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Review №1

Had a single session through the Legal Zoom arrangement and my questions were answered clearly. I do own other businesses that utilize a local accounting firm, but wanted to keep this venture completely separate. I intend on scheduling a few more consultations during my trial period so I can make the determination as to whether or not I will keep their monthly subscription. Will update this review should things go in a different direction, but at this point I believe this could be a viable solution for start-ups having questions about set-up, contributions and high-level bookkeeping advice.Also, there was another review that stated $2,000 for their service. I can tell you that I pay more than that for my other companies, so depending the needs of your company on filing and accounting that estimate may be in line.

Review №2

Extremely helpful, knowledgeable and quick! Exactly what a business owner needs. Highly recommend this company.

Review №3

Truly, the most disappointing service I've ever experienced. I started a new business in 2019, and relied on 1800 Accountant to help guide me through the business tax process. They told me to file under the wrong tax classification, and then left me to handle it on my own to resubmit under the right tax class. Their response time is delayed, and sometimes do no reply at all. My tax Advisor had the worst attitude, and talked down to me. There's so much detail to this unfortunate experience, but I'll keep it to the point. If you are a business owner, please rely on someone else to help you.

Review №4

Pushy, rude and overpriced. Referred by Legal Zoom without my knowledge, cold call from Nate Slunder who was mildly informative to begin the call but proceeded to high pressure sales techniques after quoting me over $2000 for services I found for $650 locally. Follow up calls progressively got more aggressive. My impression is they spend more time on sales than accounting and they care more about the fee than my business. No thank you.

Review №5

In this day and age of technology advancements, automation to improve operational efficiencies often you become just an account number trying to get customer service from a ghost in the machine.It is so refreshing to deal with a great company such as 1800 Accountants. They understand what real customer service is all about. They are as High touch as they are High Tech and make you feel like your a real person with real needs and not just an account number and payment method.Our accountant Marc Appel has been nothing short of amazing to deal with through our start up of Aquaventure Charters LLC. he has been highly responsive and informative to all of our requests and one of the quickest service providers to get back and follow up with you in most cases within a couple of hours but always the same day! Most other online service providers often take days if not a week to get back to you with a question or concern.I am very happy with the performance and results achieved with 1800 Accountants and Marc Appel and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for value add and pain relief from their accounting processes.Carl McBrideAquaventure Charters LLC

Review №6

UPDATE! They responded to my review stating that they are looking into the situation and a member from their team will be reaching shortly. That was over 2 months ago and still no word from them. They are complete scam artists, stay away!These guys prey on new businesses who don't know any better. The fees are astronomical compared to the the value added. The reps are not experienced and are not experts in your field as they claim on the sales call. Sadly I signed up for the service and after a few quick conversations with their account reps I learned that the sales person was actually more knowledgeable about tax prep than their actual accountants. I asked to cancel the remainder of my agreement and they refuse to do. They have a 30 day window to cancel but don't give you an opportunity to learn how they operate in those fist 30 days. The first couple of call which take place in that first 30 days is just an introduction to walk you through their website. No tax advice or expertise offered. If I wanted to file my taxes through a website, I would go with the much cheaper Turbo tax alternative which actually adds more value for about 5% of the cost. STAY AWAY

Review №7

Very expensive service who will make lots of promises but fail to deliver on them. Very hard to get a hold of anyone on the phone or online through their portal. They claim to run your taxes past multiple review processes, but they found errors just prior to me signing the efile authorization forms. So I had to wait again, no big deal, but what happened with the review process? Reminds me of a shady used car dealership offering a multi point inspection on a lemon they're trying to hawk to you. Worst of all, they'll keep billing you every month after you stopped using their service and not refund you. Stay away from this company.

Review №8

Consistent bad experience like other reviewers. This company smells like a shaddy telemarketing sales company, unlike what the company name might suggest. Be warned !!!

Review №9

I was very pleased with the specialist. I got my questions answered and am more knowledgeable about my tax situation.

Review №10

Excellent customer service on all my business tax questions on starting a business. So helpful and so courteous. I felt such relief to know that I was guided correctly and I could count on his professionalism to explain clearly the information I needed

Review №11

Avoid working with these guys. I had a consultation with a lady and she gave me incorrect information to try to make money off of me. I verified what she said with the IRS and a more trustworthy accountant and she was trying to point me in a direction of additional fees just to her benefit. Avoid!

