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Review №1

Jeff and his team have been preparing my taxes for several years now. His tax planning and knowledge of tax prep is excellent. I have full confidence in everything they do for me. Jeff keeps up with the ever-changing tax laws and I recommend him to anyone I know who has complex taxes. He is always very professional, yet treats me like family. His services are worth every penny.

Review №2

Very professional. they're efficient and quick and they take the time to make sure all your documents/paperwork are done properly. they'll also help find the best solution to your tax situation to help you save as much money as possible. the staff there is very nice and helpful.

Review №3

Had to change CPA to prepare 2019 taxes for multiple entities and individuals on very short notice. Jeff accepted the engagement and relentlessly pursued every detail that would help us file timely and with minimum tax consequences. He was also integral in helping us work with our attorney to correct an organizational error, resulting in a very large prior year tax refund. Very professional, knowledgeable, persistent, responsive and communicative. Excellent support staff who do not miss a thing, even under deadline pressures. I highly recommend!

Review №4

Jeff and his team have been a monumental part of my business since 2018. Best referral I’ve ever received.

Review №5

Been working with this excellent team for over 5 years. They are top notch and extremely pleasant to work with.

Review №6

My dad passed last year and I inherited an extremely complex trust. What you quickly learn is the intricacies of trust law are beyond the competency level most professionals. Fortunately, I found Jeff Brooks. He was both extremely knowledgeable and would patiently explain how best to proceed. Most importantly, when something arose unfamiliar to him, he took the opportunity to improve his already vast knowledge, rather than billing me several hours as most professional would (and did). I am grateful for the work Jeff did for me and intend to consult him in the future.

Review №7

I have been working with Jeff for the last seven years. I would highly recommend his services to anyone.

Review №8

I highly recommended Jeff and his top notch team to all of my family and friends. They are the best accounting firm I have worked with and are able to handle complex tax situations. They are outstanding and I strongly recommend them if you are looking for an extremely professional experience that will make you feel at ease.

Review №9

I have worked over the last couple years and can't say enough about him and his team. Jeff does an amazing job at not just filing your taxes, but teaching tips and tricks along the way. I have learned so much over the last couple years and am very grateful. He's also very reasonable to with his fees. I would recommend him to any of my colleagues in the future.

Review №10

Jeff and his team are the best! I have worked with multiple accountants over the years and he is in a league of his own. I wish we would have found JBrooks years ago. His tax expertise & implementation of that knowledge specific to our business has already saved us tens of thousands in one year & will certainly result in saving hundreds of thousands in the future. I can't say enough good things about Jbrooks Wealth Advisors. Thank you Jeff, Judy & Mark!

Review №11

I'm so glad I found Jeff and his team several years ago! They've always provided prompt and personal attention to my tax and investment needs. Jeff established a dialogue with me to determine my short and long term financial goals. I've never experienced such personalized assistance from a tax and financial professional. Highly recommended!

Review №12

Jeffrey has been my accountant and financial planner for decades. He truly cares about my financial and personal well-being. His expertise results in accurate tax returns that include all available tax saving opportunities. Jeffrey has integrity and I never have to worry about audits while, at the same time, I know I am not overpaying taxes.

Review №13

Jeff and the team at JBrooks are not just professional but truly kind people. I truly trust them with my personal and business filings.

Review №14

Jeff and his team were extremely focused and fast. Quick to respond to all me question and all with a smile. Tax season can be very busy but they were there when I needed them Thank Jeff!

Review №15

HUGE shoutout to Jeff Brooks!! He has taken the time, training and put in the hard work to be the best at what he truly does.. a rare thing these days. ☺️ It is a pleasure to work with such a great professional and his great team. Our office team and doctors really do appreciate the hard work!!

Review №16

I absolutely love working with Jeff Brooks.The company I work for has JBrooks Wealth Advisors as our CPA firm. Jeff is very helpful and clear on what he requires. When I have questions, he is always willing to explain the who, what and whys that I am unsure of. I have called numerous times with questions, and he always takes or returns my calls. The staff is always polite and friendly in person as well as on the phone!

