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Review №1

I opened my dental practice last year and practice CFO has been an integral part of my journey. I worked with Drew Phillips and he provided me with lots of valuable information throughout the due diligence process. I was so impressed with him and his team that I continued working with them, after I purchased the practice, and it’s been absolute pleasure to work with these guys!As an owner dentist there’s so much on your plate that it’s almost essential to be able to outsource some of the task such as CPA services to the professionals. Passing this responsibility onto practice CFO has brought me peace of mind and has freed up my time to focus on more clinical aspects of my practice.

Review №2

Working with Paul and Practice CFO the past few years has changed my life. It has changed the way I look at my practice and my life. I feel like I was doing okay before I started working with them but they helped me get to the next level with my practice.Paul has been absolutely amazing to work with. He is clear and confident and is always willing to help me. It doesn’t matter when I call or email him, he gets back to me quickly. He has really helped me see the vision of my practice and has helped me achieve my practice and personal goals. He has definitely helped put me in a good direction for the rest of my career.Throughout this COVID-19 crisis they have been such a big help. They are continuously updating me on new information and directing me on what to do with my practice.I can’t imagine ever working without Paul and Practice CFO by my side! Definitely 5 stars!

Review №3

I have had the pleasure of working with Greg and the Practice CFO team for the past 5 years. I was using a family accountant before but when I decided to start my own office I knew I would need someone who really knew what they were doing, who were responsive and could answer any and all of my questions. I actually look forward to our meetings where we go over all my business and personal finances and we break everything down to make sure I am on track for success. I could not imagine working with anyone else. Thank you Greg and the whole practice CFO team!

Review №4

Justin, Wes and the entire team and practice CFO have been invaluable to our success as business owners over the past few years. The streamlining of all aspects of our business and finances has been a huge help as we have grown our practice. We know many people who have had surprises due to parts of their finical team not coordinating and knowing that this won’t happen to us is one less thing we have to worry about. Previously working in the tax industry, I know how busy everyone was at this office when COVID-19 hit. However, our entire team at Practice CFO remained responsive and on top of everything despite the added work. They have been quick in helping us understand the financial ramifications of all the new legislation/guidelines and have been able to help us make fast and ever changing decisions that have gotten us through this time.

Review №5

We could not ask for a better company to assist us with our taxes and financial advising! So happy we found Practice CFO years ago! They have helped us tremendously navigate through all our different financial situations. Highly recommend!!!

Review №6

Great value! They are thorough, honest, knowledgeable and personable! Especially, when COVID hit they stepped up and were a huge support! Really hit it out of the park!

Review №7

We are two dentists and we love practice CFO! Our accountant, Drew, is extremely thorough and knowledgeable. Being dentists, we have very little business experience and the value they add is essential to us. With the "occasional" stress of ownership we joke that our meetings with Drew are our ownership therapy sessions. He reviews all of our successes and pushes us to do better where we can--couldn't ask for more.

Review №8

I could never find enough words to express how grateful we are that we found Practice CFO! Our dental practice joined Wes and his team 5 years ago and we have never looked back. It has been such a relief to me to have our retirement plan in their capable hands and to have that responsibility lifted from my shoulders! We have been thrilled with the results as we see our retirement funds growing and our employees are thrilled with the benefits they receive as a result. Throughout this recent crisis with Covid 19 shutdowns we have relied heavily upon Wes for updates and information as we have tried to navigate the negative financial consequences of the quarantine. He provided constant up to date information and at the last minute when our bank was struggling to get PPP applications submitted he found a new online source and had our application submitted, accepted and funded within 48 hours. We are so very grateful to him and his team for the peace we feel having them managing our financial future. Thank you Thank you Practice CFO Team!

