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Review №1

I was in need of a new tax preparer, and George Dimov responded to a online query almost immediately. I’ve used their service for two years now and am very satisfied. They are very fast and thorough, and promptly answered all my questions. This year especially, it was super convenient to be able to have my tax forms all prepared, reviewed and submitted electronically.

Review №2

If you are looking for a trustworthy, responsive, and quick company to get your taxes done, look no further! George Dimov and his team are incredible. I worked with Bob, who was so quick, responsive, and was able to take care of both my personal taxes and my business taxes. Last year I reached out to see if they could do my personal taxes and ended up doing turbo tax instead because I didn't want to pay for someone to do my taxes, but I will NEVER make that decision again. It was worth every penny having this team do my taxes this year instead. Highly, highly, highly recommend using this team to do your taxes!

Review №3

I was referred to George and his team via a financial advisor who had worked with them previously. The Dimov Tax team is incredibly quick and responsive.I first engaged in a consultation for a complicated multi-state property tax question. I was happy with that discussion and decided to engage their tax preparation services. Even though it was fairly late and my taxes were not simple, they took on the work with gusto and even gave me a credit for an unused portion of my previous consultation fee which I appreciated.I thought their rates were very competitive and fair and they handled our joint return quickly and correctly. Will be happy to use them again next year and really glad I've begun what I hope will be a fruitful repeated engagement with the Dimov Tax Team!

Review №4

George Dimov and his team are doing my personal taxes and my wife's business taxes for a couple of years now. All of George's team members I worked with so far were highly professional, running a very efficient process which shields clients from unnecessary email conversations or redundant document requests. His team seems to be available almost 24/7 providing valuable advise on the most random tax questions we had so far. I would summaries the experience as 'Institutional service quality at a reasonable price'

Review №5

George started filling my taxes a few years back. I appreciate his company being transparent and very helpful to whatever questions I have. I've saved quite a lot of money through his service. Highly recommended if you are looking for a professional and reliable accounting service.

Review №6

AMAZING JOB! Very professional, the whole team did a fantastic job and I am very impressed. No matter the time of day I always received a quick response. They are extremely thorough with the work. Pricing is extremely fair and it was a pleasure working with George and his team.

Review №7

George and team have been great to work with. No matter the question or the details they have been on top of it. I am always impressed by their respond time and ease of everything through the tax process. Highly recommend!

Review №8

This was my first time using George & co for my taxes after a friend referred him to me. Some pros and cons:Pros: very professional, quick, thorough, and proficient. The team works hard and leaves no stone unturned. My taxes aren't overly complicated, but it does involve a K-1, freelance income, itemized deductions, estimated tax payments, and having to file an extension each year - the team handled it easily.Cons: a bit expensive, so do your due diligence on whether or not it is necessary / worth it. Personally, I found that the savings and ease of use was worth it. One hiccup I should disclose was an unexpected fee for an extra service (estimated tax payments throughout the year to avoid underpayment fees). The fee makes sense since it requires additional hours, but I did itemize it in my initial request for quote, and I assumed it was included. It was probably just a simple oversight, but just make sure you mention all the services you'll need when requesting a quote.All in all, the more complicated your taxes get, the more you should use this team. There's no question they will maximize your returns.

Review №9

First time using Dimov's team this year after using online software for a decade. So much better than doing it myself! And I didn't have to mail a single thing or go into any office. Completely modern and online, but still very personal and attentive. Everything was taken care of promptly, professionally, and most importantly - securely. Well worth the money if you value your own time and sanity during tax season. Looking forward to hiring Dimov next year!

Review №10

I really enjoyed working with George and his team. After having trouble securing timely assistance from my previous tax preparer, I was nervous about finding another service just a few weeks before the tax deadline, especially during such an unsual year. The team answered my call and followed up right away. My taxes were completed within days. The team also was available over the weekend and took the time to answer all my questions. I highly recommend this service.

