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*UPDATE* I would recommend Hillhurst Tax Group for handling your taxes. Alex, Sergio and Balaji got back to me and have helped address the original minor mistake in my return. I had fairly complicated taxes and the team at Hillhurst was able to help me get it all sorted out, helping me reduce my tax liability as much as possible (the amount I saved compared to previous tax accountants was incredible). The only minor hiccup over the several months we've now worked together was a couple of lapses in communication between myself and the team, but those aside, the team has been extremely professional and helpful. Would definitely recommend.

Review №2

EXCELLENT AND RELIABLE SERVICES!!! The staff immediately responded to my situation, and within days I was at peace knowing full well that I had selected a TRUSTWORTHY GROUP. I would have given them more stars of possible.

Review №3

Hill Hurst and Katy in specific, were excellent. They kept advocating for us until our issue was solved. No stone went un-turned. The communication was exceptional. I felt they were on it until the mission was accomplished.

Review №4

We met with Alex in January 2017. During this time we were frustrated and stressed because we had an IRS bill for more $171,000. It took a little over a year, but this was finally negotiated down to just under 11K. we were definitely anxiously waiting for a resolution, but we were reassured every step of the way that they would reach a good outcome for us. Fast forward to July 2018, the bill is settled and the liens are off. We would definitely would recommend Hillhurst Tax Group.

Review №5

I first went to Hillhurst Tax Group in May of 2017 to see what could be done about my debts owed to the IRS. I was so stressed out and in deep financial chaos that I honestly felt like I was stuck in a hole I'd never be able to dig my way out of. Over the next year and a half I worked closely with Alex, Raphael, Jonathan and pretty much the entire team at Hillhurst to get my tax debt under control. They submitted an Offer in Compromise to the IRS that was approved right before Christmas of 2018 and they also set up a payment plan with the state of California so that I could pay off my outstanding tax debt over time. I am in such a better place financially thanks to their assistance, and would recommend them to anyone facing the same problems.

Review №6

I actually googled Tax agencies and went to the other popular place and knew I could get better service. I called and spoke to Alex and the rest is history. The process was painless and the team always kept me updated on the progress. Even when I got discouraged, they made everything right. I was in deep 5 figure dept and they saved my life. I HIGHLY recommend the Hillhurst family.

Review №7

I am so thankful for reaching out to this business when we had a crisis with our taxes. My first contact was with Alex, who was extremely understanding and explained what was happening to us step by step. I exhausted him with questions, which he was more than happy to answer each one and told us step by step what was going to happen next, should we choose this firm. Of course we did- it was a no brainier! I was always able to reach Alex should I have a question.Rafael was assigned as our case manager. He too, like Alex, walked us through each step. He was fantastic at keeping us updated, at times daily, and was thoroughly knowledgeable. His promptness in returning phone calls and emails increased my comfort level even more through this difficult time.I can not begin to thank Alex and Rafael enough for all the effort they put into our case. I strongly recommend Hillhurst Tax Group. There is no reason to shop around- they truly are the best!

Review №8

I contacted HillHurst Tax Group a year ago and will say it was a privilege working with Alex and his excellent team.I had a big 70 thousand tax problem that had me stressed everyday and HillHurst not only took care of my issue but got the offer to just $100 all I can say is wow!Thanks again Alex and your team at HillHurst for all your help.

Review №9

Trying to find a tax attorney that we can trust and feel comfortable with was hard. My wife and I interviewed with several attorneys and all had hidden fees and unrealistic promises. When we went to HillHurst Tax Group their contract had all the fees they would charge and when they would be charged. Never felt pressured. Everything they said they were going to do, they did. Today we received our State Tax Lien Release. We are extremely grateful. We would definitely recommend and vouch for them.

Review №10

Great Service. I had my IRS garnishment stopped within a couple days of visiting them. The fees were very reasonable compared to other tax attorneys I called. The best part was I only paid after the garnishment was released. They're taking care of my IRS debt now. Highly recommend them.

Review №11

I see to many good comments and post on here I will like to see hoch is the prices the they charge

Review №12

Jonathan and his team at Hillhurst Tax group are next level. If I could give them 10 stars I would. Respectful, responsive, and beyond knowledgable. Never in a million years did I think what Hillhurst Tax group achieved was even possible and I highly highly highly recommend them for anybody looking to settle tax debt, get solid advise and fix any tax related issues at all. This company gets real results.