Review №12

The consultation was excellent. I look forward to more interactions with this business.

Review №13

In spite of all my work to upload documents and fill out their questionnaires, the first team of accountants jacked up my filings by not including my spouses income, entering information incorrectly and filing late, for which I was fined. When this was brought up with customer service (who contacted me about my formal complaints) I was told the customer service team have no access to my interactions with the accountants, and so had no idea what my experience was, and eventually asked what I would like them to do about it. They offered only to cut the service immediately, but I was paying through lending point for another 6 months. Lol.The service cost me almost $2000 of capital and $500 in state and federal fines, leading me to file for dissolution and now they won’t file my final return for dissolution unless I pay them more. My tax return was smaller than ever and the total compensation for the mess they made was ‘I don’t know what you want me to do about it’ because the refund policy is 30 days from purchase, even though the service is for 1 year.The whole company is a joke.

Review №14

Don't use this service! They charge you thousands of dollars for software that you could buy for a couple of hundred somewhere else, with the promise of having access to and Accountant and Bookkeeper. The bate and switch is they named their basic software Accountant and Bookkeeper. So when you go to do your taxes you get nothing but basic software and No service. When you question this they want you to pay more money for the service they promised to begin with. Saying ohhh, that's our Premium Accountant service or that's our Platinum Booker, you have to pay more for that. These people are predator's. Stay Away!!!

Review №15

As a new Business owner there are so many details in starting a business and Rachel from 1-800Accountant has been a life saver. She is so informative, patient and helpful. I couldn't have survived this first year in business without her. I will say there has been a few gliches with the accounting program but Rachel and the tech staff have been on it promptly to get it corrected and that's all you can ask for!!

Review №16

Very helpful and knowledgeable, I learned a lot.

Review №17

As new business owners so far they have been so helpful with all of our questions. Patient and super responsive to all that we need assistance with thus far. Highly recommend!

Review №18

I signed up for 1800 when I opened my business due to referral from legal zoom and signed up with payroll thru them also they use a company called Gusto. During my first year they did not file my payroll to my state taxes correctly and when I contacted them about it I was assured it was handled but the state revenue department showed up at my place of business with the intent of revoking my business license due to non compliance of my filings and payments. The payments were taken directly from my business account weekly so the money was already paid. I contacted 1800 again and was assured it was handled, needless to say it wasn't and it took me several months of several calls to finally get resolved. I then received notices from my local taxes that included fines and fees because my local taxes were not filed and paid correctly. I also had several occasions where my payroll for my employees was late due the my payroll contact at 1800 was off that day or on vacation and no one submitted my payroll to Gusto, the payroll company that 1800 uses. I also had issues with my sales tax they were to handle and file for me, but they would only file if I would give them all the information even though I used there accounting system to enter all my sales daily. My tax advisor and my accountant were constantly changed with out my knowledge so I was email questions and information to them thru the 1800 account system no one was receiving it so I would not receive answers unless I would call them directly and many of the issues were time sensitive, as I was receiving notices from state and local about taxes. I finally cancelled my service after I finally (6 months later )got all of my taxes handled and fixed( I had already started with a new account much earlier) I dint want to do before that due to the tax issues and asked for a refund for the 6 months that I did not use and was informed that I couldn't get a refund due to their policy of only being able to refund for 30 days. To say I was very disappointed with the service and policies would be an understatement. I was new to going into business and wish I would have made a better choice of accountants.

