №41

Always helpful and friendly staff. You deserve 5 stars :)

Review №42

Doesn’t deliver packages on time, rude employees, long wait times, inaccurate shipment updates. Pretty much what you’d expect from the government.

Review №43

Held mail was supposed to be delivered 12/24. Never delivered. On hold with the USPS for 30 minutes to track it down. Said they would send an urgent request to the post office and gave me the Chantilly post office phone number. Called it 3 times. It says to enter your remote access code. What is this??? oh and then it hangs up.

Review №44

Could care less about paying customer

Review №45

I had a package worth a substantial amount of money accidentally sent to my former address. I contacted them three times in order to ensure that it would be forwarded to my new home. Every time I was told that it would, without fail, be sent to the new address. Instead they returned the item to the sender. Now, not only am I out the item, but the seller can relist and resell the item, as well as keep my money. Be extremely wary with the staff here, as they clearly do not care about you.

Review №46

This has been my local post office for 23 years. I use it monthly on average, to buy stamps and greeting cards, send last-minute Priority Mail Express envelopes, mail packages, return mail-order items, assure delivery of time-critical items, and ask dumb and/or irritating questions. The clerks consistently provide excellent and friendly service. They volunteer packaging, time, and cost options to save me time or money, even when I don't ask. When the line gets long, a supervisor or clerk checks to see how s/he can help. The employees are professionals.

Review №47

Wouldn't even give them a star I got a final notice from then when I never got the original notice and I scheduled redelivery for yesterday and guess what no package.

Review №48

This post office was terrible only the people at the front desk were nice every one else was just grumpy. We waited like 40 minutes just to get a passport photo only to find out we couldn't, it was so annoying.

Review №49

People work here are so lazy, i have scheduled many pick ups at my resident and package never get picked up, 3-4 times and yet USPS still dare to send me email to confirm that my package was "successfully picked up". Unbelievable

Review №50

My mail carrier puts my mail in anyone's mail box but mine! I have lost pack after package! My last package tracking number shows states that it was delivered and placed in my mailbox at 6:20pm last night. I just opened my mail box. There's nothing but junk mail in there! Did he put it in someone else's box or simply kept it for himself? I'm out $429.00 and extremely pissed off!

Review №51

I have been calling this "building" all morning with the number an employee gave me to contact him. The phone was never did offer a recording requesting an access code, which of course, I did not have. I have yet to speak to anyone, just a few choice words to the building!

Review №52

I wouldn’t even give them 1 star. Janette a supervisor there said she would call me back regarding a lost laptop that was supposedly delivered on September 2 a Sunday at 5pm.Now upon speaking with my regular post office carrier (the Monday-Friday) guy, he told me that the Sunday carrier told them the package was actually brought back to the Chantilly hub but he said that’s a lie because he would have seen and delivered it on his regular route.Horrible customer service and mail is always “lost”.

Review №53

Frank is very professional guy

Review №54

There are only two people here who are extremely helpful and kind.. that's Jaime the male counter agent and an older Hispanic woman who helps with mail pick up or questions. Everyone else has been rude or blatantly ignores you. I'm usually very patient and try to give the benefit of the doubt but this is almost every time I come in here now.

Review №55

Very BAD service. I did not receive my mails and package that are supposed to be forwarded to my new address. I called 4 times and they said that it will be forwarded and not to worry. But instead they mailed my stuff back to the sender!! This is BS!

Review №56

I wish I could give zero stars. For starters, I had a mail hold while I was out of the country in December only to come home to mail jammed in my mail box as well as packages left on my front steps, all by my normal carrier, as I have surveillance on my front steps. Went to the local office and spoke with Lia who was to call me back, and nothing!!! She tried to blame the issue on alternate carriers, however I had the normal carrier on video... so nice try.Now I have a missing package, that they are claiming was delivered to my front steps yesterday, which I have video of, that shows no one was on my front steps yesterday. I received a message from a Victor Garza who stated he was having issues with my tracking number to call him back, to which the main post office number is a recording that advises to call during business hours 9-5 ( which is now) and then just disconnects!!I hate this post office and they obviously do not care at ALL about helping the customer. I have never had such a horrible carrier or staff then what I have now! IF only someone actually cared there, which they don't and no complaint or plea for help is actually heard or acted on!!

