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I have been using Tag for over 2 years. This company takes absolutely no responsibility for any wrongdoing. My company had 1 mistake and Tag was charging us fees and demanding money via wiring funds. My company worked with all the policies in place from Tag when we made a mistake. Tag has made a few mistakes in the relationship with my company. Today was the mistake that I'm having a real though time moving past. My EMPLOYEES did NOT receive their paychecks!!!!! TAG did nothing to help the situation. Then when I offered to give my employees an $100.00 bonus for not having paychecks on time Tag was not will to help with the expense of $400.00 for a total of 4 employees. I can assure anyone reading this that when my company made a mistake Tag received the fees they wanted from my company for making a mistake. I asked Tag how they would handle the situation if they did not have payroll for there employees. The answer was not to impressive. Beware of working for this company and definitely think twice before using this company for payroll services. I'm now looking for another service to handle my payroll.UPDATE TO RESPONCE-The response from Tag is so typical of upper management. The ARROGANCE is amazing!!! The fact that they can't admit to any wrongdoing. Yes, I did use bad language because TAG forgot to pay all of my employee's and than blamed it on our company. This is my email from upper management. I was not told to leave.Jason Knight AttachmentsTue, Sep 15, 2:33 PM (9 days ago)to [email protected], [email protected], Janice, DeeneCasey, I wanted to circle back on our conversation last week. I verified with Deene, she acknowledges that the issue was entirely a human error on her part. Please accept my sincerest apologies.As we discussed, due to the error, I have authorized a $400 invoice credit be added to this weeks payroll. Originally I understood that you had already given your employees each $100 to help due to the inconvenience, however, the email we received from Jenn has requested that an additional $100 be added to each of their checks. That has been completed as well.At the end of our conversation, you confirmed that you would be changing payroll providers. Considering your frustration, I will waive the 30 day notice requirement so you may leave at the end of the quarter with no consequences. If that isn’t feasible, that is not a problem, just let us know the last payroll date you would like us to process. I’ve attached our termination questionnaire to ensure we wrap up your time at TAG per your instruction.We will gladly assist in your transition where possible and we wish you all the best!Jason KnightDirector of Operations

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I am so happy my company is using viper tag. Erica is a great addition to viper. I had a few challenges with my insurance . Erica went above great customer service and personally took charge. Viper Tag is great company. i recommend them.

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TAG has given me confidence with prevailing wage payroll processing. If an issue does arise, having someone who truly understands is phenomenal…TAG is always there to find a solution. Bottom line, I feel like I have a real partner that I can rely on!

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We have been with Tag for 14 years so far. They have been the best of any other payroll services we have used in the past and that I've also used in personal business. Great customer service. They handle it all! To err is human and on occasion in 14 years there might have been an error or two. It was corrected quickly and never any extra effort on my part. They do everything we expected from day one to present. I'd recommend this company to any business! They certainly take a load off my plate and I appreciate every single one of them!

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The TAG Team provides excellent customer service in every department. When we switched payroll services from a National Provider, we saved money, time and are able to provide our managers with the resources to operate their communities effectively.

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TAG was very helpful in setting up our payroll, 401K and insurance for all of our employees. I relied on them a lot with HR questions and concerns and they were always willing to help and go out of their way to make my job as a practice administrator much easier. They are awesome.

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We've been with TAG for 3 years, switching from a national Payroll/HR service. The switch has greatly reduce the time I have to spend managing the HR/payroll issues for the company. Everyone is responsive, polite and extremely helpful at TAG.

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We have been with Tag for 6 years and have been very happy with all of their services they have provided us including payroll, benefits, workers comp and 401k. They make my job so much easier and always respond in a timely manner and very professional.

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Most unprofessional company I've ever been part of...should of looked into the big national companies.

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I’m the HR Manager and department of one and a new client of TAG. I’ve been in HR for over 10 years and handled multiple implementations of HR/Payroll software. In all those years the process has been quite stressful and comes with many stages that are quite frankly unnecessary.I can tell you my experience implementing TAG’s Viper system was the complete opposite. Each member of the team has helped me with some aspect of implementation and beyond. Prior to the initial contact from TAG I wasn’t aware of who they were but now I don’t know how I managed HR without them. The level of customer service is phenomenal, responsive, friendly and solutions oriented. It’s a true pleasure working with them.Being an HR department of one is new to me but I don’t feel like I’m by myself because TAG’s team provides such a strong partnership it’s as if I’m in an HR department of many.

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Screws up PTO ALL THE TIME!!! NO communication from the company what so ever. Lost my HSA account info and when I needed to use it when I was in the hospital, I was told my insurance and HSA was invaild. WORST HR COMPANY EVER!!!

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We have used TAG for 6 years and they are always very responsive and professional, yet personal in their interactions.

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