Review №19

I have had extremely mixed results with this organization. I was attracted to them because of the claim of being a one-stop-shop and that they had teams of professionals just waiting to help. The online resources are useful if you fit a typical business model. If you know what you are doing (from an accounting perspective) or have an accountant on your staff, this approach may just work for you AND save your money.I am an independent consultant and needed hand holding. The first accountant assigned to help me was terrific. We used the time allotted to our monthly consultations well and I was climbing the learning curve quickly. Then, he left the company, which I believe is not unusual for this type of business model. The next 6 months brought a revolving door of advisors, many of whom I never even met-- they just kept turning over...When it came time for tax preparation, I was definitely at a disadvantage in that I was working with a tax advisor who knew nothing about my business nor why I had done things the way I had up to that point (based on past advice of her former colleagues!) And like all advisors, everyone had a different opinion about what would be the best courses of action for my newly formed one-person-band company in regards to minimizing tax obligations. By the time it came to filing the actual documents, I was assigned yet another advisor, since the previous person I had worked with had also since left the company. Once again, I had to start from scratch.Again, the patchwork approach might be fine for those who have an accounting background or simply need this organization to "check their work". But if you really need accounting help, don't already know how to do your own books or work your own "tax magic", this is NOT the way to go. Had my original tax advisor and I been able to complete our accounting journey together, I suspect my rating for this organization could have been positive But due to the plethora of people I was assigned to work with, and the fact most of them had no understanding of my account (meaning I had to start from scratch each time, with each new person assigned,) my time with this organization has been more frustrating than I believe it needed to be.I will be looking for another option for the remainder of 2020.PS-- UPDATE to my review: the response from the organization says they cannot find me in their database, which is crazy as they have scheduled a couple appointments with me to attempt to retain my business. However, each time an appointment is set, it is with a different advisor, underscoring the revolving door of advisors this business model supports.I will say that their software is very "user friendly" for the non-accountant and is a good place to start. But other than that, you really need to know what you re doing to work with them. Don't rely on them to guide you. I have received documents back from the IRS that were filed incorrectly based on this organization's advice. Continue to rate them 1 star (or less if I could.)

Review №20

My tax professional was excellent! She gave me more info that I expected which was extremely useful! It's worth it!

Review №21

I am so disappointed in how my case was handled. I realize it’s a busy season, but they asked for info a month ago, came back and asked for the same info again only to not use what I’d sent in 3 times. So, I’m feeling this was money down the drain. I’ll have to find another way.

Review №22

I was very impressed. Not only was my specific questions answered, but the accountant helping me offered unsolicited advice about additional tax-reduction strategies I could pursue. Excellent value!

Review №23

Stay away from this company, they’ll make up lies and promises that they can’t keep. 30 day refund policy which means you won’t get your money back.They’ll charged you a monthly bookkeeping fee that you didn’t ask for. Just find a local accounting service near by that won’t lie and rip you off.

Review №24

We are new business owners and had a great conversation with Abby. She was very knowledgable and helped us make the decisions we needed to in order to get started. We highly recommend 1-800Accountant.

Review №25

I would like to commend Mohammad J for providing great service. He is personable, kind and patient. Starting out as a new small business owner, I appreciate his gentle approach and guidance. He takes the time and care in explaining complex accounting and tax requirements in a clear and direct way. I would highly recommend his services and he is an all around nice, affable guy! Thank you!

Review №26

Lorraine CPA assigned to me was great. She is knowledgeable and best of all is if she doesn’t know something she is willing to ask or look it up. This is extremely important as know one knows everything. I truly enjoy speaking with Lorraine !!

Review №27

Great service, from concept to execution. I have been a small business owner for close to 35 years. For an unbiased general opinion on general tax strategy, this is great for brainstorming.

Review №28

These people are absolute predators. They tried to flat out intimidate me into getting the accounting service after I politely refused. Talking about my company failing, fines, fraud. All kinds of nasty things if I didn't use 1800 accountant. Who actually falls for that?

Review №29

I was disappointed how I was handled . I paid for specific service which I did not received . I tried dispute it I until I realize they need my money more than to help me. Let it be . I believe in karma. Cheers

Review №30

I had the pleasure of telephone meeting Ryan Ogden today during my interview on accounting that was initiated through Legalzoom. He was pleasant, warm and very receptive to both my questions and my concerns. Despite the fact that I knew this was going to be a sales call, Ryan made this a great call. It was very much like speaking with a colleague and I was immediately put at ease. I enjoyed our call partly due to his ability to maintain succinctness coupled with his ability to expound on the topics that were most important to me. He was great when we came across items he needed to verify before answering and his response was nearly immediate in providing the information I asked. Much appreciation for making my day that much better!

Review №31

I had some exact questions that were important to our company to go forward on with the Tax company I was working with.

Review №32

Albert was very professional WITHOUT being pushy or rude!!! A really great guy.... I think I will stick with a company that is smart enough to hire Albert!!!! Thanks for your patients, knowledge of information and guidance!!!! 1-8-00-Accountants ROCKS!!!! I'm in....

Review №33

I was very impressed. Not only was my specific questions answered, but the accountant helping me offered unsolicited advice regarding tax for future non profit reporting. Very pleasant.