Review №17

J. Brooks and Advisors, has been my CPA firm for 20 +years. Jeff has provided my company with excellent, accurate, professional accounting services. Jeff has a warmth and caring attitude, over the years of business and personal I have come to rely on Jeff's friendliness as a bonus extension of who he is. I would highly recommend Jeff Brooks and his firm as reliable CPA, CFP, PC source of abilities.

Review №18

Jeff brings a broad base of knowledge in his accounting and along with a very profrssoonal business mind! i have been working with jeff for several years and have enjoyed all of our quality time together !

Review №19

Excellent service and really friendly. Jeff is like no other accountant, very knowledgeable and professional! I highly recommend him!

Review №20

Jeff is extremely knowledgeable in his field but he also cares. His team is very responsive. Our business has been with him almost four years now.

Review №21

Jeff is very knowledgeable, professional and always ready to help with any question. I would recommend JBrooks Wealth Advisors to anyone who needs an honest hard working team on their side.

Review №22

Jeff Brooks and his staff at JBrooks Wealth Advisors are truly phenomenal in all aspects of tax preparation and financial advising. Jeff is always updated on the newest changes in tax laws (both personal and business matters) which is extremely important to ensure a proper tax filing (reducing the chance of an IRS audit) and maximizing the highest possible tax refund. I switched over from my former out-of-state CPA to Jeff a few years ago and he has far exceeded my expectations in his abilities. He also caught several missteps by my former CPA that were able to be corrected and yield a tax refund. Also, on my recent tax filings, I inquired about an expense for a past tax return and whether it was worth amending, Jeff reviewed the matter FREE of charge, and was able to realize a very unexpected tax refund for this amendment. His expertise is truly invaluable! Jeff and his staff members are timely in everything they do...they work hard and you know they have your best interest at heart! I feel very fortunate to have been referred to Jeff and his team, they are kind, honest people and really do an outstanding 5 STAR job!

Review №23

Myself and my company have been using Jeff Brooks for all our CPA needs for twenty years plus now. Always very attentive to our needs as individual and company.

Review №24

I've been with Jeff for over 20 years.....I think that says it all.

Review №25

Jeff and his team are friendly, efficient, and super helpful! I wish I would have found them when I first started my business. If you aren't a tax expert, you need one, and JBrooks Wealth Advisors is the best in town!

Review №26

Uhhhhhmmmmm.....what about the costs? How much to pay for individial state & federal tax return? Sounds like a place for 'rich' ppl. Maybe im wrong.

Review №27

Mr Brooks and his associates have always been very supportive and incredibly smart. I wish I started using their services 5 years ago. Great people to work with and very impressed with the work they have done for me so far!

Review №28

Jeff has been handling our taxes for years and always does a fantastic job. He and his staff are extremely knowledgeable and they do a thorough job. Add to that they are all personable and great people to work with. I highly recommend them!

Review №29

Jeff is a tax wizard! He was so patient and easy to work with. He helped me understand my specific situation and needs and gave me great advice for the future. I am so thankful to have had his guidance in preparing my taxes this year. Highly recommend!

Review №30

Jeff and his team have been great to work with. They’ve helped me save a lot of money on taxes and have been good at explaining everything.

Review №31

We are a new client with Jeff, but have been extremely impressed with their responsiveness and professionalism since moving our tax work to his company. As others have posted, Jeff is extremely knowledgeable on key tax matters, as well as investment strategies, and genuinely cares and wants to help with your specific situation. We look forward to continuing to work with Jeff and his team, and truly appreciate all that they have already done for us.

Review №32

5 stars are well earned and well deserved. Jeff Brooks and his team areAttentiveResponsiveKnowledgeableCreativeCaring

Review №33

Jeff and his staff always go out of their way to help. They promptly answer all email correspondence and phone calls. Jeff legitimately cares about his customers. Terrific customer service aside, Jeff Brooks Wealth Advisors provide sound financial advice and thorough accounting services. Your best interests are always first and foremost with Jeff and company. I refer all my friends that need accountants; he is that good. I rarely write reviews, but can't help raving about JBrook Wealth Advisors services.

Review №34

Jeffrey Brooks just handled our taxes including filing for an extension. We were very happy with the results, and the whole experience at this office. It was as pleasant as taxes can be.

