Bank of America (with Drive-thru ATM)
6551 W 95th St, Chicago Ridge, IL 60415, United States
Review №1

I regret that I opened credit card and checking account with Bank of America was big mistake tbh go to other bank guys with better service is better then wasting your time

Review №2

All the teller are very nice and try and get people through the line as quick as possible

Review №3

They have a bad customer service when I was there I feel like close my account with Bank of AmericaI deposit $3000I ask her to give me whatever she can on Hundred dollar bill she said no go to go to the ATMI was Waiting on long line now you tell me go to the ATM

Review №4

Horrible attitude by the front desk clerk Shantonia.. she was very rude and trying to get rid of me although I had an appointment scheduled and was late by 5 mins. And she kept bringing that up as she was not qualified to answer my questions about my credit card instead of letting me see a banker. I highly recommend a different location if not Chase instead altogether. Poor customer service!

Review №5

I do not have experience with the front desk but I did put out an appointment and they got to me right away and helped me complete my problem very fast! From what I hear though the front desk lady is bad!!

Review №6

Waste of time. terrible service. They should close this bank or change staff.

Review №7

For some reason they do not like honor their own checks. I stopped taking Bank of America checks. Made life more simple

Review №8

Most of the time atm out of order

Review №9

The girl with the damaged hair (weirdly bleached dreads) is pretty rude. Didn't say hello and didn't make eye contact once. It's like I was at Wal-Mart or something.

Review №10

Their systems are always down! The only convenience about this branch is that its closer to my house and it makes no sense if I cannot conduct business there because week after week their systems are always down.

Review №11

Felt highly discriminated against talk to customer service online about my account and they told me bring 2 forms of ID which was state ID and birth certificate or social security card, brought my ID and birth certificate and they act like it wasn’t good enough and didn’t try to work with me or nothing worst customer service ever from an a employee and manager.

Review №12

Slowest bank tellers in the history of bank tellers. They have individuals helping at the automatic tellers that dont know how to use the automatic tellers. They have two tellers working at a time and they are slooooooooow. I contemplated on picking up smoking again because of how long i had to stay in that prison of a bank just to complete a simple transaction.

Review №13

The Hall of ShameI had an account with Bank of america for more than 25 years. The account was set up as an e-Banking with no monthly fees for seniors. Suddenly, and with no prior notice the bank changed my account to a core account and I was billed $12 monthly fee. I visited the bank and they refused to reverse the charge. I called customer service and I spoke to a rep and to his manager, who coincidentally shared the same name (Paul). Both reps refused to reverse my charge. I am filing a complaint with the US Bank Comptroller seeking justice.

Review №14

This location has people that makes

Review №15

Can't break $100 bill just because you don't have an account there that is a stupid Bank

Review №16

The worst customer service ever so rudeVery nasty place

Review №17

Faith was very helpful! Thank you for the good service

Review №18

I hate this branch worst customer service

Review №19

#1 y close @5 #2 y atm don't give my exact amount $1,233 (upgrade plz) #3 y is teller atm outside for after hours and making 20 transactions for person in front of me #4 if nothing done I will be switching business&personal to local banks

Review №20

Always always short on tellers and bankers, unprofessional customer services, ladies there always saying call customer service or we going to call the Same number you going to call, they just want a reason for you to leave

Review №21

Can't go wrong with BoA!

Review №22

Convenient atm

Review №23

Not enough tellers at the peak times

Review №24

Every time I come here there's 7-10 people waiting in line and there's never more the 2 tellers

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  • Address:6551 W 95th St, Chicago Ridge, IL 60415, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 708-424-0496
  • Bank
  • Financial consultant
  • Financial planner
Working hours
  • Monday:9am–4pm
  • Tuesday:9am–4pm
  • Wednesday:9am–4pm
  • Thursday:9am–4pm
  • Friday:9am–4pm
  • Saturday:9am–1pm
  • Sunday:Closed
Service options
  • Drive-through:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible lift:Yes
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