Review №34

They lie they cheat they stealThere is nothing honest about this company they are not even recognized by the IRS they talk you into a good game once you pay them you're at their mercy what a joke they robbed me of more than $8,000 save your money get a real account

Review №35

Nicole was FABULOUS- Since I had listed several questions prior to our meeting, she was 100% prepared with helpful, detailed information. I've learned SO much in 30"- all of my questions were answered in a supportive way. I now have a wonderful financial/ tax plan forward for my business! Wishing everyone a Happy and Prosperous 2020!

Review №36

Paid over 1100$ and never spoke to anyone about making my business better or get any filings done worst company Ive ever worked with. All they ever wanted to talk about was getting a payment from me.

Review №37

Answered all my questions in great detail. excellent service

Review №38

Ron was very professional and knowledgeable. His tax advice was very helpful. I appreciated the thorough explanations he gave.

Review №39

Glad to have taken the advice of the LZ agent I spoke with regarding using the 1-800 Accountant service. While I had certain plans and systems in place it was great to get specific advice that will most certainly help. The agent I spoke with took special care to clarify any misunderstandings I held and even reminded me of a service I already paid for but was unaware of.

Review №40

My accountant, Christian TenEyck, is amazing! He is always on top of my taxes and forms. I have been stressing about my upcoming appointment to discuss tax planning etc. but was very pleased to find he had everything covered. When I signed up with 800-accountant a year ago I wasn’t pleased to spend the annual fee for services but a year later I can say that it was worth every penny. The peace of mind to not have to worry about forms and filings and gathering shoe boxes of papers and receipts and drive back and forth to an accountants office were well worth the investment. For a new business owner, trust me, it’s worth the money. And if your lucky enough to get Christian as your accountant you will see what I mean.

Review №41

Jim Kerr was very knowledgeable and extremely friendly. He explained my options in great detail and was able to answer my questions efficiently and effectively. This was my first experience with 1-800 Accountant and I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to sign up for their services. Thanks, Jim!

Review №42

RUN. Had a 'free consulting' call with this company, which quickly became a sales pitch. Obviously I wanted time to think about things and talk about it with my husband, so the agent told me to "discuss it now', while he went to check on the computer for something.We figured we'd give it a shot, since we are in a bit of a time crunch. The salesman was very happy. Then I noticed all the reviews. He wrote them off as Yelp conspiracies, despite the fact that I wasn't even looking at reviews on Yelp. Five minutes after hanging up, I began to regret saying yes, and called back to cancel and take more time to think about it.The salesman first argued with me, saying how he proved to me that the services were good, and how it shouldn't be a big decision since he showed me so much, and that I should really have a meeting with one of their accountants. I kept saying, "I need to make wise decisions and to do that I need to take my time." Every time he would argue. Then he began guilt-tripping me, saying, "I feel like I haven't done my job right, and I've failed you". Eventually I convinced him to cancel the charge. I even got an email saying it had been processed.A week later, a charge for $1800 shows up on my credit card. I get a call from another man from 1800Accountant, from the billing department. I tell him I want a refund. He begins to ARGUE WITH ME TOO, and use fear tactics, saying "Well you don't have much time before the end of the year, we'd really like to be able to help you", blah blah blah. Eventually, during one of his speeches, I said I DON'T CARE, REFUND ME. He said, "Okay, I'll do it, because that's what I said I'd do." As if he was doing me some favor. I have yet to see if the refund will be provided. Either way, I am horrified by the tone of both representatives I spoke with, and the way they hounded me each time. Disgusting. I have never experienced anything like this. I have since met with some wonderful local CPAs who will be handling our taxes, and couldn't be happier. Do the same.

Review №43

I'd like to comment on the amazing support that I have received from James B! He was extremely helpful in getting my Payroll set up in Gusto. He also guided me through the process of registering my company in MD for both state tax purposes as well as MD State Unemployment. He made it extremely easy and always consistently answered my questions. Keep up the great work!

Review №44

Andy is quite helpful. Since first conferencing with him he has helped explain quite a bit. He certaintly knows his accounting. He helps me each and every time we work together. I look forward to each call we have together. Quite professional, patient, thorough, excellent follow up. I am quite happy with him. Wish we could talk more than 30" on each call. Thank you, Andy.

Review №45

Ed was awesome and knowledgeable, great experience, Legal Zoom has high marks with me

Review №46

My experience was exceptional, Abby was able to answer all my questions with added advice. Its amazing help this valuable is so easy to get.

Review №47

After paying a large sum for the service, I still had to do my taxes myself.They did not respond to my inquiries or do their jobs in a timely manner. A complete waste of money.

