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Review №1

If you are looking for a trustworthy, responsive, and quick company to get your taxes done, look no further! Ali and his team are incredible. I worked with him, who was so quick, responsive, and was able to take care of both my personal taxes and my business taxes. Last year I reached out to see if they could do my personal taxes and ended up doing turbo tax instead because I didn't want to pay for someone to do my taxes, but I will NEVER make that decision again. It was worth every penny having this team do my taxes this year instead. Highly, highly, highly recommend using this team to do your taxes!🙏

Review №2

I cannot believe I am giving a positive review for an account! But I am ... and this team deserves it! If you are looking for someone to elegantly handle your taxes look no further they are the BEST in San Diego. I am fully aware that I am a difficult client that always leaves my taxes for the last minute and they always come through! Working with Ali and his team is literally a pleasure. This was not a taxing experience. I highly recommend them: they do my business and personal taxes. They are professional, easy to work with, efficient, and priced beyond reasonable. Thank you 🙏

Review №3

I was in need of a new tax preparer and Regal Group CPA responded to an online query almost immediately. I’ve used their service for three years now and am very satisfied. They are very fast and thorough and promptly answered all my questions. This year especially, it was super convenient to be able to have my tax forms all prepared, reviewed, and submitted electronically.

Review №4

Ali is very responsive and efficient. I just moved from Wisconsin to California so I needed to file Federal, Wi, and CA tax returns. Ali took care of everything from start to finish in a timely and transparent fashion, always promptly answering any questions (he often responds to emails within minutes). All I had to do was forward him copies of my W-2 and other tax forms, and he prepared all my tax returns quickly and correctly and was ready to file in a matter of days. The process was extremely easy and straightforward and I didn't have to worry about anything. He charges a very fair price, with no hidden fees or catches, and is an excellent communicator who is always available to answer any questions during the whole process. I highly recommend him.

Review №5

What an amazing experience, Ali is a true gem he is patient kind and informative. I’m a new dentistry business owner and needed major assistance. He handled my 2018 Amendment as well as my 2019 taxes with ease and care. He walked me through the whole CPA process and now I have more knowledge on handling my business taxes. And he managed all for a reasonable rate. Thank you so much you are a true angel. I definitely recommend and will share to everyone! I will forever return:-)

Review №6

These guys are smart, fast and professional. Will tell you what gets you more of a return and what will effect your return. And best of all, they charge a very very reasonable price, much less than anyone else I've been to. This is my new filing tax business.

Review №7

Wow, I could not believe how well this worked out. I had literally a BOX of receipts for my startup and we needed to file our C corp taxes. Mr. Ali had his staff organize everything, created neat reports and statements for year-end, and filed our taxes. Even helped with international documents. I could not believe how this group turned an impossible situation into something completely manageable. My spouse and I were literally dreading having to do this and these guys completely handled it on their own entirely hands-off. They may have asked 3 questions, and it was over email. I thought I was going to have to spend weeks doing this. Thank you, Ali!!!!!

Review №8

Ali and the team have been great to work with. No matter the question or the details they have been on top of it. I am always impressed by their response time and ease of everything through the tax process. Highly recommend!

Review №9

These professionals treat you like family. Have be going to them for years. Regal Group CPA and paramedics. Love you guys!

Review №10

They are excellent with the Book Keeping, Accounting, Tax Filing services, Account Receivable... Regal Group CPA is very friendly and attentive to all of our questions. Totally recommended. The Regal Group CPA team gives you a sense of security and comfort, especially in tax preparation.

Review №11

Duke is very helpful & professional!! Help me do everything in about 15 minutes all over the phone with a great quote

Review №12

Simply the best. Professional and very helpful. Ali has been doing my taxes for a few years and I am very satisfied with his services. He is also very patient. Make an appointment because they do get busy.

Review №13

I’ve been with Regal Group CPA over 10 years. In that time I tried other tax preparers as part of due diligence. I even got my California tax prepares licence at one point. These experiences confirmed Ali’s knowledge and expertise. He is an excellent CPA and I highly recommend him.

