811 Main St #4500, Houston, TX 77002, United States

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I interviewed for an administrative job with three women. The first one was cordial the second woman was very friendly and the third lady had the hard questions. They get you relaxed so you can open up. It's a new location so the office is immaculate but the employees seemed homely even though they had great hair do's. I was notified the next day I didn't get the job. I feel like my flawless resume, Italian suit and shoes and professional demeanor was a major turnoff.

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Overwork their employees. No wonder there's such a high turnover

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The staff at KPMG are universally helpful and wonderful.

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This organization violates the Code of Ethics for preparation of tax returns. They have on interaction with their clients. You receive a 35 page data input sheet that really prepares your taxes. They don't answer calls. They don't call to consult. They don't offer tax advice or even contact at least Worley Parsons employees. They receive a zero rating from me. I am a retired CA Registered Tax Preparer and thus speak from knowledge of how the process of preparing tax returns should operate.Lastly, this company has assigned us to representatives in Houston while we are located in CA and thus should be teamed with local CPAs.Just to post this I had to give them 1 star but it is not deserved.

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Great service fast service, great staff and team!!

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Great office

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