Review №48

I was told if I opted out of the service within 30 days I would be fully refunded. I opted out within 24 hours after realizing I did not need this type of service and they still charged me $47 for a processing fee. The sales person NEVER mentioned that and they scooted around it saying it was in the terms of service. They just got $47 from me for nothing.

Review №49

I started an LLC to enhance my network marketing business to better create an asset for myself. I was nervous and clueless to what I needed to do; when and how to keep up with deadlilnes required for a LLC.Everyone I have worked with so far has been outstanding. My personal Tax Advisor Mark Goodson, has been nothing but patient with me. Which makes me feel more at ease with this whole new process.I am highly recommend 1800 Accountant to anyone with professional tax needs.

Review №50

We would like to thank Wesley Williams for giving us nothing but the best service in ensuring we stay on track with the business. He is very informative and helpful in making this new venture as smooth and easy as possible. Thank you Wesley please keep up the awesome work!

Review №51

Donna has been a godsend for me in getting my business going. She is always patient and gives me all the info I need. She is always pleasant and I can almost see her smiling while we are discussing things. She has really kept me on track. Thanks, Donna!

Review №52

I had a phone appointment with this company, no one called for our appointment. I emailed the support team and received no-response.

Review №53

As a startup business I got all what I want from them over the phone, I'm using legalzoom services

Review №54

Definitely recommend 1800 Accountant to anyone who needs accounting help. Especially anyone starting a business for the first time. My senior accountant Andy has been nothing but amazing! He has been helpful and super thorough especially explaining things and making sure that the right decisions are made on my behalf, especially ones that are beneficial and in my best interest. Honestly, I don't know what I would do without you guys, but especially you Andy!

Review №55

Thanks again Mike. For all the options, making it a simple & easy setup. Nothing better I could ask for. 5 stars.- Dave

Review №56

I got a subscription with 1-800Accountant after using them for advising through LegalZoom as I needed somebody more dedicated to my business.Where I got scam:A big selling point for me was to have somebody to do my quickbooks. They told me they were able to add a quickbooks bookkeeper to help me with some transactions for an additional $400. So I decided to move forward, after this was done I learned it wasn't a bookkeeper that will help me but an advisor (won't touch my books but advise) - which I already have as part of my LegalZoom plan. I was never able to communicate again with the person who sold me the package.Advisor:In terms of an advisor, their advisor are knowledgeable but you will get the same level of attention that I was getting on my LegalZoom package I had a dedicated person, but since January until now I was only able to speak with the advisor every 2 or 3 weeks and each call is limited to 30 minutes. A lot of those minutes went to remind where we were 2- 3 weeks before. The end result being having some issues and discrepancies with my business tax returns and not being able to speak with somebody to clarify them but had to file them either way due to deadlines.Solution:I called once to explain the situation, the person from billings told me they should be able to offer me a refund for the additional $400 that they sold me as bookkeeper when it was just an advisor (same as I had on my LegalZoom package).After all the issues I decided to cancel my membership even though I still have some months left from the payment I made, it has just being a bad experience since the beginning.Today I got a call from David Lobel a representative.- First he aggressively try to defend that 1-800Accountant don't offer quickbooks bookkeeper service, and that in any email they sent me they say that. I prove him wrong by first showing him that they do in fact offer quickbooks bookkeeper and that it was written on the quote they gave me.- Once I prove him wrong, he offered trying to see if they can offer me a bookkeeper service for remaining months (this was 2 minutes after he said they don't offer those services).- The last drop on our conversation was that I mentioned to him, I spoke before with somebody from accounting (wasn't sure of her name) that she mentioned they might be able to wave the $400. His response was "that's not what she said..." I asked him how does he knows what she said if he wasn't part of the conversation nor knew who I was talking about, his response "because I sit next to her and I listen to her conversations" All this time, he didn't even know who I was talking about.That was the last drop with my experience of 1-800Accountant after the "I sit next to her and I hear all her conversations" without me confirming the name of the person, I just asked for the conversation to be over, don't want to deal with this company anymore, just cancel my plan even if it has not been finished.

Review №57

I am very satisfied with the service my company has received through 1800Accountant. Our company has utilized the tax preparation, payroll, and bookkeeping services, and our dedicated accountant, Jeffrey Yu, has been very helpful and responsive to all questions. He is proactive about meeting our business's needs and makes sure we hit our deadlines. It has helped me feel more confident managing a business, knowing I have his support and these resources readily available.