Review №35

I rarely write reviews but feel compelled to write one because Jeff and his firm deserve it. Jeff is detail oriented, conscientious, and actually cares about your tax return! He explains what we are doing and walked me through every step during the process. I was impressed with his services and personal attention to your needs. You won't be disappointed! ;)

Review №36

We are a software solutions provider and develop web portals and part of the development is done overseas. We had been working with one of the top tax attorneys in the valley regarding matters on international taxation. On a continued basis he advised us that we would best be served by a CPA who understood our business model and could advice on tax matters and his first choice recommendation was Jeffery Brooks.We met with Jeffery Brooks and in our first meeting we were impressed by the wealth of knowledge and experience he brought to the table, no wonder he was so highly recommended. From that meeting to date it has been over 6 years, he has been handling our tax filings both at the corporate and personal level for the shareholders and constantly providing outstanding service and advice. The good thing about Jeff and his team, they are experienced, knowledgeable, professional, trustworthy, and above all very respectful.

Review №37

I have had the Pleasure of working with a Jeff and his associates for about 20 years now.A Truly professional firm. Exceptional Service and Communication.

Review №38

I am extremely pleased with the professionalism of JBrooks Wealth Advisors. Jeff and Judy have been amazing to work with. They are extremely fast and provide awesome customer service. I highly recommend doing your business and personal taxes with JBrooks Wealth Advisors!!

Review №39

It's been a pleasure working with Jeff and his staff. Highly knowledgeable and really shows an interest in clients financial welfare. Having a bookkeeping service of my own I would highly recommend Jeff's firm to my clients.

Review №40

Very thorough, organized, honest, patient, and caring. Highly recommend Mr. Brooks & his team.

Review №41

I have known Jeff Brooks and his company for well over 10 years.For well over 10 years, Jeff Brooks has been preparing the tax returns for Streets of New York, Inc: a privately held Arizona based restaurant chain with over 26 restaurants in Arizona and in Nevada. He also prepares the tax returns for its owners.Jeff Brooks is very knowledgeable, extremely trustworthy, very thorough, and very professional. It is an absolute pleasure to be working with a man of this high caliber.When working with his clients, he takes the time necessary to ensure that they know exactly why their taxes are the way they are and what they can do to better the tax situation for the next year.He personally takes care of each of his clients handling their matters on a one to one basis. When I call him or email him or text him, he replies quickly resolving the matter at question to my satisfaction.I fell very comfortable knowing that Jeff Brooks is looking after the best interests of the company that I was CFO for, for 10 years.The credentials Jeff Brooks has are impressive.I highly recommend that you meet with him and judge for yourself.I hope that you will find that having Jeff Brooks as your financial advisor will most definitely be an asset to you and to your company as it has for Streets of New York for these past 10 plus years.

Review №42

After 18 years of service, the CPA I had been using, who did an excellent job for me personally and my business sadly passed away. I called Jeffery and was amazed how quickly he jumped in and provided me with an extraordinarily timely and efficient tax filing. Couldn't be more pleased with his performance and would highly recommend him to anyone who was looking for the services he provides.

Review №43

Jeff Brooks has taken the time, training and put in the hard work to be the best at what he does and truly master his profession, a rare thing these days. It is a pleasure to work with such a great professional and his great team. Thank you for the excellent work you have done for us Mr. Brooks.

Review №44

As a new client with JBrooks Wealth Advisors, I can only express the wonderful experience I had. I selected Mr. Brooks for assistance with my CPA needs for my mother’s Trust. Mr. Jeffrey Brooks went beyond what I expected. He engaged with me in a real personal way. My concerns were his. This was followed by issues I had at the Bank. Jeff was immediately available by phone to handle any problem. The outcome was more than I could off gotten without his due diligence. My experience could only be described as personable, memorable and successful! I am quite pleased with the outcome and would recommend his professional services.

Review №45

I moved to Arizona last year and needed a good CPA to prepare my taxes and give me sound advice. A friend recommended Jeff Brooks and I am very glad I met with him. I had a situation that required that my taxes be done very quickly and he was able and willing to accommodate my request. In addition, he saved me a good sum of money which was a real bonus! I found him to be very knowledgeable and honest. I would recommend him to anyone looking for an excellent CPA.

