John Wucinski, CPA, CFP
6220 Campbell Rd STE 201, Dallas, TX 75248, United States

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I've used other CPAs in the past who take a minimum of a week to prepare returns, one had to file an extension because they got too far behind in the rest of their work. Chris had my return prepared, signed & ready to file in under 20 minutes. I've found my new tax guy.

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Chris handled my taxes this year, and it was such a great experience. I’m very grateful for his help, and I’ll be using him for the foreseeable future.

Review №3

Great team of people here!

Review №4

We found John through a friend. I have had recommendations on CPAs in the past that have not really worked out for me. I was pleasantly surprised with the entire experience. He was very easy to work with. John is very knowledgeable, professional, and very diligent. He completed the work in half the time our previous year taxes were done in.Connie, the receptionist made us feel very welcome. The whole experience was worth it. I left the office confident that my taxes were done right and it was our good fortune finding his office.We left with paperwork that was done with utmost attention to detail. We got copies of everything, John ensured we did not have any questions or issues and addressed everything without rushing us out. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a competent person for taxes.

Review №5

They went above and beyond our expectations. My husband and I are very grateful for their services. Thank you so much!!-Katie and Hiro

Review №6

Courteous and concise, John does and excellent job. My wife and I have used his tax preparation services for the past few years and always trust him to provide sound advice and clear explanations.

Review №7

John W. has been doing my personal and business taxes for many years. He is diligent, knowledgeable, nuanced and very detailed - I much appreciate that. We need honest and accurate feedback on all our accounting questions through the year - and John does just that in a professional manner. Tax code is very complicated and from what I can tell he has an excellent and (quite) comprehensive understanding of it. Since he is a CFP also, he does strategize and puts forth very useful tax and financial recommendations that will benefit the business. I have found his tax/financial planning and tax optimization recommendations very useful.He does due diligence on all paperwork and I notice that he keeps scanned copies of all customer provided docs for review and revisit if needed. Once I had to get soft copies of multiple tax returns from years ago, Connie got them to me within 15 mins. I have never felt rushed during appointments we had; he is courteous and cheerful, yet focused.

Review №8

John was able to fix my return I received from a chain service; in a fourth of the time it took them to do it. He was also concise and helpful with my late father’s return. Will definitely return next year. Highly recommend!

Review №9

John was amazing for the past 2 yrs! Very informative and helpful. Connie, his receptionist made up feel very welcome. My father and grandfather use him as well so he has been a great referral for us! Thanks guys! Keep up the good work😊

Review №10

I have been going to John Wucinski's office for over 2 years to do my personal tax return. John and Chris have both been extremely professional and answered all my tax questions to where I would get the best tax return possible. This year, John even took the extra step to show me how the new 2018 tax law changes would impact my return next year and went over all the new rules, which I found to be very helpful. I would definitely recommend his office to prepare your taxes.

Review №11

I have been going to John for years and would not use anyone else. John takes the time to review all my tax documents, earnings statements and questions that I have about my return each and every year. We go through all the details,he makes sure I have a good understanding, discusses any changes from last year (including previous filing specific details) as well as upcoming tax changes that I can expect to see the next year. John is extemely knowledgeable and from a personal standpoint, sincere. If you are looking for a CPA, look no further...John is your man!!

Review №12

This team is great. I am incredibly grateful for them. They were profession, great communicators and extremely helpful. Thank you John and the Chris.

Review №13

John was very helpful. I appreciated his expertise and guidance with filing my tax return. It was great meeting with John and I look forward to meet with him in the future.

Review №14

John has been my CPA for more than 10 years. There is no one else I would trust when it comes to my personal and business finances. I have recommended John to more that a dozen friends and family members who all love him. He has always been a proven and reliable expert! Thanks John for everything you do!

Review №15

John and Connie W. are Professional, Reliable and Helpful.For the last 8 years, My wife and I had the pleasure of working with them and highly recommend his team.He enjoys helping his clients and has an impressive ability to make complex financial concepts readily understandable. On top of that, the office is highly personable, supportive, and responsive. A great firm!

Review №16

John is a great CPA and very easy to work with. This was my first year that he has compiled my tax returns and it was a great experience. I provided him with all of the relevant documents and within a week everything was done and ready to go. The great turn around and communication from his office was much appreciated. I highly recommend his work!

Review №17

Had a great experience with john. I was very nervous getting my taxes done but with johns help and expertise things ended great. I highly recommend him.

Review №18

I've had the good fortune of being John's client for the past several years. His approach to preparing my tax returns is ordered, exact and to the point. His "homework assignment" before I show up for our meeting ensures I have all of the materials he needs to prepare a complete and sound return. And his support is more than this once per year event--he advises me throughout the year as I encounter tax- and finance-related challenges. Thanks to John, Connie and the team for great work and super support!

Review №19

Being new to Texas, it was great to have such a knowledgeable CPA to work through my 2016 taxes. He was able to help differentiate available deductions/credits I was able to use to better help me understand the process. Great experience with John and his team! Thanks again!

Review №20

Since I became self employed, John has done a fantastic job of my taxes. Each and every year I learn more and more of the intricacies of navigating the tax landscape. He always finds ways to help and asks the right questions that help me keep more of my money than I ever thought possible. Over the years, he has saved me thousands.I am more than happy to never do my taxes myself again, and you should trust him as well.

Review №21

I have been with John W for 7 years. He and his staff are the best, I moved to California 3 years ago, and still do my taxes with him. He make my taxes look easy. He is very helpful, knowledgeable and super efficient. I fully recommend him for tax time.

