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Six months ago we needed to retain an accounting firm to calculate simple, unaudited financial estimates for our company. We initially thought to retain one of the Big Four firms. Unfortunately, we surmised that as the calculations were quite basic in nature and that no audit confirmation was necessary, we could use a smaller, local firm.We contacted the firm EisnerAmper LLP in Sacramento, California. In our initial contact we spoke with the Managing Director Ms. Jolene Fraser. We made it very clear to Ms Fraser that we only required unaudited estimates and did not require her to “stand behind” the figures. She acknowledged that Eisner Amper LLP could readily fulfill our request and requested our documents and a $7,500 retainer. We had slight apprehension when she required such a large retainer, because our retired KPMG accountant had advised us that what we wanted would only take an accountant only several hours to complete. We immediately sent off consolidated sales statements and the retainer….and we never heard from Jolene Fraser again.Over a month later, we contacted EisnerAmper LLP and inquired the status of our estimates. Ms Fraser, rather than contact me, called our company attorney and advised that her firm could not comply with my request and only was willing to do a “full blown” (their words) financial audit. This audit they were speaking of would go back 10 years and entail reports not requested or needed by us. Furthermore, the cost would be well over the retainer amount. We immediately emailed Ms Fraser and terminated EisnerAmper LLP. We asked for our retainer to be returned along with our documents. A month went by with nothing causing us to have to contact Eisner Amper LLP again asking for our company documents and retainer to be returned. After two more weeks our documents arrived apparently untouched, in the same order and condition submitted. We had to contact EisnerAmper LLP a third time asking why our retainer was not included with the documents. MS. Fraser would not get on the phone and her assistant “Mikayla” advised that due to Covid 19 our check would be delayed? We waited several weeks with no refund and finally contacted EisnerAmper LLPs headquarters in New York. We spoke with the partner over the western U.S. who advised us he would look into the matter. Several weeks later we finally received a check from EisnerAmper LLP but it had a large deduction. We reached out to the partner and he advised he would look into the matter. We requested an itemized invoice as to the deductions and what was done? We also asked for any work product that was completed. To this day we have received nothing.Can you imagine an accounting firm that does not give an accounting of what they charge?In closing, EisnerAmper LLP duped us. They originally claimed they could do what we specifically requested, then once they received our retainer they backtracked and claimed they couldn’t do it. We ended up with nothing but a 3 month delay in our project. Our experience with EsinerAmper LLP was a frustrating and expensive lesson.

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Great experience. Fast and professional. Highly recommended!

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