Review №13

I received an audit notice from the IRS saying they're auditing my business for 3 years 2014-2016. I'm a water installer and I travel a lot so my business expenses were quite high. The amount I would have ended up owing would have been at least over $100,000. I first met Alex who went line by line with me on all the expenses and assured me they would be able to challenge and provide all the proof needed. After the first meeting with the revenue agent, I got a call from Jesse saying the IRS is closing out the audit with a no change. I could not believe it. All it took was a week for the audit to close. I'm so grateful for their help. Thank you.

Review №14

Just wanted to note how pleased my wife and I are with all your help. From the very beginning, you have proven to be very professional, straightforward and honest, as well as compassionate to our plight. You have provided excellent advice and tax help, and have stayed on top of every step of the process, by ongoing communications and updates. We couldn't be happier with all you have done for us, and can't thank you enough.

Review №15

I've been working a with Jonathan and Rafael since 2015.They have definitely exceeded my expectations and they handled my issues with the IRS and the State. Ever since then, they have been handling my returns every year and now that we have our own business, I am also having them handle that too. I trust them that much! I would highly recommend this firm for any tax issues you may have. These guys will go the extra mile to make it happen!!!!

Review №16

There are no words to describe the help and relief I received from Hillhurst Tax. They worked tirelessly to get my tax debt eliminated completely.They were always there to answer phone calls and emails whenever I had any questions. I can't say enough good things about Jonathan, Emi, Alex and everyone at Hillhurst.

Review №17

I had a 2015 tax audit with the IRS and was very nervous since this was my first time. The IRS had a proposed assessment and was questioning all my Schedule C expenses. I met with Alex first and then later Bilaji. I was able to get a free consultation and have all my documents reviewed before any fee was charged. The audit went real well with all my expenses approved. If you're going through a tax audit call them. Highly recommended.

Review №18

Can't say enough great things about HillHurst Tax Group. We had an initial consultation over the phone, we discussed what my options were, then got to meet them at their office to discuss things further. When it was all said and done, they released our bank levy and settled our tax debt of $65k for $2200 through an offer in compromise. The whole process took 4 months and we have been very satisfied with the results! Thanks again guys for everything!

Review №19

I came to the Hillhurst Tax Group with an IRS debt that I had been facing for 10 months. I was reaching the deadline for an appeal to settle my debt and no idea or knowledge on how to handle this alone. I gave them a call and I had a appointment within days. They explained how they would help me and what further steps they would take if my appeal was denied. I commend these guys for their commitment to what they do. The only work I had to do was provide them with my documents and they did the rest. They settled my debt of $9000 with the IRS. I owe nothing because of the excellent representation these guys provide. I highly recommend anyone in a bind with the IRS. They will exhaust all options to help your situation and you honestly can't ask for anything better then that.Thank you Jonathan and Alex for all your help!

Review №20

I'm thankful that I called Hillhurst tax group to settle my tax issues. They received a release of a $100,000 plus tax lien file against me. Since I was in a financial bind, I was forced to resign from my job, HillHurst took the case for no money down and proceeded to obtain a release of garnishment of my pension fund in less than thirty days. They have also agreed to complete several years of tax returns for a low fee.Thank you Alex, Raphael, and Jonathan for a job well done.

Review №21

Hillhurst Tax Group literally saved my life. I was drowning in major debt (just under 20,000) with the IRS and trying to handle things on my own wasn't going so well. I was referred to Hillhurst Tax Group by a family friend and I have no regrets. My advice is let the professionals handle it! Jonathan and Rafael were always there anytime I had questions or concerns about my status. Also, be patient it can be a lengthy process, but the end results are worth it. Thank you so much!

Review №22

Successful, stress free, trustworthy experience. I owed over $14,000 and and now I owe nothing, zero dollars! Alex, and the entire staff of Hillhurst Tax added 15 years to my life by ending my IRS stress. If i reached out to them, they were right there to guide me during my stressful time. Please, do yourself a favor and call Hillhurst Tax and be done with all that stress!

Review №23

This group have helped get through a $9000 liability and got it down to $100. I would like to thank Emi, Rafael, Alex, and of course Jonathan as they helped me through the process. They have answered my calls and replied to my emails which were very helpful. I gladly suggest this tax group to those who are dealing with the IRS. Thank you all for your service.

Review №24

Where do I begin with how amazing they are. We were able to refinance our house even with a lien on our property. Jonathan went above and beyond the call of duty to contact the IRS to help us figure a way out to refinance our house with a lien on our property. Each step of the way he was proactive and prepared us for everything! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

Review №25

I contacted Hillhurst tax group after seeing their ad online. I had gotten a bill from the IRS owing over $200K. Well, I just received my offer in compromise letter from the IRS. A total debt of 240,000 was settled for only $2400. I am still in shock. Thank you HillHurst Tax Group. I really appreciate the prompt response from the whole staff. Whenever I had a question or concern it was immediately adressed.

