Timur Knyazev, CPA
188 Grand St #244, New York, NY 10013, United States

Review №1

Timur is one of the best tax accountants I have met. He goes above and beyond in explaining and providing tax value. He's one of the hand full of CPAs that gets to the point of exactly what you need, without any BS that other accountants give. He provides you with additional information and answers any and ALL questions that are needed to achieve the goal you are looking for. Thank you for all of your help. Highly recommend!

Review №2

Timur is the absolute professional who I enjoy to work with. I met him when I had very last minute request and all the other companies said it's too late, so they cannot take this job. We got the job done smoothly with no issue. He is always there to help. The best part is that I don't need to explain him what we need, Timur is well aware of all the potential issues and what needed to be done to prevent them.

Review №3

Timur has been my CPA for 3 years now and I can say nothing but great things about Timur’s expertise and professionalism. I have an experience working with large and well known companies, but after I started working with Timur I immediately realized the unique approach Timur offered vs big companies. I’d characterize my experience working with Timur by following words: quick, efficient and customer focused. In addition to his professionalism Timur is a very nice person with very positive and friendly attitude. Wish Timur all the best in his career and look forward to working with him in the future

Review №4

I met Timur 4 years ago. I got the reference from my close friend. Since I started to work with Timur, I was impressed by his ability to work smart and listen to all my needs and concerns. Also I like that he's not just managing my companies or personal finances on his own. He’s working close with me to make me understand and be completely in the loop of the strategy. All these years Timur is staying my trusted personal CPA and for my companies. He’s knowledgeable, highly skilled and has extensive experience in his field. If I trust someone, I wouldn’t find better CPA than Timur Knyazev.

Review №5

Timur is the greate professional. We have IT business and were looking for someone who understands modern information technologies. We started working with Timur several months ago and completely satisfied.

Review №6

Timur is a great professional. Super competent, responsive, and well-structured. He communicates complicated stuff so well that you will fully understand the concept even if you are not a tax expert. Happy to work with Timur!

Review №7

Timur is a great person to work with!He always describes everything to let you understand things, gives you a clear idea of his work value and pricing.What I love in his job is when you can do something easy, and you are ready to do that - he will let you do that instead of charging thousands of dollars.On another side, if you don't want to be involved in the process, he will ask you the only necessary information and will finish his job right!10/10

Review №8

We work together for a couple of years already. Timur is a great professional. Very competent, attentive to details. Totally recommend.

Review №9

I know Timur for more than two years, not only as a professional and an excellent expert in his field but also as a person who knows how to convey his thoughts to the audience correctly (I work in business education, and I know how important is that). Besides being Timur's client, I repeatedly invited him to participate in our educational business programs for entrepreneurs from different countries as a tutor and coach. Timur gives good knowledge in his field and always monitors market changes, providing the most relevant and reliable information to our students. I definitely recommend Timur and will be glad to work with him in the future.

Review №10

I have been working with Timur since 2016, and I consider him a fantastic professional who not only has a deep understanding of his business and the nuances of accounting and tax accounting but also knows the business of his clients. He asks, studies and spared no time to gather a full understanding. He is also a charming, polite and erudite person with whom it is a pleasure to deal. In a word, my strongest recommendation.

Review №11

Timur came through for me in a pinch! He is an uncommon find as far as NYC accountants go- kind, clear, responsive, extremely knowledgeable and yet unburdened or unfazed by the stresses of the NYC grind. An incredibly personable professional, I would recommend him to anyone looking for friendly service and quick response time.

Review №12

Zero headaches and fast service. If you are like me and taxes drive you nuts I can't recommend Timur enough! Swift and to the point tax matters resolution especially for me as an expat living in EU.

Review №13

Timur is a world class professional that was recommended to me via a friend in 2018 and I am so thankful for that recommendation!Timur is very punctual, and has a complete understanding of expat tax law. His services are fairly priced, and he has always went above + beyond to provide help whenever I've had questions. If you're looking for a CPA...look no further.Thanks for the years of continued assistance, Timur!

Review №14

Timur is an amazing professional! He was able to provide hight quality communication and execution on any questions or concerns we had. I liked that he is eager to come up with solutions, not just thinking in a boxed perspective! thanks Timur and look forward to working with you the following years!

Review №15

Highly recommend Timur. I have been using Timur for accounting purposes fro the past 5 years and I am extremely satisfied with his services. He is diligent, patient, detail oriented, fast and knowledgeable. 5 stars without thinking twice.

Review №16

Sincerely grateful to Timur for his help through all the years of our collaboration.Being an absolutely trustworthy professional, Timur holds a strong engagement in clients' needs and specifics, always providing competence advice and effective assistance.We would definitely recommend Timur as a CPA for any business.

Review №17

I’ve been working with Timur for about 3 years now. He is a great professional with excellent skills, deep understanding and amazing communication, very reliable and responsive, always helpful in explaining everything. I’m really glad I found him and highly recommend.

Review №18

Timur is very professional, and always responds quickly to our needs. His knowledge of taxes is superb, as he has decades of experience in this field. He’s helped us decipher complicated tax regulations so many times. I highly recommend their services to anyone considering a new CPA.

Review №19

We have been working with Timur for six months. I am very pleased with his style of work and communication. It was the first time I paid taxes for my company and it was very exciting. Everything went well thanks to the Timur's professionalism.

