Owens & Bondell PLLC
5353 N 16th St UNIT 380, Phoenix, AZ 85016, United States

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Look no further. Knowledgeable. Thorough. Been using them 15 years.

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We've been with Owens & Bondell for over a year now. We needed a new accountant after our previous one retired. We researched and interviewed several accounting firms and have not been disappointed. They do more than just tax planning and filing. They really make us feel that we have an dental industry professional as a member of our team, checking the financial temperature of our business and offering ideas for improvements or course corrections. We feel they are genuinely interested in our success. We highly recommend!

Review №3

I have been working with Owens and Bondell for the last 5 years and my partner has been with them many years prior to that. Bill has not only provided me with excellent accounting and payroll services, but also been a valuable mentor in the running of a dental practice. Dental school does not create a small business expert, so you need exceptional advisers and that is what I have found him to be. He was great at giving an unbiased opinion in regards to my practice purchase and always offers advice aimed at setting me up for financial success. His whole team is wonderful and responsive Betsy, Charlotte, Jenny and Judd just to name a few. Thank you all for your ongoing support!!

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I have trusted Bill Owens to manage our accounting and taxes for over 15 years. Bill is a solid accountant and he knows his stuff. That is extremely important to me and my business. Their fee structure is easy to follow and I never have surprises in billing. Also, they are always available to answer questions and if they need to research something I can get an answer that same day in almost every instance. They make me feel like I am their only client - and I can be a complete pain in the (you know what) a lot of the times with my unusual expectations. I also LOVE talking to Betsy, who usually answers the phone. She is so stinking nice! Cool group of individuals and have taken great care of my ever growing and changing business.

Review №5

I have been a client for almost 2 years. They look out for us on tax issues and compliance issues. I enjoy my quarterly meetings with my CPA and find the future planning helpful. The level service is excellent. I highly recommend.

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Bill Owens and his entire office are fabulous to work with. He has your best interest in mind and is always willing to give you an honest and trustworthy opinion. He's the best, and I would recommend him to anyone.

Review №7

I've been a client of Bill Owens for 10 years. I've always had good experiences with him and his staff. They have not only helped prepare my taxes and keep my books, but have advised me on many aspects of my business. I appreciate their thorough report preparation, prompt responses to all email questions (which I send regularly about almost anything financial), and Bill even comes to my office quarterly to keep me updated on our business progress and other current trends in dentistry. We had once small issue several years ago where a small error resulted in a late tax payment. He took care of the penalty/late fee due to their mistake. Stand up guy, very happy with his service.

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Great firm Bill has done our taxes for 2 years now and he is open and honest. Happy to refer anyone to them.

Review №9

Bill is very personable. I have been incredibly happy with his service. Outstanding accountant!

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I appreciate Bill Owens and his team. They are professional, knowledgable, and extremely helpful to me in my business. I give them my highest recommendation.

Review №11

Probably the worst accountants ever!! I have worked for 2 orthodontics in th Phoenix area and both will agree that they never knew where they stood financially and made multiple mistakes and did not support their tax returns filed on behalf of the client. They rope you in with quarterly meetings to discuss your growth etc but never can account for your actual P&L . All employees related lots of nepotism there and no one takes any ownership for the work they produce. Take it from someone who has paid fines and penalties for their work and go on to the next accountant! Beware!!! They talk a big game and produce tiny inaccurate tax returns!

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  • Address:5353 N 16th St UNIT 380, Phoenix, AZ 85016, United States
  • Site:http://www.obcpas.com/
  • Phone:+1 602-995-0081
  • Accountant
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Appointments recommended:Yes
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