Richard J Garcia CPA
2208 San Pedro Ave, San Antonio, TX 78212, United States

Review №1

Very knowledgeable and professional. Richard answered after hours and was willing to help. I highly recommend working with him on all things tax related!

Review №2

I can not say enough good things about Mr. Garcia. I am opening a new small business and his passion for mom and pop shops is fantastic. Consulting with him was the best decision I made. I highly recommend his services to anyone starting out or running a smaller business!!!

Review №3

Im starting a trucking company and had ALOT of tax questions. I called Mr Garcia and not only was he patient but he answered all my questions. I look forward to doing business with him and have been recommending his services.

Review №4

I called Mr. Garcia for a consultation, he was very honest, professional, knowledgeable, and quick in returning my call. He discussed my situation and provided me with a better direction. If you are needing good advice you can definitely find it with him.

Review №5

Richard was able to help me determine whether it would benefit me to work as a 1099 employee or a W2, employee. We discussed my scenario and we were able to come to a conclusion on what would be best course of action in my situation. He graciously took 10 minutes of his time over the phone for a negligible fee. Thanks Richard!

Review №6

Mr. Garcia was very helpful and patient in answering my small business questions. I highly recommend him!

Review №7

Mr Garcia was very helpful in answering my questions and putting my mind at ease for starting my new business. I will hopefully be using him in the future to help with my taxes. Highly recommend

Review №8

We were looking for someone who could help get in order for starting a small creative business and had so much hardship finding someone who would just talk to us. Richard was very attentive and never made us feel like we were a nuisance when asking questions pertaining to taxes that we have very little knowledge about. He helped point us in the right direction and get on the right track and was readily available when we called. Just got his advice at this point but once we've had a chance to meet and we're completely organized and ready to go, we'll update this review! So far 👍🏼

Review №9

As a firs time small business owner, Richard took the time to explain the process and even give me tips for shopping around. The excellent customer service is an intangible that you don’t get everywhere else. He doesn’t try to sell you on his product he gives you the tools to make an informed decision. Once you know what your looking for, his customer service coupled with years of expertise sell themselves.

Review №10

I found Richard to be very helpful and kind, assisting me in filling out a short form over the phone. He was able to explain the answers to the questions I had in a way that made sense to me, which gave me confidence I filled out the form correctly for my situation. Additionally, I highly recommend his QuickBooks courses, as he is a thorough and knowledgeable resource for anyone looking to familiarize themselves with this software. Certainly consider Richard if you're in need of CPA services. Thank you, Richard!

Review №11

Richard was very helpful with my questions. Thanks again

Review №12

Called for some direction on setting up a business with the state of Texas. Richard was very friendly and walked me through the process.

Review №13

I had a free consultation with Mr. Garcia and he was very knowledgeable about starting a small business. Mr. Garcia was very professional and is genuinely willing to help. I would recommend his services to anyone in need of basic CPA work or anyone starting a small business.

Review №14

Highly recommend Richard Garcia. He was extremely helpful in answering some important tax questions. Thankful that he answered when I called and I didn't even have to leave a message.

Review №15

Very knowledgeable and generous with his time. Highly recommend!

Review №16

I talked over the phone with Richard J Garcia CPA on 2/7/2020 about my business. And I received the information I was looking for. I had a great experience. Therefore, I advise anyone who needs advice from a CPA to contact Richard J Garcia CPA.

Review №17

Highly professional and honest, and he also gave me his professional advice on how to deal with my tax situation. I will gladly use his services again.

Review №18

Richard was very helpful providing information about the best tax approach to take for my small real estate practice.

Review №19

Starting a new business and Richard walked me through everything without ever getting frustrated. I know I'm very detail oriented and Richard answered every question honestly even if the answer wasn't helpful to him. I TRUST HIM WITH MY BUSINESS AND I WOULD RECOMMEND THAT YOU TRY HIM TOO.

Review №20

I was referred to Richard Garcia and am so glad I was! Smart guy and very helpful. Great experience! Easy to find office too.

Review №21

Very friendly and helpful, would recommend to a friend for sure

Review №22

I'm taking his Quickbooks class which is so helpful! I'm going to also going to use him as my CPA for my small business and taxes. He is so knowledgeable and takes time to explain things. I highly recommend Richard.

Review №23

Recently, I had called Mr. Garcia's office with an unusual tax query that had to be dealt with an immediate response. Given his schedule and my travel plans, I could not wait until the due date. Mr. Garcia was very considerate and offered to work with me; accommodating my schedule. Great customer service. Definitely recommend this place.

Review №24

I have known Mr. Richard Garcia for the last 18 years. He has been my business accountant from the very beginning. He takes care of all my business finances and does a fantastic job! He is very knowledgeable and all around nice guy. He makes you feel comfortable and you can trust him to do the best job. He works very hard and It's hard to find someone like that nowadays. Keep up the good work Mr. Garcia!

Review №25

Went to see Richard Garcia for free initial consultation very helpful lots of good information.

Review №26

Mr. Garcia was of great help to me. He was extremely knowledgeable on my tax situation and gave great recommendations. I look forward to working with him in the future. Highly recommended!

Review №27

Richard is always helping businesses and business owners have everything in place, and be at peace.

Review №28

Mr. Garcia was a great CPA! Very knowledgeable and skilled in his craft. He gave us valuable information about our business and personal taxes.

Review №29

Highly professional and extremely knowledgeable! Richard really knows his business!!

Review №30

I spoke to Richard about a tax issue and he gave great advice

Review №31

Very helpful!

Review №32

Mr. Garcia had a lot of good information and offered a free initial consult.