Review №11

George and his team, including Jurgen and Doniyorkhon, were a pleasure to work with and alleviated much of my anxiety around filing taxes this year.I have always filed my personal taxes using TurboTax Online. In 2019, I lived in two different states after having to relocate for work halfway through the year. When it came time to file in 2020, I automatically defaulted in doing so through TT. This year, because I lived in two states, the process was not as straight-forward and simple as in previous years. With the additional steps and formulas required in TT for my situation, I quickly realized I didn't feel comfortable with my own calculations and the estimated payments/returns that TT generated as a result. Specifically, my estimate showed that I owed a much greater amount in state taxes than I had anticipated. As the deadline to file (which was extended to July due to COVID) was fast approaching, I decided to reach out to George Dimov and his team for some professional help.The team was very responsive, knowledgeable, and able to provide helpful insights for all the questions I had throughout the process. Ultimately, I ended up getting a good amount of money back which was quite a relief. I couldn't have asked for a smoother experience - thanks George and team!

Review №12

George and his staff is hands down best in class. Either if you are a W-2 employee or operate a small business he has a tailored situation to meet everyone's needs. They are very professional, knowledgeable, efficient, courteous and we enjoyed working with them.

Review №13

I was looking for a new tax preparer. I inquired with a few places. George was super responsive. He had me fill out a short form, which he used to provide me a quote. The quote was very reasonable compared to some of the other quotes I got, given the complexity of my return. Once I paid them, they had completed my return within a few days, though I initially had a problem with their emails going into my spam folder. We had some back and forth for a few days to resolve some questions I had. They were both very responsive by email and able to hop on the phone. My return was completed very efficiently. Great service and will definitely use them again!

Review №14

George and his team were so professional and prompt in helping us file our taxes - I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM. They gave us a detailed quote with an option for a reduced fee if we filed right away, which we did. Jurgen got back to us within 2 days of our providing the requested documents and gave us the full breakdown of what to expect before we were asked to e-sign. In addition to federal, we had to file state taxes in PA as well as NY. As a result of their work, we received the largest tax return we ever have. Don't hesitate to work with them on taxes. The cost is absolutely worth avoiding the hassle/uncertainty and the added peace of mind of letting true professionals handle your taxes. We look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.

Review №15

Best tax experience I've had. Would highly recommend.

Review №16

Really enjoyed the services. Anthony was vey knowledgeable about small business taxes. In addition, I appreciate his patience, as we discussed the functionality of Quickbooks online. Thanks again!

Review №17

We really enjoyed working with George and his team. Everyone we talked with was incredibly responsive and they did a great job providing us with information. Anvar was especially great at responding to our questions.

Review №18

I would definitely recommend Dimov Tax Services to anyone looking for quality tax work. Great experience working with George and Bob. Extremely responsive and professional. From the minute I reached out, everyone is asking the right questions and doing their best to help. They have had a fast turnaround and simplified everything for me.

Review №19

I used George Dimov & team for the first time to help with my 2019 taxes. From the minute I sent in an email inquiry until my taxes were electronically filed, George & his team were efficient and professional. They responded to all my emailed questions within minutes, with clear, easy-to-understand answers and suggestions. They are especially good at handling taxes related to start-up equity. Very reasonable pricing, which they provided up front. Highly recommended!

Review №20

Mr. Dimov sent us tons of unsolicited emails advertising himself. When we called, his temperament was a total turn off. He is abrasive and arrogant. Wow. How anyone would want to deal with a person like that is beyond me. When we asked to be removed from his email list due to his horrible, attitude, he replied personally with a long paragraph, justifying his need to act like he did. The justification was combative and full of condescending nonsense. No apology. No customer service. What happens if you actually rely on someone like that for your accounting?

Review №21

This was my first time using George. I found out about him on Google and reached out. Received an initial quote and response immediately. Very fast and reliable, would definitely recommend and use again.

Review №22

My taxes have gotten complicated over the years, so I decided to give George Dimov tax services a shot because of their amazing Yelp reviews, and really happy I did! I think what sets them apart from others was their communication, thoroughness and knowledge — they are really quick to respond to emails, which I greatly appreciate since anything tax-related give me anxiety! Happy to continue using their services in the future and would definitely recommend!