Review №46

We have had Jeff Brooks as our CPA for many years. We were a small business and needed financial guidance. He had given us awesome advice for our business finances. When we had to close our business because of health and to retire, he has managed to save our finances for us even yet. We trust Jeff Brooks and his staff. What an awesome team! I love that I can email the team at my convenience and know that I will get a response ASAP! He and his team have always been there for us. They are very trustworthy, honest and expedient.

Review №47

Jeff and his team are incredibly knowledgable and helpful. I highly recommend his investment and tax preparation services.

Review №48

What a God send ! Jeff has treated my case like it was his own finances involved . From the word go he has shown genuine interest in my financial future with massive action with daily requests for information in order to get in the know of my financial situation. His tireless efforts along with his remarkable knowledge of corporate tax structure has resulted in saving/making me 10's if not 100's of thousands of dollars now and eventually millions of dollars!!!!!! You Need Jeff and his Team on your side!!!! Gracias Jeff, I love you MAN!

Review №49

Jeff and team have provided professional services (personal and business) for my wife and I - we are happy to have efficient, knowledgeable, and careful experts assisting us with our financial matters.I recommend the Brooks Wealth Advisor team to anyone ready to set the money matters in order!R,CJ

Review №50

Jeff is far better than his competitors. His in-depth knowledge in one's field is exceptional. He made things such easier for me that now I feel completely relaxed. His professional approach is simply great, he has answer of my every question with precise and exact solution. He and his team provided me with excellent and timely tax advice. Before consulting him I was concerned about IRS audit on my returns but the way he handled is truly outstanding. His unique ability is to figure out the minor tax saving things that most of the CPAs even do not think of. I recommended some of my friends and close relatives to avail his services.

Review №51

I have had the pleasure of working with Jeff for the past 26 years. During this time he has prepared our annual Tax Returns, advised us on our Retirement Planning and managed our investments. I have always found Jeff to be a true professional. He is extremely knowledgeable in tax and investment matters and always provides sound, professional advice. I have complete trust in his recommendations. The staff at JBrooks Wealth Advisors are always courteous and quick to respond to any question that I have. I highly recommend Jeff and his team!

Review №52

We have been using JBrooks Wealth Advisors for over 17 years both on a corporate and personal level. Jeff and his team are extremely helpful and knowledgeable with our business environment and provide us with the expertise and guidance we need to maintain operating costs. He provides us with timely financial statements allowing us to evaluate and review profitability and maintain expenses while keeping us tax compliant and providing planning to maintain our goals. We have enjoyed many years of working with Jeff and the JBrooks team and highly recommend their expertise and services. JBrooks Wealth Advisors is five stars, plus, plus!

Review №53

Jeff Brooks has done our corporate taxes for the last 4 years and all I can say is, we would never think of hiring anyone else. Jeff and his team provide an exceptionally high level of personal service, to the point of feeling you have your own private accountant. He is the epitome of an accountant and he demonstrates this through his tireless work ethic and vast knowledge of US taxes. Jeff has gone toe to toe with the IRS for us and has always come out on top, saving us money. My only advice is hire JBrooks Wealth Advisors today, you and your bank account won't regret it!

Review №54

Jeff always looks for ways to save his clients money and make sure they legally pay the least amount of taxes. He knows each client and their financial circumstances extremely well as he plans financial strategy for the present and future. Best of all, he listens to you! That is a pretty good combo and I love working with him.

Review №55

My experiences with JBrooks Wealth Advisors goes back more than 25 years. The one thing I can say with absolutely certainty is that is has been a very good "ride". I have frequently contacted Mr. Brooks to address and discuss various issues, and I am most happy to report that he always responded very promptly. I never had to wonder if he received my message, and he always made himself available for me to ask additional questions and to fully address those issues important to both me and my wife. To say we are pleased with his performance would be a gross understatement. I can also report that Mr. Brooks operates at the highest level of professional ethics. Once he made a mistake on something and immediately called to report it to me. That sort of personality trait is extremely important to me in working with a professional. Finally, I can also report that I have referred a number of people to Mr. Brooks for his professional services. The feedback I always received is the same as I set forth above based on my own experiences.Dan Jantsch

Review №56

Jeff and his staff are wonderful. We had a very bad experience with a previous accountant that cost us tens of thousands of dollars in taxes and put us on a payment plan set up for 5 years. Jeff was able to get us refunds to apply to that debt three years in a row. Those back taxes were paid in full and we received an actual check from the IRS for 2016!

