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350 Tenth Ave #1000, San Diego, CA 92101, United States

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Eric is one of the most professional, caring CPA's I've ever had the pleasure of working with. He takes the time to be up to date on all tax regs, especially in this year of constant change. He will go out of his way to make sure his clients are properly taken care of, and always receive the best tax advice possible.

Review №2

I work with CPA firms and Tax professionals in all 50 states. You get to meet and collaborate with competent professionals who spend their business lives delivering the best service for and to their clients. I have been nothing short of impressed to watch Eric & his staff give the most cutting edge and excellent service to me and my company time and time again. Few can outwork him and deliver the timely results like he and his firm, has for me. I consider Eric P and his associates a Godsend, for anyone wanting the best in accounting!Kindly,William Gregory BallAustin, TX

Review №3

I was introduced to Eric several months ago and he's been an invaluable resource ever since. He's an absolute pleasure to converse with, and is always kind, responsive, very knowledgeable and extremely professional. I can't recommend working with him enough.

Review №4

From our first meeting to every encounter over the phone or via virtual meetings, Eric and his team are have always provided professional services. They are innovative and very knowledgeable about business taxes. I’ve worked with serval CPA, but Eric has by far surpassed the prior companies we have dealt with.

Review №5

I have worked with a number of accountants over the years, and Pierre accounting is by far the best! I would definitely recommend them to all my family and friends.

Review №6

So wonderful I couldn’t ask for better!!! Thank you thank you thank you so much!!!

Review №7

Eric was extremely helpful and informative. Felt very confident working with him and in his work. I would recommend anyone to work with him.

Review №8

I researched a great CPA on LinkedIn and am so happy to have found Eric Pierre. He has quickly become My Favorite CPA indeed! I am a Realtor, and for past few years I owed the IRS. However when I switched over to Eric to do my taxes, the IRS owed me! Eric also taught me about many new tax laws and guided me through better processes to prepare my taxes. Therefore, I feel as though I'm able to plan better and strategize intelligently. Eric also has a winning personality and I like the video clips he produces plus his sense of humor. It's so refreshing to not be stressed out all year long about my taxes. I feel that Eric is a perfect fit for me, and he will be for you also!

Review №9

Like most people I checked out CPAs with good reviews. Eric's candor personality won me over. He is genuinely interested in learning a little bit about you to best support your tax needs. Solid tax strategies that were new to me and definitely a bonus to my business. These are the kind of relationships you want to make sure are trustworthy so you can confidently continue business with them year after year. Look no further Eric has your best interest at heart.

Review №10

Eric helped me save thousands of dollars on my returns. I appreciate his level of organization and his technologically advanced practices. He walked me through everything and made sure I was informed and comfortable each step of the way.Other things to note: his office space is beautiful and he’s really sweet!Highly recommend.

Review №11

Like many I dread tax season. Eric is really great at making you feel comfortable with doing your taxes. He help me set up a Corporation and is saving me thousands of dollars every year. 5 stars would recommend!

Review №12

I've worked with Eric for over 2 years now and he is definitely my Favorite CPA! Since we've worked together, Eric has saved me and my family significantly on our taxes. He is the most personable, quality, efficient CPA I've ever met. He takes his time in understanding your business and your situation. He comes up with solutions that are legal, ethical, moral and of course significantly reduce your taxes while increasing your cash flow. What else I love about Eric is that if you aren't able to make it to his office in Banker's Hill in San Diego, he will make an effort to accommodate you to meet you where you are at. I've proudly referred Eric to other colleagues and friends of mine over the years and he has been consistent in providing quality service and delivering an exceptional ROI when it comes to his pricing. I hope you pick up the phone and call Eric and you'll see why Eric is Your Favorite CPA

Review №13

I’ve used Eric Pierre’s CPA services for several years for my real estate company and continue to be impressed. His deftness in the tax code and ability to create personalized solutions are always impressive. He also overlays his expertise with a warm disposition and speedy response time as well. If there is any reason you need proven expertise relative to your tax situation, give a Eric a call.