Review №23

George is an absolute master of his art. Filing taxes can be extremely stressful but George simplified the process to such an extent, I might have just found a CPA for life :).As already seen on Yelp, he's got some fantastic reviews over the years and continues to maintain an extremely high bar of service. It started off with a Yelp message and what left me awestruck was his crystal clear communication with respect to what would be required and how much would it cost to file a Tri-State taxes.Over the course of a few Yelp messages, George got everything he needed from me and provided me an estimate that was bang on. A phone call later, I proceeded to meet him at his office with his team. Being extremely friendly and polite, George sat down with me and my partner and went over the various nuances of filing taxes, our best options with respect to cost and how much time it would take.It's remarkable that over the next 60 minutes, we had filed our taxes, understood what was being done under the hood and gotten a clear estimate about how much we would be getting back and how much it would cost. George personally did give me a call later to explain every single detail about our taxes and in a rare moment [something I haven't experienced during my time of filing taxes over 7 years], he expressed empathy over some expenses shooting up and also provided suggestions to make this better for the next fiscal year.As promised, the taxes were filed in the next 24 hours, we got our returns back exactly on the day we were told and the experience was as smooth as it could be.One pro-tip on my side: Ask the right questions and respect George's time and he's going to be fantastic. Time is key here

Review №24

George and his Team were extremely professional, responsive, and detailed. They followed up consistently with thorough details and updates. They also have your best interest at heart and are extremely reliable. Highly recommend using as your ongoing tax consultants. Will be continuing to work with George and his Team for the foreseeable future.

Review №25

George and his team are top-notch. I’ve been very happy with their work and consistently impressed by their high level of service. They are professional, respond quickly, and provide solid advice with their client’s best interests in mind.

Review №26

Excellent communication and service! I’m impressed by the responsiveness of the entire team. 100% recommend!

Review №27

We've worked with George and his team for the past 2 years on our business and personal tax filings. They've been extremely helpful in taking care of our both our regular filings and also providing consulting advice to help us as we continue to grow our business. They're always very thorough and respond quickly and efficiently, even during peak tax season. We definitely recommend using them :)

Review №28

I wanted an honest, safe and easy experience. Thats what I got here. Trustworthy and quick! I definitely recommend.

Review №29

George came highly recommended and absolutely delivered! Crazy fast service and amazing support. I will absolutely be coming here to do my taxes for the foreseeable future!

Review №30

I needed quick help figuring out how to best exercise and sell some employee stock options. Was sent a few different scenarios that helped immensely trying to predict my tax liability.

Review №31

Great team to work with! Prompt and easily answered all our questions. This was the first year we made the move to have someone else do it rather than turbo tax and I will never go back thanks to this team!

Review №32

This is my 3rd consecutive year of utilizing Dimov for my accounting/tax needs. Every year they move faster and faster. I had a complicated filing this year, yet within 32 hours of submitting my documents-Dimov filled my return! They streamlined the process yet again and he’s my CPA for life!George, Bob and all the other staff are always patient, and willing to answer my questions.When I leave, or end a phone call with them feeling accomplished. No need to look anywhere else.George @ Dimov is a CPA icon!!!

Review №33

The Dimov team is so kind and works quickly!! Especially I appreciated that Bob replied my small question quickly and clearly. This is my first working with them and I will come back next year.

Review №34

I started using George 3 years ago when our taxes became too complex for my own comfort. They are very responsive, professional, and helpful when talking through the ever changing tax complexities. I recently recommended George and team to a colleague and would continue to recommend to others.

Review №35

This is my 2nd year using George and his team to file my personal tax returns. I live out of state and working with George and Stan has been so easy. They respond to emails within minutes and answer any questions you may have. They will for sure guide you in the right direction to make sure you get the most out of your returns. I will definitely be using them for all my future tax returns.

Review №36

George and his team are super responsive and transparent. Welcomed any questions and very willing to help. This year was my first time using them but I will be using them moving forward. Feel like I got the most out of my returns.

