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Review №1

Virjee consulting has come through especially during this time of the pandemic. Their team is organized and attentive and strives to meet the needs of its clients and the business’ goals. Continue the good.

Review №2

Omar and Humza are amazing. They have saved us a lot money and stress when it comes to the accounting of our small business. They are truly experts in their field.

Review №3

This is a quality CPA firm! Been with them over a year and I haven't had any complaints! Highly recommended!

Review №4

Virjee is the best CPA firm that I have used in my career. They are quick to respond and timely with all filings. I appreciate the expert tax advice and it's refreshing to know that they treat their business like I treat mine - built on a reputation of quality and relationship driven. Many thanks to all of the wonderful staff at Virjee!

Review №5

Omar, Humza, Misbah, and other members are an amazing team. Very responsive and knowledgeable. A+++ team.

Review №6

Omar and his team are truly great to work with--with a special shout out to Abbey. Omar's entire team has made my family feel like we have been their only client for years now. Can't imagine working with anyone else.

Review №7

Omar and Sarah have been doing our taxes for the past 5 years. They have always been very informative and very thorough with our tax preparation. I highly recommend them.

Review №8

Great company! They're on top of everything and I really liked how they handled things during COVID. Although they seem expensive, they really do save you money and you know you're in good hands.

Review №9

Special kudos to Sidra, she's knowledgeable and precise about getting job done in timely manner. Thanks.

Review №10

Exceptional service! Omar and his team are so thorough, prompt, and organized. Their emails and instructions are always very detailed and straightforward. Humza and Misbah were very helpful whenever I called and had a question. Thank you for your great service!

Review №11

I switched over all of my accounting needs to Virjee Consulting in 2012 and have been extremely satisfied. Mr. Virjee's firm handles my corporation and personal tax needs. Mr. Virjee is responsive, diligent, and thorough. When I have questions, he doesn't simply answer them, he provides official IRS publications to back up his strategies and explains in detail so that I understand what we are doing. Mr. Virjee has helped me save money in several areas that my previous accountant was overlooking. His online portal is VERY convenient when gathering tax documents at the end of the year, and his monthly publications provide invaluable pearls to help you plan. I highly recommend Virjee Consulting for your business and personal tax needs.

Review №12

Omar has been very helpful with tax strategies to save me tens of thousands in taxes every year.

Review №13

Virjee Consulting is the best way to go if you are looking for a CPA for your practice! He gets the job done and always keeps you up to speed with the companies finances. Please don't hesitate give Virjee Consulting a call!!

Review №14

Omar and the team at Virjee Consulting have been amazing to work with. They provide a truly personalized and professional service. I completely trust their ability to handle our books and tax planning allowing us to focus on growing our business. My only regret is that we did not find them sooner!

Review №15

Very organized and dependable. Always available to answer questions. Thank you for all you do!

Review №16

Omar Virjee and his team have worked with me for 3 years now. As a dentist, I did not know much about taxes, savings and, recently, the CAREs act and how all of it would apply to me. I started with him when I was an associate dentist, now I am a practice owner. Since day 1, my paperwork has always been extremely organized. Before I started working with him, he personally sat me down to explain exactly how my taxes and payroll are taken care of. He has educated me on how to take care of my money. I had spoken to multiple tax advisors and CPA’s before I started working with him. He oversees every client personally and has always been readily available by phone and in person. Beyond just being a CPA, he has been a cheerleader and a business advisor. I had not realized what great hands I had been in until the EIDL and PPP loans rolled in this year. I was on the forefront of all information and had all my paperwork taken care of before I knew it, because of their team. They are always on speed dial for me and have always come through! Thank you all for being such rockstars and for treating my business like your own!

Review №17

The best! Fantastic tax service and representation, hands down.

Review №18

This team is awesome.So professional and responsive.

Review №19

I would like to give Virjee CPA firm a five star review because they really are deserving it. Thank you for saving me money and most importantly time and headache. They are responsive and professional. Although busy schedule, thank you to the whole team (Omar, Abbey & Sarah, etc) for working around the clock to get my requesting service fulfilled in a timely and professional manner.

Review №20

My husband and I cannot praise Virjee Consulting enough. A different CPA that we used to open our practice left us in a hopeless mess that Mr. Virjee was able to completely correct in 2 years. They are very organized and have a clear plan that is unique to your situation. Staff is always available and answers questions promptly. He is trustworthy, kind and client driven.

Review №21

Very profesional and thorough dental CPA! They were recommended by a dental friend of mine several years ago and I couldn’t be happier with Omar & his team. They took all the stress out of tax preparation and payroll for us ! I am very happy knowing that all my taxes are done properly, on time and with my best interest in mind. Thank you Virjee Consulting for doing a great job!!

