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I've been going to see Tamara at Creative Business Accounting for the past few years now. My returns cover the Feds, NY State, and Pennsylvania. Tamara is super efficient , highly knowledgeable and gives exceptional service with great attention to detail. I would highly recommended Creative Business Accounting & Tax Service to anyone. A rare find these days in a business that offers strong professionalism but with a personal touch.

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There is NOT one negative thing that comes to mind regarding Tamar and her expertise. She has guided me through one of the most challenging processes of ownership and has made it simplistic to follow and understand. She is very organized & professional. The mask doesn't do her justice, but I know that behind it is attentive care and a smile. You can reach out to her and in just a moment you will get a response. She has been a "Life Line" for my recent approval on my new dream home in the sky & I only have her swift response to thank for that. Let her guide you to your desired locations... I trust her as a professional and cherish her as a business neighbor! I look forward to what's next with her on my team. She is "CLUTCH" Sci-Fi says @sci_fictional 💯

Review №3

I met with Tamara last year to ask some tax and accounting questions about a business venture I was hoping to pursue. Her answers were clear and detailed, and provided me with the professional insight I was seeking. I would highly recommend this business to friends looking for tax and accounting services, and I would definitely return in the future if I found myself in need of a tax and accounting professional.

Review №4

Tamara is amazing! I switched over to her services a few years ago and it's been one of the best decisions I've made. I love that she takes the time to go through everything with me thoroughly. It makes me feel more comfortable and heard. I highly recommend this company.

Review №5

I has no clue what to do or how to file my taxes or deal with all these IRS LETTERS- I called T & she helped me out fast & affordable!! Even answered calls for me after hours! This is a great place to go to for all your business needs- THEY ARE #1

Review №6

I came here hoping for help. I explained that I brought the prior years tax return hoping to make sure I was on the right track and was told that’s great. I spent most of my appointment getting stared at without direction while I tried to figure out what I’m supposed to be saying. It was uncomfortable. The prior years tax return went without being looked at and I felt maybe that isn’t something I should expect (although other reviews and the verbal confirmation would lead you to believe otherwise) so I dropped it. (Almost) Fifteen minutes after I sat down i am told I’ll be set up on autopay for my federal taxes and was given a bill for $423 then shown the door. I want to clearly state this was over four hundred dollars for close to fifteen minutes since it does not state that anywhere. I personally would have been content with paying the 423 (even without a quote as I also could have asked, that is a mistake I made) if those fifteen minutes were stretched long enough to explain ANYTHING at all to me.Even still after taking close to half a grand off of me for fifteen minutes of blank stares I didn’t want to write a review. I don’t find reviews over EVERY little experience helpful as we all have off days.Until now when a few months later, I am out of work during the pandemic. I am set up with the autopay and have no income at all. I tried to delay my autopay through the government website (I couldn’t because I don’t have the information for how it was set up) I called and waited on hold for hours and eventually went back to email Tamara asking if she can help as she set it up. She gave me the number I have been repeatedly calling and ghosted me. I am now overdrawn on my account and have no income.We are all going through a lot so I do not want to attack anyone personally. at all. What I do want is for independent contractors and business owners to know that after that large fee I did not come out of my meeting with any knowledge of how my money is being distributed. I can not and do not at all recommend them based on my experience.

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After using HR Block and trying to do taxes on our own Tamara has saved us a ton of time and more importantly money. I've also used CBA&T to set up business services as well. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Review №8

I absolutely adore Tamara! I went to her for what I thought would be my introduction session and left out with my PA 100, Gusto Account, Quickbooks, and other things completed and set up! This is what I am talking about, a person who is of action rather than dolling out processes. Tamara was extremely pleasant, knowledgeable, and took the time to explain process very thoroughly to me and then has been following up with me ever since! I feel very comfortable with having her as my accountant!

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Tamara Ali Bey is very pleasant (down to earth), professional, and very knowledgeable. She highly regards her customer and makes them feel that they can ask whatever questions to her inside and also outside of work. I asked a couple of questions outside and she was very willing to help!She is very efficient, professional, and extremely knowledgeable about her job. She uses the latest technology to file our personal income taxes and non-profit that was done very quickly and painlessly.If you want to feel comfortable with an accountant who is down to earth, professional, and has a strong working knowledgeable of accounting, I recommend her.

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Tamara helped me out so much on a very technical situation I had with the state. She has also perfectly done my taxes for years. She knows her stuff, and I would never even think about going anywhere else!

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This is the best accountant in the city hands down!

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Professional, knowledgeable and excellent customer service. Highly recommend. Thank you again, the advice and guidance provided saved me time and money.

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We trusted Tamara with our taxes for several years -- never had a problem -- simple, straightforward, and efficient. When we moved away from Philly, we thought it would be best to move to a new accountant as well. MISTAKE! This past year was a tax nightmare -- but it highlighted the true professionalism, knowledge, and customer service Tamara provided us those years in Philly. Though we remain away from Philly, we will thank the Internet gods and return to Tamara from now on! We never should have left!

Review №14

Tamara is outstanding. As a first-year business owner with an LLC, I have a lot of questions and concerns regarding the proper paperwork to fill out and need a lot of guidance regarding Philly taxes and bookkeeping. If it weren't for Tamara, I wouldn't be as confident (nor as calm!) about filing taxes for 2015. Highly recommend her services.

Review №15

Do not go here! I did my taxes with Tamara for the 2014 and 2013 tax year and I thought everything went well, until this last year (2016) I received a letter from the state of PA stating I never paid my state taxes. I worked in New Jersey and lived in PA and Tamara stated that the refund I received from NJ could be credited to PA as paying for my state taxes, but according to the state that is incorrect. Tamara did do an amendment for me however she claimed this wasn't her fault. Also since it had been two years I had accrued interest and requested that she pay the difference or at least refund me for what I paid to get my taxes done (less than 200$) and she refused stating it wasn't her fault that the state was "being difficult". Do not go here, very unprofessional!

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Tamara is amazing ,highly recommend this service !

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