The A.C.T. Group, LLC
6228 N Broadway, Chicago, IL 60660, United States

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Excellent service. These guys always do a great job on my taxes. I've been coming here for a long time and I have never had one problem regarding my taxes with them I highly recommend A.C.T.

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They are the most amazing and professional team I have ever come across! They always answer all my questions and my taxes get done correctly. Thank you guys and I recommend to everyone.

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I've been going to the A.C.T group for a long time and they have always done extremely well with my Corporate and Personal taxes. I highly recommend them.

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Great place! Happy to have met the team. Looking forward to the future with this company.

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I am very impressed with this firm and its associates. If you want a knowledgeable team of people who TRULY know what they are doing, this is the place to come to for all your tax needs.

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They are efficient and quick and they take the time to make sure all your documents/paperwork are done properly. They will also help find the best solution to your tax situation to help you save as much money as possible.

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I'll never use another company for my taxes! The office is very professional! I have recommended them and will continue to do so.

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Thank you A.C.T. group for preparing my taxes.

Review №9

Very trustworthy guys. Always kept me informed with my personal filings. They are the best to go with. Highly recommended.

Review №10

This is by far the best accounting service I’ve ever gotten. They are so helpful and informative that it makes the whole process seamless. Just try using them, you won't be disappointed.

Review №11

I had a very positive experience in dealing with The A.C.T. Group, LLC. They sat me down personally to explain the issues in a very thorough and easy manner so I could understand. I would definitely recommend them.

Review №12

They had a calm sense of urgency and deep desire to what was best for me. Looking forward to a long term business with Kevin and his team for years to come.

Review №13

Love this firm and will continue to trust my business with them. Never made a mistake once, they are professionals and take care of you no matter what business you run.

Review №14

Definitely recommend them highly to anyone looking for any help or advice from knowledgeable and an account.

Review №15

Reliable and on top of everything, Kevin and his staff answered all my questions promptly and I felt I was in good hands. I highly recommend working with The A.C.T. Group!

Review №16

We had a very bad experience with A.C.T . Here werewhat happen to us/ Condo -1- Our tax was submit with an extract 0 in the end . Yes, an unbelievable mistake with an accounting firm. We found out as our bank charged us penalty. We contact the firm, they DIDN'T return us the penalty cost due to their mistake and they didn't apologize but only told us that we will get refund form the government. Just image if your company will short cash flow for no reason.2- They had sent email to someone who is not one of our condo contacts more than once. It is clearly violate NDA and CFA codes.3- They charged us additional monthly fee by saying we requested additional service WITHOUT communicating with us and automatically deducted from our bank. Just image you have to work with an accounting firm behaves not fairly and transparently.4- They will not deposit your earning/income in a time manner. We had HOA and rent due on the 5th monthly but they always deposit till end of the month.Overall, it is horrible experience.

Review №17

I can boldly say I’m relieved and confident that there is one less thing to worry about when it comes to making my businesses work. They worked quickly and were very responsive whenever I had questions. Look forward to using them soon.

Review №18

They are experts when it comes to dealing with things like quarterly estimated payments and advising on certain write-offs. With them, all of my worries and concerns regarding filing and paying taxes are long gone. it has always been a pleasure working with them.

Review №19

These guys have been taking care of my personal and business tax for a long time and I couldn't be more pleased.

Review №20

I do not recommend the tax preparation services of the A.C.T. Group. The initial quote they provided me was quite high ($350 personal, $450 nonprofit) but at first I was impressed with their consultation and bit the bullet. Unfortunately, when my taxes were complete, I was billed for an amount substantially higher than I was originally quoted (for both my personal and nonprofit's taxes). I found their communication with me to be spotty and often quite delayed. My nonprofit paperwork wasn't completed until less than two weeks before the deadline to the Attorney General (June 18). They failed to provide updates and frequently misunderstood the differences between my personal taxes and nonprofit taxes, despite multiple emails and calls where I explained it as clearly as possible. Multiple mistakes were present on my documents that I was fortunate to catch before signing.All in all, there are many tax providers in the city with much more reasonable rates and much better service. I am highly disappointed with my A.C.T. Group experience and am upset with the anxiety I feel about how my taxes were prepared.

Review №21

The ACT Group has handled my business and personal accounting and tax accounting for over 10 years.They have always been the perfect partner for me and my small business.The ACT Group understand the unique needs of a small business. They are responsive, responsible, flexible and service-oriented. They’ve provided me with invaluable guidance and insight over the years. As a small business owner and create professional, their service and support provides me great peace-of-mind and allows me to focus on the aspects of my business that I am best at.They’ve also kept me on-track with my business and personal filings, both Federal and State. Because they handle my business accounting, finalizing filings is simple and efficient.Their culture is terrific. Their staff are upbeat, positive, and very client-oriented.I highly recommend them for any individual, household, or business.

Review №22

Last year, I consulted ACT Group because I started a small business and wanted to get guidance for properly filing taxes. I also wanted to support a local business.ACT Group (working with Kevin) was extremely helpful in guiding me through different deductions and making sure I submitted everything necessary. They also assisted me in calculating an estimated payment for both state and federal taxes. They had a straightforward online platform to upload documents and to also receive documents from them.I plan on using them again for this current year, and would recommend them to anyone needing help with their taxes.

Review №23

I have used ACT Group for accounting and business advice for 20 years, through all my ups and downs, business-wise. I have found them to be reliable, helpful, accurate, wise, on top of govt regulations, etc., AND fun to do business with.

Review №24

The ACT Group has provided timely, courteous and professional service to me for several years. Their flexiblity has been a huge help and their fees are extremely fair and competitive. I will continue to recommend their services to my various business contacts.

Review №25

I appreciate what they do for the area small businesses and the events they help put together. They are a great team and such fun people to work with.

Review №26

Great service - ACT was easy to work with and thoroughly worked with our bookkeepers when we were in a crunch.

Review №27

Kevin and his team have always been extremely welcoming upon entering the office. They are all very informative and knowledgeable on the latest tax implications for business owners.

Review №28

I own several businesses in Rogers Park/ Edgewater. I would never use them. They disrespected me. When I brought over some information to do our taxes I was trying to explain to him our issues and he clearly stated to me in our meeting that I need to learn to grow up. Now I am a mature adult and if this individual would have listened instead of making a judgement without understanding the nature of our business he would have understood but the one that needed growing up with the owner. Now I wanted to support another local business being in the same locale and area but clearly with his attitude and disrespect of my business. I choose to go somewhere else.

Review №29

BEWARE of this firm. Used them for 1 year got tax advice during the second year that was incorrect and costed me tens of thousands of dollars. They said oops sorry, gave me my paperwork back along with a tax filing saying self prepared and deleted me out of there system saying they would not file my taxes. Very unprofessional and thinking of filing a ethics grievance. Thank goodness I found a great new accountant that filed a amended return and got all my money back.

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In short, I have had a tremendous amount of exposure to ACT Group over the last 10 years. This is a TOP firm. The testimonials on the ACT Group's website are very representative of my experience with the firm.

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