Review №57

The workers at this place are the worse. They act shocked and confused or agitated to find themselves being asked questions about their services like "Where's my mail?"It is a very uneasy feeling to find these people in charge of something so necessary to one's everyday life.American Postal Workers Union Motto:We're Government.We're UNIONWe don't give a $#!+!

Review №58

Stopped using this location for a while and made a mistake of giving another chance. The manager is the problem of this location and everyone knows it. 20+ in line, 1 service rep, 10 min per customer. I've waited almost 40 min, after 4 customers, I had to leave. Someone asked the manager to bring out more reps, who was chatting with a lady about some food and divorce, declined saying "you just have to wait in line" Avoid this location. Just drive a few miles and go to Centreville.

Review №59

I have had 5 packages (maybe 6 now) delivered to the wrong address (scanned at the wrong house). 3 of these were on different days last week. Now I have a package that says out for delivery today but our mail is already here and no package. Also, we regularly have misdelivered regular mail. Terrible attention to detail and sorting!

Review №60

Horrible delivery service and by that I mean H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E!!!! They lose all my MFing mail. They don't even deserve this 1 start, they deserve-5. The only thing consistent about this post office is that they are CONSTANTLY B-A-D!!!

Review №61

Exceptional customer service. Polite, helpful, and upbeat staff made my visit a success!

Review №62

Called their Chantilly number directly at about 10:45 am on a Thursday. Got a message saying to call back Monday-Friday during administrative business hours of 9 am to 5 pm, then the call disconnects. Hmm.

Review №63

For whatever reason, they have just stopped coming to pick up or drop off mail. For a week now, no one has shown up. Before that, they were completely unreliable. We never knew whether the mailman would come or not. I've called so many times trying to resolve this issue to no avail. If you can avoid this Post Office, I recommend you do.

Review №64

Never received a birthday card from my parents. Over two months later it returns to them marked as "undeliverable," despite having the correct address and ZIP Code on the envelope. This branch has serious issues; incorrect sorting and misdelivered/damaged mail and packages also seem to be the rule rather than the exception. At least I don't have to worry about medicine going missing like one of my neighbors.

Review №65

I own a small business with mail delivery from the Brookfield Corporate Dr. location and they have done a terrible job with consistently delivering our mail. Dozens of lost checks and other items, we went almost a week with no mail delivery at all!

Review №66

The employees just don't care enough, always very slow moving. No one smiles, No help offered. they'll up sell your shipping and still make you pay for supplies you ended up not needing.

Review №67

Since the most senior employee, Mike, of the post office retired months ago, service has really gone down for deliveries. My apt. community on the east end of its service area, had a wonderful mailman until 3 or so months ago who rarely made any delivery errors.When became available in mid 2017, signed up for USPS Informed Delivery at their website showing images scanned at the local USPS regioonal center of what letter sized pieces of mail and packages should receive each day (limited to 10 per day and only residences). Since March, I nearly did not receive one package and a few pieces of letter size mail did not receive at all. For a package with medications, I caught one of the new mailmen serving my neighborhood before he left as was home when he arrived and he retrieved the small package which was tracking scanned out of the mailbox of an adjacent apt. building after he had me run to the leasing office who he claimed received all packages. For letter sized mail, did not receive a bank statement, a credit card statement (that a neighbor left at the building entrance mailboxes), a water bill, and the cable bill earlier this week. Other than the bank statement which when called they re mailed, was able to print the others online (takes time). I prefer paper mail copies as getting older never know when end up in the hospital for a while and if paperless good luck with someone taking over your affairs temporary (learned from my mom who was not paperless at all). Each piece on the USPS Informed Delivery website not received I Submitted (1 click) reporting. I am expecting a day not far in the future they will lose something to be received really critical and given the loss and possibly theft reviews by this post office on Google here, will turn the matter over to the USPS Inspection Service in Merrifield.In our community, we have an internal social media page with several reports over the last 3 months of residents of packages misdelivered and not received. Also funny but sad, received in my mailbox and scanned in my USPS Informed Delivery account a bank statement for someone else in another neighborhood in my zip code. Knowing from experience leaving it at the apt. building mailboxes under cover or who knows when I would get to the one of less than 10 out of my way (though do much bill paying online) remaining blue boxes served by this post office, it not get out in the return mail stream for a week. Being a good Samaritan and catching the 2nd mailman delivering in our neighborhood at an another apt. building there, I handed him the piece of mail mentioning it was misdelivered, he was rude not even responding with a word (unsure his issue).An issue for years, don't even bother calling this PO until 10 or 10:30am as they will not answer the phones before then even though opening the door at 9am. Same experience reported by an old neighbor in a community I moved from in the same zip code. Late last year, did not receive from DMV my identity card on the day showing on my USPS Informed Delivery account that day. Next day called the PO every 10 minutes starting at 9:15am and no one picked up the phone until 10:45am. Fortunately, that item showed up that day. Note, occasionally a day lag when the mail is scanned by USPS Informed Delivery and when it is delivered.Lack of reliability sometimes is another reason why the USPS is in the financial hole. For my Express Scripts meds deliveries, USPS has lost my business to UPS and Fedex who seldom have issues (yes week after Thanksgiving UPS gets slammed and days delays). Likewise, when available if not exorbitant cost for my holiday Christmas packages later this year I order online.Only reasons give this review 3 stars: Outgoing mail nearly always makes it to destinations. If something critical, I pay for USPS Tracking, though on occasion for packages depending on size and weight, have found UPS to be cheaper. PO counter service, when seldom go there, is courteous though can be slow at busier times, as usually buy my stamps at the grocery stores closer home.