Review №58

Stephen Cossey was great! He was very knowledgable and helped answer all my quessions.

Review №59

Sandy was very clear, concise and to the point. Knowledgeable and happy to answer my questions.

Review №60

Ralph H was vey helpful and personal with my call. He talked with me and helped as if he was one of my friends. If you have the chance I would recommend speaking with him as he is very knowledgeable and will give you the insights you need to start off your first business.

Review №61

Very pushy and overbearing pitch for additional services.

Review №62

Great service and quick turnaround on questions. Very knowledgeable and was able to answer all of my tax questions regarding our business.

Review №63

Israel was incredibly helpful and friendly, none of the pushy salesman attitude that I dread to have to deal with when calling about business services. I would gladly work with him again, he's very competent and knowledgeable, making a point to give you plenty of time to think of and ask questions.

Review №64

We've been working with Josh over at 1-800Accountant and he has been great. We are so grateful to have someone like Josh to work with. He is very patient, always on time and is doing a great job of teaching us how to use the accounting software. If you are a new business and you need some help with bookkeeping, you really need to consider 1-800Accountant.

Review №65

I enjoyed my telephonic exchange immensely with my assigned accounting team at 1-800Accountant! I feel well-informed on all that is required of me in my first year of my LLC. Many thanks!

Review №66

They were 15 minutes late for a group call so we hung up. They didn't give a reason or apology, just left a voicemail saying "Sorry we didn't connect".

Review №67

Wesley W is my point of contact from the beginning. A good guy who really makes you feel like he's looking out for you, and that means a LOT! So far the 1-800 crew have all been great and Wesley W periodically checks in to make sure everything is ok.

Review №68

Great walk through on the first things we need to pay attention to.

Review №69

I had many questions regarding my LLC status and state laws. Mr. Ron Seremet did a great job explaining the steps I needed to take moving forward.

Review №70

First time, and my experience with the agent was amazing. Called on the time scheduled. The agent was very professional, knowledgeable. I started a new business, so I am happy to speak with someone who had patience with me, being nervous, lost, and confused at the same time, starting something on your own is a nerve-wrecking experience and I am happy to have spoken to someone who was eager to help me

Review №71

I love the fact that 1800-ACCOUNTANT answered my questions and made sure I was all set without being overly pushy and making me feel like I had to make a decision right then and there. A refreshing change of pace.

Review №72

I really like Jessica Dial. She knows my industry and has been great even when I keep asking lots of questions. Thank you Jessica!!

Review №73

So now that tax day has come and gone and after some nail biting moments, extensions and a bit of communication issues the guys at 1 800 accounts have come through when it counted most. My business partner and I now know how the process works best and are all geared up for next year too. Our refunds were better than expected and these folks really brought up some good questions and ideas we hadn’t thought about. Thanks again.

Review №74

THIS COMPANY IS TERRIBLE! The last straw for my review is that I have cancelled their services 3 times and am still being charged. I finally cancelled the card that was being billed.

Review №75

I have only been a customer of 800 Accountant for a couple of months before having some issues that caused me to rethink using this service.It seemed to me as if no one cared about my issues, so I wanted a refund and to move on. I assumed, after receiving the refund, my problem would be swept away and forgotten, but not the case. The day after getting the refund, I received three calls from a manager named Kyle wanting to know how he could make the situation right. Even though I was no longer a customer and had moved on, they reached out.Despite the negative experience, I must say they are a stand-up company. I would recommend them solely on the fact that they actually stand behind the customer satisfaction mantra every business spouts.

Review №76

Please remover your duplicate 5 stars , it looks like same reviews posted in several by different email accounts.

Review №77

1-800 Accountants was there to hold my hand every step of the way, every question I had they provided an answer and were always readily available. My senior tax advisor is very courteous, professional, and is able to have levity on a subject of taxes and my financial forecasts. I was very comfortable speaking with my advisor. Highly satisfied! Looking forward to continue working with Adria!