Review №20

It's always a pleasure to work with Timur. He's extremely professional and knowledgeable in his field. He helped me on short notice and thanks to him the whole experience was stress-free.

Review №21

Timur is a dedicated professional who knows his stuff very well. He will guide you through the complexities of tax and accounting issues in simple terms and make sure that side of your business is fully covered. If you want a CPA who knows how to listen and who understands your business needs, look no further!

Review №22

I work with Timur for two last years already. He provides high informative and high-quality service. He is attentive to the details of my business and always offers simple and clear solutions. Strongly recommend.

Review №23

Timur is a true professional with competent financial management skills. We did annual tax filing with him and he did a wonderful job. Highly appreciated!

Review №24

As an American expat for more than 10 years, and a small business owner working abroad, I was faced with countless complex U.S. tax related questions that were difficult to find answers for. Timur was always there to help me understand the options available to me, and figure out the best path forward. In this globalized world, I can't think of a better CPA and ally in my small business ventures than Timur.

Review №25

Professional that will help you to organize and structure your taxes.Everything will be payed on time and if you have a question he is always available and has the answer.

Review №26

Timur is great not only as a CPA but also as a friend. He treats his work professionally and personally. Happily recommended!

Review №27

Timur is a very professional CPA!Everything is perfect, from communication to professionalism!I would be happy to recommend Timur’s services for anyone who’s looking for a qualitative tax help.

Review №28

I personally work with him. Very professional CPA, organised, punctual, reliable, fast. I really liked his up to date, convenient service with all paperwork done remotely using digital sign request, payments etc.Definitely recommend him!!! You will be surprised how nicely his work is done.5+ stars!!!!

Review №29

We are working with Timur for more than 2 years. He provides a professional service with good quality. Always open to answer an accountancy or tax related questions. Does his job quickly and with high responsibility.

Review №30

Timur is a fantastic accountant! He has been helping me for over 4 years so far and all this time I have enjoyed peace of mind with regards to my taxes. Timur has tremendous amount of knowledge when it comes to international taxation. He can help to navigate the ocean of FATCA-GILTI-Expat type of taxes. When working with Timur, you can be assured that you're fully compliant with all the requirements of US tax code.

Review №31

Timur helped me understand the intricacies and complexities of tax administration in the United States. Everything is clear and detailed. Great job! Thanks!

Review №32

True professional here! Timur Knyazev knows all the details and specifications of his business. You will get here full and exclusive service: Timur Knyazev will take care of your taxes, but also will explain complex regulations in a simple manner. So lucky we found him 👍

Review №33

Enjoyed working with Timur! Unlike my previous CPA he was super responsive, shared a lot of valuable information and did an excellent job with my taxes ( both personal and corporate)Recommend to everyone who value his time and money!

Review №34

Timur has advised and assisted us on tax matters for three years. He has been very attentive, fast, efficient, and cost-effective for our company. 100% recommended.

Review №35

Timur is very responsible and highly qualified specialist. All my issues were solved both quickly and qualitatively. Glad to continue our cooperation.

Review №36

Timur is an expert in this perplexing area of law and taxation and knows his stuff very well. It's been a pleasure to work with him. Highly recommended!

Review №37

Timur is an amazing CPA professional! He provides the best quality work and gives advice if you have questions no matter the scope of work or project. It’s a pleasure to work with Timur! He will always find time to answer the questions you may have in an urgent matter. I highly recommened working with Timur Knyazev if you’re looking for an incredible CPA!

Review №38

Timur has been amazing to work with! Throughout our joint work, Timur has put all possible to give support to our business, has proven to be an excellent professional, thoughtful, thorough, reliable, ready to tackle any challenge, and most importantly, someone you can trust.

Review №39

Very professional and informative CPA. Always answers questions in a quick and timely manner. Our family feels confident and safe having such great representation

Review №40

Timur is very skilled expert. Responsive and very easy to work. Recommend Timur to everyone

Review №41

I've been working with Timur for last two years and had a great experience. Strongly recommend.

Review №42

Great specialist. Very pleased with the quality of service. Thanks!

Review №43

Timur is always on top of everything. He provides very timely help and goes above and beyond expectations. Very professional and provides high quality service.

Review №44

Many thanks to Timur! I got confident and quick help and would be back in future for sure!

Review №45

Timur is a good person and professional CPA, helped and consulted with our startup company fast and excellent. I'm recommended him!Stanislav CommTrade Inc.

Review №46

I'm satisfied with Mr. Knyazev services which he provides to me for years.

Review №47

I was pleased with fast response and quality of consultations from Timur regarding my business context and opportunities.

Review №48

I will definitely recommend Timur Knyazev.If you are looking for a professional to take care of your taxes-do not hesitate to work with him.Very responsive most of the time.Always helps to understand things that you are not knowledgable about.Easy to work with.

Review №49

Timur is an excellent professional with a great attention to detail. He also speaks Spanish ;)

Review №50

Thank you for professional attitude and attentiveness to all the details.🙏

Review №51

Very grateful to timur for work and his professionalism.

Review №52

Best CPA I ever worked with!

Review №53

High level professional, i recommend

Review №54

Timur is a great professional to work with!

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