Review №14

Eric did a great job for my husband and I. We have been working with him for a few years now and he has always been very patient, accommodating and knowledgeable. I am the type who always has a million and one questions and he was the guy with all the answers. He goes out of his way to make sure that we have full understanding throughout the process and always finds us the most deductions possible! He is very good with communicating and explaining all the maximum deductions allowed for my Real Estate business. I will definitely be working with him in the future as my business continues to grow in the coming years!

Review №15

Eric is very thorough with great follow through. He's provided me with excellent advice and service and most importantly saved me a lot of money in taxes by identifying all of the advantages allowed for my specific situation. I think once you meet with Eric he'll quickly become your favorite CPA as well!

Review №16

I just want to say that I am grateful to work with Eric Pierre and his team at Your Favorite CPA in San Diego. As a professional basketball player, Eric has really helped me understand the fact that I have a lot of tax breaks available since I’m considered an entertainer and an independent contractor, which blew me away. I thought I was just an athlete and I had very little knowledge of the tax code. Thanks to Eric and his team, I am able to take advantage of a lot of write-offs that I wasn’t aware of and this makes a difference as the savings I am realizing is allowing me to reinvest into my craft of playing basketball. If you are in San Diego and you are in need of a CPA and you run a business, whether you are an up and coming basketball player like myself, or an established business, Eric is the man! When it comes to taxes and taking advantage of all the tax breaks, Eric is my franchise player and I look forward to calling him My Favorite CPA for the next decade or so!

Review №17

Eric Pierre has been a great asset as our CPA to my businesses. We have saved thousands of dollars per year and each year we meet with Eric to analyze our finances so there are no surprises at the end of the year! If you need a trusted CPA you need to contact Eric! Thanks again Eric for all that you do.

Review №18

I am so lucky to have found Eric here in Austin! He did a great job helping me through all my taxes, and got my return to me so quick. Thanks Eric!

Review №19

I could not have been more pleased with the service provided by Eric. He is personable, professional and an outstanding communicator. His knowledge and expertise made the tax process stress free and simple. I will be a returning client and give Eric and his staff my strongest recommendation.

Review №20

Eric is wonderful to work with, we use his services for bookkeeping, business taxes, sales taxes, he really is full service. I would definitely recommend him and his team.

Review №21

Working with Eric is a great experience for my business. He uses technology and tools of the digital age to make the process quick and seamless. On top of that, he’s a great dude and a pleasure to talk to.

Review №22

I hired Eric this year as my CPA this year and he's been phenomenal to work with. He's knowledgeable, patient and very understanding. He's helped me save a lot of money on my taxes and always gives me tips on how to grow my business. I would highly recommend hiring him and will definitely refer him to friends and colleagues of mine.

Review №23

Eric Pierre is an excellent CPA and business partner. We have been working together for two years and the partnership has been mutually beneficial. Our business has grown in the West Coast with his help and all transactions are handled with exemplary professionalism. We are happy to continue working with Eric as we both expand and grow our businesses.

Review №24

My wife and I have really enjoyed having Eric as our CPA for the last few years. We had a bad experience with the firm we were with prior but Eric fixed thier mistakes, saved us money and has maintained an impeccably high level of customer service since. And we can be a little high maintenance! So we highly recommend Eric's services to anyone looking for a personable, respectful professional to handle thier business or personal finances!!!

Review №25

Eric is very professional and provides the best tax advise. He also takes his time and ensures that you understand the situation prior to making an final business decision. Deliverables are always on time and always answers our questions. We highly recommend him and his team! Thanks, Eric!

Review №26

Professional, and very reliable! He is extremely knowledgeable and was able to take care of both my personal and business taxes. He even got me additional money back from a previous return. I will be using his services again in the future.

Review №27

I just met with Eric last week. He was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. He helped me determine if a auto lease or purchase was right for my business from a tax perspective. I would highly recommend his services to clients, friends, and family.

