4151 Southwest Fwy #630, Houston, TX 77027, United States

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Definitely good service! These people aren’t just in this for a check. They are here to actually add value to you, your business, your family, and your overall team. I have been working with them for almost two years and I’m very pleased with the relationship.

Review №2

We have been working with Akif CPA for years and have been nothing but satisfied with their services. They're professional, thorough, and helpful with all of our needs and go above and beyond to provide us with advice and tips we need for our business. They're very responsive and we appreciate their dedication! We highly recommend Akif CPA

Review №3

I relocated to the US from Canada to be with my husband and found myself in a complicated cross-boarder tax situation. My husband and I had filed our US taxes jointly for 2018 and 2019 however, my Canadian taxes were not filed for those years so in turn, it affected the previously filed US taxes. I also had not filed FBAR and had no idea what it was.I reached out to Mohammad and he provided me with extensive information as he was very knowledgeable about cross-boarder taxes. Mohammad thoroughly addressed all my concerns as I had a lot of questions. He communicated professionally and is truly an expert in his field. Mohammad was extremely attentive and helped resolve all my tax issues in an efficient and timely manner.I highly recommend Mohammad and his team at Akif CPA to anyone who needs exceptional cross-boarder tax services.

Review №4

I recently opened a business in Texas and was need of an accountant. Akif CPA was a great choice they were fast and super helpful! Mohammad answered all of my questions and provided clarity and comfort. I will definitely use Akif again

Review №5

We're Canadians moved to the US and used Akif CPA for our Canadian and US tax returns. Mohammad was fabulous in answering our questions, providing options and recommendations. Their service was invaluable and we'll definitely use them again!

Review №6

PROFESSIONALISM... is the one word I would use to describe Akif CPA. His competence and skill, especially in the specialized knowledge of US Canada Cross Border taxation, were the key qualities important to our situation. Akif's customer centric and efficient client engagement process resulted in a stress free preparation, completion and delivery of our taxes. His organized and clearly written documents resulted in a professional delivery of our taxation and advisory service needs.Our previous experience with OTHER accountants were either over valued and/or hyped up with some unreliable and unprofessional. Akif dispelled those concerns by delivering professionally on time and transparent communication and advice.One always needs a good doctor, dentist, lawyer and accountant. We were lucky with the doctor and dentist. Now, I believe we found the accountant (5 stars).Thanks Akif CPA!

Review №7

Professional and friendly service. They took time to discuss and answer all my questions. I would definitely recommend Akif CPA.

Review №8

Akif CPA is a top CPA firm. They are very professional. They manage my books and helped me save in taxes throughout the year. I am very happy with their services. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for accounting, bookkeeping, and tax services.

Review №9

This tax season year was made easy for me by Mohammad and his team as a working expat in USA. He was able to file cross border taxes for me for both Canada and USA with set of few easy to fill out forms and an easy questionnaire. He was extremely helpful and got the work done quickly and professionally. I highly recommend Mohammad and his team for tax filing as a working Canadian in US as he has expertise in what forms need to be submitted to US tax agency. It made my tax season an easy breeze to use such great service he provides as I spent most of my work time in the field with limited access to internet.

Review №10

Akif CPA is the team I go to and refer anyone who needs accounting help, they are very detail oriented, professional, and care about their clients. If you are looking for an accountant, look no further, Akif CPA is the team for you.

Review №11

Akif and team completed my US and CAD tax returns during the year of my move. They are knowledgeable, honest, and responsive--quickly answering queries by email or by phone.Unfortunately, they inputted my address wrong on one of my tax documents & the envelopes with which they mailed me my returns. (I had likewise not caught this mistake when emailed a digital copy.) As a result, filing was delayed several weeks. Oversights occasionally happen, however, and Mohammad reached out personally to apologize.

Review №12

I was referred to Akif CPA when I was looking for someone to help me with filing my individual Canadian and US taxes. Mohammad was very thorough when explaining my options and helping me understand both tax systems. He was excellent in all aspects, including responsive communication and and timely preparing my returns. I would absolutely recommend his services for cross-border tax preparation!

