Childers & Coventry Fiduciary
17215 N 72nd Dr suite b-110, Glendale, AZ 85308, United States

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Great people. hard working with true compassion for use as human race. they do they can

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Man this place is a joke! Overcharge, they rip people off! I would NOT, and I repeat, would NOT trust a fiduciary crook if my life depended on it!

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I have been working with Childers & Coventry for almost 20 years in cases of varying complexity and levels on confllct. I am a trust and estates attorney in Phoenix/Scottsdale and have been in this industry my entire career. C&C is a cost-efficient, effective, solution for those looking for a private fiduciary. Keep in mind when reviewing private fiduciaries that they are often involved in very hostile family disputes and that may be the situation the reviewers were involved in.This really is a great group of people with whom to work.

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A group of white collar crooks, that do will whatever it takes . Lie, con, and deceive....They kicked me out of family house, with no 30 day notice? Lies, lies, and manipulation to sell my family member a female companion, to sign here. When they sold our family home, those Crooks made no effort to give my family handmade furniture and paintings to me. My family member knows only what the White Collar Crooks tell him....Lies and manipulation. The Arizona Republic has written about this Crook Childers, but never followed through to the AG. Time to shut this group of Crooks down.Nice try you pathetic pathological liars.... My family member was in his best shape with me, read what the Dr writes. These con artists do nothing but steal and launder, you know this group is guilty when they will not release any info medically or financially... A Group of Guilty Crooks.

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Honest, reliable and easy to communicate with. A friendly company that truly wants the best for people.

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Edited after response: the family has repeatedly asked to put her in a more affordable home so they wouldn’t blow everything that she has. They have placed her in a home where the people need extensive care thus it costing $5k a month, she is not at the stage in her life where she needs this expensive of care. Their employees (Susan) repeatedly tell the elderly they will “always take care of them” however what are you going to do when she has no money? She has a good 10 years left on her life and they did not account for that. Now they will throw her to the state when they are done taking all the money she has. Latest news is her credit cards and cell phone bill has not been paid, after they sold all her jewelry and possessions. If you truly cared about the elderly in your care you would effectively and efficiently manage their money, however it seems like this has happened to multiple people in your care. You should be disgusted with yourself taking advantage of people in bad situations who can not stand up for themselves.These people are CROOKS. They rob old people who are unable to defend themselves. They sat in the courts and explained they were going to make my grandmothers money last 5 years and they have almost ran through it in 2. They are now planning on selling everything of her life and throw her to the state to take care of. They have put her in a home that is elder abuse. These people deserve to be shut down and they will be reported to the better business bereau.

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