Review №14

Ali and his team are superb.!! Amazing work for a GREAT price. Much cheaper than other quotes I received for the same work. Advice and help on anything and everything, including cryptocurrency taxation. I highly recommend him.

Review №15

I was a bit nervous about using a service outside the city that I live in, but I was so glad I did. Ali is quick, professional, and very responsive. Plan to use him next tax year too. Best CPA firm in San Diego for Ever!

Review №16

Very efficient and worth every penny. Saved me a big headache. I recommend him to all my friends and family.

Review №17

Professional Service, Very responsiveness on my tax questions, I find Regal Group CPA on google a month ago and I’m very happy whit the results. They check all my 2018 tax paperwork and also I got consolation regarding my 2019 Tax. If you looking for Tax accounting service then you are in right place! Thanks again.

Review №18

Nicest people I have been doing my taxes for the past 6 years and they have always been helpful.

Review №19

Quick, thoroughly explained, best options for me pursued, assistance if audited, identity protections available, e-filed. Take advantage of not only knowledgeable accounting practices, but also honesty. Thank you!

Review №20

Very friendly and helpful staff. First time using Regal Group CPA. Turns out there can be advantages to sitting down with a tax professional. They helped me identify something I was doing wrong, and it helped. Thank you!

Review №21

Very happy with Regal Group CPA.Extremely knowledgable, efficient and detailed! They fix my taxes the last two years and I will don't see the need to go anywhere else!

Review №22

Very professional. I am very satisfied with the quality of work and how fast Regal Group CPA prepared and filed a return for my C Corp.

Review №23

They have always been quick to respond to you and have given me very personal insurance care. Thanks

Review №24

A few years ago, the IRS sent me a Notice of Levy to garnish my wages. I entered into regal Group CPA office with a mess of paperwork and they took a strategic approach to deal with the IRS. Thanks to Ali, the crushing burden had been relieved. regal Group CPA is the only tax professional I can trust from now on. Trust is something that was not my objective by working with Ali but became the cornerstone of my professional relationship with him.

Review №25

They solve my all tax problems. Thank you so much.

Review №26

Ali is the ultimate tax professional. He takes a sincere interest in seeing you get the best tax outcome for you. Ali's rates are reasonable for the level of tax expertise he brings to the table. I have been using Regal Group CPA for seven years and will use again this year as well. I really have not found a better CPA than Ali and I wish him great success.

Review №27

Regal Group CPA were a pleasure to work with. Everyone I worked with from establishing a multi state tax strategy, filing taxes, or just general CPA accounting questions on what to do were extremely knowledgeable and patient when it came to my several follows up. What was most impressive was Ali’s response time! Regardless of time of day or year, Ali Emami personally immediately followed up via email, text, and/or phone himself. Most times within minutes already having the answer to my question, but at the least acknowledging my inquiry and providing a timeline of responding. I look forward to working with Regal Group CPA for all my accounting needs.

Review №28

We had been looking for a new tax CPA professional and could not be happier with the service we received from Ali and his staff at regal Group CPA. We will definitely be dealing with him again in the future.

Review №29

I walked in here expecting the usual sterile atmosphere of a CPA's office but was pleasantly surprised by how warm and accommodating Ali Emami was. He was very thorough with our appointment and on my way out I felt quite confident he would do everything in his power to get me the best return. The visit felt like I was catching up with an old friend. I totally recommend him to anyone and everyone.

Review №30

The best accountant service for ever! Customer service is perfect. Highly recommend!

Review №31

Regal Group CPA, is the best tax firm in San Diego. They resolve my IRS 2018 issue and take care of my tax planning as well. Thanks

Review №32

I just wanted to thank Ali at REGAL GROUP CPA for guiding me through the LLC TAX process. Not only did Ali help choose the right structure, but he helped determine when it would be appropriate to make the switch over to the S-Corporation election. I was impressed with the professionalism and patience when guiding me through deductions and estimated tax payments. I feel so much more at ease knowing that I have a very knowledgeable, responsive, and easy-to-work with CPA accountant assisting me along the way. Thank you Ali!