Review №78

A total waste of money! They are very expensive. Do not return phone calls / messages in a timely manner. It is almost impossible to talk to an actual person. I have been trying to get an IT issue resolved since 11 am yesterday. I am being told that I should change banks because our bank does not link with the system. I wish I would have been told this before paying for this service. My bank is my merchant vendor and have been a pleasure to work with. I would much rather find a new accountant based on my experience yesterday. When I did finally reach a person I was asked to call back and hour later since the tech was on lunch. I sit around for an hour, called back in and he is still apparently on lunch. At this point I decided that it wasn't worth keeping the service if 6 days in I am having this type of trouble. I left a message for billing at 3pm yesterday and a message today notifying them of my desire to cancel. I got an email back staying they will call in 1-2 businesses days. Are you kidding me? So all together this issue has turned into 2 days of wasted time. What a joke.I finally got to talk to a manager today who agreed that asking me to switch banks is not worth the hassle. He was able to recommend some bookkeeping software and finally processed my cancellation request. For a refund. Run do not walk away from this company. So not worth the headache.

Review №79

1-800 Accountant is awesome, their staff is super helpful. Their customer service is well put together. If you are looking for help, with taxes, book keeping this is the spot to go to. Ask for Julian if you can.

Review №80

Ed D from Utah is the man to speak to! What an "on-the-ball" professional gentleman! If you want all of your questions answered and to be completely satisfied by the end of the call, than ask for Ed!

Review №81

So far so good! I've only had my initial onboarding calls with my accountant thus far, but it has been a great experience!

Review №82

Wonderful consultation!

Review №83

Ralph was very informative and helped me along with my process.

Review №84

Would not recommend this accounting service to my worst enemy. The accountants couldn't care less about the well-being of my business. I was given horrible advice on how to handle my business profits for the tax season which ended up with me spending thousands of dollars that I didn't need to spend. Frankly, I don't think the accountants have any idea what they are talking about. It also took them hours to message me back when I had questions about my business.They said my taxes were filed, however, after waiting for over 2 months without any contact I reached out to the IRS myself and it turns out my return was not accepted. 1-800-accountant never notified me of this and if I hadn't messaged them, I wouldn't have known anything about it.Seriously, I would not recommend this company to my worst enemy. I can't overstate how dissatisfied I am. I would have been better off just giving my money away to some bum on the street. The bum would know more about accounting than this company.

Review №85

Great team they will help every step of the way

Review №86

I had to report this company for fraud. Beware they don't offer any services that differ from the free apps out there like Mint or something else. They had a CPA assigned to my account and they set up a time within the free trial period where we would discuss my tax needs of my companies. The CPA had all these strange excuses why he could not talk to me. In the meantime the took a $1800 loan out to pay for the services. Plus a $29 a month fee witch I still by the way can't get them to stop charging me. So I call them to cancel the services and the phone was disconnected 😡😡😡😡. So I say oh man I better cancel the loan for $1800, I call the loan provider to tell them to not pay them (lending point), there response was that the check was already mailed. I told them that they need to cancel it. And they still won't. They still call me every month from Google numbers trying to sell me on other services. I am shocked they are still in business with this shady Buisness practice.I had to call and report this to federal trade commission.I had to put a freeze on my credit.I had to report it and they are investigating it.I would not recommend this company if it is even a company.

Review №87

I had good conversation which is helpful to enhance my knowledge about c-corp. All of my questions were answered to my satisfaction.

Review №88

Christian TenEyck has been awesome. Helping me with my new business. While I'm familiar with running a business. My accounting and tax needs are lacking and have been improving. Christian explains everything in a clear, direct, manner...traits that I respond to very well. If you're starting a new business and have no clue how to get started. I recommend getting a service like 1800Accountant and the team that make that company successful. A good note to mention. You're nothing without a great team. Treat them well and you'll do well.

Review №89

Being new to the LLC ... my adviser was great and answered all my questions... well done