Review №9

I have been a client of Practice CFO for more than 3 years now. They help me with our practice growth, giving insights and managing cash flow, profit and loss statements, and general business insights. As an orthodontist, I rely heavily on my team of professionals to allow us to be as successful as possible, which means providing the best care for my patients, and having the healthiest practice. My growth is directly due to Drew, Wes, Greg, David, and the entire team of financial advisers and accountants that help me every step of the way. Specifically during COVID 19, they helped guide me to keep my practice afloat and their fast and comprehensive response and action plan gave me the confidence and support that I needed.I also have PCFO in touch with my orthodontic consultants who help tweak our monthly plans, and advise us on how our decisions will affect our practice. Like can we afford to hire more team members, can I afford to buy an xray machine. All things that directly effect our patient experience, and they come through every time.5 star service for the great job they passionately do to support me, my family, my practice and my patients.

Review №10

Best Dental Accounting Team in the West! Always responsive and on top of everything. My practice has really grown since I decided to use them about 5 years ago. The metrics and planning meetings are always though provoking and inspirational as a business owner. Would not use anyone else!

Review №11

We have retained PracticeCFO’s services for two years now. They are thorough, comprehensive, responsive, and above all, professional. They have helped us with everything from practice valuation to personal budgeting, and are transparent and detailed in all things. I really can not say enough good things about the team at PCFO.

Review №12

I have been a general dentist for two years now. As all dentists know, we spend all day seeing patients and taking care of their oral healthcare needs. However, when it comes to accounting and financial information, even the best of us see it as reading a foreign language. Practice CFO has really helped me understand the financial information of my office. My advisor, Greg Maravilla has been there in every step of the way. Any questions that I have, I can easily pick up the phone and call him, send him a text message or e-mail him and he responds right away. He makes sure to take his time until I fully understand the financials of my practice and what I can do to be more stable financially. He even makes it fun to talk about finance and accounting. Furthermore, Greg is also qualified to advise in personal finances since he is also a personal financial planner. During this time of commotion with the Covid19 pandemic, Greg and all of his team, have been on top of everything to help me stay informed with the latest news from the SBA. Thanks to Practice CFO, I was able to file and obtain the PPP loan from the SBA. I highly recommend Practice CFO to any dentist.

Review №13

I have been using Practice CFO for the last three years. Wes Read managed the purchase of my Oral Surgery practice and has helped with all my financials since then. As a CPA and CFP you will not find one better. Wes is hard working, honest, and trustworthy. I cannot imagine anyone else managing the financials of my practice. If you are thinking of using Practice CFO in any capacity you will be extremely satisfied with whatever service you need. Highly recommend!!!

Review №14

Wes and his team have been awesome. We started with them with a very tricky transition when my brother and I purchased our first 2 dental practices simultaneously in April 2016. They've been instrumental since day 1, and I'm looking at it as a lifetime partnership. He helped us form our Partnerships, our S-Corps, and was extremely organized during the whole process which helped keep us on track with what we needed to get done and when. He never acted like any of my millions of questions were stupid, and thoroughly answered them all.His monthly reports are amazing, as it has all your balance sheet/operating costs itemized, and compared to what the market avg is, and what your goal is. It's very helpful letting you see and understand the numbers and where you could improve, or where you're doing great. He makes a to-do list, and follows up. I would highly recommend Wes and Practice CFO to any dental friends that wanted to help get in a more stable financial position for their future. I feel like being a Dental Accounting Firm and Financial Planning Firm combined into one gives him that much more knowledge about our situation constantly, and helps ensure nothing is missed. He is an honest guy, whose opinion I greatly value, and I feel genuinely wants me to succeed in business and in life. I am very happy to have him, Richard, Janine, Devon, and the others at Practice CFO on our team. Thanks guys!!

Review №15

Greg Maravilla continues to impress. Now on my 3rd year with PracticeCFO. Pays for itself with the tax savings alone, not to mention all of the other sound and ethical advice!

Review №16

I have worked with Greg and Wes for a fairly long time. They have been influential in helping me to achieve my goals and to help eliminate mistakes. I continue to work with them on new ventures and the results are the same - exceptional. The general knowledge on all subjects and the resources they can provide are second to none. Any new doctor, old doctor, or somewhere in between can certainly benefit by having them on their side.