Review №33

I've been working with Ali for around a year now and I could not be happier with the services he provides. He is always easy to reach and delivers on time every time. I am glad to recommend Regal Group CPA to anyone looking for CPA services in San Diego.

Review №34

Regal Group CPA is the best in San Diego Area!It’s 3 years I’m working whit this company and always satisfied whit my payroll and accountant services.Highly recommend to every one and I will use their services again.5 star at all.Customer servicesResponsiblePerfect consolations

Review №35

I loved my tax accounting experience working with Regal Group CPA. All of them were highly professional. Filling returns were never that easy for me.

Review №36

Previous to working with Regal Group CPA, it seemed like all my accountants were difficult to get a hold of especially during tax season but Ali always seems to get back to me within a day. Even in his busiest times. Ali prepares both my business and personal tax returns and he’s a very sharp guy.His background and experience as a CPA is important to me because of the complexity of my business financial statements and the lending institutions I work with. The bankers and underwriters always seem to be pleased by my tax returns as well and have commented on how well prepared and complete they are. You will not be disappointed!!!

Review №37

I found Regal Group CPA through Google . I recently bought a property and didn’t feel confident in the previous tax preparer I used, who worked for a tax franchise to prepare my 2015 taxes. Ali reviewed my 2014 tax return and found a few errors. We ended up amending the previous year return and I got a good size refund. He also did a great job on the 2015 taxes. I'd highly recommend using his service as he and his staff are very knowledgeable, easy going and convenient to work with.

Review №38

New to San Diego and found Regal Group to file my tax returns this year. I had a great experience with them as the whole filing process went so smoothly and fast. They asked me lots of questions and reviewed all the details to ensure that I can receive all the deductions that I am entitled to. Everything could be submitted electronically and so is very convenient for any client. My wife and I will surely be using Regal Group again next year.

Review №39

This was my first time working with Ali and I have to say that from the very beginning he was very kind, professional and prompt. I came to him at the very last minute before taxes were due and he made a usually stressful time, very easy and carefree. Regal Group CPA prices are very fair as well. I highly recommend Regal Group CPA and plan to have him as my CPA from here on out. Awesome job!!!

Review №40

Ali is a tremendous asset for our company. During our initial consultation with him we were advised that the entity type we were doing business under wasn't taking advantage of several tax saving strategies. We followed their lead and advice and have saved tremendously since then. Also with their firm we're able to have our payroll, accounting and taxes completed by one company. Saving us time and energy. The whole staff seems to be very efficient and knowledgeable in everything that they do.

Review №41

Outstanding Tax Professional! Ali gives you great advise on filing tax forms to maximize savings. He's definitely the "Go-To Tax Guru" on making complex tax matters simple.

Review №42

Perfect Customer Services + Profesional Tax Accontant and Bookkeepers From Regal Group CPA- They deliver best result for my 2018 IRS.Thanks

Review №43

Previously, I used to always prepare my own tax returns but after getting an inheritance from my uncle I decided to start using a CPA for my tax preparation this year. I’m very satisfied with the job Ali did for me. He’s a very nice, patient and knowledgeable CPA. I thought I would have to pay a lot of tax on the k-1 trust income I received, but it turned out to be a lot less than I thought with his help.

Review №44

Regal group CPA is so informational and extremely helpful when it comes to my taxes, tax preparation and even IRS services. I was referred to him by a friend because I'm new to the San Diego area. It was smooth from start to finish. I'll be working with Ali for years to come and so should you.

Review №45

If you’re looking for a good San Diego accountant, I highly recommend Ali and his team. He always makes himself available for questions and concerns we have. I’ve been using his company for accounting, payroll and tax services for the last three years for my business and personal returns. Very knowledgeable.

Review №46

Had a major tax problem and had the opportunity to get help from this company.The assistance that I received was first class and the advice was broken down so that I could understand everything. Would highly recommend this service to everyone ho looking for best CPA in san diego area.