Review №33

I highly recommend Richard J. Garcia CPA for all small business owners. Richard is very knowledgeable and is also a Quickbooks Pro. Ivan G. Quan, Managing Partner of Quantum Technology Group

Review №34

FIVE STARS! I called Richard to ask about the tax status of my business. He is incredibly knowledgeable, friendly and very willing to help! I plan on doing business with him in the future and you should too!

Review №35

We have used Richard and his team for two Tax Seasons, to current. The great service the provided has matched the next level knowledge they have around taxes, even with multiple small business our family participates. I highly recommend this tax service provider.

Review №36

Richard J. Garcia has been so helpful and I am looking forward to working with him in the future. He is very patient and does a great job in explaining everything that I need to know. I feel like I will be able to come to him with questions and he will be eager to help. I do highly recommend him for help with setting up your small business.

Review №37

Richard was honest and upfront about all of the questions I had during our initial consultation. He is well-versed and knowledgeable.

Review №38

Very knowledgeable, took the time to explain my options in my situation.

Review №39

Mr Richard Garcia was very helpful in answering our questions. Very knowledgeable in what he was telling us, gave us many suggestions for our business. Definitely would recommend him for all your business needs

Review №40

Superb CPA. So helpful and knowledgeable

Review №41

Really good CPA! Took the time to answer all my questions!

Review №42

Mr. Garcia provides outstanding services! He is compassionate about his work and is great at explaining with detail. Mr. Garcia is very knowledgeable and is always willing to work with you. Give him a chance to be your CPA because I know I would not trade him for any other CPA.

Review №43

I am grateful for Richard Garcia. His expertise is truly appreciated. Also blessed for his generosity in helping Wellness 4 Warriors foundation to benefit our Veterans. I highly recommend his services to anyone.

Review №44

I called Richard Garcia CPA because I had some questions about accounting in my freelance work. He was very helpful and knowledgeable, and he answered all of my questions over the initial phone call. Highly recommended.

Review №45

I recommend Richard J. Garcia CPA to anyone looking for honest and reliable accountant services. I used Richard J. Garcia CPA to help me file my small business taxes and he is very knowledgeable and professional. I plan to use him for all of my booking needs.

Review №46

Met with Mr. Garcia today for an initial consult, and he was great, friendly and knowledgeable! Would recommend.

Review №47

On March 11, 2015, I contacted Richard J. Garcia, CPA to discuss the need of some tax preparation services and for a Notice of Deficiency I received from the IRS. He agreed to take on the assignments and indicated that he would work on them the following week and contact me when it was completed. Mr. Garcia failed to contact me the following week and I contacted him on March 25, April 1, April 10, 2015 with no reply each time. On April 13, 2015, Mr. Garcia finally called me, and when I inquired about the Notice of Deficiency, he indicated to me that he had not even looked at the Notice of Deficiency or any of its accompanying tax forms, claiming he was over-worked. As a result of Mr. Garcia's professional negligence, the deadline to respond to the Notice of Deficiency was not met. I subsequently had to pay $3,120 to the IRS, a sum that after a friend of mine, a former CPA, discovered I didn't have to pay had the forms been filed timely. It only took my friend one hour to discover this. I filed a complaint against Mr. Garcia with the Texas Board of Public Accountancy. Once Mr. Garcia received notice from the Board, he contacted me and attempted to reach a 'settlement' of $3,000 in exchange for withdrawing my complaint with Texas State Board of Public Accountancy. I did not respond to his offer, but instead forwarded his 'settlement' email to the Texas Board of Public Accountancy. Ultimately, the Behavioral Enforcement Committee of Texas Board of Public Accountancy ruled that Richard J. Garcia, CPA failed to complete an engagement in a timely manner. He violated Board rule 501.74 (b) A person shall exercise due professional care in the performance of professional services and Section 901.502 (6) of the Public Accountancy Act: A violation of a rule of professional conduct adopted by the board. Mr. Garcia was officially reprimand by the Behavioral Enforcement Committee of Texas State Board of Public Accountancy and a fine was assessed. His violations can be confirmed at the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy website in the License Look up section. His disciplinary action will be seen at the bottom of the page. His license number is C08589.

Review №48

Mr Garcia is very professional and conducted an assessment of my tax liability and provided valuable input on how to reduce it in the future.

Review №49

We went for an initial consultation. Mr. Garcia was pleasant to talk with, and provided me with some helpful information.

Review №50

Very helpful and informative. Reaches out to help you with your Taxes and educates you.

Review №51

I enjoy working with Richard Garcia because he pays attention to detail and cares about the success of your business!

Review №52

Richard offers professional insight and expert advice for all his clients

Review №53

Richard Garcia, CPA, is always ethical and goes through the process with you in great detail so that you can understand your accounting and taxes.

Review №54

I went to Richard approximately 2 years ago. I was in need of tax help and unprepared. I was honestly embarrassed to walk in. I had nothing. Just letters from the IRS..... Not only has he admended my 2014 taxes. He has helped me save thousands of dollars that other wise would have been gone in taxes. Richard takes time out of his day to assist me in ensuring that our books are in compliance even though that's not a part of our agreement. He has been a great help with helping me set up quickbooks and payroll. And is always eager to assist us when needed. Richard even calls and reminds me about quarterly taxes. I haven't been late once this year! He is always responsive to our needs. Proir to meeting Richard I dreaded tax season but now I look forward to our weekly visits and talks from taxes to the best places to eat in town. I would definitely recommend Richard to anyone looking for a great hands on CPA

Review №55

Provided some information that was helpful in research of tax law.

Review №56

Very kind and patient! Thank you for the advice.

Review №57

Met for consult. Mr. Garcia, was courteous, professional and knowledgable.

Review №58

Mr. Garcia came to the help of a small business by helping with some last minute paperwork.

Review №59

Best guy ever

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