Review №90

DO NOT WORK WITH THEM*This complaint was sent to 1800 multiple times and was ignored. We have not heard back. *Our company was a client of 1-800 Accountant. We just terminated our service yesterday and we wanted to inform you of the issues we had with the entirety of our service. I'll start in a somewhat chronological order.1. During the initial call to sign up, we spoke with a team member who seemed very knowledgeable in regards to accounting and just business in general. We were told that we could have meetings with our accountant at 5:30 or 6 to fit our work schedule. It all seemed great but towards the end of the call, he did seem very pushy and pressuring. You should revisit sales training.2. When we received our accountants, there were a few issues.1. We were not able to have our meetings at the times we requested.2. Our accountant seemed to change many times over only 1 year without notice.3. It took a while to hear back from them.4. They seemed nowhere near as knowledgeable as the salesperson we spoke to. It honestly did not seem that they were qualified to be an accountant.5. Our accountant missed several calls or would call us at the wrong time.3. When it came to tax time, it was extremely hectic and confusing.1. Our accountant(s) were not clear with direction, were confusing, and almost didn't get our taxes done in time. We almost paid other local accountants to do our taxes due to lateness of it.2. We had paid for two personal taxes to be completed when we started the contract but was given no direction on Logan's personal taxes since apparently it had to be submitted separately on a different account. This was never created until questioned.3. It was also on Logan's account that she was the owner of some other random company we have never heard of which is frightening to hear in case our personal/business information was "accidentally" sent to another individual - especially social security numbers.4. David's taxes were completed before Logan's even though with hers being submitted beforehand. Yet, we were told we'd have to pay for a file an extension.5. Our taxes had issues on them that either we had to catch or we were told of later by government organizations. A total waste of money just to be penalized.4. Since taxes, we haven't heard from anyone on a regular basis. Once we complained the first time, we had a few "reactive" phone calls, yet we haven't heard from anyone in months.5. Monthly charges were increased without notice.6. The final straw was that we were charged a renewal fee without clearly being told service would renew. While we understand this is legal and is written, it's still awful, shady business practices to do that without notification/consent.Overall, we are just very disappointed and frustrated with the services we received. Being our first year in business, we thought going with a brand as well known as 1800 Accountant would be good for us. We thought we'd receive exceptional service and save money. However, based upon the upfront and monthly costs, all it did was put us in the hole thousands of dollars. It almost feels like a scam. We're working extremely hard just to break even on the cost accrued from using your services.

Review №91

JeffY at 1-800 has been incredible! His customer service, knowledge and attention to detail is an invaluable tax resource for any start up business! HIGHLY RECOMMEND him!

Review №92

Great explanations of services, tax issues to consider for small business owners

Review №93

I have a great experience signing up for your program, looking forward to working with your team.

Review №94

My husband and I had a very pleasant discussion with Nicole through LegalZoom. She was practical and provided sound advice related to tax classification in how we needed to complete our tax forms in our newly minted LLC.

Review №95

Excellent service

Review №96

Eric Y personally inputted all my bank account transactions when the program was not working correctly. He also helped me fill out the tax information for my business and personal return all in one phone call that lasted about 20 minutes. Very professional and helpful.

Review №97

I had a question about converting a second residence to a rental unit. Nicole provided the answers I needed to make the decision to convert. She was very knowledgeable, confident, and very pleasant on the phone. I would highly recommend her.

Review №98

Great knowledge and experience, also point you in the right direction

Review №99

I felt that they preyed upon me as a small business owner with limited resources, luckily i was able to get some money back it seem many people arnt able to. If you choose to try them i would recommend scheduling as many appointment in the the first month to see if they can actually do the service they advertise. I paid close to $4,000 for the service they say they can produce. I was always left waiting for my accountant to attend scheduled meetings, which she never attended. My booker keep seem less enthused to answer simple questions about my book keeping. I dont feel like i had any services from them at all. They dont work with quick books, they dont work with me the customer at all because they no call no show all my meetings. I tried to cancel the first time and was told by a manager that if i stayed with them he would personally make sure that i would get a new accountant that wouldnt no call no show me. That manager didnt do that at all, i waited 7 days past his deadline to have a new accountant reach out to me, no reached out to me. It took me two weeks to finally cancel and because i canceled two weeks after the 30 day point they only refunded me at a prorated amount. But hey i turn a $4,000 mistake to a $400 dollar mistake so i guess i leaned my lesson.

Review №100

My husband signed up with this "company" upon starting his own business. I can personally attest to at least TWO phone meetings, 8/24 @ 4pm and today @6pm est, that were missed completely. I have much better things to do than sitting around waiting for that call that involves our finances. I believe iiwill be calling tomorrow and fitting them, along with demanding a refund.***Update*** I received a call from them and we are going to give this one last chance. Because, and only because of agreeing to give them one last chance, I'm temporarily changing my rating to 2 Stars.***UPDATE*** Spoke with Robert last night. Call came in exactly as scheduled. He was knowledgeable and personable. I was actually a little impressed. The way Robert explained things to us was simple and concise, but not dumbed down to make us feel inferior or stupid. I am looking forward to working with him. At this point, I feel confident enough in his abilities to raise my rating if this company.

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