Review №17

After many years of searching we have finally found the accounting and financial advise we need for our dental practice with Wes and his team at Practice CFO. I finally know that I am on track financially and can sleep at night knowing that the financial side of my practice is in good hands. The monthly financial statements provide the feedback I have always needed but never had before. I highly recommend Practice CFO to my dental colleagues.

Review №18

Since signing on with Practice CFO a year and a half ago, my dental practice has thrived, in large part due to the guidance and support of Wes Read and his team. Along with this, thanks to the quarterly financial review and planning meetings and the overall caliber of their services, my "financial IQ" has increased greatly. Simply put, Practice CFO is a phenomenal company in every regard. Wes is a talented, insightful, and highly ethical financial planner and manager. His team is likewise professional, efficient, dependable, and thorough, as well as readily available for any questions or issues that arise. They provide comprehensive services, including accounting, tax planning, retirement planning, business consulting, and expert guidance in dental practice transitions. What is remarkable about Practice CFO is that they don't just look at the business, or just the home expenses, rather they gather and track detailed data on all aspects of my practice and home financial life and analyze it as a complex, constantly moving entity. They do so with an unwavering focus on the goals they helped me set for my business and my personal wellbeing. Additionally, their online financial planning platform and software is fantastic, as it has given me both a bird's eye view of my financial life as well as the means to track and comprehend all of its complex details.

Review №19

My partner and I used practice CFO for our transaction and I can't say enough good things about them. This was my third practice transaction so having used 2 other companies, I can say hands down Practice CFO is the best. They are timely, responsive, and really care about their clients and most importantly what happens after the partnership. We decided to hire them for our accounting as well. My old partner and I used to sit down monthly for hours on end to hash out partnership distributions but now it is so easy. They figure everything out for us fairly and keep my partner and I on good terms since we don't have to discuss what belongs to who. If you are buying or selling your practice don't think twice about hiring these amazing people.

Review №20

Greg at PracticeCFO has been an indispensable resource through my entire journey of purchasing a dental office and getting our new business up and running!

Review №21

Practice CFO👨‍💼is an amazing company!!! I highly recommend it to all dental practice owners. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻I have practiced dentistry for over 17yrs and have owned my own practice for 2years. Wesley Read and his team are extremely helpful in managing all financial 💰aspects of the dental practice as well as utilizing acomprehensive approach to help doctors achieve financial independence and enjoy a fulfilling career. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻Wes personally invests in all aspects of taking care of his clients. He is a talented and dedicated financial manger and a very successful business owner. Wes, as well as his whole team promptly address all communication with theirs clients and solve all issues very quickly. They also have a very knowledgeable practice consultant, Deb Eatros, who has helped our practice tremendously!!!I highly recommend their services. Out of all the services our practice requires to operate well, I believe Practice 👨‍💼 CFO is one of the most beneficial, in fact I am more than happy to pay 💰 for their services every month. I consider them invaluable. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Review №22

Without a doubt the most beneficial decision I've made for my business. Cannot say enough great things about PracticeCFO and their staff. They have been such a great asset to myself and my family.

Review №23

Wes and his team have been fantastic working with us. We purchased two practices at the same time and threw several challenges at them and they have been amazing. They helped us set up a plan from the beginning, have kept us on track with the plan throughout the year, and have been a joy to work with. These guys are the best.

Review №24

I've been with practice CFO since the beginning. Two practice transitions, and two different states, and I'm still with the same firm. They are great, and I cannot say enough good things about them. Thanks Wes!

Review №25

Greg Maravilla is very personable and professional. He provides comprehensive information on tax strategies and financial planning for the Dental professional that are beneficial for both the short and long term. Massive ROI.

Review №26

Wes is the reason for my success as a dental business owner. I couldn't have started my own business and grown it to the powerhouse business that it is today without him.

Review №27

Fantastic company to work with for practice transition and ongoing financial services!

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