Review №37

George Dimov, CPA and his team continues to provide quality and expert services. This is my second consecutive year relying on the company for my tax needs and I look forward to continuously being a loyal customer. Stan Shraybman was outstanding. Prompt communication, knowledgeable, accessible and personable. I could not have asked for a better experience. Thank you to the entire team!

Review №38

A+ communication and professionalism. 10/10 would recommend for Co-op accounting services.

Review №39

Hard working professionals who provide fast and precise service. Prompt and thorough responses to questions. You can tell everyone works as a team there and is always on point. No stressing over taxes anymore! George and his team have always provided a positive experience every year!

Review №40

George and his firm did a great job with my taxes. Very appreciative. They know what they are doing and work very fast!

Review №41

Highly recommend. Responsive, quick, high-quality service.

Review №42

I have noticed a 5-start rating and felt the need to write my own because this rating definitely needs to be calibrated. I had my taxes done with them last year and there are a couple of things I would like to mention.1) When I got the first draft of my tax filing for my review, it had a bunch of mistakes, including misspelled names. By simply going through the draft filing I could spot some other mistakes and asked to correct them. One correction alone added about $2.5K to my refund (and I am not an accountant), despite the fact that I had given them a list of all the deductions to consider.2) At the end they charged me FOUR times as much as other CPAs do but got me the exact same amount of refund (after my corrections), plus all the mistakes and back-and-forth.

Review №43

I have used George and his team’s services for 3 years now. They have made filing a very easy process and has helped me understand anything I needed to know regarding my taxes. Xintian and Bob have both been extremely helpful in guiding me through each step and I would definitely recommend anybody to use their services.

Review №44

Efficient and thorough. This firm is incredibly knowledgeable and takes the time to explain some of the more complex aspects of the tax code in plain English. I highly recommend working with them.

Review №45

George and his team were absolutely phenomenal to work with. They were very quick to respond, thorough in their preparation, and always willing to answer any questions. We would highly recommend!

Review №46

My wife and I worked with George and team for the first time this year and we're very satisfied.My family's tax needs were not ridiculous, but a lot more than I was comfortable doing on my own in TurboTax:- W-2 jobs in NY- Some self-employed income and expenses in NY- Some business income (LLCs / K-1s) from California and Arkansas- Some investment incomeOur lead accountant, Stan, was very responsive to questions we had, completed all the necessary tax forms very promptly, and highlighted the key results before we filed.Well worth the price considering a professionally done filing and all of the time I saved not DIY'ing forms for federal and three states' worth of taxes!

Review №47

Great team! Very responsive and professional! Used their services for filing my multiple state and federal taxes. Very well knowledgeable of G4 visa tax related issues. Definetly will use their firm in the future.

Review №48

George Dimov and his team are extremely fast and professional. They helped me and my family during the COVID-19 pandemic and I'm very thankful.

Review №49

Excellent service with competitive pricing!!! Very fast and efficient and even took the time to set up a call to explain everything.

Review №50

After dealing with an Accountant for years who was dismissive, unresponsive and just plain rude, George and his team are a breath of fresh air! I met with them in-person last year and was a little hesitant due to how small their office was but my “fears” were completely gone after doing my incredibly complicated taxes with them this year. George and Stan were so responsive, helpful, and didn’t treat me like an idiot. Could not recommend enough — I am a customer for life!

Review №51

George and his team are first-rate! Turned around my complex return quickly and accurately! Highly recommend him!

Review №52

Absolutely fantastic service! They did my taxes faster than I expected. George Dimov sends out great, regular and informative newsletters that help people at all levels with financial matters. They'll do my taxes this year and help me with my new LLC.

Review №53

Highly recommend George and his team. Been using his services for the third year - very detailed and always available to answer any arising questions throughout the year, not just a tax season. Very rare find in the city!

Review №54

Amazing service from start to finish. Incredibly responsive, accurate and helpful. Would highly recommend and will be using in the future.