Review №26

I came to Hillhurst Tax Group with my husband. Previous to that, I went to another attorney and got nowhere. The franchise tax board claimed my husband owes $200,465. After 2 months of retaining Hillhurst Tax Group I found out my husband's liability has been reduced to $31,379. They are still working on lowering the balance by filing his 2002 tax return. They were also very flexible with the payments and proceeded to work on my case even though I wasn't able to pay their full fee. If you owe the franchise tax board or the state be sure to give them a call.

Review №27

Rafael and Alex did an outstanding job for me in obtaining an OIC with the IRS for the amount they first quoted me which was a huge discount to a real hardship.Great job guy's!!

Review №28

HillHurst Tax Group helped me immensely with a $60,000 tax bill that was incorrectly charged against my family. I am extremely grateful for their hard work in clearing the entire bill that was charged against us. I highly recommend them to anyone who is having a tax issue.

Review №29

The team is professional and fast. 2nd year using them. Very satisfied and will continue doing business with them.

Review №30

I'm self employed and applied for an offer in compromise 2 years ago and was denied. After falling behind on my installment agreement I called Hilhurst tax after being referred their by a friend. After meeting with one of their tax attorney they found out that my profit and loss was not presented properly to the IRS and I understated my expenses to the IRS. I have 6 people living in my home. Everything went smoothly and I was kept updated every 2 weeks on the process. My total debt was around $60,000 and was settled for $1500. I'm now taking care of my state problem with them. If you're in need of tax help contact them you won't be disappointed.

Review №31

These gentlemen stopped my garnishment within a week! We are now working on an offer with the IRS that I could live with. Thanks fellas!

Review №32

I'm so grateful for Hillhurst Tax Group they settle my 31,000 dollars debt for only 100.00 , I'm truly blessed that i found them, will definitely recommend them . Thank you Alex, Jonathan & Rafael .

Review №33

Stopped my tax levy of 2300 with the irs. I had no fees to pay upfront and they still worked with me. Their irs tax attorney is now doing my returns and working on my state issue. Highly recommended rick

Review №34

I owed almost $19,000 to Franchise Tax Board (FTB) for some back taxes. I searched internet to find someone who could help me to get some relief from FTB. Most of companies were operating from other states but I wanted to discuss my case in person. I finally found Hillhurst Tax Group and met their representative Alex Borisov in person. Alex told me that Hillhurst Tax Group can help but it is going to be a slow and lengthy process, he went over all the steps in detail. Their fee was reasonable and I paid the entire fee in monthly installments. Hillhurst Tax Group prepared all the required documents and submitted my offer in compromise. My offer of $1,000 was accepted by BOE against total debt of $19,000.I just want to express my gratitude toward Jonathan McCormick for the assistance that he has provided regarding my case. I am recommending Hillhurst Tax Group to my friends and family in case anyone needing any helps dealing with IRS or FTB.

Review №35

Thanks to hill hurst tax group I now have the freedom of any tax levys /garnishments/back taxes/etc...and top it off I didn't have all money to pay them for there services & they still worked with me on an installment plan easy as that thank you hill hurst tax group ....your best give them a try it really works.....

Review №36

I got my taxes prepared at by the enrolled agent at hillhurst tax. I ended up owing tax to IRS California and Illinois because I moved to california for work and had to take money from my IRA. I couldt believe I owed tax after all the money i already took out of my paycheck and the penalty i paid ahead of time, but I still left knowing my return was done correctly and how to take care of my taxes that I owe. They set me up on a payment plan and now Im going to pay it back with my refund when the file my taxes next year. Thanks again jonathan and everyone at Hillhurst Tax Group

Review №37

The tax lawyers at hillhurst tax are great. I had a problem with my 2013 taxes and it was ID theft and fraud.. I wasnt working at the time so i knew this had to be a mistake. I even went to the police first because of the ID fraud and they couldn't really help me and told me it was an irs problem. I found this place looking for and irs lawyer and they were definitely the right choice. It took a few weeks to get me all the answers that had been bothering me for a the past few years since i got some notices awhile back. Now I have proof in hand from the irs and the state too showing i dont owe and it even shows the tax fraud on the papers as well. I had called a few other places and it was just too expensive for me. Id recommend getting an appointment if you have been worrying about your irs tax problems. Thanks again, now I can focus on my new family!

Review №38

Alex and Rafael helped me so much,took care of everything I’m so glad I chose them I will always recommend Hillhurst they saved me over 50kThank you Thank you!

Review №39

These guys are the real deal. Jonathan knows what he is doing and treats you with respect.

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