1817 NW 9th St, Corvallis, OR 97330, United States
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Key Bank is pretty good. I signed up for a checking account and did their financial wellness review and was an overall good experience. They seemed to be a bit late on sending out the debt card and checks associated with the account but not big deal breakers in my opinion. They also offer a 2% back on everything credit card as long as you meet certain requirements. That's pretty good in my book.

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Extremely kind ..very nice bank

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Ive been with key bank for some time now and haven't really had much issues until this weekend. My employer messed up my direct deposit and had to issue me a check instead, which is frustrating because I needed the money ASAP for bills that were already late. I figured that since the Corvallis branch was open on Saturdays that if I drove out there to deposit it directly than I would have the money right away makes sense right?? Wrong. When I went to pay my bills my card declined. I logged on to my account and discovered that my account balance was only $1. I, then called key bank and they told me the money would be available at midnight Monday morning. Fine whatever not much I can do at that point. So Monday morning rolls around and there is still no money in my account. So I called again and they informed me that it now won't be available until Tuesday and that who ever told me Monday was misinformed. At no point did anyone tell me they were going to hold the check when I deposited it. Had I know that I would have just waited until Monday morning to cash it down here instead of wasting what little money and fuel I had to drive Corvallis, which is a 60 mile drive from me, to deposit the check. Now I'm facing even more late fees for bills and have to cancel critcle appointments because I don't have the money. So please just be aware when you deposit your check on Saturday you only get the first $100 and then the hold until the following Tuesday.*UPDATE*In response to the owner, its not the hold I have an issue with, it's the fact that there was ABSOLUTELY no communication regarding the hold, the teller made it to be that the money would be available same day and the fact that both times I called to get the status of the hold I received nothing but rudness from the staff members. Never once has Key Bank held my funds when I deposit my checks directly into my account in person instead of at the ATM but maybe this branch is different?? Regardless, its caused a great financial burden due to their lack of communication. And there is nothing that can be done to fix it. I simply made this review to warn others so they don't make the same mistake I did.

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Awful bank in every respect. They are so limited in what they offer. Like banking in the 1950's. They are the Can't Do bank. Fees are unreasonable, and "managers" have zero power to make decisions. They are nothing more than glorified tellers or babysitters. Regret the day I entrusted them with my banking life; unfortunately stuck with them for two more years. We

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A long-time Keybank member, I came into the branch to withdraw funds from my plasma donation card. Even though I am a Keybank member and used their ATM, they charged me $4 for this withdraw. This bank punishes those who are giving their time and energy back to the community.

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This branch has always been friendly and helpful! They communicate with me and when I call, I talk to a representative (not a recording)! I've used many banks in the past and Key Bank is my #1 choice. Sheri and Alex are always able to assist me and I appreciate their wonderful customer service and positive attitudes. :) AND they're open on Saturdays!

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The customer service at this branch is great - they know me by name after only stopping in a few times. If you're going to go with Key bank, I'd go with this branch - in large part because of it's customer service. That being said (and my reason for the 4/5 stars) my experiences at Key Bank branches in Salem and Denver have been nothing short of horrible.

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I deposited a check to an atm this last Sunday, and was told it would take until the next business day to post to my account. Ok that’s fine, understandable. Well today is that next business day, no funds. After several phone calls to different locations and offices I was told it wouldn’t be available for nine business days because the back office put a hold on it for some reason or another, no one seemed to know. After giving me the run around and holding my money no one can seem to tell me why they need to hold it for another 9 days, even though it’s already pulled from the account the check came from. I was also told they don’t check the atm until Thursday, so they couldn’t get it out of there until then. So to be clear, this bank only empties its atm on Thursday? What about all the people using that atm? Are they going to pay my late fees on my bills?I will be switching banks as soon as they decide to stop playing around with my money. This is the reason people don’t trust banks. Sad.Update: In response you’ve sent me a link I had to copy and paste that only leads me to a page asking what sort of account I am interested in setting up. The thing is this, I’ve tried to find where it says you have nine days to mess around with my money and it’s no where. So I was happy to have a link that would explain to me why, except that isn’t one. I will add this to the list of terrible customer service and treatment.

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The staff at Keybank in Corvallis have been very friendly and helpful whenever something has come up.

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I have known a few people to bank with them and the staff and bank operations are horrible they are shady and have a high amount of hidden fees.

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Go To A Different Bank They Don't Honor Their Word At All They Tell You One Thing And Then Don't Follow Through With It At All I Banked With Them Almost A Year And It Was The Worst Thing I Could Have Done OSU Credit Union Is Accords The Street Go There Save Your Self The Headache And Random Fees

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