Review №68

I lost my pages three times and they never got fount and i am blaming the post office!

Review №69

It's no joke that they don't answer phones during business hours. Mail person marks my delivery as attempted to deliver but did not leave a memo as stated in the status. Now I can't call to get an update on where it is because they don't answer the phone.

Review №70

Consistantly loses packages and pretends to contact carriers to pull packages that have been delivered to wrong mailbox

Review №71

Delivery late by 2 days. Do they even understand what expedited delivery is? Do they care? When I try calling them to find out why my mail was delivered but the package was not, or if I can just pickup the delivery myself, the line just rings until it disconnects --no one ever picks up the phone. When I drive over there, there's 2 people in line and postal workers just milling away in the back--not working! Amazon should NEVER use this post office for deliveries. These people are the worst!

Review №72

I checked on tracking number and it states the notice was left on the door but nothing was left. Obviously you didn't even come inside the apartment and bothered to leave the note. you probably left home saying screw everyone.

Review №73

So many employees with negative attitude, however some others are great and provides awesome service. It really depends on who you interact with!!

Review №74

The staff here don't even pretend to be polite. They are the most unhelpful people I've ever met at any post office.

Review №75

The window of the building and USPS Web site says the 20151 post office is open until 6pm on Friday. They're closed at 4pm today July 27, 2018.

Review №76

Lost thousands of dollars worth of stuff on multiple occasions. And tracking says delivered. thieves. Tons of misdeliveries.

Review №77

Like many, many, many other reviewers I was expecting a package with GUARENTEED delivery by 8PM on a specific date. It was an item I needed for the following day, and paid extra for expedited shipping. Then at 8:05PM I recieve a notification claiming it will be delivered in the next two days?! Unacceptable. Then, I call the USPS 1800 number and they claim there was an attempted delivery at 7:48PM with a notice posted. 1) I was home all day. 2) At 7:48 I was sitting less than 5 feet from my front door and NOTHNG. No knock, not even a whisper. (And I have a dog who will bark if she even imagines someone is at the front door). So I go to check for a notice, just in case I somehow temporarily evaporated from my home without knowing it and missed the delivery attempt, and you guessed it! NO NOTICE WHAT SO EVER! It is bad enough to not deliver a package when it is a guaranteed delivery, but to LIE and claim you attempted to deliver when you clearly didn't is even worse! I kbow for a fact tjat bo delivery attempt was made. I have lost all faith in the US postal service! At this point, if it doesn't ship UPS I don't want it! If i could give zero stars, I would.

Review №78

Our daily postman, Bouh, is GREAT! Very friendly. Offers to come back later to pick up packages that may not be ready at his regular delivery time.As a local business, we are there every weekday to drop off packages. Staff inside the post office are always very friendly and helpful. Some tips for those of you who are complaining:* It helps to be friendly to the employees.* Come prepared. Do not expect them to provide free shipping supplies (boxes, envelopes, tape, etc) or to prepare your package for you.* Have your tracking number or registered/certified mail card with you.* Be patient at peak times, i.e. late afternoons and holidays.