Review №55

I flew into New York and one of my most importantstops was to personally hand over all my tax forms over to George Dimov CPA. When I finally made it to his office I saw several hard working associates of George working diligently on others taxes. George was able to go through my papers and answer his questions. Walking in I was full of dread. Actually seeing George and his staff personally I walked back taking a side trip thru Grand Central Starion I felt a certain calmness and relief. A feeling all reading this will also experience if you let George Dimov CPA doyour taxes. I expect his business will grow the next few years and am grateful for his assistance.

Review №56

The service that was performed was quick and efficient and Bob was able to help with any questions I had with the entire process. I'm glad I chose them to help me with my taxes.

Review №57

Very professional. I am very satisfied with the quality of work and how fast George and his team prepared and filed a return for my C Corp.

Review №58

Probably the best accounting team in NY. They are very informative, professional, understanding, and very easy to work with. I'll be seeking their continued help next year also.

Review №59

George was incredibly responsive, professional and saved me money. I highly recommend him!

Review №60

Extraordinarily attentive, gracious, effective. Top notch professionals. Would not hesitate to recommend or use them again!

Review №61

Have been working with George and his colleagues for over a year now and can say that they have been very informative throughout and always available to answer any questions or concerns. Would recommend to anyone needing help with taxes.

Review №62

I had a complicated tax situation spanning three states, and George and team were great. They were also extremely fast and responsive. I highly recommend them to anyone searching for tax advice and tax services

Review №63

We've been very happy with the service we've received from George - we just finished our third tax season with him. He is very responsive, knowledgable, and thorough. The templates he gave us to track our deductions and income at tax time make reconciling our financial info simple and easy! I definitely recommend him to friends and family.

Review №64

First time I work with George, and I can for sure recommend their services. Extremely quick turnaround time and optimal results.

Review №65

George and has team were a pleasure to work with. Everyone I worked with from establishing a multi state tax strategy, filing taxes, or just general accounting questions on what to do were extremely knowledgeable and patient when it came to my several follows up. What was most impressive was George’s response time! Regardless of time of day or year, George personally immediately followed up via email, text, and/or phone himself. Most times within minutes already having the answer to my question, but at the least acknowledging my inquiry and providing a timeline of responding. I look forward to working with George and his team for all my accounting needs.

Review №66

George and his team are quick, responsive, and efficient. This is my second year using them for my taxes, and I plan on using his services indefinitely.

Review №67

Great option for individuals that have gone through an IPO!

Review №68

This is the 2nd year I've used George and his team, and they've made it so, so easy both times. I can't recommend them enough.

Review №69

I’m so grateful and happy that I went to George for my taxes. This man and his associates have helped me understand so many different aspects of my taxes, especially considering I’m not so knowledgeable of many of the basics when it comes to getting taxes done for a corporation. I will never go to another CPA!

Review №70

This is my second year filing with George & the crew and I am definitely a satisfied customer. George and his associates are always punctual and happy to assist with my less than straight forward tax situation. Despite multiple changes of address/state & general tax burden - the team has handled all of my requirements in stride. The peace of mind is worth the nominal fee any day.

Review №71

I am very satisfied with my experience and would highly recommend the services of both George Dimov and Xintian Wang. I was looking for a tax advisor to discuss my 2019 tax return and the tax consequences of some ISOs I have. I reached out to three others before finding George Dimov. One was a referral from a friend who wasn't accepting new clients, and two others gave initial responses and quotes for services that only seemed ok. George's initial response and rates both stood out from the others: he clearly took the time to fully read the email I wrote, and responded in a way that communicated that he really paid attention and that he was in a good position to help. His quoted rate to file my 2019 return was also the best of the other quotes I received! His ISO consultation quote was very good as well. It was an easy decision to work with George. For the work, George put me in the excellent hands of Xintian Wang, who was an absolute pleasure to work with. Xintian was wonderfully responsive. She really helped me clarify my ISO tax situation, and quickly and expertly produced a draft of my 2019 tax return for my review, before filing it, in less than 48 hours from my initial email to George. Other tax advisors and CPAs should take notes! This is a level of service to aspire to!