Review №47

Ali is a genius when it comes to taxes and helped me to actually understand my tax return situation after I left my last tax preparer in 2013. He also did some planning for me in 2015 and I ended up using a retirement account and other deductions to save on my taxes. I would highly recommend Ali for anyone looking for an excellent CPA in the San Diego area.

Review №48

Outstanding!!! Highly Recommended, This office gives you great advise you can't turn away. It's definitely the place to go for making complex tax matters a simple task. Thanks!

Review №49

Regal Group CPA provides payroll services for all three of our businesses and accounting for one of them. They do an excellent job and are very responsive to our needs, whether it’s providing financial statements, pay stubs or support during workers comp audits. We were trying to do our accounting and payroll with an in house accountant but after we consulted with Mr. Emami and his staff, we realized she was making mistakes and costing us more than just outsourcing the work to them in the first place. We’re now in the process of having them take over the accounting services on our two remaining businesses. I would highly recommend their whole team.

Review №50

Ali is a true professional. He’s extremely knowledgeable and very straight with you in terms of your tax situation. Also, his fees are reasonable for how good of a CPA he is.

Review №51

Regal Group has been serving our family business since 2012 and we are fully satisfied with their tax and accounting services. Our business was looking for someone friendly, reliable, accurate and fast and Regal Group satisfies our demands. We also enjoy the reachability of their staff. Highly recommended!

Review №52

Ali has been talking care of my taxes for a number of years now. He does a great job and I can only recommend him.

Review №53

5 star at all. Best CPA in San Diego for ever. Thank you for all helpfully advice.

Review №54

I went here this year to do my tax return. The office was very nice and the staff was friendly. They are a great firm. You can tell that they care about their customers.

Review №55

This was the best experience I can imagine having with a tax preparer this past tax season unlike many I’ve had in the past. We communicated via email and his explanations and recommendations were incredibly clear and detailed.

Review №56

We have been using Regal Group CPA's services for the past year for our firm and are extremely happy. The staff are impeccable, quick and diligent to our inquiries. We would recommend Regal Group to anyone in need of accounting and payroll services.

Review №57

I used Regal Group CPA to assist me with my tax issues. They were incredibly helpful, patient, and informational and allowed me to resolve my entire issue in an incredibly satisfactory outcome for both myself and the IRS. I highly recommend them.

Review №58

This past year was our first experience using an accounting service for our taxes. Regal Group provided lots of guidance. We were very happy with their service.

Review №59

Ali is an excellent CPA. I’ve been using him for the last 5 years and he always goes above and beyond to help me plan and file my tax returns. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Review №60

Give them a chance. i know im glad i did great work as always

Review №61

From payrol management to monthly P&L statements to tax filings, The Regal Group CPA firm excels in all aspects of accounting while ensuring that you are taking advantage of every available tax incentive.They made it very easy to move our accounting over to them as they lead you in every step of the way. We are very happy with thier services and look forward to doing business with them for many years to come.

Review №62

Great job guys. no complaints will come back for sure

Review №63

I went to Regal Group CPA after having a bad experience with an online bookkeeping company I was using for my business. When I took their financials to my bank for an expansion loan I was turned down. The underwriters of the bank explained that the books were messy and didn't make sense.From my first consultation with Ali Emami, my experience was excellent. Ali and his staff helped me to clean up my books and since then I got the loan and they've been a valued partner in my business. I've also had them prepare my personal and business returns and handle my payroll. Their whole team is professional and very knowledgable.

Review №64

If you are like me who has no idea how to make your taxes, then this is the place for you. I started a small cupcake business in San Diego, sales were growing and I felt like the right time to get professional consulting and tax preparation. Never had a problem with Regal Group.

Review №65

Excellent service and quality. They were friendly and very helpful.

Review №66

Service of excellence, quality and honesty. Great experience!

Review №67

This tax Service in Regal group is the best tax filing Service ever

Review №68

Professional tax services

Review №69

I’ve used their firm for tax preparation and planning for the last two years. As our business grew I knew I needed to get a CPA involved and after my banker recommended them to me I moved forward and couldn’t be happier with the results.

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