Review №22

I have had other dental CPAs and none of them have compared to Virjee Consulting for 1) GREAT customer service 2) impeccable attention to detail concerning tax management 3) Good, sound advise that is practical to my dental practice 4) Willingness to help me, as the business owner, to plan and execute protocols to achieve my financial goals. I would not hesitate to HIGHLY recommend Virjee Consulting to any and all of my fellow dental colleagues who are looking for a dental CPA of high caliber. You will not be disappointed.

Review №23

Excellent customer service, responds quickly, strongly recommended.

Review №24

Omar and his firm are absolutely amazing! I had previously used another group of dental accountants and wanted to find someone local as I live in Sugar Land. His reviews were great so I decided to reach out to them. Starting with my first visit, everything has gone very smoothly. They are quick to respond to my questions and emails. They are very timely and efficient in their work. I feel very valued as a client and felt as though they have done a great job and it has only been 4 months since i have been with them. Outstanding work, AWESOME TEAM and SUPPORT STAFF, and they saved me money!! Highly recommended!

Review №25

Highly recommend to any dental start up office. Very responsive staff. One less thing to worry about as a new practice owner. Omar will take a good care of your accounting and beyond.

Review №26

Omar provides excellent tax and book keeping service. Thorough explanation. Advance recommendations and save us money after tax. Truly gave us peace of mind. Highly recommended and already referred friends. They are happy.

Review №27

Omar and his team really know their stuff. Makes the tax world of dentistry easy so my office and staff can focus on our patients. He was very helpful and always responds to emails.

Review №28

Omar and his team are very professional and quick to answering my questions. Highly recommended.The team work with many dentists and other health care professionals. If you work in dentistry and are looking for a CPA, look no further.Very satisfied client

Review №29

Virjee consulting is absolutely amazing! they're detail oriented and very customer driven. They handle my personal returns as well as all my small business affairs. They're proactive in protecting their clients, their financial expertise can help you find ways to lower your taxes. I run a small business, they've helped me get organized, as a result I've gained confidence and a better understanding of my finances and that's allowed me to focus on running the business. These guys are highly, highly recommended, you'd be hard pressed to find a firm that gives this level of service.

Review №30

After using another two companies prior to discovering Omar and Virjee Consulting, I can honestly say that he and his company are the best kept secret a far as dental CPAs are concerned. Apart from being very personable, Omar is very professional and passionate about what he does. He responds to my questions promptly and does not think that $$$ are attached to the Dr in front of my name by nickle and diming me for each and every question. There are large companies out there who "sell" you their service, however, if you are looking for a high quality service then Virjee Consulting is a gem. They are honest and want what is best for you and your company. I have also switched to them for payroll and love working with Sarah as well! I have referred Omar, with confidence, to my dental colleagues and they are very happy with his company as well.

Review №31

Great company, great people. I've been with these guys for over a year now and couldn't ask for a better team. Very knowledgeable and always quick to reply to any questions I may have. I've recommended several dentists to virjee consulting and all have been more than impressed.

Review №32

We had a lot of tax issues that needed to be fixed. Went to talk to someone at one of the big companies and they never took the time to educate us on our options. After a lot of shopping around I am so happy we found Virjee Consulting. I am more confident about the future of our businesses. We recommend them to everyone we know.

Review №33

Omar and his team have been great to work with. They are very professional and give thoughtful insight into both making your business grow and saving you money.

Review №34

I have been a client of Omar and Sarah for the past three years and have been more than satisfied with their work. They have a great system in place and can always answer any questions that may come up. Great personal service and very professional!

Review №35

Virjee Consulting has been very helpful in assisting me in the past year with setting up my small medical practice and understanding the back office business needs that are not taught in medical training. They are responsive with questions, promptly responding to calls, texts, and emails, and they don't nickel and dime you. Their fees and services are up front. They explain things in a way that a person with limited accounting and finance background can understand and trust the recommendations.

Review №36

Excellent customer service. Answered all my questions, and very quickly, which I really appreciated! Already referred friends and family. Thanks for the ease of mind.

Review №37

This guy is just awesome. He really sets himself apart from other accountants, and provides an easy and simple experience.Whenever I call or email, I get a very quick and fast response, sometimes even on weekends. I have sent at least a dozen emails. It feels like you are being taken care of when people respond promptly.I did everything online. Super convenient uploading of documents onto their website, so I never have to leave my office. I even sign my documents online.I was even confused about some things and Omar really took the time with a thorough explanation to make sure I felt happy. I was really impressed how he made me feel like I was valuable to him. I was very impressed.

Review №38

I fully trust Virjee Consulting with all the accounting, tax and regulatory filing needs of my business. Omar Virjee, CPA and his staff are extremely knowledgeable and take the stress out of the accounting functions of my business, which helps me keep my focus on the operations and building/growing my business. Many thanks!

Review №39

Great service. I don't know much about the financial aspect of dentistry coming into our meetings, but as the weeks progressed I now have a firm understanding of my financials as well as how to save money. Virjee has saved me a lot of time and money.