Review №13

The best CPA in town. They handle my quickbooks and Taxes. Highly Recommend!

Review №14

Being a cross-border couple, my wife and I reached out to Akif for our tax returns. Mohammad was extremely helpful, took the time to explain everything to us, and called us back right away when needed. Our filing was somewhat complicated but he made the process very easy.

Review №15

Mohammad from Akif CPA completed my Canadian and US tax returns for 2019. He is really knowledgeable and informative about cross-border Canada/US taxes. He also took the time to quickly answer any questions I had, which allowed me to stop worrying about taxes! Would definitely recommend to anyone with cross border Canada/US tax needs!

Review №16

Mohammad took care of both my US and Canadian tax returns. Very helpful in the first call to determine the services needed. We sold our house in Canada so wanted to make sure it was properly reported.Would recommend Mohammad and his team to sort out your tax returns in Canada and US.

Review №17

I recently moved from Canada to the US for work and Mohammad was able to provide me with excellent guidance and help while filing my taxes with the IRS. I would highly recommend Mohammad and his team to any prospective clients looking for excellent service when filing Cross Border Taxes. I was in constant communication with Mohammad throughout the process and I was able to speak directly with him at times that were convenient with my schedule. I am looking forward to working with Mohammad in the future.

Review №18

My life has become so easy. All thanks to AKIF CPA.

Review №19

Akif CPA is the place to go for the most difficult tax problems. I would highly recommend them. Best service I’ve ever received from any professional business! First time doing taxes and not only were they efficient and thorough in that aspect, but they also offer a variety of other services which I loved. They are extremely knowledgeable of the tax laws, prompt in taking care of business and their professionalism is unparalleled. You will not get the kind of service, and assistance from a local walk-in income tax office that you will get from Akif CPA.

Review №20

10/10 Mohammed and his team exceeded expectations. I needed cross-border tax advice and filing services. The Akif team were prompt, proficient, and professional with all my issues. I was able to get my federal and state returns processed quickly. The staff were always attentive to my questions. Mohammed is very patient and communicative every step of the way. Thanks!

Review №21

I had the pleasure to work with Saim and Akif CPA team of professionals. I have to say they are very thorough. Our business franchise taxes and our personal taxes were very difficult and time-consuming. We were behind on our filings and are now moving forward getting our taxes in order thanks to Akif CPA. I'm happy to have found our new CPA team!

Review №22

We are Canadians having recently moved to the US which made for a complicated tax year having income in both Canada and the US, plus selling shares to buy a house. Mohammad and his team provided an exceptional level of service with clear and prompt communication and a high level of expertise on both the US and Canadian side. Thanks a lot!

Review №23

Reporting my Cdn accounts on my U.S. taxes started getting too complicated for me, I checked recommendations from my fbook friends and got some very good feedback about Akif CPA, so I decided to try them, and am happy I did. Mohammad & his team are very knowledgeable and patient, they answered all my questions regarding the proper filing methods, and were always easy to get in touch with via email & phone, responding to messages in short time.I definitely would recommend Akif CPA.

Review №24

Highly recommend Akif CPA for income tax service for dual US-Canada purpose. He is very professional and his service is prompt with reasonable rate.

Review №25

Excellent CPAs that can help you with all your Tax, Accounting and Bookkeeping matters. They are QuickBooks experts and life savers. Highly recommend to anyone.

Review №26

Waqar and Saim bring clarity and simplicity to tax issues that no one has done before. With their teamwork and expertise, they walked me through the challenging aspects of being an independent contractor, setting up multiple companies for various work both domestically and internationally, and outlined a path forward for financial success related to the IRS. They will get the job done with more savings and for less than others cost.

Review №27

Knowledgeable, professional, honest, and capable are just some of the words that come to mind when describing Mohammad Akif. I feel more empowered as a small business owner by having this firm in my corner. I recommend them to anyone who wants or needs top level accounting and bookkeeping services!