Review №57

Jeff and his team were excellent. Jeff provided us with the individual attention we were seeking. He provides a wealth of knowledge and experience and takes a great deal of pride in the work he and his staff provide. I feel that we were provided the service and knowledge that is many times lacking with larger firms.

Review №58

Jeff Brooks was a lifesaver! I was having doubts about my current CPA's abilities so I sought out a new CPA. I decided to try Jeff based on the google reviews. He definitely lived up to the 5 star ratings. He is very welcoming and reviews every detail with you and promptly answers questions. My parents now use him too! His staff is wonderful to work with as well. I highly recommend JBrooks Wealth Advisors!

Review №59

I have had the pleasure of working with Jeff for the past 3 years. He has prepared our state and federal Tax Returns. I have been impressed with Jeff and always found him to be professional and responsive. His tax advice has been very helpful. I have always taken his recommendations and it's been nice working with such a pro. The staff at JBrooks Wealth Advisors is great...cheerful even during the stress of tax season.

Review №60

Jeff Brooks has been our CPA since 1998. He and his whole team are extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. He has prepared tax returns and financial statements for our business, tax returns for our personal returns, and also helped us with our investments and retirement planning.We have referred several of our friends and family members to Jeff and they have all been happy with the service they have received and have continued to use his services year after year as well.Jeff has great insight and with his conscientious and conservative values you can trust that the advice he gives.

Review №61

If you want great service and outstanding communication, Jeff and his team are the answer. We have been a client for 10 years and are very pleased with their service. They always have ready answers to tax questions and are extremely proactive to make moves within our portfolio based upon their constant and continual research of the markets. A real pleasure to know and do business!

Review №62

I have been a client of JBrooks Wealth Advisors for the last 7 years. Jeff is extremely knowledgeable on both tax matters and financial investment matters. YOU are what matters to Jeff, and Jeff will work with you to get you the best results on your tax returns and on any financial investments you may have such as IRA's, Annuities, etc. Jeff is extremely responsive, and he expects that in return from his clients; it's how he can do the best job for YOU. I highly recommend anyone reading these reviews to consider JBrooks Wealth Advisors for your tax and/or financial investment matters. If it is too late for this tax year, I would suggest contacting JBrooks Wealth Advisors anyway, and get on their client list for the next tax year! You will not be disappointed!

Review №63

JBrooks Wealth Advisors tremendously helped me with my income tax filing. I work in multiple states, and my employer requires a tax equalization request submission for reimbursement. Due to my overwhelming travel schedule, it was impossible for me to sit down and explain things in detail to Jeff. On top of that, I had to communicate with my employer's CPA back and forth in a very short time window. With his excellent expertise and experience, he helped me complete the process. I am very thankful for Jeff and Judy. I definitely recommend them for tax preparation services. Their service is worth more than 5 stars!!!

Review №64

After our CPA passed away suddenly Jeff Brooks and his team took on the challenge of doing tax returns for not only a deceased family member but for the trust taxes as well. Believe me when I say it was a mess and Jeff and his team are still working with the attorneys to make sure everything is in order. He has also taken the time to speak with myself and my husband on several different occasions on other matters we are dealing with and am very grateful we have found him. We will be using his firm in the years to come not only for tax advise but for wealth management as well I am sure. We will be recommending JBrooks Wealth Advisors to anyone we come in contact with looking for a wonderful and knowledgeable CPA/CFP.

Review №65

Jeff Brooks has been handling all of my business and personal accounting for over 25 years. Jeff and his team truly cares about the needs of his clients. He has always offered great advice and he excels in IRS law and procedures. I trust his judgment and experience in all of my financial matters. Over the years, I have referred Jeff to many of my friends and business associates. I highly recommend JBrooks Wealth Advisors to anyone needing excellent personal or professional accounting.

Review №66

Jeff Brooks and his staff are extremely knowledgeable and personable. He is extremely approachable and goes out of his way to help me understand and feel comfortable with our tax and financial plan. I feel confident in his ability get my maximize financial situation.