Review №28

Eric and his team are fantastic. They have assisted several of my clients who need Tax Preparation or Advice. Outstanding! Thank you for being a great resource.

Review №29

Eric reviewed a prior tax return and recommended we do an amendment. I followed suit (no point in hiring an expert and not taking their advice!), filed the return, and waited. And waited... and waited... and then finally figured we weren't getting anything back. We submitted our amendment in September 2017. We JUST received a letter (December 2017) from the IRS stating we're due a refund! Whoop Whoop! Money we would not have thought twice about until Eric's recommendation. Only sad part is, Uncle Sam got a tax free loan for that much longer, loL. Eric is extremely knowledgeable in tax law and comes highly recommended by myself. Thank you Eric, MY Favorite CPA!!!

Review №30

Eric is extremely knowledgeable and great at explaining the elements of your business finances. He works hard for his clients. I would definitely refer him to any business owner that may need help with their accounting or taxes.

Review №31

Eric is awesome!!! He saved me so much on my taxes this year. Won’t be going anywhere else from now on.

Review №32

Excellent service! Knowledgeable about IRS laws and professional. What more can a client ask for? Thank you Eric!

Review №33

Type of person to take advantage of people’s lack of knowledge. Had to go back and fix everything. Don’t trust this dude at all, not a person of their word.

Review №34

I took what I thought was a nightmare of a situation over to Eric. After a few emails and forwarded letters he managed to save me from my 70k mistake that I made because I didn’t think I needed a pro. Never doing that again. Thank you times a million

Review №35

We have been working with Eric since we started up our business and he has given us helpful advices on how to make our business grow. We definitely recommend Eric for your business and start up, specially if it is your first time doing business in US

Review №36

I met Eric about a year ago and he is the most down to earth CPA! Great response time and always there for you if ever have any questions.

Review №37

Eric has been helping me with my business for the past few years now. He extremely responsive to my emails and messages. I know i'm in good hands with Eric as my CPA.

Review №38

Eric Pierre- My favorite CPA! Eric is easy to work with and took the time to under my financial and tax situation for my business. I will continue to use him for all of my tax needs and services. I highly recommend him for all of your business and personal tax related needs.

Review №39

Eric is a stellar CPA with a vast amount of knowledge in all aspects of tax law. I send all of my clients to him knowing that they will be well taken care of as he genuinely cares about each and everyone of them and always has the clients best interest in mind. If you are looking for a knowledgeable and ethical CPA that will take great care of you I highly recommend Eric Pierre

Review №40

As someone who rarely writes reviews, I highly recommend this CPA. Eric is the only CPA who truly listened and looked out for my greater good. I am very confident in his services.

Review №41

Eric has been a pleasure to work with. He's patient, kind, intelligent and also gives back to the youth. If you're looking for a great CPA, he's your guy!!

Review №42

I just had a slight panic moment with taxes...not the first, or last... But Eric to the rescue a few days before the tax deadline. Wow, he took care of it! Thank you Eric. I highly recommend Eric!!

Review №43

Have had a great experience working with Eric the last 2 years on my business and personal taxes! He's very solution oriented, helpful, and trustworthy which I appreciate so much.

Review №44

Eric is an outstanding and very knowledgeable CPA. He assists clients not only in San Diego but around the country. I highly recommend him if you are looking for an experienced accountant that will be on your side with the irs.

Review №45

I met Eric August 2016 and I immediately could tell he knew his stuff. Eric is extremely professional, personable, timely and operates with integrity at all times. He truly cares about his clients and the success of their business. Eric is more than just a place to get your taxes done; he provides year long consulting and direction to continually keep more money in your pockets and less in Uncle Sam's.

Review №46

I been working with Your Favorite CPA for 3 years now. I have a very unique situation as I'm a professional basketball player in Europe whilst running a business in the USA. They have gotten my tax situation in order and I wouldn't want to work with anyone else. Always great service!

Review №47

Eric is great at communicating. He is very knowledgeable and skilled. Highly recommend him.

Review №48

Excellent professional. Knowledgeable and if you need to save money in taxes, Eric is your guy! Look no further.