Review №79

This place is Notorious at not answering the phone, one has to call 30 times in a row before anyone pickup the phone..pure lack of customer service, they getting paid, they could give a flip if they misplaced ur package. .I m usually not a review writer but seriously this is the 5th time they have misplaced my package and no one is answering. u gotta love the automated message they got when u call, o pls call between normal business hours, well I m..very very unhappy with these people. .not all of them r bad but majority is..good luck

Review №80

If I can give zero star, I would do that. I hold my mail May 10th through June 7th. I have received very few mail for awhile and wondering why the hell the mail is not coming. I received giant a box of mail in front of our door after I called the post office. I had to pay the penalty for car taxes and missing lot of agency's mails. I called to clear what happen, and the mailman who got the call is yelling at me "I did my job that supposed to do". I told him you are terrifying me don't yell at me, and he even raise his voice up and "I am not yelling at yo ma'am. I am just following the instruction". I was so scared, so I just hang up.

Review №81

One of the clerks who works there was very pushy and rude. When I was inquiring about a missing package, it felt like she was yelling at me and ordering me around, "NO!", "Write tracking number down!", "Move over for the next customer!".About the missing package, they had a substitute mailman who put the package in the wrong apartment unit's mailbox. C'mon, man! The normal mail woman, who's always been reliable, fixed the mistake a couple days later and put it in my mailbox.

Review №82

I cannot stand this post office. Aghhhh! They lose mail, some days don't come at all and have terrible customer service. BOO

Review №83

I was staying in a hotel that had 24 hour reception and was waiting for a parcel. At 4 PM tracking showed 'delivery attempted/left notice'. I asked the reception and there was no notice left or no mailman came to the reception. I tried to call, but no one picks up phone at this location too. Really poor service!

Review №84

They marked my package “held at post office at customer request” — which is absurd because they never even ATTEMPTED to deliver it. They didn’t even make it to my complex for regular mail drop off! This location is trash run by incompetent people. I have no idea how they are still open.

Review №85

Not a very long wait, and friendly staff. Give them a break guys, it is probably very hard to keep track of every single package that is being sent to everyone. They are probably busy, so you try and be a worker at a post office. It's most likely busy.

Review №86

Its been 1 full week since we have had mail. We cleared our mailbox of all snow. We are expecting a large check which was scheduled to be received last Saturday, however we have not received any mail for a week, what's up with that. Other area residents have received mail since Tuesday. I am afraid that the mail will never come again and our paycheck will be lost. No wonder the postal service gets such a bad reputation.

Review №87

They don't care

Review №88

You guys never pick up your phone. Ever. I called 20 times in regards to a lost package and each time someone was manually rejecting the call. Come on.

Review №89

Continually delivering my mail to other houses and theirs to me. Can they not read the numbers on the mailbox?

Review №90

I called today about a returned birthday box from north dakota and was well received and all info was given to Bob to research its location..So he will call me with a tracking number that i have since lost...please keep your tracking number.. I have always done so and the one time I did not ...pkg missing.. regards, C Willett 5/6/15 box arrived....this box was sent 4/10/15...TRACK YOUR PKGS AND DONT LOOSE YOUR TRACKING NUMBER...

Review №91

Wish i could give 0 stars.

Review №92

I tried twice to schd a pickup using U.S.P.S. web page and it wouldn't let me do the anything beyond the general info of who i was and where the address was///it wouldn't let me do the part after the privacy act. i then called the chantily branch and a man answered and i explained what happened and he said he couldn't help me and hung up. michael k

Review №93

I've called multiple times, only to be put on hold for over an hour. Thanks, I guess

Review №94

I wish I could select 0 stars!! Mail is lost almost every just rings and no one ever answers!!!

Review №95

Phone lines were not turned on at 9am per the recording. Also, they mis-delivered my package and still have not resolved the issue.

Review №96

Was never able to talk to a real person over the phone. Its frustating and annoying to hear a huge menu, then speak with a robot and get nothing resolved. One star because I cannot give less.

Review №97

If I could rate it a zero I would

Review №98

If there is less than one star I could have done that.They always mess up the delivery and never deliver on the right day, also when I go there i stand for an hour in the pickup line until someone come and help me, yet they always send me back empty handed because they have no idea where my package is.worst location ever for USPS!!!!

Review №99

Phone number is disconnected. It is also the same phone number listed on USPS's official webpage.

Review №100

Sometimes the mail doesn't even show up!

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