Review №28

Excellent Service ..Beyond professional, courteous, detailed and always has the client in mind. Would recommend to anyone seeking CPA services.

Review №29

We have worked with a few different CPA's in the past, and from our experience the last 18 months, Saim and Waqar are one of the very few, that I felt truly cared about our business. They're organization, response time, and honesty is hands down the best. They have experienced running they're own businesses in the past, and it shows. The are my top recommendation for anyone doing business in Houston!

Review №30

This year I changed my CPA and I couldn't be more happier. I was able to get all my personal and business taxes done without any hassle of paperwork and hard copies and without stepping in to their offices. AKIF CPA made it so easy for me and were able to help me get all my Taxes done electronically and remotely. Their CPAs (especially Saim) and staff were all very professional and explained everything in detail. I also got my quickbooks fixed and it was as if they knew my business inside out. If you are someone like me who is very busy and wants to onoy deal with experts without all the clutter of paperwork, then you need to try this CPA company.

Review №31

We have several businesses and AKIF CPA has helped us with all of our Tax and Accounting matters for the past few years. They are experts in fixing and setting up Quickbooks and have helped us save significant money with Tax strategies.We (My wife and I) were impressed from the start with the level of care we got at our initial meeting, we immediately knew we were in the right place for tax and accounting help. They are excellent at communication and getting a CPA on the phone and discussing live issues as they arise is something we are grateful for. If you are in need of help with accounting (bookkeeping), quickbooks clean up or want clarity relating to Taxes you would be well served to contact AKIF CPAs.Everyone there has always been a pleasure to talk to. Highly recommend!

Review №32

Mohammad reached out to me on Linkedin as a Canadian who just moved to the US with an work visa to figure out my tax situation and helped me seamlessly deal with both the Canadian and US side of things. Fast responses and trustworthy

Review №33

Mohammad was fantastic to work with. Very knowledgable and had my best interests in mind throughout our entire process. He is also very responsive and works hard to keep things moving (which I appreciate very much). Thanks, Mohammad! I will be calling you again next year!

Review №34

Knowledgeable, wonderful communication, stellar customer service! Definitely worth it! Thank you for all your help. Don’t know why I didn’t find you guys sooner!!!!

Review №35

We moved from Canada to the US and were looking for accounting advice. Mohammad and his team are very knowledgeable about the accounting rules in US and Canada. The team provides superior service and are experts when it comes to filing taxes. They are also very diligent and responsive in all communications. I highly recommend this team.

Review №36

Professional service. Honest advice. Timely response. Smart , efficient and effective— this all the client wants . Love it and highly recommended from my side as per my experience of 4 years

Review №37

I’ve been going to Akif CPA for 2 years now and they are hands down the best I’ve worked with so far. They are very knowledgeable and answered every question I had. Would highly recommend!

Review №38

The team at AKIF were great to work with. They were able to quickly complete our cross border taxes for the US and Canada and our Streamlined Offshore Program. Highly recommend them.

Review №39

Very helpful and informative! Would recommend!

Review №40

An incredible team of skilled, professional, and thoughtful financial advisers. Saim and Waqar both are thorough and listen to what I had to say, what I wanted to do, and had a plan on how to get me there. They saved me far more money on my taxes than I anticipated based on other services because they paid attention to details. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking value based customer service for financial matters. If you don't see something you need help with from them, just email or call them and ask and I'll bet they'll do that kind of work too.

Review №41

Excellent service.

Review №42

Have only been with Akif CPA for this year and I am so pleased I found them. Mohammad is very knowledgeable and helpful with all my questions, and was great when came to do my taxes and book work. Great communication and generous with their advice. Highly recommend them!

Review №43

Akif CPA had the knowledge and expertise to handle our franchise business tax preparation as well as advice on how to setup an LLC.