Review №40

Mr. Virjee has been my account for 2 years now and has done a wonderful job. Hes smart, fast and makes sure to take the time to always explain whatever he is doing. I would rather not deal with all the numbers and taxes and he does a wonderful job making my life easier!

Review №41

Omar and Sarah were great. I thought our tax preparation was going to be very difficult as we have earnings in two different countries, but they did it with no problems and within a good time frame. Highly recommended!

Review №42

I have bee working with Omar and his team for the last two years and they have done an amazing job in getting my taxes done correctly, on time and, best of all, have been able to save me a bundle of money in taxes thanks to their experience and expertise. It has truly been a pleasure working with Virjee Consulting.

Review №43

This is the first year I have used Omar and Sarah for my personal and corporate taxes and they are wonderful, knowledgeable people! They followed up with me regarding deadlines and kept it short and sweet and professional.They were able to save me quite a bit this year. I have refered my friends and associates to them and would highly recommend them if you need tax guidance.

Review №44

Very professional, thorough, ethical and totally committed to the success of their clients! I am very thankful to have found such a solid team to handle my book keeping and tax services. I am an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon and I highly recommend this group!

Review №45

Great experience with Omar and Sarah. Both are very professional, respond in a timely manner, and answer all questions you may have. Highly recommended.

Review №46

Omar and his team have provided excellent tax strategies for my husband and I. We would highly recommend Virjee Consulting to any dentist who needs tax advice or guidance in opening a practice.

Review №47

Omar Virjee CPA is very helpful and reliable. His answers to my tax questions are always clear and to the point. I am happy to have an excellent accountant.

Review №48

Omar Virjee and his team (Sarah, Farhin, Bisma) are very personable and knowledgeable. I highly recommended this consulting firm. If you're looking for a consultant, look no further.

Review №49

I have gotten Great Help and Consultation from Omar Virgee for my LLC creation, Tax assistance, and Articles of Formation, They have saved me a lot of time, and the LLC was very well Priced. Thank You Very Much Virgee Consulting.

Review №50

Virjee Consulting does a great job managing my business and personal taxes and payroll as well. I would highly recommend them to anyone

Review №51

Excellent customer service. Very professional people. Strongly recommended

Review №52

Highly recommended to all dentist. Virgee Consulting does both my office and my personal financial services. Professional and friendly staff. Always available, day and night even on weekends. Omar is very knowledgeable at what he does and saved me literally tens of thousands of dollars.Dr. Thaer.

Review №53

Omar and Sarah are awesome at what they do. I am a full time dentist and Virjee Consulting takes care of all my accounting needs. I highly recommend Virjee Consulting to any dentist looking for a reliable and excellent accountant.

Review №54

Great team, great financial advisors, stay on top of their book keeping.

Review №55

Omar is Great. He saved me a lot of money.

Review №56

Working with Virjee Consulting has been a pleasure - they have successfully advised me on reducing my business taxes and provide quick communication.

Review №57

Omar is very professional and answered my all outstanding questions related to LLC formation and taxes. We selected Virjee Consulting for LLc formation, book keeping and taxes. Highly recommended !!

Review №58

Our experience with Virjee Consulting has been great, everyone is friendly and professional and get back to us on time.

Review №59

Great accounting firm, responsive, and most importantly, they made tax prep straightforward and stress free!!

Review №60

Very helpful, very professional, answered all my questions and responded fast to clear any issue. I would recommend them to any dentist whether working as employee, independent contractor or starting a new business.Hussain Alobaidi DDS

Review №61

Outstanding services & excellent advises. Thank you all

Review №62

Omar was very professional, thorough, and responsive to any questions or help that I needed.

Review №63

Virjee, is professional, efficient, responsive, and.....refreshing. I am an international consultant with an LLC taxed as an S-Corp and have had plenty of bad experience with other often confused CPAs that did not have their act together.

Review №64

Hi! I am a new dentist with 3 + years in practice ownership. I started with a CPA in north of Houston was very unhappy as he had limited experience with dentists. Followed by this i joined DDS Financial in Atlanta Georgia and had horrible experience. I was frustrated and called many CPA's on a weekend. My biggest problem was the CPA's i had did not care. Of many i called, Omar picked up my phone on a weekend !!! He and Sarah worked hard to fix my books. What the other previous CPA's could not do in 2 years, Virjee consulting accomplished in 2 months. They also helped me with starting a Dental Assisting School in my practice. I waited 1 whole year before writing this review. I intend to stay with Virjee Consulting for long term. I recommend Virjee consulting as your long term partner in your career. Thank You!Dr. Maulik Nanavati DDSHappy Sapiens Dental PCHappy Sapiens Real Estate Holding Inc.Happy Sapiens Dental Academy

Review №65

Omar really takes the time to explain things to you and he is very accessible! If you need a CPA he's your guy!

Review №66

Great work!!! Highly professional and helpful

Review №67

Very knowledgeable and excellent service.

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