United States Postal Service
10525 Ridgeland Ave, Chicago Ridge, IL 60415, United States

Review №1

I dropped off my priority mail at the USPS office. Staff were not professional and my package supposed to be delivered within 2-3 business days and it’s been a week and still not delivered and the tracking not updated. Unfortunately, it’s a very important legal documents in the package I hope they didn’t lose it.I don’t recommend any one to use usps for any important packages this is the second time it happens to me. I recommend you to use Ups or Fedex for your important mail.

Review №2

I took a package to be returned and the company had sent me a USPS Label Broker. When I got to the front the employee rudely said that she did not print labels. I told her that I had a USPS Label Broker and she tried to me it wasn't for USPS and must be for UPS and rudely kept repeating "We don't print labels". I explained to her that the USPS label was in fact in the email that I was showing her. Either 1, the employees are lazy or 2, they are not educated by USPS. I always kick myself for going to this location because the service is usually terrible, the employers are rude and lazy. I almost always end up at a different location.

Review №3

If I could rate 0 I would. Unless you’d like to deal with rude people don’t go here. Horrible attitude and service. Would rather drive 15 minutes further for excellent service.

Review №4

Slow. Hot inside. Poor customer service. Just a bad place to be in.

Review №5

Horrible customer service!!!Slow and Lazy is the Best way to describe these “workers”H O R R E N D O U S

Review №6

Very nice and polite team. I like going to this location other than the ones close by because of how friendly they are and treat you with respect. Good job

Review №7

Fantastic Service went for passports on a Saturday after another location refused to assist. There were a ton of people in line and they were fast and very polite.

Review №8

Not helpful , if I can give low than 1 I will give .. rude staff bad service ... Specily the black lady!

Review №9

Bad customer service. Went their for a passport during the times posted online. The guy tells me they stopped doing passports at noon. Well it clearly says 2pm on the website. He says the website is wrong and they are short staff so they cant help me. Then they should fix the website. How ridiculous.

Review №10

Son went to mail letter to me by priority mail, lady told him all he needed was extra stamps, sadly he listened to her and it's been two weeks. No letter he hasn't got it back either, had important papers in it. Daughter in law went and ask they said nothing could be done.Is it laying in the floor, under something??? Why can't people do their job today!!! Ever upset!

Review №11

Compared to other post offices in the area, this one has friendly staff but is showing it's age. It's small and busy, especially with passports. The passport hours are plainly posted, but some people think they are special and still try to bully their way into applying for one. There are usually only two people working the counter, and during the day one is ALWAYS doing passports. You should see the attitude of people who think the second person should not be bothering with something as mundane as mail!If you're there before 3pm, expect a 10-15 minute wait. After 5pm, it's usually only a minute or so.

Review №12

The cashier was very nice and friendly! Fast service and very informative!

Review №13

This wasn't a "lack of willingness to help", it is a cut back just like everywhere else. Check the amount of soap or cereal you buy these days. You are paying more and getting less. The Post Office is just trying to survive like you and everyone else.

Review №14

I have appointment for passport when I arrive only one lady working and she was very mean person and the other worker was on phone for more than 25 minutes after waiting time they told me they have no money order or cashier checks and have to go to bank to get one ... Really they wasted my time I will never go there again

Review №15

I went in at 3:45 to turn in a passport application. The guy at the counter didn't get off his phone once and yelled at me that since it was my first passport application, that I had to be processed and they stopped doing that at 3. He talked down to me as if I was stupid because I didn't know, all while he didn't even look up from his phone. Awful customer service.

Review №16

Helpful staff...

Review №17

Service is VERY SLOW and not nice !!! As if they were working there for punishment !!!!

Review №18

The employee behind the counter mean and have a bad attitude he works and talks like he doesn't want to be there, I feel sorry but if you don't like your job or you don't want to deal with public you need to change your job asap

Review №19

Great people,

Review №20

Staff was helpful and took the time to fix my problem.

Review №21

Good service. Nothing to carp.

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