John E O CPA
2200 Michener St # 6, Philadelphia, PA 19115, United States

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My family lost $6000 because of this scam CPA! Mrs John is by far the worst CPA I've ever seen. If you are familiar with the healthcare marketplace laws, you'll know that it can get very complicated and difficult VERY FAST if you don't file properly. The IRS has been threatening to withhold my mother's paycheck and social security if she does not pay up the $6,000 penalty. This penalty was just recently corrected by a new CPA, and the IRS has found the error they made, and now they're issuing my mother a refund for 95% of the penalty. Mrs John had been filing my family taxes for the past 7 years, and she NEVER returns phone calls, neither does her rude assistant. We tried contacting them for months about this IRS $6000 penalty but she completely ignored us for over 6 months. Finally I decided to go into the office myself and her rude front assistant would not help me at all, in fact she ignored me and said my mother will have to call in to make an appointment to "fix" this IRS Penalty error. How do we make an appointment when THEY NEVER RETURN YOUR CALLS!?!?!???!!??? They especially do not return your calls when they KNOW they screwed up on something big. THEY ACTUALLY IGNORE YOU IF THEY KNOW THEY MESSED UP SOMETHING ON YOUR TAXES! After 6 months of bugging her to find out exactly where she filed wrong, she finally reviewed the IRS Correspondence we got in the mail (this also took her an extra month alone). She responded by saying "I will contact the IRS on your behalf and figure out what happened". Of course another 30 days go by (now 8 months total) and we still didn't hear back. We went into the office and she says "Sorry we've been so busy, we forgot". ARE YOU FU$%ING KIDDING ME?!?!?!?? YOU FORGOT?!?!?!?? YOU FORGOT TO HANDLE YOUR CLIENT'S $6000 IRS PENALTY ?!?!??? She said she needed more time, and all this time she wasted the IRS was adding more and more penalties, interest, and fees for not responding in a timely manner. The $6000 quickly turned into $7000! We couldn't believe our eyes! Another two weeks go by and we go into the office to ask for an update, she says "IRS never responded, Let me review your file and see what's happening". When we asked to see what her letter to the IRS said, she would not show us. Why won't you show us OUR OWN letter to the IRS? That doesn't make sense. FISHY! She Lied ! She then tells us "This $6000 is correct and you must pay it immediately. My mother was scared to she paid the money right away, worried that they'll withhold her paycheck or other benefits. I was SHOCKED at how this could be possible. All because our irresponsible CPA didn't "have the time" to help us.About 3 months later, and doing lots of research, we found out this healthcare law error has happened to MANY people. We then finally decided to contact IRS ourselves and they advised us to maybe search for a new CPA that will actually help us figure out our issue. After carefully searching, we chose a new CPA and we finally got the help we needed. In fact our new CPA handled everything immediately by contacting IRS on our behalf. It was discovered that Mrs John had made multiple errors on her end which ended up costing us big time. I'm glad to report that our new CPA filed an "Amended Return" with form 1040X, and within a few weeks we received a check from the IRS and got back about 95% of the penalty. Their correspondence said this was a HUGE filing error on our end, it was NOT their mistake. JOHN E O CPA is a BIG SCAM OFFICE, SAVE YOURSELF THE TROUBLE AND GET THE HELL OUT OF THIS PLACE, IT'S A TRAP !

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This is the ABSOLUTE WORSE accountant ever. As of today February 18, 2014, I still have not received my 1099 from my agency because JOHN E O CPA has failed to have them ready by January 31, as required BY LAW. When I called to inquire about the status of my 1099, the woman who answered was very rude and ignorant. I am currently in the process of reporting this accountant to the IRS and BBB.

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One of the worse accountant . some one told me to go with her but she don't know what to do . she has a receptionist who doesn't know what is original and what is duplicate . After I pay them their attitude like they don't know me. They always lie to me with every thing . I just find out that she did same thing with some one also. They over charge me . The receptionist and CPA John are rude as always . But I am not goanna leave them. I will complain against them to Pennsylvania dept of Accountancy , IRS and department of consumer affair in PA .

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  • Address:2200 Michener St # 6, Philadelphia, PA 19115, United States
  • Phone:+1 215-464-3865
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