Review №67

A huge THANKS to Jeff and his team. I appreciate their thoroughness and follow up. They always have my best interest in mind!

Review №68

Jeff Brooks has been my accountant for 12 years and I couldn't be happier with his work. He is knowledgeable, thorough and responsive. On the rare occasion when I have been questioned by the IRS, he has handled the issue for me with very satisfactory results. I recommend Jeff without reservation.

Review №69

We are small business owners and were desperately trying to find someone to help us with tax planning. Jeff and his team are so great to work with and even though we may be "small fish" as clients, he has always treated us with great care and wisdom as we learn how to move our business forward. This is our first year as clients and already we have seen that with his guidance we will be lowering the tax burden and actually starting to SAVE money. So happy we made the switch to JBrooks! Brenda K.

Review №70

Most professional knowledgeable CPA we have ever used!! Not only that the staff is beyond helpful !! If you need ANY documents they send them quickly and without complaint!! We would not trust anyone else !! Judy in the office is beyond helpful !! Always answers questions and gives great advice !! Thank you Jeffery Brooks entire staff!!!

Review №71

JBrooks Wealth Advisors, PC. has done a great job for us, year after year. I recommend them! Jeff stays ahead of the curve and keeps us ahead along with him. His analysis of the PPP loans was early and accurate! Like his slogan says, Jeff provides a wealth of useful information.

Review №72

Jeff Brooks and his team are great to work with. They are always very helpful and very prompt in answering any tax issues we may have! I would recommend them to anybody!!

Review №73

J Brooks has been so great to me help navigate the complicated tax stuff and make it simple. The team has helped me be prepared for taxes through tax planning. It was for sure a worthwhile investment. We use him for small business and personal taxes. Easy to work with and quick response time!

Review №74

Jeffrey Brooks has been my Corporate and personal accountant for the last 15 years. He is simply an outstanding accountant. He is extremely intelligent and has a complete grasp of the complicated US Tax Code. He is very organized and his attention to detail has saved me literally thousands of tax dollars over the last decade and a half. I would recommend Jeff as an accountant without hesitation.Kim D Johnson, MD

Review №75

Jeff has been amazing since day one. He helped me with structuring my business, helped me get prepared for income tax season, and taught me how to set-up my LLC. He's also very knowledgeable in the area of investments and different retirement vessels. He even goes as far to give his clients his cell phone number so that they can reach him if they have a quick question, and he is always willing to help. I was recommended to Jeff by a friend and I have recommended him to my friends, who I know are also pleased with his service.

Review №76

It has been a pleasure working with Jeff Brooks and his staff. He has been extremely reliable and helpful with tax planning, and on getting me the largest amount of tax returns as an individual and for my medical practice business. He's always available to answer any of my questions at any time. I am very thankful for his services and I look forward to continue to work with him. - Dr. Garcia -

Review №77

I met with Jeff about a year ago and right away he came up with ideas and suggestions on things I was not doing to save me money. He is attentive to ones needs and is generous with his time. Jeff is a wealth of knowledge in regards to taxes and financial advice and is my go to person for anything relating to that subject.

Review №78

Mr. Brooks and his office have been our financial planners and CPA for over 25 years. It is safe to say that with the help of Jeff Brooks, my husband and I were able to retire before age 60 and have had the financial means to live a very enjoyable life. We travel and own 2 homes through the counsel of Mr. Brooks. He set up college funds which allowed both children to attend and graduate from prestigious schools.We recommend Mr. Brooks for FP and CPA related matters and urge others to discover JBrooks Wealth Advisors as we have done.

Review №79

My Family and Friends have benefited from having Jeff Brooks in our lives.Jeff has brilliantly guided us through many tax situations over the years. I have complete confidence in Jeff and his team. They are thorough and kind. They have helped with tax preparation and financial planning. Jeff is quick to respond and explain which path is the best for you.

Review №80

JBrooks Wealth Advisors have handled our business and personal tax filings for at least 25 years. Always ready to assist in any way and with prompt solutions. I would recommend them as a firm who looks out for their clients.

