315 W 23rd St 1st floor, Chicago, IL 60616, United States

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My parents came here to file their taxes. Accountant forgot to submit one of their forms and my parents weren’t notified for over two months. On top of that, the firm charged them a second time to file the forms they missed the first time around. Unbelievable.

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This is legit one of the wrong accounting firms ever! They are disorganized, rude, and not professional. They did not submit my business taxes after I paid them. Told me at the end of the year that they extended my taxes due date. Told me that they were trying to contact me numerous times and left me lots of messages. I only got 1 call from them which led me to go to their office to see what's the situation since I know I paid them and they promised to submit my taxes from the beginning of the year. There was no record of any voicemails, but their accountants were trying to fight me on this. Not sure who they were calling. They tried to charge me again to submit my taxes, but I have receipt and proof of tax documents proving that I paid. The amounts they tried to charge me the 2nd time was different as well. They always made me paid for different tax documents each month and did not provide me with proper receipts. So I started to ask them for receipts and good thing I did, or else I would be screwed over by them. When I brought the proof to them, the whole team was lost as how I had the documents. Disorganized and unprofessional for yelling at your customers! They did not apologize for their wrongdoings. They tried to brush it off like there was some sort of miscommunication for not submitting my taxes. Wow..unbelievable.

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Don't go here people !!! It's a joke!!! I came here for over 7 years !!! Out of the 7 years there was errors 3 years. First time they some how mix my W2 form with someone else,second time they didn't summit my taxes!!!!! And the third time they enter all the data wrong!!!! We are all humans !!! WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES. It's ok but the problem is that they are not professional !!! I call them three times saying they will call me back and follow up. WAITED FOR 2 WEEKS no response. So decided to go there and ask about it. Said the same thing!!!! Still not fix yet. This is my last time coming here. BEWARE . NOT professional at all.

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WORST EVER. NEVER GO TO THIS PLACE. i got my 2015 tax return done at this place. I usually complete my tax returns myself but last year I want to see if I should get it done professionally. Came here and had to pay $50 for single applicant and additional $25 since I am applying for education refund. I was placed with a girl to help me and she knows NOTHING about filing for education refunds. Also i was looking at her while she put in my information and she got everything WRONG! I have to keep telling her that my name should not be put in the "address" category, etc. This simple task that I can easily do myself. And she kept getting up to ask her other coworker how to file for the educational refund!!! Lastly, after all that, she ask Mark Wong to just sign the paperwork. Dont even know if her read it. Now fast forward 1 year...I got a mail fro the Department of Treasury saying that I have to pay them back tax refund money because there were incorrect amounts entered in my tax return for my educational refund. NEVER AGAIN WILL I GO BACK!!! They don't even know what they are doing! Such a waste of money!

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Very unprofessional. I am a single male without any property trying to file my taxes through him. He claims it is too difficult and doesn't want to file them for me, throwing a fit and all. I do not recommend going to this person to file taxes.

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