Review №72

George and his team are trustworthy, incredibly fast and responsive. Highly recommend.

Review №73

George and the Dimov team made the whole tax filing process extremely simple, were incredibly responsive well beyond normal office hours, and were definitely worth the fee. I'll be using them again next year!

Review №74

George Dimov and Ben Liu were excellent. They were quick to respond to my initial inquiry (within minutes). I asked for a swift turnaround for an income verification because I needed it ASAP and they did it within 24 hours. They are incredibly responsive. Would highly recommend

Review №75

George and the Dimov tax services team have great reviews for a reason, they do your taxes right!If you want to be worry-free, if you want to have your documentation safe and secure, and most importantly, if you want your taxes to be filed properly, do yourself a favor and go to Dimov Tax Service.Their prices are reasonable, they'll work with you, they a responsible, fast and they are incredibly responsive!100% Recommended!

Review №76

First time working with George and his team. Seamless, easy communication, never had to go in person. The way taxes should be done in the 21st century.Two Thumbs up for Araceli !!

Review №77

I cannot believe I am giving a positive review for an account! But I am ... and this team deserves it! If you are looking for someone to elegantly handle your taxes look no further they are the BEST in NYC. I am fully aware that I am a difficult client that always leaves my taxes for the last minute and they always come through! Working with George and his team is literally a pleasure. This was not a taxing experience 😃. I highly recommend them: they do my business and personal taxes. They are professional, easy to work with, efficient, and priced beyond reasonable. Thank you 🙏

Review №78

These guys are the best! Don't waste time with other cheaper options. If you want great service, kind and professional expertise, George Dimov and his team are the only option. I'd recommend Dimov Tax Services to anyone!

Review №79

Been using George’s services the last 3 years and it’s always quick, prompt and very knowledgeable! Won’t go anywhere else.

Review №80

Excellent team, outstanding service and unbeatable response time!

Review №81

Very quick responses and efficient.

Review №82

Great experience filing my taxes for 2018! George and his team were very quick to respond to my questions, flexible with me providing documents in different formats, and very professional. Will definitely be using them again in the future! Very satisfied customer - so quick and easy!

Review №83

I've held off a year from posting this review, but as tax season approaches, I want to make sure people are aware of what they sign up for when going to George. There's no doubt that he's qualified and that people have had good experiences with his service, but I will not be coming back to him. They say once you find an accountant you stick with him/her, well not this time. If you have a simple tax situation, then by all means.I had an issue where I was insured via the marketplace by my parents without my knowledge, as I already had college insurance. There's a simple form that should be filled out in this case. I wasn't aware of it, and this obviously held up my taxes and resulted in my having to return healthcare subsidies I never enjoyed (not George's fault). When I initially asked George what it was that was creating this issue, he said and I still remember it clearly..."this is not a tax consultation and you need to pay for my time." Of course everyone deserves compensation for their services, but to frame it in that way when someone is just trying to figure out what's going on is unnecessarily greedy in my opinion. I ended up having to pay an additional $200 (67% of my initial payment) for this simple amendment. I want an accountant who I believe is looking out for my best interest, not one so obsessed with the value of his time that he neglects serving his clients. Ultimately, that's a losing game. Taxes are personal, and it's frustrating when your accountant is out to take - rather than protect - your earnings. That's the government's job.

Review №84

Very fast and professional. Dealt with a lot of issues specific to our situation, including self-employment and international taxation.

Review №85

Absolutely hands down the best tax preparation service I’ve used - Naturally, my tax returns were quite complicated due to the number of states that I was sent to work in. I work at a consultancy so my W-2s are quite long as a result. I also received some K-1 income and had quite a few questions about that. The team here helped turn around my request extremely quickly and helped me understand the outcome. I’ll use them again next year for sure.One thing I’ll add - I had received a letter from the IRS for some issues for my taxes several years back and they were able to clear that up for me very quickly. I was particularly concerned about a letter that I had received from Illinois state, and that was not a problem, as well. Thank you!