Review №22

I have been with John W for 6 years. He has made business comfortable and easy. John and staff are very professional, personable and extremely time efficient. I recommend him every year for tax time.5 stars

Review №23

John and his staff exceeded all of my expectations during my tax return. My finances include multiple rental properties, extensive travel, and several physical moves. We conducted the entire thing via email and phone due to my work schedule, and John and Chris both were phenomenal in answering all of my questions, walking me through processes, and completing the return quickly.I've done TurboTax online and sat in with H&R block, and compared to those, this was a breeze. Chris and John also found several tax deductions that H&R Block failed to capture correctly on my last year's return as well.I am beyond satisfied with this team's CPA services and will definitely be coming back next year.

Review №24

I wanted to get my taxes done and found John on google. I gave him a call that day. I got out of work and John's office was closing soon but he still met with me after hours and got my taxes done within an hour. Definitely going to continue to go to John's services in the future!

Review №25

You can't go wrong here. John and his family run a great, friendly and knowledgeable CPA business. I highly recommend them during this lovely 'season of giving'!

Review №26

My wife and I have used John Wucinski for years. He is a consummate professional in his field and an extraordinary person. We have referred many friends to John over the years, and they are also very happy with the great work John has done for them.

Review №27

John and his team are great to work with, exactly the relationship I was looking for in a CPA. John is the best CPA in town, without a doubt. Knowledgeable, efficient, and courteous. Thank you John, Connie and Chris!!! I'd recommend them to anyone.

Review №28

I have used John Wucinski, CPA service for quite a few years. My husband is self employed and works mostly in Russia. Our tax returns need to be done by a professional who understands tax rules. He was referred to us and I would highly recommend him to anyone needing a excellent CPA.

Review №29

We have used John since 2005 for both personal and business taxes. Since then we have also added his financial advisory services. Love working with John Wucinski. Honest to a fault. He will tell you what you need to know and hear at all times. We could not be happier.

Review №30

I've used John Wucinski the last eight years to do my taxes. (Both business and personal.) Every year prior to my appointment I'd use Turbotax to see where we'd land, and he's always saved us more money than the online tax programs. I'll continue to use JW in the future!

Review №31

BLUF: Had a horrific experience at this firm. When I called to talk to John about my experience he told me that his CPA had done a great job, as evidenced by the fact that we were receiving a large federal refund. They charged me $450 to process one very straightforward federal tax return that took them 20 minutes to enter into their system, and then spent 40 minutes providing inaccurate information.We had a straightforward, single income tax return. The reason we sought out a CPA/CFP is because we needed some important tax strategy questions answered. Most importantly, how the marriage penalty would change given the 2018 brackets.Neither Chris nor John were familiar with the term "marriage penalty" and John assured me that being married was always more advantageous when filing. (This is not true).Chris advised us that we could file jointly because we had an intent to marry. This is false, the IRS regulations state that the marriage status held on December 31, 2017 applies to the entire tax year. The reason we could file jointly is because we met Texas' common law marriage.We tried to understand the tax implications of filing jointly versus individually, with Chris running various scenarios, talking very quickly, and not writing anything down. I later learned that this was a waste of time because we don't have a choice in the matter - if we meet Texas' definition for a common law marriage then we must file jointly as any other married couple would have to.He also advised us to invest in the Roth while we were in a high tax bracket, so that we could take the money out when we're older/retired and in a much lower tax bracket, such a 15%. This is incorrect; an individual should invest in a Roth if they expect their tax brackets to go up in the future. He was conflating a 401k with a Roth.At one point, we asked if, in the event we made more money next year and fell into a higher tax bracket, would all of our net income be taxed at that higher rate. Chris said that yes, the money would be all taxed at the higher rate and that the reason the effective rate was lower was because of exemptions and credits. He said it was for this reason that people employ different strategies to not meet that next tax bracket. I pushed back and told him I thought taxes were charged on a tiered system, that you'd only pay the highest rate on a portion of that income and he disagreed.At the end, Chris printed out the return and asked us to sign the document, without even suggesting we review it, or telling us that we (not they) are legally responsible for it's accuracy.A terrible waste of money.

Review №32

John has been my CPA for well over 20 years. I have him do my personal and business taxes. His professionalism and attention to detail is why I keep going back year after year. Thank you John!

Review №33

It was a pleasure working with John. He was knowledgeable, transparent and took the time to answer my questions. I left his office feeling confident that I was in good hands.

Review №34

John has done a wonderful job on my taxes for a number of years. He's extremely knowledgeable and always does my taxes quickly and accurately!

Review №35

I have used John for over 20 years as my CPA. I am in the financial industry and am very aware of the intricacies of tax and find John to be a refined technician and a superior CPA. Along with the knowledge, skill, timing and attention to detail I would highly recommend him to any family or friend.

Review №36

John Wucinski is a great CPA advisor. He knows how to maximize your portfolio. I recommend him to anyone!

Review №37

He is not only a great friend and person, but ban excellent accountant. He got me every possible penny back. I highly recommend him.

Review №38

John has done our taxes for 12+ years. Wouldn't go anywhere else. Great CPA, very knowledgeable, and trustworthy.

Review №39

John Wucinski is very knowledgeable, professional and expeditious. It was an overall great experience doing business with them.

Review №40

John was knowledgeable, professional and friendly. I'd highly recommend him to anyone needing a good CPA!

Review №41

John has helped with our taxes for several years now. I have always found him to be knowledgeable, professional and timely.

Review №42

John has helped me with my taxes and my investments which are doing really well right now.

Review №43

I have been going to John and his firm for the past two years now. He has helped save me tons of money. I will be coming back next year.

Review №44

John was great to work with and he saved us a ton of money!

Review №45

John did a great job on our taxes this year and even helped in amending our prior year return. We plan to come back to John in the future.

Review №46

Very good

Review №47

Awesome experience!

Review №48

John and his team got my taxes done right in less time than it took my last accountant to file an extension... So go see him!

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