Review №81

Jeff was very helpful and respectful in the use of my time with him. His knowledge and experience are invaluable and gave me great peace of mind. I would recommend him to anyone needing accounting and tax services.He was like an accounting Ninja!Thanks Jeff!

Review №82

I went with Jeff Brooks to prepare my 2014 tax return and he was absolutely fantastic to work with. He was very flexible with his schedule, knowing that it was difficult for me to take time off work. He saw me on a Saturday on short notice! He was extremely knowledgable and what I appreciated the most was his willingness to answer my many questions to put me at ease. Most of all, he helped me maximize my tax return! I plan to use his services for many years to come.

Review №83

Jeff and his staff are great to work with! Moved out of state to AZ, was quick to answer initial questions when we were looking for a CPA. They have prepared our personal and business taxes. Knowledgeable and I highly recommend them.

Review №84

Trusting someone with my finances has always been a struggle. Dealing with IRS issues is even more stressful! Well, because of Jeff and his team I can sleep at night and not worry. Jeff has taken care of my personal and business financials over the past 7 years in a very professional, meticulous, timely and competent manner. He leaves no stone unturned and you can rest assured he is on your side at all times. I am a client for life!

Review №85

The whole team is very professional and responsive. They've helped make intimidating situations much more approachable and understandable. This office was recommended to me by several of my colleagues and I'm really happy I took the recommendation.

Review №86

I have known Jeff for many years and I have relied on his advice for all that time, all to my great benefit. He is reliable, honest and responsive. I heartily recommend him.

Review №87

Mr. Brooks is absolutely wonderful! His knowledge and know-how have afforded me a confidence in my finances that I have never known before. It is nice to know that I have someone that I can trust!

Review №88

Jeff and his team are friendly, professional, efficient, and did a great job answering our questions. We are new customers to Jeff this year since we moved from Oregon to Arizona. We were referred to Jeff by another business; we definitely made the right choice.

Review №89

Jeffrey Brooks is extremely knowledgeable and he and his staff are a pleasure to work with.

Review №90

Jeff and his team have been beyond valuable to me. In a year where I expanded my business, he was there as a tax advisor as well as business advisor. I cannot thank him enough for all he handled and taught me about sound financial and tax practices. He is great to work with and I have referred many people because I am so happy with the service.

Review №91

Jeff and his team are on the ball! Nothing slips through the cracks and issues are preemptively addressed!

Review №92

Had our taxes done by Jeff's firm for many years now. Always prompt (especially this year, when we needed signed returns by 3/1 for college financial aid applications), & always professional. Thanks Jeff!

Review №93

Jeff et al. pays close attention to our families needs and clearly keeps our best interests at top of mind. He has navigated some complicated self-employment / selling of rental properties / etc. with us. And has consistently delivered exceptional service along the way.

Review №94

Hard to find good CPAs in Phoenix and Jeff is a gem. Knows the field, the process, and the right way to approach the specifics of your return. Personally am looking for a quality professional to make the yearly tax burden as easy as possible -- Jeff is the man to get this done.

Review №95

I've used Jeff for close to 20 years. As a CPA myself I know what knowledge and experience mean. Excellent service too!

Review №96

I have been using Jeff as long as I can remember as both a Financial Planner and a Tax Specialist. I totally trust and respect the decisions he makes regarding my finances. I can't imagine using anyone else and won't as long as he remains in business......

Review №97

Jeff and his team are great to work with and are always looking for ways to save us money with our taxes.

Review №98

I have worked with Jeff and his team for over 20 years. Always professional and very through.

Review №99

I have been working with JBrooks Wealth Advisors for 4 tax years and could not be more satisfied. Jeff and his excellent team have delivered beyond my expectations and I recommend them without reservation.

Review №100

I have known Jeff for more than 40 years and he has assisted me in my investments for at least 10 years or more. His judgement is excellent and I feel very secure with him managing my assets.

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  • Certified public accountant
  • Tax consultant
  • Tax preparation
  • Tax preparation service
Working hours
  • Monday:9am–5pm
  • Tuesday:9am–5pm
  • Wednesday:9am–5pm
  • Thursday:9am–5pm
  • Friday:9am–5pm
  • Saturday:Closed
  • Sunday:Closed
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Appointments recommended:Yes
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