Review №86

This is my second year using George and his team for my taxes. They are extremely responsive and knowledgeable, and always got back to me quickly! I highly recommend them. They are also very affordable!

Review №87

Highly recommend! Stellar professional and courteous service!!! George and his team told me upfront how much it would be and did all the paperwork by the next day keeping me informed every step of the way. George will be my go to from now on.

Review №88

I asked George for a CPA letter for housing purposes in NYC. He did an excellent job in a timely manner. He provides excellent service at an affordable cost. Highly recommended!!

Review №89

I had income from Chicago, Indiana, and California and was very confused about how to do my taxes. As a medical professional, my taxes were even more complicated because of the assortment of 1099s that I received through the different employers that I worked. I tried doing my taxes by myself on TurboTax and it showed that I owed over $24,000! I was shocked because I know several of them my employers had withheld quite a bit. I was very happy to meet George and his team. They were able to reduce the tax liability very significantly and even show me some tax strategies for tax planning that I can use subsequent years. They were extremely responsive over emails and were very personable as well over the phone. I will use them again next year for sure. Very happy that I got my taxes done early with this group!

Review №90

I was in my first year of medical practice & was extremely confused on how to get my taxes completed. I was not sure what writeoffs I can have. Can I deduct tuition? Can I deduct student loans expenses? What made everything even more confusing was that I received 1099s from two different institutions, one of which was in the state of New Jersey. George and his team truly saved the day. I’m very happy I use them. Their response time is excellent and they are always reachable. I’ll use again next year

Review №91

Incredibly responsive and professional.

Review №92

I've always used TurboTax to file my returns. But this year my return was more complex than usual, so I contacted George Dimov's company. They made it very easy. I gave them access to my forms, they asked me a few questions, I asked them a few questions, and then about a week later my return was ready. One thing I was impressed by is how responsive they are. I once sent an email on a Sunday evening, expecting a response by Tuesday afternoon at best. I got a response a few minutes later. You can't beat this kind of service. Couldn't recommend them more highly.

Review №93

I've been coming to George for tax help for the past two years and have only good things to say. Quick to respond and to answer any question I have, no matter whether it's to the point or tangential. Taxes are stressful but it's reassuring to work with George.

Review №94

George was recommended to me by a friend who started to using him. I had a complicated tax situation involving multiple states and businesses. It was an easy, pleasant and exceptional experience. Would highly recommend him!!!!!! A+ tax man

Review №95

George is always lightning fast to respond and complete any work. I honestly don't know if/when he sleeps as all of my projects have been on a rush basis and he meets our deadlines every time. He does an excellent job and provides a wide range of financial services. I have used him for multiple projects over the last 2 years and reach out to him first for any work needed for our companies. Very reasonable rates for the level of experience and expertise. High recommended to all.

Review №96

Very happy with our service. Never waited more than 10 minutes for a response! Will definitely be back next year. Thank you!

Review №97

It was a pleasure to work with George's team. Really quick response times, good job within short time. Next year we will take their services again.

Review №98

I had received the CP 2000 notice in the mail from the IRS saying that I owe 11k. Clearly, I was shocked and confused by this as I know I have been paying my taxes regularly. I needed an accounting firm to go through the letter and find out what the error was. Dimov corrected my return and were able to meet the deadline. Everything was done quickly and online as soon as I dropped off my paperwork at their office. They are very quick to respond to emails, texts, and phone calls. The customer service was unlike anything that I have seen from a professional services company. I have used them to amend my subsequent year returns, which also had the same issue. I will continue to use them going forward and I’m very happy with the results!

Review №99

George and his team are superb.!! Amazing work for a GREAT price. Much cheaper than other quotes I received for the same work. Advice and help on anything and everything, including cryptocurrency taxation. I have had my taxes done by George for the last two years now and I plan on continuing with him in the future. Always the best service!!!

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Awesome job. Made filing quick and easy. They were also very responsive with any questions.

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