Review №44

Saim and Mohamed are extremely professional and are very passionate about their work and most of all their clients. Stellar communication and overall terrific customer service. I highly recomend

Review №45

Words cannot express how happy I am with Akif CPA.My husband and I had very difficult business and personal taxes to be done. They took hold of it organized it and finished in a speedy professional manner. Thank you Mohammed for all your hard work.

Review №46

Excellent company, fast, reliable and honest result when I come to them with issues. Highly recommend for all truckers.

Review №47

Akif CPA has helped me with my businesses for the last 5 years. If you are a business owner with multiple businesses, this is the CPA firm you want to contact. When I first became a client, Akif CPA helped me fix my messy books which then allowed me to really excel in my business and was able to secure funding to expand my business. Their expert CPAs helped me structure my entities properly allowing me to save thousands in taxes each year. The tax planning has been the best thing that has happened to me. This firm is punctual on time and their expertise and quality are unmatchable.Thank you for all your help.

Review №48

Mohammed and his CPA service have been, literally miracle workers. Very knowledgeable and quick to respond and resolve anything that comes up. Everything is done with our best interests in mind, while providing the best customer service in the business! Their staff is absolutely amazing, all of them! Kassandra always take time to make sure all of our questions are answered, and goes above and beyond to ensure our satisfaction. I would absolutely recommend this CPA service.

Review №49

Him and his staff are very thorough and are always available to answer any questions that come up. We have used him for over 5 years now and anyone I have ever sent their way have been pleased at their work ethic and precision. Definately a 5 star in my books!

Review №50

I have been working with Saim and his team for a couple of years now and their dedication, insightful recommendations, and I must admit that they really took the hassle of book work and tax preparation away from me and freed a lot of my time, which I could focus on directly growing my business. 5 star, highly recommended!

Review №51

“If you are looking for a good CPA firm look no further.” I am happy to recommend Akif CPA and his associates to anybody who needs to deal with tax issues and tax return preparation.

Review №52

Overall a great CPA company with knowledgeable staff and awesome service. Akif helped me with my company tax, personal tax and future tax planning. He really knows the details of tax laws in and out and is very professional and reliable. Office promptly returns my phone calls and emails. I highly recommend his services.

Review №53

AKIF CPA, PLLC are amazing to work with! They are so supportive and give fantastic advice. They have excellent communication skills. They are truly committed to our long term growth and success. Their team is friendly and caring. They have become a part of our leadership team. We highly recommend AKIF to anyone in business who desires to grow.

Review №54

Met with 3 other CPA firms before deciding to work with akif cpa and I definitely made the right choice. My last CPA would just prepare tax returns and bill me without explaining me that why my taxes were going up every year? Communication with my last CPA was little to none and it was hard to get through to him. I have been with Akif Cpa for several years and they have done an exceptional work that you would expect a professional CPA firm to do from communications to their expertise. Their staff thoroughly looked into my business from reviewing past tax returns, accounting, company setup and how we were spending money. They recommended to make changes and explained how it will affect my taxes which saved me about me $4K plus in taxes every year. I wish I knew what they told me when I started my company and I wish I would have met them sooner. I would highly recommend Akif cpa to any business owner who is new or is looking to grow.

Review №55

Been with the company for a while, I absolutely love our clients.. I enjoy being part of their team, and being able to help them out and solve their problems.. There's never a problem without a solution.. Our team is a awesome team it wouldnt be Akif Cpa without all of us. Thank you Mohammad for all you do..

Review №56

I have several companies and have worked with Akif cpa for about 5 years and could NOT speak more highly of the firm. I couldn't be more satisfied with their attention to detail, knowledge, communication, ability to always meet our deadline and going the extra step. Last CPA did not setup my companies properly thus I was over paying taxes every year. Akif cpa did a phenomenal job of changing the tax structure of my companies, provided hands on accounting and tax services which saved me a lot in taxes. They truly care about my business and delivers accurate and timely information that helps our company grow. If you have accounting and tax needs and have high expectations for quality service then a step away from akif cpa could be a step down.

Review №57

Such a nice gentleman!

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