Review №49

My experience with Eric has been fantastic. He is an expert in state and federal tax issues, and has provided excellent advice in both.

Review №50

Eric Pierre, is a very talented and knowledgeable CPA that has offered me and my business the expertise, and quality of a very big firm but with the personal service and attention of an exclusive small boutique Agency. I really appreciate him taking the time to re-evaluate and correct my taxes. His services encouraged me to stablish a solid accounting system to expedite my tax return on 2018-2019 season.Francilia HerreraSharp Cash Solutions, LLC

Review №51

I was in a panic to get my taxes done before the extension deadline passed, so I decided to bring in professional help. If you need a great tax accountant in San Diego on the fly, Eric is your guy! He'll put you at ease and work with you till the job is done! Thanks, Eric! Phew!

Review №52

Eric is a stellar human being and an excellent CPA. We talked about the Tax Bill that recently passed, guy knows his stuff. Met him in his office in Downtown, San Diego. Beautiful conference room! Listened to all my concerns and answered all my tax questions!

Review №53

Eric has been my accountant for a few years now. I highly recommend him. I have a business and came to him with a complicated mess that he straightened out easily and expeditiously.

Review №54

Eric was amazing and knowledgeable. It didn't take much timeI am very happy.

Review №55

I love how our CPA saved us lots of $$$$$And a pleasure talk to ! Always helpful and ready to answer any questions and concerns for me or my clients !! Thank you !! Erick Piere

Review №56

Quality, first rate, and exceptional leadership. If you want the best at what he does, Eric is your guy.

Review №57

Definitely my favorite CPA! Not only did he handle my taxes in a timely and professional manner but he also significantly minimized my damage owed to Uncle Sam. Knowledge is power and he has that power!

Review №58

Eric is very attentive & helpful in providing information to help figure out our financial needs.

Review №59

Eric is a Professional and always very good with communication when needed. I highly recommend his services!

Review №60

Eric has handled our affairs with efficiency and true professionalism. I have and will continue to recommend him to my friends and colleagues.

Review №61

Eric is one of a kind and I am glad to have someone like him in my corner during tax time!

Review №62

We used a cheaper CPA before using Eric, and he became our favorite CPA long before his slogan. Works extremely hard to the point where you wonder if he has invented more hours in the day just for himself. Professionality is a 10, timely updates on issues without having to asked, and far too many perks to list here. I honestly think we got a GREAT deal on retaining his services and couldn't be happier with our choice.Remember... YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! If you paid for a cheap cpa...Eric can fix the problems they may have caused. You only get one chance wgen it comes to the IRS in many cases, make sure you put your best foot forward with Your Favorite CPA.

Review №63

Eric's been an awesome CPA for my business partner and I. He took over our accounting in 2016 and helped us find ways to save (thank god). Any IRS and accounting questions we've had have all been taken care of.

Review №64

Eric has always done my taxes with an extremely reasonable price. He also has done it last minute for me when I needed it. Thanks Eric!

Review №65

Eric is knowledgeable, professional, and always willing to go the extra mile for his clients.

Review №66

I have used Eric for the past 2 years and he is great at what he does. Give him a call.

Review №67

Eric keeps my accounting on track and is working hard to improve mysituation. He is also an interesting guy.

Review №68

Very knowledgable. Great personality and good service.

Review №69

Eric is very knowledgeable and great at what he does. Unlike other CPAs I've dealt with, he is very responsive to customer concerns and inquiries. A+

Review №70

I used Eric's services and have been impressed with his quality of service. He was very careful to address any concerns I had along the way and was very responsive to any questions I might have.

Review №71

Very responsive and a great advocate for his clients!!

Review №72

Eric was not only able to file my extensions in less than 2 weeks notice, he was able to find other deductions that I was previously not aware of, and saved me a few thousand dollars that I owed to the IRS. He was very professional, and I will be using him every year going forward.

Review №73

Very knowledgable and professional!

Review №74

Blown away by service! Thank you!

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